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[stories] A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06 [Incest Taboo]
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thread created: 4/3/11 at 7:39pm
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date: 4/3/11 at 7:39pm
5 years ago
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This is chapters 1 to 5 of the Story "A Brother and Sister" that I submitted under nikki_2020.

For those of you that have read everything so far, you'll be pleased to know that I've added part 6 to this! I know a lot of you have been begging for it :o)

If you're new, start at page 1.

If you're looking for the added bits, start somewhere well into the story probably about page 22 or something I'm guessing (I wont' know until this is posted).

Enjoy and as always, let me know what you think.

~licks and kisses, nikki

* * * * *

Steve watched as the large cock disappeared into her mouth. Her lips wrapped themselves around its girth, gliding up and down its length, her head bobbing merrily as Gavin looked down at her.

As he watched, Steve freed his cock from his shorts and wrapped his hand around it, wishing it was his cock that the mouth was wrapped around and loving. He stroked his cock as it filled out to hits full size, swelling as his fist pumped up and down the shaft in time with the mouth on Gavin's erection. He wished that he could be inside the room, rather than out here, peering in through the window. But there was no way that he could do that. He took some comfort in the fact that if he couldn't have Julie, at least his cock was bigger than Gavin's.

He eyed the girl up and down as she continued her oral performance inside the bedroom. She was slim, athletically so, with blonde hair cascading about her face, occasionally obscuring his view, but being pulled out of the way regularly enough to keep him interested. He watched her mouth for a while, the lips full and gorgeous as they parted to allow the long, almost serpentine tongue swirl about the head of the cock. They were a lovely pair of red lips, the colour setting off beautifully against the bronzed skin of the girl's face, which was smooth and almost elfin in its beauty, the cheek bones high, her eyes almost catlike in shape, a scintillating green in colour.

His eyes travelled down over her shoulders to where he could see her lovely breasts falling beneath her chest as she knelt over her boyfriend who was laid back on the bed to enjoy his girlfriend's performance. The nipples were tight and erect, obvious even from his vantage point outside. Her waist was narrow and her hips spread just enough to show off some womanly virtue, but not so much that you would ever consider her 'Rubenesque'. Her butt was tight and her legs long and slim from all the running that she did.

Steve pulled again and again on his cock as the girl continued to suck on her boyfriend. She held her head still and took the cock in her hand, pumping it and Steve watched intently. He could tell from here that Gavin was cumming and that the girl was swallowing it all! It was too much for Steve and he allowed himself the release he'd been seeking, his own cock exploding and blasting sperm all over the wall below the window.

As Julie clambered up alongside her boyfriend on the bed, Steve wished that his cock, like Gavin's had been able to spray its seed down her throat. But it wouldn't be right to do that to your sister, so Steve just watched. He stayed awhile to see if his younger sister was about to take things further, but she and Gavin just lay there and Steve decided that he should get inside before their parents came home again. He went back inside to the TV, to await the two young love birds time to come back out.

Their parents had gone out and left the three of them at home, expecting that they would all sit down and watch a movie, but Gavin and Julie had quickly made their way off to her bedroom, asking Steve to cover for them. He was jealous that he had to sit here and cover for his sister whilst she went off and kissed her boyfriend in her room. As he sat watching the movie, waiting, he had gotten curious as to what his sister was actually doing and had gone out into the yard just on the off chance that he could see something.

He was amazed when he realised that they had the light on and hadn't pulled the curtains closed ... he could see them as clear as he could wish for and had then stood mesmerised as Gavin had pulled Julie's top off over her head to reveal her bra clad breasts.

Steve had watched his sister's breasts with interest for a couple of year's now as they started as just budding little things on her chest and gradually filled out to the C cup size that they were today (he knew her cup size, because he'd kept an eye on the changes to her underwear as it hung upon the line over the same year's he watched her sweaters fill out).

Gavin had started to suck on her breasts and Steve found himself with conflicting emotions ... lust as he saw her nipples pulled and stretched and worked over ... arousal as his cock reacted to the scene before him and shock that he was getting so turned on watching his own sister! Shock that was surpassed when Julie had pushed her boyfriend back on the bed and pulled his pants down and started to suck on his penis! Steve hadn't managed to get that far with his girlfriend and his little sister was already doing it to her boyfriend!

Just thinking back over it had given Steve another erection and typically, Gavin and Julie chose that moment to join him back on the couch. As they sat down, Steve asked if they wanted a drink, getting up to get one for himself, with some small hope of hiding his erection until it subsided.

As Steve stood up to go get the drinks he'd offered, his crotch passed at eye level before Julie, who nearly gasped out loud at what she noticed. She quickly looked at Gavin to see if he had seen it too, but he was too busy trying to see the movie. She'd never really looked at her brother's crotch ... he was her brother after all, but just then when he'd walked in front of her, it was hard not to notice the enormous bulge in his pants.

With the taste of her boyfriend's cum still in her mouth and her insides churning from the release that she hadn't managed to achieve for herself, she became acutely aware of the slimy state of her panties, wet first from giving her boyfriend head and now even more so because she had just seen a hint of the size of her brother's cock.

She couldn't believe that she was being turned on thinking about her brothers' dick and tried to concentrate on the movie instead. Steve returned after a bit with the drinks and sat down next to her on the couch as Julie was in the middle with Gavin at the other end. Julie's eyes were drawn to his pants as he walked in front of her again and although his erection had subsided somewhat, she could still make out a large enough bulge to get her excited again as he sat down.

Just before the movie ended, their parents arrived home and all thoughts of her brother's dick were pushed from her mind, but later that night, Julie lay in her bed, naked, her legs spread and her fingers working feverishly on her clitoris in an effort to release the tension that she had managed to build. As she stroked herself, she remembered the gush of Gavin's cum into her mouth, the feel of the smooth skin of his cock in her mouth ... but superimposed and interspersed on all the images was a vision of the bulge in her brother's pants.

As she came, her juices oozing down her bum crack from her pussy, Julie lay wondering how on earth she had just managed to cum whilst thinking about her brother's dick.

In the next room, Steve lay upon his bed with similar thoughts on his mind. He'd been laying there and thinking back to the visions of his sister's breasts that he'd managed to get whilst she was fooling around with Gavin. His cock responded and he soon found it wrapped in his hand, lubricated with massage oil and sliding in and out of his fist. He imagined looking down to see Julie's full, luscious lips wrapped around his shaft and before long was pumping a cock full of cum into a tissue.

Each of the brother and sister would have been amazed to know that as they drifted off to sleep, their sibling was thinking about ways to see the other's body naked ... sneaky ways ...

A couple of days later, early in the morning, Steve was fiddling around with the video camera that his father had bought him. He was in the bathroom, desperately searching for a place that he could hide it so that his sister couldn't see it. After searching for sometime, he noticed that the wicker clothes basket was looking a little the worse for wear. He found that by wrapping the camera in a towel and carefully positioning it, he could get the lens to be aimed out one of the holes that the basket was exhibiting. He was lucky that he knew his mother only emptied it every second day, because otherwise he might get busted. He piled the clothes back in the basket, everything except for a pair of his sister's panties that he found in the pile. They were a nice hot pink colour and made of a satin-like material and he picked them up and inspected the crotch, noting a dried up 'slime trail' there.

Feeling rather self-conscious, he brought them up to his face and sniffed them before stuffing them back in his pocket. He retreated to his bedroom and lay in bed, waiting to hear the water run, his cock growing with the anticipation of what he might capture on the video as he heard someone enter the bathroom and start the shower running.

As he lay there, he released his growing cock and wrapped his sister's panties around it, using them to stroke up and down the length of his penis. He loved the feel of the slippery material on his shaft and before too long was ready to explode. He recalled the image of his sister's dangling breasts as she sucked on her boyfriend's penis and pushed himself over the limit, his cum flooding into his sister's panties.

He realised that the shower was running a second time. He waited with tensely held anticipation for the water to stop and made his way to the bathroom in his boxers, ready to take his turn on there. He stood at the door and Julie emerged, wrapped in a towel. Steve had half an erection and as he looked up to meet Julie's eyes (after having checked out her body) he thought that Julie was only just bringing her eyes up to meet his, a slight smile on her face. He entered the bathroom and closed the door, peeling off his boxers and starting the water. Had Julie been checking him out? He thought as he considered whether to get in the water or grab the camera. He desperately wanted to check the video but thought it would be safer if he took it with him when he was finished.

He used the soap in the shower to wank a second time for the morning, hornier than he could remember being. He kept imagining that Julie was checking him out and came back in the bathroom and that they proceeded to have sex. He was sitting on the floor of the shower with his erection sliding through his soapy hand when the door to the bathroom opened. He nearly killed himself in his attempts to reach a decent position as his sister walked in.

"Sorry Steve, I forgot my hair brush," she said, walking in quickly but not looking at him. As she turned to leave however, she glanced over at the shower where he was now standing and Steve was sure this time that her eyes had travelled down to his cock, which was standing up, erect and at attention from the recent attention it had been received. But as quickly as he thought she must have looked, she was gone and he was left to return to the floor to stroke himself until he came, his fantasy injected with additional fuel.

