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[stories] Transformed Into A Shemale [Fetish]
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thread created: 4/3/11 at 6:48pm
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date: 4/3/11 at 6:48pm
5 years ago
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I was 18 when I first had sex with a man. This is the story....

I am a very hot looking guy. I say that knowing that some may consider me vain, or arrogant, but over the years I have had so many women and men tell me how fine I am, that I know it is true. I am 35, blond and blue eyed, 6'1," 180lbs, with a tan athletic body and a 7" beautiful cock. I have been dressing up as a sexy girl ever since I was 18 years old and had my first experience with a man. The following is how it all started...

The summer of my 18th year was beautiful and warm. I remember the wild high school parties outside on warm summer nights. I wore my sun-bleached hair long at the time and I was just beginning to develop confidence in my looks. At the time, I was going out with a beautiful French girl and we were having a lot of fun getting high and having really great sex almost every day.

Before the fateful day when I first met Tom, I had never had a sexual encounter with a man, but I can't say that I hadn't sometimes wondered about it. My best friend at the time, John was a beautiful blond hunk who was going out with a sexy girl named Nancy. One day I spent the night after a party at his house. Getting up to take a leak, I heard the unmistakable sound of hot sex coming from his room. My cock became almost instantly hard and throbbing as I heard John crying out, "Ooh, suck me Nancy, you sexy bitch! Wrap those sexy lips around my cock and suck me!"

I stood there, fondling my cock and wishing that I could watch (or better yet join in), when I suddenly realized that John's window would be clearly visible from the roof. Quietly retracing my steps, I went back to my room and slipped out onto the roof and crawled to a spot outside where I could clearly see the action going on in John's room...

I sat transfixed by the site of my hunky friend John, standing half naked with his strong muscular chest with it's pointed sexy nipples clearly outlined and his giant cock (I had never seen it erect) bursting forth from a pair of ultra sexy and tight black leather pants that I had never seen him wear. Sexy blond Nancy was kneeling before him, her sexy and glossy lips encasing the head of his throbbing cock and his hands entwined in her long blond hair as he forced his throbbing cock deeper into her mouth.

My own cock is now dripping pre-cum and I am fondling its wet glistening head and breathing deeply at the site in front of me. Nancy, who I had always secretly wanted to fuck, was wearing a sexy black satin garter belt and sheer stockings, along with matching black silk panties and bra. I always loved to see pictures of girls in porno magazines dressed in sexy lingerie, but this was the first girl I knew, that I had seen dressed like this, and it was incredibly exciting!

John was treating Nancy pretty roughly, pulling her head forward until she was almost gagging, and then pushing it back in a rapid motion. "You love it, don't you? You sexy bitch! You love having my cock between those sweet lips! I'm not going to let you drink my cum now though. I'm going to fuck that tight ass of yours. Get up on the bed and I'm going to fuck you doggie style"! He cried.

I was almost to the point of cumming as I stroked my own cock, but I forced myself to stop as I watched Nancy, her smooth sexy body encased in that lovely lingerie, crawl up on the bed and raise her tight panty clad buns in the air. John then roughly pulled her panties down to reveal her sweet soft buns and gripping her ass cheeks, he spread them wide to reveal her tender anus which he began forcing open with the giant tip of his throbbing cock. I could hear Nancy moaning in pain and excitement as John slowly forced the entire length of his cock into her tight ass and then began sliding it in and out in rapid strokes as they both moaned in excitement.

Kneeling there on the roof, my own throbbing cock in my hand, I longed to be in there with John and Nancy. The sight of John's huge cock protruding from those sexy leather pants sliding out of Nancy's buns made me feel more turned on than ever before. All of a sudden I realized that although the site of sexy Nancy all dressed up in lingerie was really exciting, it wasn't so much the thought of fucking her that was turning me on, rather it was the idea of being in her place and having John's gorgeous cock up my ass, or between my lips that really was getting me hot!

After that night, I began to look at John, and some other guys in a new light. I found my gaze lingering on hard masculine bodies with their tight buns and hidden but powerful cocks. I began to dream about being fucked by guys and I was constantly fantasizing about what it would be like... At the same time, I realized that I was far too uncertain to ever initiate such an encounter. Most of my male friends told jokes about gays and the thought that I might be gay never fully entered my mind despite the fact that now every time I was in the gym shower with John, I had to constantly fight the erections I developed by being next to his beautiful naked body. I still enjoyed sex with my French girlfriend Nicole, but in the midst of sex with her, I often fantasized that it was John's mouth into which I was slipping my tongue...

One weekend, I went into NY to a gay theater. It was such a turn on! On the screen a beautiful blond hunk was fucked and dominated by a leather-clad hunk and all the time I wished that it was me with that beautiful cock up my ass and between my lips! As soon as I realised that almost all the guys in the theater were either jerking off, or sucking each others cocks, I released my own cock and stroked it openly as I was captivated by the action on the screen. I hoped (and feared) that some young hunk would approach me, but the best thing that happened was that a couple settled down in the row in front of me and started making out and eventually blowing each other. I wanted so much to join in! Anyway, by the time I left the theater I was sure that I wanted to be with a man, and soon!

Fortunately, I didn't need to exist long in this terrible sense of uncertainty. About 3 weeks after that night at John's, I decided to hitchhike down to the shore. It was late morning and I was standing on the side of the road with my thumb out, dressed in a tight pair of faded denim cutoff jeans, which revealed my long and muscular legs and hard virgin buns, a pair of sandals, and a white tee shirt. I had a knapsack over my shoulder and I was in the midst of another daydream about John, in which I was kneeling in front of him the way I had seen Nancy, and he was forcing his cock between my eager lips...when suddenly a pick up truck pulled up right in front of me. Throwing my pack into the back, I jumped in.

Looking the driver over, I was thrown into a sudden sensation of confusion, and I felt my face begin to flush. He was dressed just like some of the gay hunks in some of the leather magazines I had purchased. But unlike many of those studs, this guy could not have been more than 21. He was beautiful! Dark short hair framed a handsome tanned face with green eyes and full sensuous lips. His powerful lean body was encased all over in tight sexy black leather! From tight black leather pants and sexy leatherman boots, to a sexy black leather vest and a spiked leather choker!

"Hi, thanks for the ride," I say nervously, as my eyes feast on his lovely leather clad body. "My name is Jessie" (I always give fake names when I hitchhike, and I've always liked that name).

"Hi Jessie, my name is Tom. I'm happy to have the company and you look like you were getting hot out there," he says and I notice his eyes roaming down my body and with a shock, I notice that they linger on my cock (or is it my imagination?), outlined against my tight shorts that is still hard from my daydreams about John, and now my proximity to this handsome leather clad hunk. "Where are you going Jessie?"

"I'm going down to Long Beach Island. How far are you going?," I ask.

"I can take you part of the way there," he replies. "What are you going to do down at the shore"? He asks with a smile.

"I'm going to visit my girlfriend," I reply nervously, afraid that somehow this will typecast me as "straight," when I am already lusting after this gorgeous leather hunks body!

"I bet she's a beauty. A hot looking boy like you must have lot's of girls after you," he says with another quick glance at me as he drives. Somehow he seems once more to take not only my face, but also the rest of my body in his glance.

I can't seem to reply to the compliment, but I can feel myself blushing and my cock squirms within the tight confines of my shorts at the thought that he finds me attractive.

"What does she look like," Tom asks.

I find this line of questioning a little strange, so soon after we've met, but I feel there is a strong sexual undercurrent to the questions and coming from him, I don't mind! "She's French. Her name is Monique and she is my age, dark haired about 5'5" she is very beautiful," I reply.

"Oh, French girls are beautiful. You're lucky. I'll bet she loves to wear lingerie?"

"No, I wish," I reply.

"How about leather? Don't you love the sight of a girl dressed in a leather miniskirt, or boots? Does Monique like to dress in leather?," he asks.