Julie sat on her bed, one hand shoved between her legs, two fingers buried in her slit as her other caressed her breast.

"God, it's HUGE!" she thought to herself, the image of her brother's penis now permanently engraved in her mind. She had planned on getting back into the bathroom whilst Steve was in there but hadn't honestly expected him to be standing there with a hard on. And certainly not one that big! The bulge in his pants had given her an idea of course, but to see it just pointing at the ceiling like that ... Wow!

She lay back on her bed and worked herself over as she wondered what it would be like to wrap her lips around it and to pump the shaft up and down with her hand ... to swirl her tongue around the head and then suck it deep into her mouth as it exploded.

"I guess I'll never know," she sighed to herself as she lay recovering from the orgasm she had just treated herself to.

Steve was back in his room, his eye glued to the view finder of the video camera. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had rewound it, not all the way because someone had been in the shower before Julie, but far enough to find out who it had been. His Mother.

He had quickly fast-forwarded initially, because he didn't really want to see his mother naked. But then she had gotten out of the shower and put one foot up on the sink to finish shaving around her pussy. The angle of the camera meant that when she lifted her leg it was pointing straight at it. Curiosity had got the better of him and he'd slowed the camera back to normal speed and watched as his mother finished shaving. He assumed that she must have been trimming her bikini line but found himself with an instant hard on when she'd washed off and he'd seen that her pussy was completely bald.

Suddenly he found himself re-appraising his mother. He eyed off her body, finding that it wasn't as bad as he might have imagined. He'd never looked at her objectively before. She was a bit heavier than his sister, but she was so thin that his mother suddenly just looked a bit more womanly. She was still pretty lithe and there wasn't much in the way of fat on her, he thought. Her breasts, surprisingly seemed smaller than Julie's and they sagged a fair bit, but he found the large nipples on them very arousing. As he started to stroke himself again, this time looking at his mother, she started to dress.

Steve hurried the tape up to the point where his sister entered the room and then began stroking himself in earnest as she removed her pyjamas to display her body. He kept pausing it every time there was a good view of her breasts or her pussy. Her pussy was trimmed neatly back to a bikini line and he didn't get the explicit view that he had of his mother, but it was sure enough to get him going yet again. He couldn't wait for a chance to watch this on the big TV. He came again and put the camera away, having to get ready for uni. All day he found himself comparing the girls there to his sister and his mother, wondering if any of them shaved, or how pert their breasts were when released from a confining bra.

Julie was at uni too and found herself measuring up the boys that she came across, wondering whether any of them had a dick as big as her brothers. When she had lunch with Gavin, she stroked him under the table to get him hard wanting to feel a stiff penis. She wondered just how much bigger Steve's really was. She was getting so horny thinking about it. Did she really want to find out? Could she really take her brother in her hand ... or even her mouth she wondered later as she sat on a toilet, masturbating.

A couple of days later, Steve went through the hamper in the laundry again, looking for another pair of his sister's panties. Masturbating in them was really starting to turn him on. He'd even done it with a pair of his mothers since he'd learned that she shaved her pussy.

"Steve, have you seen my ..." Julie stopped, shocked as she entered her brother's room. There he was sitting on his bed, his massive cock erect and his fist pumping it up and down. He had something wrapped around it and as Julie stood staring at his hand and cock as he hurriedly grabbed his quilt to pull over his lap and hide himself.

She looked at the floor where the thing he'd wrapped around it had fallen to the floor. She gasped as she realised that it was a pair of panties. In fact it was the pair of panties that she'd had on yesterday!

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked, stunned.

"Er, sorry," was all that he had managed to offer as his face flushed bright red. Even though Julie had meant to walk in on her brother and wanted to catch him with his cock in his hand like this, she was stunned to see him using her panties to masturbate.

"Were you jacking off in my panties?! She asked accusingly.

"Um yeah ... I'm sorry, I just ... I dunno, I saw them in the hamper and ..." he trailed off.

"I can't believe your wanking with my panties. God, I should tell Mum this!"

"NO!" Steve said quickly, "please, don't, I'll do all your chores for you, I'll do anything you want, but please don't tell Mum and ...I ... I promise not to do it again."

"Well, ok, you can do all my chores for me ... for two weeks!"

"Thanks sis,"

"Wait, there's more ..."


"Show me your dick."


"I want to see it. It looked big and I want to see just how big my brother's dick is," Julie said, delighted at this turn of events. Now she was going to get to see it up close, much closer than she had even dreamed might be possible.

Steve pulled the quilt aside and his cock lay across his thigh, gone a bit flaccid, obviously from being sprung.

"Wow," Julie said, admiring just how big it was. It twitched in response and as she continued to stare at it, it grew. She marvelled at the way it thickened and lengthened and then stood up, erect.

"I want to touch it," Julie said, unable to tear her eyes away from the enormous cock before her.

"Umm, ok," her brother said, still unable to believe that he was in this position, sitting on his bed with his sisters' panties discarded on the floor, his cock stiff between them as she looked on.

Julie knelt down before her brother and reached out to take his cock in her hand. She grabbed it around the base of the shaft, marvelling at how much still protruded from her fist. Her fingers just barely wrapped around its girth and as she wrapped a second hand around it, the tip was still poking out.

"God, this is the biggest dick I've ever seen you know!" she whispered in awe.

"Er, thanks," Steve replied, not really quite sure how to respond to the compliment.

"Sarah must love sucking and fucking this!"

"Um, she never has ... I'm ... er ... still a virgin."

"I can't believe you've never used it. I know my friends would die to see this and get to touch it like this."

"Yeah well, I think Sarah is scared of it. She gave me a hand job once, but she wouldn't give me oral and she's already said that she's saving herself for marriage. I really like her, but I sure wish she wasn't waiting." Steve grunted as Julie started stroking her hand up and down his shaft. He sat and watched in amazement as his own sister worked her hand up and down his cock.

"Well, I can't speak for what she's thinking, but I know for a fact that she's missing out. God, if you weren't my brother, I reckon I'd be chasing you around uni to be my boyfriend. I haven't had sex, but I reckon that this would be awesome. Mary Jones has had sex and says that its awesome but from what she said about the George's dick it must only be half the size of yours."

"Well, if you weren't my sister, I reckon I'd be chasing you around the place too, 'cause I think you're hot and I'd love to get my hands on your breasts, they look divine." Julie blushed at her brother's compliment. Her nipples were already aroused and as she knelt before him with his cock in her hand, she decided that maybe it was worth it to go a bit further, even if he was her brother.

"Well, you did let me touch you, so I guess its fair that you get to touch me." She laughed as his jaw dropped at the suggestion she let go of his cock and pulled her sweater off over her head to reveal her pink cotton bra, beautifully displaying her large breasts. She reached around behind her, thrusting her breasts out as she unhooked the bra clasp. She held the cups to her breasts as her brother all but drooled. Standing up, she leaned forwards slightly and let the bra slide down her arms.

Steve was mesmerised. There they were, his sister's breasts, perfect in every way. He tentatively reached out his hands to cup the two delightful orbs. His hands were more than filled and he marvelled at how they could be so soft and yet so firm at the same time. The nipples were like little nuggets in his palms. He squeezed the two breasts, one in each hand, then pushed them together, playing with them and exploring the reactions he could get from his sister as he manipulated them. He pulled on her nipples and Julie squealed a little. He looked up, thinking that he had hurt her, but she had her eyes closed and was licking her lip. He pulled harder and he saw a smile cross her face. He pulled even harder and she lost her balance.

Julie found herself sitting over her brother after he had pulled her off balance by her nipples. She couldn't help but notice that his erection was trapped beneath her skirt.

"God," she thought, "If I didn't have panties on it would be against my pussy!" Her tits were now level with Steve's face and as she looked on, Julie saw his tongue snake out and caress her nipple. A shock seemed to travel through her body. Her brother had just licked her tit ... and she'd liked it"

Emboldened by not being told off, Steve opened his mouth and took his sister's erect nipple into his mouth, sucking it deep to the back of his mouth, trying to get as much of her breast in as possible. Julie was moaning and reached down between her legs to wrap her fingers back around her brother's shaft. He started to moan too and it was obvious that he was having fun.

Julie suddenly withdrew from her brother's lap.

"Wank for me," she said simply.

"Hey?" Steve said, still somewhat lost as to how this had all started.

"You heard me, stroke your cock for me, I want to see your cum."

"Um, I dunno about that I think we've already done more than we should have Sis" Steve said, starting to think about what was going on.

"Oh come on, if I leave I know you're just going to finish."

"What's in it for me?" Steve suddenly asked, a sparkle in his eye."

"I won't tell Mum about your wanking in my panties and ... you might get to suck on my tits another time." Steve had a sparkle in his eye now.

"I'll wank for you if I can cum on your tits," he said. Julie looked pensive at the thought. She hadn't considered it taking a turn in this direction, but quickly decided that this would be fine with her.

"Ok," she replied and knelt before her brother, passing him the panties that he'd been using earlier.