Tom's free hand absently rubs the tight leather covering his thigh as he is talking about girl's dressed in leather and the sight causes my cock to throb even harder against the tight denim of my shorts and I catch myself squirming a little as I stammer my reply in a nervous voice, "I do love leather...Uh, I mean, I love the sight of girls in leather, but Monique doesn't ever wear any...

"Ah, that's too bad. How about you then, do you like to wear leather yourself?" This time I am almost sure as his glance lingers on me that he is staring directly at my cock which is clearly outlined through the tight denim. I squirm again as I reply, "I've never tried it, but it looks pretty comfortable." I dart a glance at him when I think he's not looking and am thrilled (and a little scared) to see the enormous bulge of his cock now pressing against the tight black leather of his pants!

"Well, you can tell that I love leather. You should really try it sometime. It doesn't just feel comfortable, it makes you feel really sexy.," Tom says and rests his hand casually over the bulge of his cock. "Hey," Tom exclaims, "Do you want to pull over here at the park and smoke a joint?"

He is already making the turnoff, as I reply, "Yeah, that sounds great."

I have to make a conscious effort to stop squirming in my seat at the thought that Tom is about to try to seduce me. The thought of running my hands over the sexy leather of Tom'' hard and sexy body is such an incredible turn on that I make up my mind to respond to any opening that Tom gives me.

Pulling into the park entrance, Tom heads for a trailhead opening and drives his truck for some distance deep into the woods. He obviously wants us to have some privacy! Finally, he pulls over in a beautiful open glade, deep in the park. He then takes a joint from his pocket and lighting it, he takes a deep toke and then passes it to me.

We pass the joint back and forth a couple of times and then Tom puts it out. "This is really good herb and I wouldn't want to get a boy like you too high," Tom says with a laugh.

I feel very relaxed and sexy now from the herb, and I lean against the door with my body turned toward Tom. He has done the same thing and my eyes feast openly on his gorgeous body, and zero in on his clearly outlined cock which looks like it is going to burst from the tight confines of his sexy leather pants.

Tom follows the direction of my stare and he smiles and very obviously casts his gaze slowly from my face down across my body until it rests on my own cock, which is also clearly outlined against my tight denim shorts. He then slowly lays his hand against his taut leather clad cock and begins to slowly fondle it right in front of me!

I feel my face blushing as I squirm in my seat, but I can't take my eyes away from Tom. He has closed his eyes, but the smile remains on his face as he continues to fondle what is clearly an enormous throbbing cock. I'm sure that he knows that I am watching him because he then says, "Getting high always makes me feel so horny. Especially when I've got my leather on." Opening his eyes slightly he looks again at my hard cock and adds, "It looks like getting high makes you horny too. Go ahead and do what feels good Jessie. I can see you want to..."

I need no further urging, so under his lustful gaze I move my hand down to my almost painfully throbbing cock and closing my eyes, I begin to fondle it. Knowing that Tom is probably watching me makes me squirm in my seat.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of a zipper slowly opening and my eyes fly open to the sight of Tom slowly, teasingly sliding his zipper down. I lick my lips in lustful anticipation and am suddenly shocked to note that Tom is staring right at me, obviously loving my reaction. I openly turn my gaze back down to the sight of Tom's cock covered by a tight red leather thong jutting forth from his now fully opened zipper.

"You like to watch me, don't you Jessie"? Tom asks, smiling wickedly.

I can only nod in reply as he wraps his hand around the leather-clad shaft of what must be the biggest cock I have ever seen! I guess that it must be at least 10" long, and very thick.

I find myself panting and fondling my own aching cock through my shorts as Tom teasingly slides his hand up and down the leather clad outline of his lovely cock.

Tom must already know that it is safe to do it, as he slides across the seat toward me and taking my hand from my own cock, he gently places it upon his throbbing leather clad cock. It is warm too the touch and I am thrilled by the throbbing feeling coming from his incredibly stiff cock. "I know you've been wanting to do this... "Go ahead Jessie, run your hot hand all over my cock."

I eagerly comply and wanting to be closer to it, I lean down until my face is inches above it and I can smell the sweet leather as I begin fondling it with both hands eagerly. "You've never been with a guy before, have you?," Tom asks with a smile. "Are you sure you want this"? he asks, reaching down and gripping my own cock which leaps at his touch.

"Ooh yes!" I gasp and since I can't wait any longer, I lean over and pressing my lips against the throbbing leather clad tip of his cock, I open them and begin to lick and suck it, savoring the sweet leather taste and smell.

"Oh, Jessie, yes! That feels so good you sexy boy! You love leather don't you?" Tom cries as his tight ass squirms against the seat and he pushes his crotch upward against my eager lips.

Raising my head for a moment I look him lustfully in the eyes and respond, "Ever since you picked me up and I saw you dressed in this sexy leather outfit, I have wanted to get my hands on you. It feels sooo good, Tom." Lowering my head I again let his leather covered cock head slip between my lips and I allow my hands now to roam over his hard and sexy leather covered legs and up to his muscular broad chest. Then, without waiting for permission, I slip my fingers behind the leather waist band of his thong and slip it down to reveal his beautiful throbbing cock. Its tip is oozing pre-cum and I notice that he has a sexy black leather studded cock ring circling the base of his cock.

Ever since that night when I watched Nancy suck John, I have been waiting for the chance to have a mans cock between my, I don't hesitate as I spread my lips to accept the enormous head of Tom's cock into my eager mouth. I love the salty slippery consistency/taste of his pre-cum. Tom moans in ecstasy as I swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock.

"Oooh yes, Jessie! That feels so good you sexy little boy! Suck me lover!" he cries. He grips the sides of my head firmly and tries to push my head down to engulf more of his monster cock, but after a few inches, I start to gag and have to pull away for a moment.

"I'm sorry," I gasp. "I can't take it all in. It's so big!"

"But I can tell you love it, don't you? You love having a mans cock between those sexy lips. Don't worry, just try to relax your throat and gradually take more in."

With that advice I eagerly slip his lovely cock once more between my lips and begin to suck, lick and nibble it with enthusiasm. I feel so turned on and sexy sucking this sexy mans cock! My own cock is rock hard against the tight denim of my shorts. My ass is squirming so much in excitement that it is continually rubbing against its confines. When Tom suddenly reaches down and begins fondling my tight buns, I almost begin to cum, it is so exciting.

Thinking back on it after many years of sucking cocks, I realize that I wasn't very good at first, but I think that Tom was so turned on by having this sexy young virgin boy sucking him that it wasn't long before he began to moan and cry out and then hot sweet gobs of cum began to spurt into my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed.

As Tom's sweet cock began to soften in my mouth, I lovingly licked and sucked the last drops from it and then slipped it back into the sexy leather thong and looking up as I caressed it through the soft leather I notice a satisfied smile on Tom's face. "You are some eager young cocksucker Jessie! That was wonderful! Come sit up next to me.," he says, patting the seat beside him.

As I settle myself next to him I look down at my still achingly hard cock and notice that there is a big wet spot where my pre-cum has soaked through the tight denim. Leaning toward me, Tom places one hand over my throbbing cock and begins to fondle it, and he places the other one behind my head and pulls my face to his... As our lips meet, I am overcome by the sensation of his sexy full lips against mine, the smell of his masculine cologne, the pressure of his powerful chest against mine, the feel of his strong hand against my cock.... His sweet tongue forces itself into my mouth and our kiss becomes passionate, our tongues swirling against each other... Tom then wraps both of his powerful arms around me and lifts me until I am sitting on his lap with my legs to either side. We continue passionately kissing with brief intervals as I suckle on his strong neck and ears. I begin to feel his cock growing again beneath me. It is pressing right between my buns and I eagerly squirm against the sexy leather bulge of it.

Tom pulls his head back for a moment while fondling my tight buns with both hands as his leather covered cock slides tantalizingly against them. "Hey, how would you like to go to my place, which is nearby? I'd love to get you into my bed, and I have a few things there that might interest you..."