Steve took his sister's panties in his hand and wrapped them about his cock again which felt close to exploding already. Eh worked the panties up and down the shaft, loving the feeling of the material against himself. Julie took her breasts in her hand and manipulated them in front of her brother as he stroked himself. She tweaked her nipples and offered her breasts to him as a landing spot for his sperm.

Steve continued to stroke himself as he neared his orgasm, aimed his cock at his sister's cleavage. He came. He spurted a stream of cum first on her right breast and then on her left. Then, cheekily, he lifted his cock and a small squirt hit his sister on the cheek.

"You shit!" she said to him, wiping it off her cheek and onto the pair of panties that he had just used to wipe cum from his cock. "Well, thanks," she added as she stood, grabbing her sweater and bra in addition to the panties and moving to the door to his room. She looked back at him, sitting with his slowly relaxing cock dangling off the edge of the bed, his cum running down her tits.

"I just might have to let you do this again sometime." As she left him, she used one hand to rub his cum into her left breast so that' she knew he'd see it. She laughed as again his jaw dropped before running quickly to her room to clean up and dress again before their parents came home.

Steve sifted through the hamper again. He was thinking about what had happened the day before, when he had cum all over his sister's breasts. He knew his sister had been turned on; there was no way that she would have let him do it otherwise. And if she had been turned on, surely she must have left the evidence of it in the panties that she was wearing. And that was what he was searching for.

Success! He pulled out the pair of pale blue cotton panties that he knew hadn't been in the hamper the day before and stuffed them quickly into his pocket as he made his way back to his room. Once safe inside, he pulled out his video camera so that he could watch the footage he had managed to get one more time. As he watched it, he sniffed his sister's panties and freed his cock, which was rapidly expanding to its full size.

He thought back to his sister sitting between his legs, her tits out and her mouth so teasingly close to the tip of his cock as she'd stroked him up and down. He thought about when he'd seen her blow her boyfriend Gavin and groaned as he brought himself even closer to climax. He sniffed the panties again before wrapping them around his cock and rubbing them up and down, getting himself off, unleashing his cum into her panties.

Julie came home horny. She'd spent the afternoon with Gavin, but they'd not been able to get away from their friends to manage any intimacy and Julie had had to settle for teasing Gavin mercilessly, touching him and rubbing her breasts up against him when no one was looking. Of course it had turned her on as well, but she'd not managed to satisfy herself.

She called out as she entered the house to check if anyone was home. Steve answered her from the living room and she went in to say hello. She noted that he looked her over as she entered the room and felt herself getting excited as she slid up next to him on the couch, deciding that he could do with some teasing too. Steve wasn't quite sure how to take this. It was one thing to cum on your sister's tits in the heat of the moment, when you'd been caught with your pants down. He didn't even have a problem with perving on her sucking off her boyfriend. But to come out in the middle of the day have her rubbing his leg while her breasts were pushed up against his side was almost more than he thought reasonable.

"Julie, I don't think its right ... what we did yesterday, we shouldn't do it again." Julie looked at him, startled.

"What? I thought that you enjoyed yourself?" she asked him.

"I did, but you're my sister and it isn't right."

"Is that why you're sitting here with a massive boner?" she asked him, her hand seizing his cock through his jeans.

"Look, it doesn't matter if it feels good or I liked it or anything, its just not right."

"Well, I look at it like this," Julie answered, "I don't' want to marry you, I don't want to have your children, but you have the biggest and best cock I have ever seen in my life and until I find someone that compares, I'll be buggered if I am going to let it out of my grasp."

"Well, I get a say in this too and I don't think that it's going to happen again."

"You don't think? You're not even sure?" Julie teased him, slipping her finger into her mouth and sucked on it, "what if I said I wanted to give you a head job?"

Steve stopped in the middle of standing up. Julie giggled. "Well that sure got your attention.

"You'd do that? You'd suck me off?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, I surely want to get a chance to suck that monster! As long as you're prepared to return the favour of course."


"Its simple. I suck you until you cum and you lick me into orgasmic bliss in return."

"Oh," Steve replied. He'd never licked a girl's pussy before and was concerned that his little sister would laugh if he weren't very good at it. He decided to admit the truth to her. "I've never done it, I only have an idea of what to do from books and magazines ... but I'm willing to give it a try, ... " he suggested tentatively.

"Well, no one's ever done it for me so we can learn together," Julie suggested.

"Ok, cool. Where do you want to do it?"

"My room," Julie replied, standing to make her way to her room. Steve followed her, his cock straining desperately against his jeans.

When they got to Julie's room, she told him to undress and lay down on her bed. Steve hurried to comply, intent on getting this to happen before he woke from whatever dream he was in to find out it wasn't real, or to find that his sister had changed her mind.

Julie looked at the massive cock lying up against her brother's belly and climbed onto the bed to get between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and then lowered her face to lick the tip of it. It twitched in her hand at the contact and she smiled before running her tongue down one side and then up the other. Steve moaned in appreciation as his sister's tongue commenced pleasuring his cock. He looked down across his belly to see Julie open her mouth as wide as she could and take the head of his cock in it. She sucked hungrily at the head of it and Steve was amazed at the pleasure that it sent coursing through his body.

Julie lowered her mouth further in an attempt to take as much of it as she could. Her mouth was totally full of cock and she still had ample room to wrap her hand around the base of it. As she did this she pumped it and found her brother starting to thrust at her as she sucked on him, thrusting his cock against the back of her throat. She gagged a bit and released him for a moment, running her hand up over the head and back down again, lubricated with her saliva.

"God, I still can't believe how big your cock is Steve," she said to him. "There sure as hell no way anyone would ever get all of this in their mouth, but I'm sure you don't mind that do you?"

Steve indicated that with how good it felt to have her sucking on it, he'd take whatever he could get and sure as hell wouldn't complain. Julie resumed sucking on his cock, taking her time to swirl her tongue around the head, to lick the underside and to bob up and down on it as he thrust at her.

Julie let her saliva run down his shaft as she sucked him until her hand was sliding up and down it in counter point to the motion of her mouth on his head. Steve was groaning and moaning and thrusting at her before he held still and exploded into his sister's mouth.

Julie was taken by surprise by the amount of cum that was unleashed into her mouth and as it splashed against the back of her throat, she gagged and cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin. The next spurt hit her on the forehead as she pulled her mouth off the cock and a third hit her chin and dripped back over her hand and Steve's cock.

"Far out, what a mess," laughed Julie as Steve asked if she was ok. "I didn't expect so much, or it to be so forceful in my mouth," she told him. "Let me go clean up and then you can lick my pussy. She ran off to the bathroom and laughed at the image there, thinking what her mother would say if she saw her drenched in her brother's cum. She quickly cleaned up and headed back to her room.

As she came in the door, Julie was pulling her jeans down, her panties going with them at the same time.

She threw herself down on the bed and spread her legs as her brother's eyes tracked the progress of her pussy across the room. He looked on in wonder as the mysteries of his sister's genitals were displayed before him. He ran a finger down her slit, wetting it with her juices before bringing it to his lips to taste.

"Do you like it?" Julie asked him when she saw what he was doing.

"Its not horrible," he replied, smiling as he lowered himself down on the bed to access her pussy with her tongue.

As he did so, Julie ran a finger between her lips and then tasted herself, shocking Steve, who watched, mesmerised, as her wet finger disappeared between her wonderful lips.

"Hmm, all I can taste is your cum," she said to him, "I'll have to try it another time."

Steve simply looked on in wonder until Julie reminded him that he was supposed to be pleasuring her. He ran his tongue over her pussy and as he did so, Julie told him what felt good and what didn't. He pushed his tongue inside her hole and wiggled it around and licked every single part of her pussy until it was dripping wet from her pleasure and excitement.

Julie reached down with her hands and pulled her lips apart, totally opening herself up to her brother. "Lick me here," she said, indicating her clit. "Lick all around it and over it for me."

Steve obeyed, letting his tongue concentrate its movements on the little nub of pleasure that she had shown him. Soon Julie started moaning and squealing, writhing beneath him as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh God, harder. Harder. There, yes, yes, more, right there, Oh God YES!" Julie cried out as she was swamped by her orgasm. She pushed Steve's head away as he tried to keep licking her. She collapsed, spent upon the bed and thanked her brother, telling him that it was the best thing she'd ever had done. That she might just have to get Gavin to do that for her next time. Or dump him if he refused. As Steve was leaving, Julie asked him to pass her panties and wait. Steve picked them up off of the floor and flipped them to her.

Julie stood up and pulled on the white cotton panties. She pulled them higher and higher, until she was giving Steve an excellent view of a camel toe, her panties were so tight against her pussy. Then she wiggled around and moved them until they were wedged between her pussy lips. Steve's cock was getting hard again as he watched his sister play with her panties. Then she reached down to her pussy with her finger and pushed them into her wet pussy.

Steve grasped his cock and started to pump it with his fist. Julie smiled as she watched and then pulled the panties off again. Steve wasn't sure what was happening and then Julie threw them to him.