Reaching down to fondle his cock I lick and suckle on his ear I whisper, "as long as this is one of the things you want to show me," I say with a gentle squeeze, I would love to"!

Sliding off of his lap, I return to my seat, but I continue to fondle his sweet cock through the leather thong and his opened zipper as we drive out of the park. My mind is swirling with the sensations I have experienced within the past hour and my imagination is running wild with anticipation of what awaits me at his house. I can't wait to run my hands over his bare chest and shoulders, and my anus is still tingling with the sensation of having his cock press against it. I hope that he will soon offer to slip it all the way in and fuck me the way that I watched John fucking Nancy!

It takes no more than a few minutes before we arrive at his apartment. I feel kind of shy when Tom takes my hand as we leave the truck. We pass a few people as we head up to his apartment and I can just imagine what they must be thinking at the sight of a leatherman like Tom leading a teenage boy like me by the hand to his apartment. My cock remains achingly hard through it all and I am unable to shield the view of it (and the wet stain in the front of my shorts!) from the people we pass. But all thoughts of embarrassment leave my mind as we enter his beautiful apartment and he takes me into his strong arms and presses me against the wall and our lips find each other in a deep kiss...

Our cocks press and rub against each other through the leather and denim of our clothes and tom grips my firm buns through my tight shorts and my hands find and then fondle his through the sexy leather of his pants. I can feel the power of Tom's hard muscular body as he presses it against mine and it is such an incredibly sexy feeling! I feel that I am totally in Tom's control and it is somehow exciting to realize that Tom could force me to do anything, even if I tried to resist....

I am panting in lust as Tom breaks our kiss and leads me quickly into his bedroom. I feel a thrill as I look at his bed and see the red satin sheets and poles with leather cuffs at every corner!

Leading me to the bed, Tom has me sit down on the sexy smooth sheets. "I'm going to tie you up Jessie. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.," he says, and not waiting for my permission, he gently but firmly pushes me onto my back and taking one of my hands he swiftly attaches my wrist to the buckle. I feel a thrill of fear, but I am paralyzed by indecision. Do I want to allow him to do this? Before I have a chance to even ask him to slow down, I find my arms securely bound by the soft leather cuffs and testing them, I find that I am completely unable to pull my arms free.

Tom then swiftly attaches my legs in the same way and I find myself lying spread eagled on the bed, completely in Tom's control. He looks me over, smiling wickedly and says, "Again, you don't have to worry about being hurt. You're going to love everything that happens hear today, but there may be some things that you might not have wanted to try at first, and now you won't have any choice!

He then kneels beside me on the bed and taking a pair of scissors, he begins to cut my shirt off of me! "Hey wait a minute!" I cry. "What the hell are you doing!"

"Don't worry Jessie! I'll provide something for you to wear when you leave." He replies calmly, but with a forceful tone that leaves no room for disagreement. "Don't struggle" he says. By this time he has begun cutting my shorts off, so I lie very still. I don't wear any underwear usually (at least in those days), so as he pulled away my shorts, my bare cock was revealed to him. It had softened somewhat during my struggle, but that changed quickly when Tom leaned over and without hesitation slipped its head between his lips! Within seconds I was once more rock hard at the incredible sensation of having his warm mouth engulfing me. I began squirming and pushing myself upward as he expertly slipped the entire length of my cock into his moth and began sliding it in and out for a few ecstasy filled moments before pulling his head away. After a few incredibly sweet bobs of his head, Tom pulled his head away. I groaned in disappointment, and he responded by saying, I don't want you to get too used to that Jessie. While you're with me, your main purpose will be to satisfy me, to take this cock (he begins to fondle his cock through the tight leather of his pants) into your mouth, and up that sweet young ass of yours. If you obey me in all things, I may let you cum in my mouth. Do you understand?"

I nod my head mutely while I squirm in frustrated lust. I am beginning to find the sense of being powerless and in the control of this sexy dominant man to be really exciting! My hard buns slide against the sexy soft satin sheets and my cock is raised like a stiff pole.

Tom gets up off the bed and looks down at me and I can almost feel his eyes caressing me, as he looks me over. "I have something to show you," he says. Going to his dresser, he removes something and turning to me, I see that he is holding up a pink satin corset, with white lace trim and dangling garter straps. "Do you like this Jessie?," he asks.

I am puzzled by his question. It is a really sexy and pretty piece of lingerie, but why is he showing it to me? "Yes, it's very pretty" I reply.

Walking over to the bed, he lays it gently over my chest. "How would you like to wear it?," he asks.

I am almost too stunned to speak. How dare he! Just because I have sucked his cock and am yearning to have him fuck me, doesn't mean that I want to be his girl! Although it is an ultra sexy corset and I would love to see a sexy girl in it, the thought of wearing it myself threatens my sense of masculinity, which at my age at the time, was important to me.

"I won't wear that Tom!" I reply angrily. "Don't even think about it!"

"Oh yes you will Jessie. Even if I have to force you into it! But let's not make up our minds too quickly. Let me tell you what we're going to do, once I have you dressed up like a sexy young girl..." He says, kneeling next to me and unzipping his sexy leather pants. Unleashing his gorgeous cock from its constraints, he straddles my chest with the tip of his hard cock resting across my chin and lips. Looking down into my eyes he says, "If you want this cock again between your lips, and I know you do, you will have to do as I say. Only when you are dressed as a sexy she-girl in this sexy corset with its matching panties and sexy stockings attached, will I let you suck me again."

Raising himself, he caresses my chest through the soft satiny fabric of the corset. "We're going to turn you into my feminine young girlfriend, and you're going to love every minute of it!" he exclaims and lowering himself, he rests his hard body on top of mine and I feel the tip of his cock tantalizingly pressing against my virgin anus. I find myself pressing my buns against his cock in eagerness, but as soon as he feels this he raises himself and says, "I know you want it hard up your ass, just like a girl. Just admit it to me. Tell me you want to dress up like a sexy girl, and I'll fuck you hard and deep until I cum deep within this sweet young ass!"

I am in the grip once more of my lust for this sexy leather clad hunk who is dominating me so completely. Although the thought of dressing up like a girl seems strange to me, the promise (and threat) that he will let me have his delicious cock once more and will fuck my virgin and eager ass makes me decide to go ahead with it. "Ok Tom, I'll do it for you. But remember your promise, as soon as put on what you tell me, you have to let me have your sweet cock again," I say in surrender.

"I knew you would see it my way, Jessie. Don't worry, I'm dying to fuck you once I transform you into a girl!" he says and begins to unfasten my restraints. Once I am free once more and standing, he leads me to the bathroom and tells me that my legs need to be shaved and smooth, before we can put stockings on. Although I hadn't planned on it, I am now fully under his power and I go along submissively, and after a shower, he has me raise my wet legs one at a time while he lathers them with shaving cream and slowly shaves all of the hair off of them. Although I hate to admit it, the feeling of the razor along my legs and being naked in front of my male lover this way keeps my cock rock hard the entire time. After shaving both legs and also my arm pits. Tom dries me with a soft towel and leads me back into the bedroom where he lays out my sexy corset, along with a matching pair of panties and sheer white, backseamed stockings.

Standing me in front of a mirror, Tom then hands me the pair of frilly pink silk panties and commands me to put them on. I obey hesitantly, slipping my legs through them and then pulling them on and smoothing them over my tight buns and throbbing cock. Although I won't tell Tom this, the sensation of my hard cock straining against the tight smooth silk of the panties is exciting!

I then accept the corset and with more eagerness I slip it on and Tom helps me to tighten it from behind. Sitting on the bed facing the mirror, Tom then helps me to slip the sheer white stockings on my long legs and attach them to the garters. He then takes two silicone "boobs" and slips them into the cups of my corset and then raises me to my feet.