"There you go bro, no need to go through the hamper now, you can enjoy them. You can play with yourself, but don't cum in them, I might be back for another taste tonight. And with that she pulled a clean pair out of her drawer and put them on along with her jeans. She ushered her brother out of her room and sat down to write in her diary.

After dinner, as they were stacking the dishwasher, Julie asked her mum, "Mum, does Daddy have a big dick?"

Olivia dropped the plate she was holding and it shattered on the kitchen floor. "What the hell?" she muttered as she turned to her daughter.

"I just wondered, I accidentally walked in on Steve in the shower and saw him and it looked really big. I wondered whether Dad had a big one too, or if its just because I haven't seen one before?"

Olivia had seen Julie with her boyfriend and had assumed that they were already having sex from the way that they behaved together and even if they weren't, she doubted very much that she'd never seen a penis before. But regardless of that, she wasn't going to go along with this line of questioning!

"Well, for a start there is no way that I am going to answer that, because you have no need to know what size your father is and secondly, you should know better than to walk in on your brother!

Julie attempted to wheedle more information out of her mother, but was unsuccessful. They both went to bed in the end, thinking about the conversation. Julie was still wondering, as she had been since she'd sucked off her brother that afternoon, how big her father's cock was, and Olivia was wondering just how big her son was that it had driven Julie to ask her.

When she went to bed that night, she found that her musings had made her very horny and she rolled her husband Dave over and started sucking on his cock. It was indeed very large and she never tired of pleasing him orally and loved nothing more than to have it stretching her pussy lips wide. She was happy just sucking on him for now and Dave certainly wasn't complaining as she applied her well-practised skills on his cock. Dave groaned in appreciation as she sucked him all the way to an orgasm and swallowed his cum.

"Mmm, thanks sweetie, I don't know what brought that on, but you can do it anytime you like."

Olivia laughed, "I don't know what brought it on either, I just had a sudden craving to suck you off. I guess I haven't done that for awhile, huh?"

"Yeah, it has been awhile, maybe I should return the favour?"

"Its ok, right now I just feel like sleeping, but you never know ... maybe in the morning ..." And with that they kissed and dozed off to sleep.

Julie lay in her bed thinking about the fun that she'd had with Steve that afternoon. She was feeling horny again and decided that she should have a bit of fun. She glanced over at her clock. 1am. Everyone should be well asleep by now she thought, climbing out of her bed and making her way down the hall to her brother's room. She slipped in and pushed the door until it almost latched closed and then made her way over to his bed. She was in luck; he was sleeping on his back. As carefully as she could, she pulled his quilt up to expose his legs and boxers, trying desperately not to wake him. He moved in his sleep and moaned a bit, but he didn't wake up. Now, for the fun bit, she thought to herself. She undid the button on the fly of his boxers and delicately pulled out his soft cock. Leaning over him, supporting herself on the bed, she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. Steve moaned in his sleep and his cock started to fill out to its full size. Julie held it in her mouth as it grew until it felt like her jaw was going to seize up.

At this point, Steve did wake up, feeling horny and with the most pleasurable sensation below his waist. He peered down to see what was going on and in his sleep addled state, slowly came to realise that his sister had snuck into his room to suck on his cock! He didn't say anything, but just lay back on the bed and enjoyed it.

Julie bobbed her head up and down, slobbering all over it, feeling Steve thrusting at her as he had done that afternoon. She wrapped one hand around his balls and the other around the shaft of his cock as she continued to work him to an orgasm. When he came, she took his sperm in her mouth and swallowed it all.

Standing up again, she walked to the head of the bed and simply said, "Goodnight Steve."

"Mmm, it sure is," he said, as she walked out of his room in the direction of her bedroom. Steve lay back down to sleep watching and admiring the retreating form of his sister, totally amazed at what she had just done. Who would have thought she was such a little slut, even if she had been blowing her boyfriend.

Steve was in the shower, washing shampoo from his hair and heard the door to the bathroom open. He was just about to call out and ask Julie if she couldn't get enough and needed to drink some more of his cum when his mother called out to him, "Sorry Steve, I thought Julie was in here, I just need the hamper."

"Oh, ok, Mum," Steve said back, glad that he hadn't gaffed. "God, how close was that?" he thought to himself as he opened his eyes again to see the door closing behind him.

Olivia walked out of the bathroom in disbelief. Julie was right; her son's cock was huge. He hadn't been erect or anything but if he grew in the same proportion her husband did when he was erect, he would probably be at least an inch bigger. She didn't know what amazed her more, the fact that she'd deliberately gone in there to have a look, or the fact that it had turned out to be so massive.

All Olivia could think about for the rest of the day was how big she thought it might get by the time it was fully erect. She found herself plotting ways that she might be able to find out, which shocked her even more than her daring in entering the bathroom. She told herself that it wasn't right to be thinking about her son in this manner and that she should just get over it.

But by the afternoon, she found herself flat on her back on her bed, the skirt she was wearing pulled up around her waist, her panties discarded and her sleek silver vibrator buried in her bald pussy. She slid it in and out of her wet hole, moaning. Images of massive cocks passed through her mind as she pleasured herself. She kept building her pleasure, allowing the vibrating toy to graze against her clit before sliding it deep inside her, working it around, wondering what it would be like to have a cock even bigger than her husband's stretching her wide, pummelling against her bald pussy lips.

Olivia lost track of time in her fantasies and finally allowed herself a release, the vibrator stimulating her clit until she plunged over the edge into ecstasy, her pussy quivering.

As she cleaned up and pulled her panties back on, she found herself with an even deeper desire to try and find a way to see her son's cock. She wandered into his bedroom and was looking around, wondering if she could hide somewhere but decided that she'd probably have to be in there for hours and wouldn't get away with it. Then she spotted it. On top of her son's computer was a webcam that Dave had given him for his birthday the year before.

All the family had them; it was a legacy of Dave's job, working as a computer salesman. He was always bringing new fangled toys home. Hell, there was a computer in Steve's room; one in Julie's room, one in the study and Dave even had a laptop with a cam attached. He'd hooked up a wireless network in the house so that he could work anywhere that he wanted with the laptop.

Julie didn't know computers inside out, but she knew enough to get around. She turned Steve's computer on, the inkling of an idea forming in her mind. Sure enough, when it was booted up, she noticed that he had a couple of messenger programs and that he'd obviously used his webcam to chat with his girlfriend and his mates at night.

She opened up one of the programs and read his profile, careful to remember the sign on name. She was surprised to find that it all appeared innocent. Sure he had a stash of porn pics saved but she couldn't find any evidence of his having been involved in any 'cyber sex' or the like. "God, if I was the one with a cock like that, I'd be showing it off all over the internet," she thought to herself. After all, she had shown more than one guy her bald pussy over the webcam for a bit of fun.

She was careful to leave the room as close to how she found it as possible and to shut down the computer before leaving her son's room, her mind astir with possibilities and her pussy wet with anticipation.

Julie kept thinking back to her conversation with her mother about whether her father's cock was a big one or not. Her mother had certainly been unwilling to divulge any information, which left her with the option of finding out for herself. Well, what had worked once was bound to work again and so Julie simply waited until she could be sure that her father was in the shower one day and walked in under the pretence of requiring some makeup that she'd deliberately left in there.

As expected, her father reacted with shock and Julie was happy to discover that his sudden movement sent water cascading over the shower screen, clearing the glass of its steam and giving her a quick glance at his cock. She noted happily that it was indeed large, though she couldn't be sure from the quick glance that she managed as to how it compared to Steve's. She left the bathroom half satisfied with her efforts.

It was about a week later that Dave was working late, Julie was at a friend's place and Steve had told his Mum that he was going to go surf the net for a while before bed.

Olivia called out that that was fine; she was going to go to be early. She raced off to her room and fired up the laptop, logging in to the net and turning on the messenger program that she'd downloaded earlier in the week. She sought out her son's screen name and sure enough, he had turned on his messenger.

>hornylady> Hi there, hunky one, I was just checking through some random profiles and I came across your gorgeous picture and had to say hi," Julie sent to him.

>Soccer_Steve> Um, thanks.

In his room, Steve was surprised by the message that had popped up on his screen. He'd hadn't really come across someone messaging him out of the blue before. He'd sent messages to a couple of girls, but nothing had ever happened ... conversation seemed to peter out after a couple of quick exchanges.

>hornylady> Oh anytime. Are u busy? >Soccer_Steve> Not really. >hornylady> Do u like to have fun? >Soccer_Steve> Um, yeah, depends what u had in mind I guess. >hornylady> I think my screen name says it all really >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, well I wondered about that >hornylady> Well, don't u ever get horny? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah >hornylady> and do u do anything about it? >Soccer_Steve> Of course >hornylady> Well that's good to know. Would u like to help me satisfy my urges? >Soccer_Steve> Um, I don't know anything about u. What do u look like. >hornylady> Hmm, let me see, I have brown hair down to my shoulders, green eyes, slim waist, nicely sized breasts, long legs and a nice, bald pussy. Does that sound like u might want to have fun with me?