I feel an electric thrill at the sensation of the sheer stockings on my smooth legs and the pull of the garters. Facing the mirror, I find myself posing and running my hands over the sheer satin of my corset and my new "breasts."

Tom looks on with a lustful look and a smile. "I told you you'd love it. You feel and look ultra sexy and feminine, don't you?."

"I guess I do...," I stammer in embarrassment, all the while with my eyes glued to my transformed feminine self in the mirror.

"I promise you that before the day is out, you will never feel sexier, than when you are dressed up and acting like a girl. I have one more item for you to wear before we put on your makeup. Going to the closet, he returns with the most sexy boots I have ever seen! They are thigh high, high heeled pink leather boots and I can't wait to slip them on!

As I slip my smooth stocking clad legs into these sexy leather boots, I can feel the pre-cum from my cock soaking through my sexy panties! Oooh, what a turn on to rub my hands along the length of the smooth leather! Standing, I carefully strut back and forth in front of the mirror, swaying my ass like a girl would. Tom is forgotten for a moment as I exult in the sexy feminine feelings washing over me. Although I don't have any makeup on yet, my young face and long blond hair combined with the incredibly sexy outfit and my new boobs jutting forth from my sexy corset, makes me look like a sexy and foxy girl!

"Come with me Jessie, so we can finish turning you into the sexy girl you want to be, then you can look at yourself all you want in the mirror!" He says taking me by the hand and leading me to the bathroom. Sitting me down in a chair, he pulls out a full make-up kit and begins by applying sexy pink lip gloss, to my full lips. He then adds blush, mascara and eyeliner. He works so quickly and obviously professionally, that I suspect that maybe he works in a beauty salon. While he is working, I let my hands caress all of the sexy outfit covering my body so tightly, from the leather boots, to my panty clad cock, to the satin sides of my tight feminine corset. I love the taste of the lip gloss and running my tongue along my glossy lips.

After finishing with my face, Tom spends a few minutes brushing my hair and then inserts a pair of pretty berets. Then, leading me back into the bedroom, we stop once more before the full length mirror and I am astonished by the sight! Instead of a 16 year old boy, I now see a really beautiful and sexy young girl. If it weren't for the well defined muscles in my shoulders and arms and my clearly outlined cock pressing against the tight confines of my panties, I don't think anyone would be able to tell that I am really a boy!

"You are now a gorgeous girl Jessie. How does it feel?," Tom asks, while pressing his hard body against me from behind until I can feel his leather covered cock pressing between my panty clad buns.

Reaching behind me, I cup Tom's tight leather clad buns and rub my own panty covered buns against him as I reply, "Ooh, Tom, you were right lover. I can't believe how sexy I look and feel. I can't wait until you bend me over and slip your gorgeous cock up my ass because I think only then will I really be able to relate to what a girl really feels like.

"Be patient. Before the day is through, I'm going to lower those sexy panties of yours and fuck that sweet virgin ass of yours! But first, I want you to learn to act and feel like a real girl. I have a couple of more items I want you to wear, and then we're going out for awhile."

The thought of going out dressed up as I am sends a thrill of fear through me, but at the same time, I am excited at the thought of trying to pass as a girl out on the streets.

Tom returns from the closet holding up the sexiest sweet pink leather minidress! "Ooh Tom, that dress is so sexy! It matches my boots," I gush, already feeling very possessive about my outfit.

Unzipping the dress, Tom helps me wriggle into it and then zips it up from behind. It is so snug, my breasts jut against the smooth sexy leather and it hugs my panty clad buns so tightly, and you can still see the bulge of my throbbing cock in the front! I strut some more in front of the mirror, running my hands over the smooth sexy leather. The dress is so short, I can see the garter straps attached to the top of my stockings and when I lean over, you can see my pink panty covered buns!

Tom slips his hand under the hem of my dress and cupping my buns, he pulls me against him until my boobs are pressing against his chest and I can feel our cocks, both hard and throbbing and covered with sexy leather pressing against each other. "You are such a hot girl now. I'm going to call you Jessica from now on. Come on, take your purse and lets go," he says, handing me a pretty pink leather purse and leading me to the door.

As we emerge into the bright light, I feel very self-conscious, so I lean against Tom as we walk and he slips his arm around me possessively. Almost without conscious thought, I find myself walking with a feminine sway. I love the feel of my garter straps pulling on my stockings, the leather of my dress rubbing against the smooth sexy satin and silk of the lingerie I'm wearing underneath and the sound of my sexy high heels clicking on the pavement!

Suddenly, Tom veers to the right and leads me to the front porch of one of the units, where a hot looking young guy, blond haired, tan with a gorgeous lean and athletic body is sitting reading a newspaper. He's wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts. As Tom approaches, he stands and shakes hands with him as Tom says, "Dale, I'd like you to meet Jessica, my new girlfriend."

Tom reacts by taking my hand and kissing the back of it! "Jessica, it's a pleasure to meet you."

I find my face flushing with embarrassment and my hands nervously smooth the hem of my dress as I reply in the most girlish sounding voice I can manage, "It's nice to meet you too, Dale."

Tom seems to be devouring the sight of me as he says, "What a lucky guy Tom is, you are absolutely beautiful!"

I feel like I will die with embarrassment, but at the same time I find myself reacting at some level to his flirting tone as I thank him and as Tom makes motions to leave, I say that I hope I'll see him again. As we walk away, I can feel his gaze on my tight leather covered buns and I swish them provocatively and reaching behind, I let my hand caress them with an inviting motion and I can hear him sigh in frustration.

As we get into the truck, Tom turns to me and says, "I can see you've already learned to flirt. You had poor Dale panting in lust by the time we left. I've always wanted to get him into bed, but he's too straight. How would you like to take him to bed? I could tell that he was dying to get into your panties, although I think he would be surprised at what he would find there!"

"He is gorgeous," I reply. "It was such a turn on to stand there flirting with him, knowing that he was thinking of me as a girl and didn't know that I am really a boy. "I would love to go to bed with him, but I would be afraid of what his reaction would be once he discovered that I'm not a real girl."

"I have an idea Jessica. Let's spend the day letting you get used to behaving like a girl, and then we will come back and invite Dale over for a drink and get him stoned as well. You can seduce him and invite him to share you with me in bed. I'm, sure he'll want you so badly that he won't hesitate. Then when you've got him totally turned on, you can pull out his cock and start sucking it. I'll lift the hem of your dress from behind and start fucking you, and then before he cums in your mouth, we can switch positions, being careful to guide his cock straight into your ass and while he is fucking you, I'll guide his hand to your cock. He'll realize that you're a boy only after he is in the midst of fucking you and will be unable to stop."

Tom has gotten totally excited by the idea and as he is explaining his plan, his hand is fondling my panty clad cock through the leather of my dress. "What do you think of my plan"? he asks.

"I love the idea of having both opf you guys in bed at the same time, and the thought of sucking a cock and being fucked at the same time is a total turn on, but I'm still worried about what Dale will do once he discovers I'm a boy!"

"Let me worry about that Jessica. I'm bigger than he is and I wouldn't let him hurt you. Just concentrate on what it's going to feel like to have two men at the same time."

"OK," I answer nervously. Tom pulls into the parking lot of a big mall then and taking my hand as we leave the car leads me in. It is a totally new experience to walk through the hallways of a mall I have often gone to, while transformed into a foxy girl dressed in ultra sexy clothes. I wonder what my reaction will be if I run into someone I know. The tap of my heels reverberates on the marble, and when Tom makes mention of it, I hastily carry my purse in such a way that it covers the visible bulge of my cock against the front of my dress.

As we walk through the hallways, I become conscious of people, mainly men, glancing my way and following me with my gaze. I realize with a thrill that it's not just the site of a pretty girl that's attracting their attention, it is the sight of a pretty girl dressed in a hot pink leather minidress and thigh high boots that is holding their attention. The men are glancing at me with thinly concealed desire, while the women are staring and making what I imagine must be snide comments about my outfit.

Tom leads me into a beauty parlor to have my nails done. I worry briefly about getting the nail polish off later, but I am too caught up in this whole adventure to refuse. The woman who works on my nails is a gorgeous young Asian-American girl who talks the whole time she is working. She comments on my pretty outfit and I thank her for the compliment. Once I have started, my soft feminine girls voice is easy to maintain and feels like a natural part of me. I do my best to mimic feminine gestures like tossing my hair, etc. The strange thing is that I find myself really attracted to this girl. At one point I realize that I have started to flirt with her and I quickly back off a bit. She paints my nails a pretty shade of pink, which matches my dress and my lip gloss.

When I'm all done, Tom whispers to me that there is money in the purse and opening it, I am shocked to find several hundred dollar bills. After paying the girl, Tom leads me off to Frederick's of Hollywood to buy lingerie.

As I walk into the store, I am overwhelmed by all of the sexy and pretty lingerie. When we come to a display of corsets, I hold one up that is identical to the one I am wearing under my dress against me and say to Tom, "Now I know where you do your shopping."

"You can buy anything you want Jessica. In fact, I don't want you to leave this store without at least a dozen complete ensembles. I want you to buy bra's, garter belts, stockings, more corsets and nightgowns," he says with a smile. "I also want you to buy a few more pairs of boots."

What a dream come true! A few hours ago, I wouldn't have given a thought to these sexy feminine clothes, other than to wish to see a girl in them. But now, I am holding up sexy bra's, corsets, etc. and imagining what they will feel like on my body! At Tom's urging, I take my selections to the back and with the salesgirls permission Tom enters the changing room with me while I model one sexy item after another for him!

It is such a sexy turn on to slip into feminine negligees, bras and other lingerie in front of my lover. He tells me how sexy I look in each outfit. After choosing a lovely collection of lingerie, I try on some ultra sexy boots and choose 3 pairs in different colors. The bill for it all is enormous, but Tom doesn't seem to mind paying it and I have the exciting sense that he expects me to be a part of his life for awhile...

After dropping our purchases off at the car, we go to Wilson's House of Leather. As I am admiring a sexy black leather ultra mini-skirt while Tom shopped elsewhere in the store, a salesman approaches me and asks if he can help me. I feel an electric thrill of recognition at the voice and looking up I find my best friend John facing me! I had forgotten that he told me that he had taken a summer job at Wilson's!

He looks so fine, as always. He is wearing tight Wilson's leather pants (and now I remember the leather he was wearing when he fucked Nancy) which nicely outline his tight hard buns and crotch and a tight white polo shirt that hugs his tanned and muscular chest and arms. It is somehow amazing after all of my years of friendship with this boy that I should begin to lust after him in this way. As I stand before him and his eyes wander shamelessly over my sexy outfit, I realize that he doesn't recognize me!

John asks me if he can be of help, with a smile on his face. I reply with an especial effort to remove all traces of my male voice. "Do you think I would look good in this," I ask in a teasing voice, holding up an incredibly sexy and short red leather dress against my body.

John's face blushes red in that cute way that I know so well. His reply is more direct than I would have expected and I feel a flush of excitement as he replies, "I think you would look beautiful in that dress. I would love to see you in it, would you like to try it on?"

I agree, and John gestures to the dressing room and then follows behind me. I can imagine his eyes feasting on my leather-clad buns, as he has often told me that he is an "ass man." On purpose, I drop the dress that I am carrying and bend low to pick it up, so that John is treated to a glimpse of the top of my thighs and my sexy pink panties and garter straps.

"I'll be right back. Will you wait here? I'd like to know what you think. I'm so bad at choosing clothes for myself," I say to John, and he assures me eagerly that he won't move until I come back. As I enter the dressing room, I catch a glimpse of Tom, who is watching this whole scene from another part of the store with a smile of amusement on his face. He flashed me a "thumbs up" signal and I give him a smile of thanks.

I stand close to the door, so that John will be able to see me sliding my dress down over my boots and stepping into the new one. Although I don't really need his help, I want to flirt with him, so I slide open the door and ask him to help me zip up my dress from behind.

As he helps me pull the zipper up with trembling hands, I thank him and say, "you have warm hands." John blushes again and is speechless.

"How do I look John (he has a name tag on)?," I ask flirtatiously as I smooth the dress with my hands and pirouette in front of him

"You look really beautiful. That dress fits you like it was made for you. I'm sure your boyfriend will love it," he says.

"I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, so I want to buy clothes that will help me to find one." Do you think boys will notice me in this outfit?, I reply mischievously with a wink and a wicked smile. "By the way, my name is Jessica. I know yours from your name tag."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jessica," he says taking my hand. "Any guy that doesn't notice you in that outfit must have something wrong with him." As John is saying this he lets his eyes roam over me appreciatively and I am rewarded with the sight of his growing hard on within his tight leather pants.

"Well, I guess I'll take this one. Can you show me what else you have?," I ask.

John proceeds to show me several different outfits, each of which I try on and model for him. His hard on remains constant and obvious against the tight leather of his pants as I flirt more and more openly with him. At one point I notice that they have a leather lingerie section and leading John over to it, I hold up a wicked black leather corset against me and ask him if he thinks I would look good in it. By this time we have become so comfortable flirting with each other that John replies that he wishes that he were the guy lucky enough to see me dressed in it. "I'll be happy to give you that chance right now! Come on, I want to try it on and see what you think."

I have John wait (obviously eagerly) outside the booth as I slip the corset on and attach the garter straps to my stockings and insert my silicone breasts into the cups of the corset. They look completely realistic jutting against the tight leather. I have a moment of anxiety as I note how openly my cock is straining against my panties, but then I decide to conceal it by slipping on one of the sexy leather mini skirts I've chosen. I look and feel so sexy and hot that I feel confident that it is time for me to let John know how much I want him. So, after applying a fresh coat of lip gloss and smoothing my skirt I open the door and motion him to come inside, "I don't think I should step out there dressed like this," I say seductively.

John's eyes are fixed with lust on me and his straining cock is more visible than ever as he comes in and I close the door behind him. "Now, if you were my boyfriend, what would you think if I came to you dressed as I am now?," I ask him softly as I run my hands enticingly along the tight smooth leather of the corset.

"If I were your boyfriend, I would think that you wanted me to fuck you and I wouldn't hesitate...," John replies with a voice choked with lust.

It is the answer I expected from the way he has been flirting with me, so filled with lust for him as well, I step forward and lean forward until my boobs are pressing against his hard chest and whisper in his ear, "let's pretend that you are my boyfriend then." Boldly, I reach down and lay my hand on his clearly outlined leather clad cock and begin fondling it.

John moans with desire and putting his hand behind my head, he pulls my face against his until his firm and lovely lips press against my glossy ones and his tongue slips eagerly into my mouth. His arms encircle me and fondle my panty and leather clad buns as we kiss passionately. Suddenly John breaks off for a moment and whispers that he hears the store manager "I've only been working here a week. If he finds me in here, he'll probably fire me. I want you so much Jessica! I have a half hour break coming up in a little while. Can you wait for me? Maybe we can have a coffee?"

Still fondling his lovely hard cock, I whisper, "I'd rather pull this lovely cock out and get to know you better. Why don't we go to my truck, out in the parking lot?" John seems a little shocked by my suggestion, but readily agrees. He then slips out of the booth and after I slip back into my own outfit, I gather up the corset and my sexy collection of leather and approach Tom at the back of the store, who has been watching me flirt with John with interest.

"He is delicious! I saw him go into the dressing room with you, have you behaved yourself?," Tom asks with a smirk.

"You won't believe it, but he is my best friend! His name is John and I have been lusting after him for weeks and thanks to you, I just had his tongue in my mouth and his cock in my hand! I don't have time to talk, but could I borrow the keys to your truck for a half hour? He has a 20 minute break and I want to slip his lovely cock in my mouth!" Tom readily agrees after I promise him that if the chance arises, I will try to get John to go to bed with all three of us together.