That got Steve's attention. At the mention of a bald pussy, his interest was instantly peaked. It made him think back to his mother's pussy.

>Soccer_Steve> Ur pussy is really bald? >hornylady> Oh yes, I love to keep myself bald. Are u going to help me get my nice bald pussy all happy and wet? >Soccer_Steve>I could do, but what do I have to do to help? >hornylady>Do you have a webcam? U could let me see your dick, show me if it's a big one or not >Soccer_Steve> How do I know that ur not some dirty old man just pretending to be a woman to see my cock? Do u have a webcam to show me ur nice bald pussy? And how old are u? Do u have sound? (Steve was suddenly suspicious about how forward this woman was being) >hornylady> I have a cam, but no sound, so I can show u my pussy and that should ease ur worries about me being a dirty old perve. And as to my age ... its not polite to ask a lady her age ... if u don't like what u see, u can always ignore me after. >Soccer_Steve> Sounds fair to me. I don't have sound either. Turn on ur cam and I'll get mine going.

Steve turned on his webcam, his cock growing in his pants with the anticipation of seeing a complete stranger's bald pussy. He saw an image come up on his screen from the woman's cam as she joined him in cam to cam chat. He could see that she was sitting in a denim skirt, her waist bare above it.

>hornylady> Do u like what you see? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, I do, but I'd like to see ur face and tits too. >hornylady> We'll have to see about that, for now, this will have to do. Ur pants seem to be under a bit of pressure there, care to remove them? >Soccer_Steve> Um, ok.

Steve stood up and peeled off his jeans, leaving his boxers on as he sat back down on his chair, his semi erect cock tenting his boxers. He noticed the woman at the other end wiggling her butt and pulling her skirt up, exposing the crotch of her panties. He felt his cock twitch a bit.

>hornylady> Well u have an impressive tent there, Steve >Soccer_Steve> Oh its not completely erect yet >hornylady> Really? Or are u just boasting? >Soccer_Steve> Not boasting, show me ur pussy and I'll prove it to you.

The woman at the other end stood up and Steve got a view of her legs. From what he could see they looked quite nice. Not brilliant, but not shabby either. When she sat down he could see that she was still wearing a black satin thong.

>hornylady> like my thong? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yes, I love panties, they get me horny. But u said I could see ur pussy.

Steve was really turned on to see the woman's thong and wrapped hand around his cock and started stroking it through his boxers until it was full length.

>hornylady> All in good time. I can c already that u weren't boasting. From what I can c u must be huge!

Olivia was stroking her pussy through the satin now. She was soaked. She couldn't believe that she was talking her son into showing her his cock. And from what she could see it was truly enormous.

>Soccer_Steve> Is ur thong nice and wet? >hornylady> Oh yes, I want to see ur cock properly and then I'll be super-wet >Soccer_Steve> I wish I could have ur thong, then I could use it to masturbate. Olivia was a bit shocked at this, but was committed to seeing the monster cock now. >hornylady> Please show me ... Wow, this woman seemed desperate to see him, but she was also holding out on him Steve decided. He was determined not to reveal himself first. >Soccer_Steve> I think u should show me first. After all, uv seen my face and iv only seen ur thong! Prove that ur wet. Show me a wet finger.

Olivia decided that she was going to have to offer _something_ in order for her to see this and so she slipped her left hand inside the waist band of her panties and slid a finger into her sopping pussy until it was nice and wet. Then she held her hand in front of the camera and pushed her thumb and finger together. When she pulled them apart again, there was a string of juice hanging between them.

>hornylady>think ud like to taste that? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yes, id love to lick it from ur pussy ... of course id like to see it first. >hornylady> lol ok ok, check this out big boy

Olivia conceded that she would have to show her son her pussy. At least doing it over the net like this was anonymous and she could pretend that it was just another of the strangers that she had flashed over the last year or so.

She pulled aside the thong and leant back, showing that she was indeed bald, her lips glistening with the moisture that her pussy had released.

>Soccer_Steve>oh wow, that's cool ... take the thong off? >hornylady> shoe me urs first.

Steve quickly whipped out his massive cock so that hornylady could see it.

>hornylady> that is gorgeous, put your hand flat against ur belly so I can see it all and zoom in on it?

Steve did as he was requested and received a quick string of appreciative messages concerning the size and beauty of his cock.

Olivia wondered just how experienced her son was with his cock and realised that this would be the ideal way for her to find out things he would never tell his mother.

>hornylady> wow the girls must love getting fucked with that >Soccer_Steve> well I don't know yet. >hornylady> ur a virgin? >Soccer_Steve> yeah :o( >hornylady> lol nothing to be sad about im sure it wont be long for u

Olivia was both amazed and pleased that her son hadn't had intercourse yet, but did find it hard to encourage him too!

>Soccer_Steve> I did get a blowjob though :o) >hornylady> well that must have been fun for u ... and her! >Soccer_Steve> I loved it! >hornylady> lol im sure u did >Soccer_Steve> yeah and the best thing is that I think shes gonna keep doing it. >hornylady> I would if I was her >Soccer_Steve> take ur thong off now?

Olivia decided that she should at the very least keep her promise and given how horny she was, she didn't really care that she was about to get her pussy completely nude in front of her son, she was just looking at him as the most enormous cock she'd ever seen. It was easier now that his face was out of the screen shot.

She sat down on the chair and spread her legs and watched the string of messages flow on the screen as Steve told her how beautiful her pussy was and how much he'd like to lick it and get his cock in it.

>hornylady> will you cum for me? >Soccer_Steve> um, if I can see u put ur fingers in ur pussy? >hornylady>sure >Soccer_Steve> cool ... I wont' be typing for awhile then >hornylady> u just work that cock for me sweetie and I'll do the same with my pussy for u. >Soccer_Steve> k

Steve started to wank his cock. As he did so, pumping his shaft up and down with his fist, he watched the bald pussy on his screen. Hornylady was working her fingers all over her pussy, touching herself, running them up and down the lips, pushing into her hole and finally settling on her clit where they worked in a circle. Steve felt precum oozing slowly from the tip of his cock and moved his hand up to smear it over the head to lubricate it. He twisted is fist all around the wet head of his cock and noticed hornylady slip two fingers inside her hole and thrust them in and out.

He was getting close to cumming and quickly typed with one hand ...

>Soccer_Steve> gonna cum

>hornylady> do it in ur hand for me

came the reply as one hand disappeared briefly from pleasuring her pussy.

Steve worked his cock with his right hand, aiming at his left as he reached his climax, his cock pulsing and spurting into his open palm, some of it missing off of the end and shooting onto the floor.

>hornylady> wow, that was amazing steve, thanks for sharing that with me! >Soccer_Steve> my pleaure thanks for sharing ur pussy! Can we do it again sometime? >hornylady> um, we'll see ... keep an eye out for me online. If im here, message me. >Soccer_Steve> k, Ive gotta clean up. >hornylady>k, night

Olivia turned off the computer and went to bed and fingered herself properly until she came. Steve cleaned up the mess on himself and the floor and clambered into bed.

"Wow, why haven't I managed to do that before on the Internet?" he thought, a world of opportunity suddenly opening up in his mind.

He drifted off to sleep with images of bald pussies in his mind ... hornylady's and his mother's, not realising that they were one and the same.

Olivia slept fitfully, guilty about what she'd just done, excited by it, not sure what to do.

The next day, Olivia found it hard to face her son over breakfast. She was torn between guilt and desire. She couldn't meet his gaze and wasn't brave enough to ask why he seemed to be in such a happy mood that morning. He probably wouldn't answer and besides, she'd probably blush. She kept flicking glances at his crotch, remembering just how wonderful his engorged cock had been, then feeling guilty about it.

She did note that Steve and Julie were getting along really well, which was nice. She went out for the day and managed to push it all to the back of her mind for a while.

Julie knocked on Steve's door that afternoon when there wasn't anyone at home and entered his bedroom when he told her to come in. He was sitting at his computer and Julie asked him what he was up to.

"Just surfing the net and stuff," he replied.

"Find anything interesting?" she asked as she moved closer to him, noting that he had a boner. As she got closer to the computer, she noticed a message window open.

"Just some porn," he laughed, blushing.

"Who's hornylady?" she asked him as he quickly closed it, which then revealed a lesbian porn site that he had open. He closed that too.

"Just some woman that messaged me last night."

"Oh, just some woman? With a name like hornylady? What'd she do, ask to see your dick?"

"Actually, that's exactly what she did."

"Really, did you show her?" Julie asked. Steve laughed nervously as he admitted that he had.

"Was she impressed by your enormous monster cock?" Julie asked, kneeling down beside his chair and stroking him through his pants.

"Yeah and she wanted to see me cum."


"So I masturbated for her," Steve told his sister as she undid his pants and released his hard cock. She took it in her mouth and sucked it for him.

"And was that as good as me doing this?" she asked him as she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis.

"Not even close," he grunted.

"So why did you do it?"

"Because it was naughty and fun ... and because she showed me her shaved pussy," Steve told her.