As I pile my selections on the counter, the manager, a middle aged distinguished looking man drops what he is doing and begins to help me, caressing me all the while with his eyes. "It looks like you have bought out the store! Did you find everything you wanted?" He asks.

"Oh yes, John was very helpful" I reply, giving him a wink as I say this. "We are good friends."

"Oh, well I should thank John for bringing in such a good customer."

"You might thank him by letting him have a break for a short time. I'd like to catch up on old times." I say with a wicked smile directed at John. He smiles and flushes under the gaze of his boss, who sends him off for a twenty-minute break with me.

As soon as we turn the corner, I reach behind John and fondle John's tight leather buns and press him against the wall and with my boobs against his chest I ask, "are you ready for the best blowjob you've ever had?"

John replies in the affirmative and I can feel his cock jerking to attention beneath the tight leather of his pants. I then take him by the hand and lead him quickly through the mall and out to Tom's truck. As soon as we have locked the doors I am in his arms, my boobs pressing tightly against his chest through the tight leather of my dress and my glossy lips locked against his sweet firm ones with our tongues swirling against one another. With one hand I fondle his rock hard cock which is straining against his leather pants. John moans in excitement and begins to fondle my tight virgin panty and leather clad buns (I am careful not to give him an opportunity to slip his hand underneath the hem of my dress in the front and discover "my secret").

After a few deliriously sweet moments of making out with John, I pull away and while continuing to fondle his cock I whisper in his ear, "I know you only have about 15 more minutes. I want to see your cock lover. It feels like it must be huge!" As I unbutton and begin to unzip his sexy tight leather pants I think about how much I have been wanting this since the night just three weeks ago that changed my life when I saw his cock erect for the first time. At the time I wanted so much to be Nancy and to wrap my lips around this enormous and gorgeous cock, and now I will have the chance!

I have a sudden shock of surprise as I spread his opened pants and reveal his lovely bulging cock encased in a pair of sexy pink silk panties! "What do we have hear," I ask with a wicked smile, while fondling his rock hard panty clad cock. "These don't look like any boy's undershorts I've ever seen." John's face has flushed red in embarrassment as he replies, "I, uh, have another girl I'm seeing who asked me to wear her panties while I'm at work."

"Oh! I guess she probably never imagined that another girl would get inside your panties. Are you wearing her bra also," I ask as I run my hands up under his shirt to find out?

"No, of course not" he replies. "I don't know why I agreed to wear her panties, but she insisted."

"How do they make you feel lover? Do they make you feel feminine and sexy?"

"They do feel kind of sexy," he replies shyly.

"Well, I love them on you. They look a lot like the pair I'm wearing right now. I think it's a good thing for boy's to wear lingerie. It helps to make them more sensitive.," I say as I continue to fondle his lovely cock through the frilly panties.

I pull down John's leather pants to his knees and then I lower his sexy panties revealing the lovely cock I have been lusting for... It stands to attention rigidly and it must be 10" in length and its round lovely head is oozing pre-cum. "Oooh, John, you have a lovely cock! I don't think I'm going to be able to take all of this in, but I can't wait to try!" I say and immediately I lower my head and lick and suck on the enormous cock head. It tastes so sweet and salty and John's moans excite me as I begin to bob my head up and down letting his sweet cock slide wetly between my glossy lips and taking more and more of his shaft with every downward movement. With one hand I pinch John's erect nipples and with the other I caress his prostate and anus and then I begin to slide a finger into his anus and am rewarded by a cry of excitement from John.

"Oh yes Jessica, your mouth feels so good! I've never had such a great blowjob! Your finger fees so good up my ass! Suck me lover!" he cries thrusting his hips forward and forcing my head lower. John obviously doesn't know it, but one of the reason's I am able to give him the best blowjob he's ever had is because being a boy myself, I know what feel's especially good.

I eagerly suck my best friends cock, pausing very few moments lick and suckle on his cockhead and balls to both tease him and give my jaw a rest. His cock is so huge! I thrust my finger in and out of his tight ass and John squirms in his seat in response.

I can feel my own cock becoming wet with pre-cum within the tight confines of my panties. Ooh, this is such an incredible turn on! I just wish that I could climb up and straddle him and feel this lovely cock slide between my buns! I can imagine the sense of fulfillment a girl must feel that I would experience with this lovely enormous cock filling me.

When I begin to feel John's cock begin to spasm, I am ready as he cries out, "I'm cumming Jessie! Suck me lover! Keep sucking meeee!" In moments hot spurts of John's sweet cum are flooding down my throat and I eagerly swallow them. His rectum squeezes almost painfully hard on my finger as he climaxes. After I feel him slump in release, I continue to suckle the last drops of cum from his softening cock before withdrawing my finger from his ass and looking up as I lick my glossy lips in satisfaction.

"You have a delicious cock, Lover. I wish I had more time to explore your luscious body!" I say as I slide his panties up and smooth them for him. As I do this I can feel his sweet cock stirring again and as I fondle it through the silk of his panties it soon grows hard again. "I wish you had more time John. I'd love to suck this lovely cock again! Will you have any time tomorrow night? I'm staying at a friend's place, maybe you could come over and we could get to know one another better. I want to dress you in a few more sexy feminine things and see how you like it."

John responds immediately that he will have trouble waiting until tomorrow, but we agree to meet at closing time at Wilson's tomorrow and with a last closing passionate, tongue swirling kiss, John hurries back to his job.

As I sit there smoothing my outfit in the truck, I marvel that all these wonderful exciting things are happening to me. I feel so alive as a sexy girl and having been with my best friend John was more wonderful than I had imagined. I am still shocked at having found John dressed in panties and at his willingness to dress up with me tomorrow night. But of course if a sexy girl had dragged me out to a parking lot and sucked my cock, I suppose I would do almost anything for more also...

I am lost in thought fantasizing about John spread out on the bed dressed in panties, garter belt, bra and stockings while I gently run my hands along his strong stocking clad legs as his cock slides wetly in and out of my mouth... Suddenly, my daydreaming is interrupted by Tom's face and tap on the window.

"You look like you've had a good time. How did your best friends cock taste? I know he was having a good time because I watched him through the window. What a hunk! Any chance I can get inside his pants?," Tom asks as he slides in next to me and gives me a brief kiss before starting the truck and heading back home.

"It was wonderful Tom, and you are so great to let me use your truck, not to mention letting me buy all of these sexy clothes! I can't wait to try them all on for you. You won't believe it, but when I finally got John's pants unfastened, I found that he was wearing a pair of sexy pink panties just like mine! I've known him all my life and would never have guessed he would be into that. He told me that his girlfriend had asked him to wear them, but he certainly seemed to enjoy it and I've made him promise to dress up in some of my clothes for me. My thought is that I will get him dressed completely dressed up at your place tomorrow night while telling him that you are away, and then you can drop by as a surprise, and we can see what develops from there...

"That sounds wonderful. I'm getting hard just thinking about being with you two sexy she-boys!

After stopping at a liquor store, Tom drops me off at his apartment and tells me to relax while he goes and gets Dale. I'm a little nervous but Tom reassures me, "By the time Dale has a couple of beers in him and we've smoked a joint or two, he'll be dying to get into your panties. Just choose the moment that seems right to you. Remember, the idea is to first start by giving him a blowjob while I begin fucking you in the ass, and then switch places. We'll tell him it's your "time of the month" and that's why you want us to fuck you in the ass.."

While Tom is gone, I go into the bathroom and freshen my makeup. I remain nervous, but also excited at the thought of being with two sexy hunks at the same time, and especially at the thought of finally being fucked.

By the time Dale comes in, I'm sitting on the sofa drinking a beer. He looks gorgeous! His hair is still wet from a shower and he is wearing nothing but a pair of tight black leather shorts (maybe because he know's I like leather?) a tight white t-shirt stretched over his muscular broad chest and shoulders and a pair of sandals. I feel a little flustered as I stand to greet him, smoothing my leather dress as I do so. I catch the scent of his cologne as he leans over and gives me a light kiss on the cheek.

I offer to get them beers and as I head to the kitchen I can feel Dale's eyes on me from behind. When I return I notice that Tom has had Dale sit at one end of his small leather sofa while he sits at the opposite end leaving me either the separate chair, or a small space between them to sit. I hand them their beers and then choose to squeeze between them and am rewarded by the thrill of the feel of Dale's bare leg and Tom's leather clad leg pressing against mine. I can feel Dale's tension through his strong leg and within moments he lifts his leg to cross it to hide his growing hard on. Tom lights a joint and we pass it around. As we feel the effects of the beer and joint we all begin to laugh and make jokes and Dale flirts with me more and more openly. I begin to get really horny playing the role of a sexy girl and I feel so feminine and turned on between these hunky men.

I can't wait for the opportunity to get these two guys into bed and I come up with a great idea. "Tom took me shopping today and I bought some really gorgeous outfits. Would you guys like me to model them for you." They both enthusiastically agree and I go into the bedroom to change into my first outfit.

I lay all of my beautiful outfits out on the bed. All of my leather and vinyl minidresses and miniskirts, my thigh high boots and my sexy lingerie. My cock is aching within the tight confines of my panties at the thought of slipping all of these beautiful outfits on. As I slip out of my sexy pink minidress and boots, my thoughts run away at the thought of having Tom and Dale run their hands over me, lift the hem of my dress, lower my panties, and slip their cocks into me!

The first one I choose is a red vinyl minidress and matching thigh high boots. First I slip into my matching red vinyl corset, panties and red backseamed stockings. I feel so sexy and feminine as I slip my legs into the sexy boots and zip them up as I imagine Dale's reaction when he sees me. As I admire myself in the mirror, I realize that this is a real "fuck me dress" and I hope that Dale will get the message. I look and feel like a real slut dressed like this. I apply shiny red lipgloss to match my outfit.

I go back into the room and am pleased with Dale's look of utter lust when he sees me. Tom starts to whistle and Dale soon joins him. I note that they are on their 3rd beer, which explains Dale's lack of inhibition and enthusiasm. I decide to give them a little erotic show, smoothing the tight vinyl of my minidress, running my hands slowly over my breasts and ass and twirling around. I can see both of them beginning to squirm in their seats and I let my gaze linger openly on Dale's cock, which is obviously rock hard and is outlined against his tight shorts. Although I think I could go right over now and slip into Dale's arms, I am waiting for some signal from Tom that hasn't come yet, so I slip back into the bedroom, after promising to be back very soon in an even sexier outfit.

As I slip out of my vinyl minidress, it takes a strong act of will not to reach down and fondle my aching cock through my tight vinyl panties. I feel like I would cum within seconds and I want to wait until I have a cock between my virgin buns before I let myself cum.

I decide to wear the sexy black leather corset that turned John on so much earlier and as I slip on the tight black silk panties over my aching cock and roll the sheer black stockings up my legs to attach to my garter straps, I am lost in my memory of having John's sweet cock in my mouth...

Like before, I slip my black leather micro-miniskirt over my panties to hide the bulge of my cock and this time I slip on my new sexy tight black leather thigh high boots. As I freshen my makeup in the mirror, I wonder how much longer I will have to wait before I can get into Dale's tight leather shorts.

When I open the door to the living room, I am surprised to see that Tom is gone! Dale is sitting there with his legs opened enough to reveal his still clearly outlined throbbing cock and he greets me with a smile and a lustful look in his eyes. "Tom went out to get some more beer, but he told me to tell you to keep on with the show as if he were still here."

"That sounds good to me. In fact, I think I'll continue with the show as if he were the only one here...." And with that, I close my eyes and run my hands slowly over my tight leather covered boobs and down along the tight sides of my corset and bending down I turn and continue along the sides of my leather boots, allowing Dale a glimpse of my firm panty clad buns and my bare thighs at the top of my stockings. I peak between my legs as I'm leaning over to see Dale leaning forward eagerly staring at me. I then stand up slowly running my hands up the bag of my booted legs and grip and fondle my buns through the leather of my miniskirt. I can hear Dale breathing heavily behind me and casting my gaze over my shoulder I see that he has a hand gripping and fondling his cock through the tight leather of his shorts.

I turn and approach him saying softly, "why don't you let me do that for you?"

Dale looks a bit shocked at my bluntness as I approach him, and he asks about Tom. I reply, "don't worry about Tom. He doesn't mind. It turns him on when I'm with other guys.

I stand right in front of him and lean forward pressing my glossy lips against his and while taking his sweet tongue into my mouth I reach down and grip what feels like a huge cock through the tight leather of his shorts and as I start fondling it, Dale moans in excitement. I then sit down on his lap, wrapping my boots around him with my panty covered buns against his hot and throbbing leather clad cock and my breasts pressing against his hard chest. I press my lips against his again and our tongues swirl passionately against one another and I let my hands roam over his strong shoulders and arms. Dale grips my buns from behind and rocks me back and forth against his hard cock. I am careful not to let him feel my own throbbing cock.

Oooh, I feel so sexy and feminine in this gorgeous hunks arms! Reaching down I pull his t-shirt over his head to reveal his powerful tanned chest and erect nipples. I lick and nibble the salty skin of his neck and ears and then let my tongue trail downward until I reach his hard nipples which I nibble on as he groans in ecstasy. I then climb off his lap and positioning myself sideways on the couch on all fours, I reach for the zipper on his tight leather shorts.

"What about Tom," Dale asks, placing his hand on mine to stop me.

"Don't worry about him. I told you, he likes to watch me with other guys. If you don't like him watching, you can just close your eyes." With that I begin sliding the zipper down to reveal Dale's bulging cock which is straining against a tight red spandex thong. I set it free quickly and an enormous 9" cock rises straight upwards to greet me.

"Oooh, you have such a lovely big cock lover. I wish that I could let you fuck my pussy, but it's my time of the month and I'm afraid that you'll have to settle for my mouth, unless you'd like to try fucking me in the ass. Would you like that?," I ask, while fondling his throbbing cock which is dripping with pre-cum.

"I'd love to try that Jessica. But, please girl, suck me now! I can't wait any longer! You're driving me crazy you're so sexy and fine!" he cries as he thrusts his hips upward until his cock head is pressing against my glossy lips. I wait no longer and positioning myself sideways on the couch (so Tom will be able to fuck me) I eagerly open my lips for my third cock of the day, I close my glossy lips around Dale's lovely cock head and lick and suck the salty pre-cum letting his cock gradually slide deeper and deeper into my throat. I'm getting better with practice at relaxing my throat muscles and soon I have almost all of Dale's throbbing cock sliding wetly in and out between my lips.

"Oh yes, Lover! Suck me you sexy girl! That feels so goood!" Dale cries as he grips the back of my head forcing my head down to take more of his sweet cock.

Suddenly I hear the sound of Tom coming back into the room, but he moves quietly and I see that Dale doesn't notice, he is moaning so loudly and his eyes are closed. I feel his warm and strong hands lift the hem of my leather miniskirt and he slides the back of my panties down to reveal only my tight virgin buns. As soon as I feel the warm throbbing head of his cock pressing against my eager anus, I let Dale's cock slip from my mouth and with a groan of frustration he opens his eyes and is shocked to see Tom there.

"Don't worry Dale. She can take the two of us easily. Just lay back and let her suck you off while I fuck her up the ass." Tom says smoothly as he begins pressing his giant cock, which he has coated with gel, into my virgin buns.