"Really? She had a shaved pussy? Like down to a bit of hair or totally bald?"

"Completely bald," he answered as Julie swallowed as much of his cock as she could before sucking slowly back up the length of it, all the time gently massaging his shaft with her hand.

"So you like her pussy better than mine I guess. I suppose you won't want to lick my hairy pussy now," she teased him.

"Oh no, I definitely want to get to do that again," he assured her.

"Good, because it needs a good licking," she said, standing up and sliding her shorts off along with her panties. She sat down on his bed and spread her legs before him.

"Come on brother mine, lick my pussy for me," She said to him, spreading her lips and rubbing her clit. Steve didn't waste any time and got down on his hands and knees before his sister and set to work licking his tongue all over her juicy slit, his tongue travelling all over her lips, dipping into her hole.

"Lick my clit, make me cum," Julie urged her brother after a couple of minutes of loving attention from her brother. Steve did as he was bid, centring his tongue on her clit and pushing and rubbing with it until she shook and convulsed and squealed as her orgasm crashed through her system.

"Oh God I love that," Julie said to him. "Thanks, now I want to feel your cum on my titties again. As he stood up, Julie clambered from the bed to get on her knees before him and start sucking on his cock, only stopping long enough to remover her shirt and bra.

"Man you are such a slut Julie, I never would have picked you to be like this, not that I mind of course," he laughed.

"Huh, you can talk," she said between mouthfuls. As she sucked on his cock, she picked up her panties and started rubbing the crotch of them into her pussy. Then she handed them to her brother.

"Here, take your slutty little sister's panties and lick the slimy crotch, I want to see you lick my slime from my panties while I suck your dick!" Steve took the panties from his sister and brought them to his face, sniffing them to enjoy the aroma of her sex that was entangled within the fabric.

He turned them inside out and ran his tongue through her slime as he gazed down at her mouth wrapped firmly about the head of his cock, bobbing up and down slowly as she watched his tongue.

The lusty look in her eyes and the taste of her pussy was too much and Steve told Julie that he was going to cum. She pulled him out of her mouth and wanked him, aiming his cock at her chest. He sprayed his load all over her breasts and Julie reached down to rub it into her skin, pulling on the nipples with her cummy fingers.

"Mmm thanks Steve, I think I'll go get cleaned up before Mum gets home now. I hope that that was better than what horny lady does for you over the net," she laughed as she left the room. Steve thought to himself that of course it was, but he still loved seeing that completely hairless pussy with a couple of fingers buried in it.

Over the next week, he kept an eye out for hornylady when he was on the net, but she hadn't appeared. Then, one night, alone at home with just his mother again, he saw her appear on his friends list.

>Soccer_Steve> Hey! >hornylady> Well hello there big boy! Lol >Soccer_Steve>I was starting to think that I wouldn't see u again. >hornylady> Well, I can't always get on here and I've been kinda busy >Soccer_Steve> Fair enough. >hornylady>So, u liked it last time? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yeah. I just wish I had ur thong after ud taken it off. >hornylady> U really like panties? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, I like to masturbate with them. >hornylady>?? do you wear them? >Soccer_Steve> No no lol I just use them to rub up and down on my cock. >hornylady> Oh >Soccer_Steve> Does that disgust u? >hornylady> No, I was surprised, not disgusted. >Soccer_Steve> Good >hornylady> So are u gonna show me the monster? >Soccer_Steve> Sure, if ur gonna show me the sweet lady > hornylady> of course I will hunky one >Soccer_Steve> lol

Steve pulled his pants off to reveal his semi-erect cock and the lady on the other end stripped down to just her panties, which were a blue satin in a more traditional cut than the thong she'd worn last time. She started to rub the crotch with her hand and Steve found his cock getting hard in response.

>hornylady> Anything I can do to help u to show me that wonderful thing cumming again? >Soccer_Steve> Do you have a dildo or something that I could watch u put in ur pussy? >hornylady> I do actually. >Soccer_Steve> will u do it? >hornylady> sure.

Steve saw the panties removed and then the lady disappear for a moment before he saw a silver vibrator in the view, being run gently up and down the wet pussy .

>Soccer_Steve> push it in

Olivia pushed the vibrator into her pussy at her son's request, working it around and in and out and he stroked his cock.

>hornylady> do u have something to lube that beautiful cock with? >Soccer_Steve>like what? >hornylady> moisturiser? >Soccer_Steve> my mum or my sister might? >hornylady> are either of them home? >Soccer_Steve> just mum >hornylady> then check ur sister's room.

Steve pulled his pants on and quickly went into Julie's room to seek for some moisturiser. Sure enough there was some on her dresser. He grabbed it and went back to his room where he saw that horny lady was still amusing herself with the vibrator.

>hornylady> use it to wank for me.

Steve poured some on his hand and then started working it up and down his cock. Wow, what a great suggestion, Steve thought as he felt his hand slide slickly up and down his penis.

>Soccer_Steve> put it all the way in

Olivia pushed the toy into her pussy until only the base remained for her to hold onto and noticed that Steve was pumping his cock furiously

>hornylady> yeah, work it baby, cum on ur belly for me! >Soccer_Steve> k

Steve pulled his shirt off and used both his hands on his cock until he felt a tingling in his balls that told him he couldn't wait any longer. A stream of cum spurted into the air and splashed back down on his belly.

Hornylady announced that she too was cumming and Steve watched, fascinated as she zoomed a close up on her pulsing bald pussy before announcing that he should clean up and that she might see him next time. She was gone before he even managed a response.

Dave went away for a month two days after that encounter and for the first week of his absence, Steve enjoyed himself immensely, his sister was regularly sucking his cock, he was getting to eat her pussy and hornylady was on fairly regularly with her toy to watch him cum.

>Soccer_Steve> Want to see me wank in some panties, I can pretend their urs >hornylady> Sure thing. >Soccer_Steve> Only I want to see something special from u >hornylady> oh? >Soccer_Steve> would u use a carrot in ur pussy? >hornylady> hmm, I guess I could do that for a special friend. >Soccer_Steve> wild! >hornylady> hang on while I get one >Soccer_Steve> k >hornylady> tell, me, who's panties have u got >Soccer_Steve> um, are u pretty open minded? >hornylady> yeah >Soccer_Steve> they're my sisters >hornylady> really? >Soccer_Steve> yeah >hornylady> does she know u do this? >Soccer_Steve> no

Steve considered saying yes but decided that he didn't know this person that well yet, maybe she wasn't quite that open minded and it could ruin a fun thing.

>hornylady> ahh, do u like ur sister? >Soccer_Steve> she's ok. She's a hottie though. >hornylady> do u think about her when u wank in her panties? >Soccer_Steve> sometimes *blush* >hornylady>lol >Soccer_Steve> so, um u ready? >hornylady> oh yes >Soccer_Steve> cool

Steve stroked his engorged cock as he watched the image on his screen. Hornylady took a carrot and slowly started to slide it into her pussy. He couldn't believe it, here was this woman who was ready to slide a carrot inside herself so that she could get to see him cum! How cool. He watched intently as the carrot was pushed all the way in until she barely had enough to hold on to, then she pulled it out and started to fuck herself properly with it ... fast like he imagined she'd like a cock to be used.

>Soccer_Steve> Wow that is so hot! >hornylady> Mmm, its not as good as ur cock would be though >Soccer_Steve> Wish I could slide it in ur bald pussy >hornylady>id love to feel that massive piece of meat in me >Soccer_Steve> just thinking about it gets me close to cumming >hornylady> mmmm cum for me baby. Let me see u cum in ur hand >Soccer_Steve> k keep using the carrot >hornylady> sure thing

Steve watched the carrot resuming its plunging into the depths of the woman's wet, bald pussy and stroked himself furiously, aiming his cock at his hand.

>Soccer_Steve> here goes >hornylady> :o)

Steve blew his load, filling his hand with his sperm until it was dribbling on the floor.

>hornylady> Mmm thanks. If I were there I could drink it from ur hand. >Soccer_Steve> now that is something id love to see! lol >hornylady> well u never know ur luck in a big city ... maybe one day >Soccer_Steve> yeah, maybe one day lol >hornylady> See u again soon? >Soccer_Steve> U bet

The next weekend, Julie sat talking to her cousin Adriana at a party for Adriana's sister Alexis' 21st Birthday. Adriana was telling her how hot she thought Steve was and that she wished that he wasn't her cousin, because then she'd do something about getting into his pants.

Adriana was the same age as Julie and the two of them had always had a good time together and had even been out clubbing once or twice when their parents had been catching up. Adriana was quite tall at 5'10" and skinny as well, with lovely long legs and a tight butt toned from the cycling that she did regularly. Her blonde hair hung down below her shoulders and her breasts were small and pert with nipples that seemed to be doing their damndest to pierce the fabric of her top.

"Have you ever had sex?" Julie asked her older cousin.

"Yeah, a couple of times."

"Really, what's it like?" Julie asked, fascinated to have found someone close to her who she could actually ask.