I groan in pain and excitement as I feel Tom's cockhead slipping into my ass. Dale just watches in excitement for a moment but then he grabs the sides of my head and presses his glistening cock head once again against my lips. Although I was totally into sucking his cock a few moments before, the pain of having my first cock slide into my ass is great enough that I would rather be able to cry out with the pain and excitement, but Dale will not wait and with a whimper I take his throbbing cock once more between my glossy lips.

Tom forces his cock slowly, but insistently into my tight buns and I try to help by pressing backwards, but it hurts so much! Meanwhile, Dale is bucking his lovely cock in and out of my mouth as I whimper and moan.

Finally, I feel that Tom has gotten all of his cock into me and as he slowly pulls the length of his cock out until only the tip remains I moan in pleasure. It feels sooo good as he presses forward again and his cock slips easily now deep into my buns. I feel so incredibly fulfilled and feminine with two throbbing cocks fucking me at the same time, one in my mouth and another deep in my ass. I find myself rocking forward to take as much of Dale's cock between my glossy lips, and then backwards as Tom's throbbing cock slides into my ass!

"You are one sexy bitch Jessica to take two cocks at the same time! Suck me you slut!" Dale cries as he thrusts deeply into my mouth.

Suddenly I moan as Tom slips his giant cock all the way out of my eager ass. Tom says to Dale, "let's switch." I bet you've never fucked a girl in the ass, and Jessica is so tight and hot right now"!

Dale needs no encouragement, and I moan louder as his cock slips from between my lips. They switch places, but they can't move fast enough for me. "Please slip those cocks back into me! Fuck me you sexy hunks!" Dale doesn't waste time as he slides his gorgeous cock deeply into me. "AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! That feels soooo good lover! Fuck me hard and fast!, I cry. Dale responds by slamming his cock in and out forcefully as I buck against him.

Tom stands there watching us, his throbbing hard cock glistening and oozing pre-cum. I want him to slip it between my lips, but instead he grabs my arms and pulls them up against the wall and positions me so that Dale can see himself gripping my leather clad hips and fucking me. He then crouches down and I feel a thrill of anticipation as he raises the front hem of my leather miniskirt, lowers my panties in front and reveals my hard cock!

I hear Dale gasp as he realizes all of a sudden that his cock is inside a man's ass! He starts to falter, but I beg him, "Keep fucking me lover! I know it feels good to you, please don't stop!" With that, Dale becomes almost savage in his force as he fucks me deeper and harder. He closes his eyes, and I imagine that he is trying to forget that I am really a man.

Tom doesn't stop at this point though, he opens his hot lips and takes my throbbing wet cock deeply into my mouth and my cock slides rapidly in and out as I buck back and forth between Tom and Dale. I close my eyes in ecstacy, but only for a moment as I hear Dale gasp and feel his body stiffen, Tom has reached around and is fondling and gripping Dale's hard buns as they buck back and forth against my ass. Dales doesn't stop though, but he keeps his eyes closed and he seems to be panting with excitement. Then Tom begins to work his lubbed finger into Dales tight anus! A moan of excitement escapes Dale's lips and he slows the pace at which he is sliding his cock in and out of me. He seems to be pressing back against Tom's fingers to force them deeper into his ass!

Tom then lets my cock slip from his lips, and moves around to concentrate on Dale's tight buns. Tom's cock is rock hard and I can tell he is totally turned on by the process of seducing Dale. Dale has now opened his eyes, after Tom's fingers slipped from his ass and he watches with some nervous excitement as Tom crouches behind him, spreads his firm buns and begins sliding his wet tongue into his tight anus!

I can feel Dale's body shudder with pleasure and he stops fucking me, with his hard cock still within me, so that he can press backward against Tom's hot wet tongue which is slipping wetly in and out of his virgin ass. Despite the fact that he is obviously totally turned on by the sensation, he begins to protest weakly, "what are you doing? You shouldn't be doing that..."

I sacrifice my own pleasure and let Dale's sweet cock slide from my ass, as I turn around and begin licking and suckling on Dale's ear while I fondle his hard wet cock with one hand and tweak an erect nipple on his muscular chest as I whisper, "just close your eyes and feel it, you sexy hunk. We can tell you love it!" Although my own cock is dripping with excitement and I wish that Tom was rimming my asshole, I know that once Tom has fucked Dale, which I know is his objective, there will be no going back for Dale...

Watching him in the mirror, I can see him taking my advice as he surrenders to the incredible sensation of Tom rimming his sweet ass with his tongue, and me fondling his cock and licking his ear. He begins to moan and squirm his sweet buns against Tom's face.

Tom continues like this for a few minutes, and then, as Dale moans in mute protest, he lets his hot tongue slide from Dale's ass and he stands and begins lubing his rock hard, gorgeous cock. Dale looks on with nervousness, and some fear and begins to protest once more that this not what he wants, but I whisper again in his ear as Tom positions his cock head against Dale's anus, "Shushhh, lover. You're going to love being fucked. There's nothing like it. Just relax! Lean forward on all fours, and Tom is going to fuck you doggie style, just like you were just fucking me."

Dale lets me guide him, and then with Tom spreading his tight buns wide, he presses his cock head into and past the tight ring of Dale's anus. Dale whimpers, but doesn't say anything else as Tom's long hard cock slides deeper and deeper into his sweet ass until it is all the way in. Then he slides it slowly back and forth as Dale continues to whimper and moan, but within moments they become moans of pleasure and excitement. I stand transfixed, sliding my hands over my smooth leather clad body, and then I decide to slip beneath Dale and take his lovely cock again into my mouth while he's being fucked. I find that all I have to do is position my lips and mouth because Dale is now bucking back and forth against Tom's hard cock. As Dale's sweet cock passes between my lips, I hear him cry out in pleasure. "Oooohhhh yes! Suck me Jessica! That feels so good!"

I need no encouragement, I love the sweet sensation of his hard wet cock sliding between my glossy lips. As Dale's sweet hard cock fucks my hot mouth, I run my hands along his smooth muscular sides and along his hard chest. I tweak his nipples, which are erect with excitement. Then, I reach around and fondle Tom's hard and flexing buns as he thrusts deeply in and out of Dale's tight ass.

Tom then suddenly stops for a moment and lets his cock slide from Dale's ass and cries out, "now tell me Dale, how good my cock feels and how you love being fucked by a man, or I'm going to stop fucking you and I know that you love it, just like our little panty slut, Jessica!"

Dale groans in disappointment as Tom's cock slides out of his virgin ass and I feel his last resistance crumbling as he begs, "please don't stop fucking me Tom. I do love being fucked by you. Please fuck me, you sexy man!"

"That's not enough. Tell me you'll bend over and offer me this sweet ass whenever I want to fuck it," Tom adds, with a stinging slap to Dale's hot buns.

Writhing and groaning with lust, Dale response, "Oh yes, you can fuck me any time you want. I love the feel of your hot cock up my ass. Now please! Fuck me, lover!"

Without saying a word then, Tom positions his cock again and slides it in one long stroke deep into Dale's hot ass as Dale moans, "Ooooohhhh yes! That feels soooo gooood!" I take Dale's hard and oozing cock again between my glossy lips and he again begins fucking my hot mouth as he bucks back and forth against Tom's lovely cock which is sliding wetly in and out of Dale's sweet, virgin ass.

With my hands roaming over my two hunk's hot naked bodies and Dale's cock sliding wetly in and out of my eager mouth, I feel incredibly hot and feminine, with my own cock straining against the tight confines of my panties and my hot leather miniskirt. I definitely wish that Tom were fucking me instead of Dale, but to be in bed with two such hot hunks is nothing to complain about.

Dale's moans begin to grow louder, as do Tom's, when I feel Tom's hard ass muscles begin to flex as he cries out, "I'm cumming you sexy hunk! I'm going to cum right in your hot, tight little ass!" Dale responds with, "Yes, lover! I'm cumming too! Fuck me and cum with me!!"

To be continued...

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