"I like it," she laughed, "Surely you've had sex Jules?" Adriana shot back. "I mean with a hot body like yours, the boys must be all over you! I'd kill to have breasts as big as yours."

"Well, I've given my boyfriend a blow job but I haven't felt ready for sex with him yet. I don't know if its just because its him or because I'm not ready for sex. And there's nothing wrong with your body, I've seen the way the guys here eye you off."

"Huh, they're just typical guys, get a couple of drinks in them and suddenly they think you might be their next root. Anyway, what do you mean about Gavin?"

"Well there's times when I get the impression that all he wants to do is get into my pants and then bugger off, that if I let him have sex with me he'd be seeking the next big conquest. I just don't think I want to give him the satisfaction of being my first."

"Sounds to me like you've made up your mind then."

"You know, I think you're right, I think that its time I put him straight and sent him on his way!"

"Good for you."

"What about you, though Addy, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not at the moment. And I tell you sometimes I get so horny I could almost fuck anything!" Laughed Adriana. "I think I need a fuck buddy."

"A fuck buddy?"

"Yeah, a friend with benefits, someone I can fuck but that doesn't want a relationship."

"And here I am talking about ditching my boyfriend because I think that is what he thinks I am!" laughed Julie. At that point in the conversation, Steve walked up to say hello to the girls.

"Hi Adriana, how's it going?"

"Not to bad studly, how about yourself, being swooned all over by every girl at the party I suppose?"

"huh, not quite, though there's some promising looking young ladies out there," Steve said, winking.

"Eww Steve, don't be so slimy," laughed Julie.

"So what are you two talking about?" Steve asked.

"Just the usual, boys, blow jobs, sex ... how Adriana wishes she weren't your cousin so she could fuck you," laughed Julie as Adriana told her to shut up and play-slapped her as she tried to stop her talking.

"Riiiight then," Steve said, blushing in embarrassment, but getting half a boner at his sister's mention of his cousin's desire.

"Geez your bad Jules," Adriana said. But Steve noted she didn't deny her desire to bed him.

"Well can I get you two fresh drinks at least?" Steve asked. Both girls said that they would love another drink and Steve went off to find them some as the two girls continued talking. When Steve returned, they were whispering and Adriana was looking at Julie with shock and disbelief all over her face.

"God, what are you two up to now?" Steve asked, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. He handed them their drinks and sat down next to Julie.

"weeeeelll," Julie started, casting glances at her cousin to see if she was going to react, "We were just discussing how big the biggest dick we'd seen was and when I told her about the one I'd seen, she said that she didn't believe me that I'd really seen one and accused me of talking about a porn star."

Steve was watching Julie carefully, wondering just how much she might actually have said. Adriana seemed to be watching him for his reaction as much as he was watching her and Julie.

"I assured her that no, it was something I'd seen in the flesh and that it was someone that she knew. She wanted to know so that she could get a chance to see it to, but I haven't decided whether to tell her or not yet."

"Oh, well I'm hardly in a position to help out with this conversation then ..." Steve answered quietly.

"Come on Jules, tell me," Adriana begged, "I doubt I could do anything about it anyway and if its someone that you want as a boyfriend or something then you have my promise that I won't interfere.

"Well, let me think about it for a bit," Julie said. "If I did tell you though, you'd have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Of course, whatever conditions you want to put on it."

"What if I told you that I'd tell you and that I could maybe even arrange for you to see it if you promised to suck it while I watched?" Steve choked on his drink and had a coughing fit at that suggestion and Adriana laughed at Julie.

"God, are you a perve or what?! I can't agree until I know just how likely it is that you could arrange for me to see it ... and what if I think the guy's gross, I don't want to suck off some guy just cause he's got a big dick that I want to see. After all, I really only wanted to know who had it!"

"Oh I think once you saw it you'd want more," laughed Julie.

"I can't believe you two are even having this conversation in front of me!" Steve said, standing up to move away into the crowd. Julie noted as he stood that Steve had to adjust his pants to accommodate his growing excitement. She'd seen the way that he looked at Adriana as he'd approached them and knew that he liked what he saw, especially because he'd kept trying to look up her very short skirt to her panties!.

"How serious are you?" Adriana asked, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Very. I tell you what, I won't insist on the condition. But if I set this up, I want to be there when you see it. Just because of who it is and how I know him and stuff."

"Ok, that's fair. Now tell me. Pleaaaaase?"

"You won't believe this, but its Steve."

"Steve who?"

"Steve, my brother Steve."

"No way! You're shitting me! And how the fuck did you find out?" She hissed in disbelief.

Julie told Adriana about how she'd walked in on her brother in the shower. She told her that she'd accidentally walked in and that he'd been masturbating. She didn't tell her that she'd sucked it or had him cum on her tits though.

"So what makes you think he'd show me?" Adriana asked.

"Let's just say that I saw the way that he looked at you just now and that I think he's worked out that his dick isn't just an ordinary size and likes to show it off ... even if you are his cousin. Should I try and set it up?"

"Umm, ok, I guess so."

"cool, I'll let you know, we'd be alright in your bedroom wouldn't we?"

"You mean tonight?!"

"Well, we don't know how long it will be until we visit again, do we?"

"I guess not. Yeah, ok, my room should be ok," Adriana said, taking a gulp of her drink, suddenly very nervous.

Julie tracked down her brother who was talking to a couple of Alexis' girlfriends. She waited patiently for an opening and when a couple of other guys moved in on the conversation, she dragged her brother away.

"Adriana wants to see your dick, are you prepared to let her see it?"

"What's in it for me?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well, I didn't ask her that, but if she's anything like me, she'll want to suck it ... or at least touch it, so I am sure that you'll enjoy it. I do know that she's had sex, which is more than you and I can claim so maybe she'll be even better at sucking you off than I am or something?"

"Do I get to see her naked?"

"I dunno, you'll have to ask her that yourself, I just said that I'd set it up if I could and that I wanted to get to watch when you showed her."

"Hmm, I dunno, I was doing pretty well with those two chicks over there you know, I might just manage to score me an older woman tonight!"

"Well, what if I promise to suck you off tonight regardless?"

"Huh, I know you now and you're a horny little slut, I don't think you could go without having your pussy licked if you tried to hold out on sucking my cock," Steve teased.

Julie thought about it and decided that he was probably right. "What if I promise to do one thing for you? You get to make a call as to what it is ... except not sex." Steve mulled this over. The thought of a bald pussy flashed across his mind and he quickly agreed to the condition, a plan staking itself out in his head.

"Ok, you do one thing for me and I'll show Adriana my cock with you in the room."

"Neat. Go up to Adriana's room and wait for us there, we'll follow in a couple of minutes.

Steve heard the door open and saw two figures silhouetted in the doorway. He could tell from their shapes that it was his sister and cousin. They came in and shut the door behind them, giggling before coming over to the bed where Steve was sitting.

"God, I can't believe you're going to show me your dick," Adriana whispered as they all sat around in the half-light, illuminated only by the light from the party outside.

"Yeah well I do have one condition before I do it," Steve said.

"What?" Julie and Adriana said together.

"You both have to be naked."

"Really?" Adriana asked, not quite sure if she wanted to go through with it.

"Oh what the hell, we used to bath together," Julie laughed, "Of course, I didn't have these babies then." She squeezed her breasts in her hands as she said it, "but I guess my brother wants to see how we've changed since we're going to peek at his cock. Come on, its not really any different than getting naked for another boy is it?"

"I guess not, Adriana," said pensively, " but I want to see you first."

"Ok," Steve granted. He stood up and started to undo his jeans before pulling them down his body, his boxers being dragged with them. His cock sprang to attention sticking out at full erection. Adriana gasped when she saw just how big he really was.

"Holy shit, you weren't even exaggerating!" she hissed to Julie who was sitting looking happily at her favourite toy.

"Nope, isn't it enormous?"

"Oh yeah. Can I touch it?" she asked Steve, apparently over the fact that he was her cousin in light of the revelation before her.

"You are supposed to get naked for me, remember?" Steve hinted.

"Oh, yeah," Adriana giggled. She stood up and pulled her top up over her head to reveal her pert little breasts and their diamond-like nipples.

"Mmm, they're lovely," Steve said, admiring her figure as she continued to undress, peeling her skirt down her legs along with her panties. Her pussy was trimmed back to her bikini line and although Steve couldn't see her pussy lips, her figure was divine.

"And you Jules," he said to his Sister. Julie quickly stripped out of her clothes and Adriana and Steve both stared at her breasts as they emerged from their restraints. Adriana again remarked on their size and told Julie that she thought that they were perfect in every way.

Julie blushed in the dark and found herself getting wet under the admiring gaze of her cousin. She had to admit to herself that she found Adriana's body quite a turn on with its lithe figure and gentle curves. She caught herself wondering what it would be like to suck on her cousin's nipples and was shocked by the exciting reaction that it sent through her body.

Adriana had reached out and taken her cousin's cock in her hand and was tugging on it enthusiastically. Steve was encouraging her, telling her that she looked totally hot naked and that her hand felt really good on his cock.

"God, I can't believe how big it feels. Its so fucking hard!" she was saying as she tugged him. "Do you have lot of cum when you orgasm?" she asked him.

"I guess so," he answered.

"Will you show me?"

"Um, ok, if you suck me off," he said. Adriana suddenly seemed to remember exactly who she was talking to and where she was and stood still, hesitant.

"Come on, you told me you'd had sex, surely sucking him off can't be hard," Julie said, moving in close to her cousin. She put her hand on Adriana's around her brother's cock and started her pumping his shaft again. When Adriana seemed to continue on her own, she wrapped her hand around his shaft beneath Adriana's so that they were both wanking him.

"I cant believe you're wanking your brother!"

"Well, its not everyday you find a cock like this," Julie replied and dropped to her knees. Adriana stared, dumbstruck as Julie took her brother's cock in her mouth. She could feel the closeness of Julie's naked body to her legs and hips beside her and could see the top of her cousin's cock disappearing into his own sister's mouth. God, were they depraved or what? But as she watched, she also realised that her pussy was wet as it had ever been and that she wanted to suck it too. She dropped to her knees beside her cousin, who released her brother's cock from her mouth so that Adriana could suck it.

Julie watched her cousin sucking on her brother's dick. She wrapped a hand around her brother's testicles and pulled on them gently as he was sucked off. She admired the look of his massive shaft in Adriana's mouth and her gaze travelled down over her body, the small tight tits, the flat stomach and the hint of pussy hair down in the darker shadows of the room. Adriana's nipples looked so damn hard. Julie felt her own nipple, which was also erect with excitement and decided that she wanted to know if her cousin's were harder.

Julie reached out and cupped her cousin's breast with her hand. She was surprised at just how nice it felt. It was firm, the nipple sure was hard, the breast didn't have the weight that her own had, but it was definitely nice to have another breast in her hand.

Steve was watching his cousin's mouth working on his cock and noticed his sister fondling Adriana's breast. It was enough to send him over the edge and he tensed as his cock prepared to erupt its seed. Sensing what was happening, Adriana prepared her self and sunk her mouth down over his cock as it erupted, swallowing madly as her mouth was filled again and again with sperm. She couldn't take it all and it dribbled down her chin. She released Steve's cock as she caught her breath and recovered from her gooey meal.

Julie grabbed Steve's cock and sucked the rest of his cum from it, cleaning him up.

"Wow, thanks Adriana, you give awesome head," Steve said, flopping back down on the bed.

"Thanks I still can't believe how big it is!" Adriana said, reaching for her clothes. "We'd better get back to the party before we're missed. They all dressed and went back to the party.

As they made their way to leave later on, Adriana pulled Steve aside. She dragged him out of the way and pulled his head to hers, her tongue plunging into his mouth. Steve melted into the kiss with his cousin, his cock stiffening with the intimacy.

"I don't think I care that you're my cousin, I think that one day soon, I am going to fuck that monster cock of yours. I want to feel it tearing me apart. Will you be my fuck buddy Cus?" Adriana asked.

"Um, God, I think so," Steve said, stunned, his head swimming.

"Yay!" and with that she pushed him back out into the light to send him off with the rest of his family, giggling to herself at the massive bulge she was sending him off with.

Olivia was in the car with Julie and they both watched the bulge in his pants as Steve approached the car, neither of them realising how much pleasure that cock had given the other.

Steve spent the whole time thinking about the fact that his cousin had just told him that she was going to fuck him ... that and the fact that his sister had said she would do one thing for him. He wondered what her reaction would be when he told her that he was going to shave her pussy.

It was the following Friday that Steve found himself with the opportunity to pursue his plan. Olivia had been called away on a business trip and left Steve and Julie on their own for the night. Julie had met up with Steve on their respective ways home and the entire time made no bones about the fact that she had every intention of making him cum several times that night. Not to mention that she expected the same level of service from him. Steve just smiled and went along with it.

It wasn't until after dinner that Julie started to work her way around to arousing her brother. She started by teasing him, walking around in just a t-shirt, bra and panties, knowing that her brother loved the sight of a nice tight panty-clad arse.

Steve pretended to be immune to his sister's advances and sat down to watch TV. Julie sat down next to him and obviously tired of being even remotely subtle, pulled off her t-shirt and bra to free her wondrous breasts. She put her hand on her brother's cock and told him that it was time to milk the monster.

As she started freeing his cock from his pants, Steve turned to his sister, "Jules, do you remember the other night at Alexis' party when you made me a promise to get me into Adriana's room?"

"Yeah," she replied, a note of anxiety in her voice.

"Well tonight is the night that you have to pay up," Steve said smugly.

"Ok, what do you want me to do?" she asked him, resigning herself to holding up her end of the bargain.

"I want you to let me shave your pussy."

Julie thought about it for a bit. "Oh. Um, I guess I can live with that," Julie replied. Steve was almost instantly on his feet, urging his sister to follow him to the bathroom. When they were there, he had his sister lay down on a towel on the floor and he proceeded to pull off her panties. He happily noted that Julie's pussy was a bit wet as he went about collecting scissors, shaving lotion and a nice clean, new razor.

Julie lay apprehensively on her back as her brother took a pair of scissors and started giving her a pubic hair cut, trimming the length back to stubble. Although a little concerned about the fact that her brother was about to wield a razor near her most intimate parts, Julie found herself getting hornier and wetter with every snip of the scissors.

Steve picked up the shaving cream and rubbed it all over Julie's mound and pussy. She moaned when he reached her pussy lips and rubbed cream all over them. He even slipped a finger inside her hole, which caused her to sigh with pleasure. Then he picked up the razor and started to shave off her hair. At first his strokes were short and tentative, but as he gained in confidence he drew smooth firm strokes across her mound, denuding her as he went.

When Julie's mound was nice and clear of any hair, Steve set about doing the same thing to her pussy lips. He found that it required a lot more care and dexterity than he could have imagined. He moved her labia to one side to shave it and back again to shave the other. His fingers kept slipping on her soapy, slimy lips and Julie had to concentrate very hard on not wriggling under the constant touches on her pussy.

Finally Steve was finished to his satisfaction. Julie lay with her legs spread and Steve admired his handiwork.

"Wow, that looks so fucking hot. I think you should have a shower and wash yourself down properly to get rid of the last of the shaving cream and hairs and then I want to lick you until you cum and cum and cum!"

"I'll shower if you bring the happy monster in with me?"


Julie stood up and looked down at her pussy. It was weird not to see hair there and it felt even stranger to run her fingers over herself and feel only bare skin. Strange, but rather good, too! She turned on the shower and made sure the temperature was correct while Steve removed his clothes. The two of them got into the shower together and their hands instantly started exploring each other's bodies, touching and tugging.

Steve looked down at his sister's face as she looked down upon his cock that she was rubbing her soapy hand over. Her lips were beautiful and full and occasionally her tongue would slip out to lick them. He remembered kissing his cousin Adriana and decided that he wanted that intimacy with Julie too. She seemed to sense him looking at her and glanced up, smiling. Steve lowered his face to hers and her lips parted readily, accepting the kiss that her brother was offering and seeking.

Their lips locked together and their tongues darted about each other's mouths as the water from the shower cascaded over them. When they broke apart, gasping from the excitement that the kiss had sent coursing through them, Julie told her brother that she wanted him to lick her now. "I want you to love my nice new, bald pussy," she said to him.

Having dried themselves, the siblings moved to Julie's room where she lay down upon her bed, legs spread and naked, her fingers trailing over her freshly shaved pussy as she tried to accustom herself to the new feeling.

Steve stood at the foot of the bed and Julie revelled in the sight of his massive erection standing out from his body as he moved forwards and bent over, his tongue and lips meeting her thigh and starting to kiss and lick their way up to the treasure that they sought. When he reached her pussy, Steve flattened his tongue and licked slowly up over her lips to her bald mound and ran calmly all over it before Julie begged him to just lick her clit and not tease her any longer. She grabbed his head in her hands and pulled him to her pussy just as he managed to spread her pussy lips with his fingers.

Centring his tongue on her clit he obeyed her requests, faster, slower, there, left, up, harder, there, yes, there, YES THERE! His sister shook and shuddered as she came and Steve pulled back to watch his sister as the pleasure coursed through her body before subsiding.

"I want to tit fuck you," Steve said to Julie as they lay down next to each other, kissing intimately.

"Um, ok," she replied. Steve grabbed the moisturiser that he'd used for hornylady previously from Julie's dresser and came back to her bed, straddling her waist, his cock standing to attention above her torso and breasts. Julie pulled it down towards her and lifted her head up to suck on it and Steve spread moisturiser between her tits. She released him and Steve asked her to push her firm titties together. Julie did so and Steve thrust his cock between them, feeling the smooth wet friction between the skin of his cock and that of his sister's large, firm young breasts.

"Oh God," he said as he pulled back again.

"Wow, that feels cool," Julie said to him as the tip of his cock appeared from between her breasts again. She was tempted to suck on the end of it as it neared her mouth, but the moisturiser was a bit off putting. Steve kept thrusting between her breasts and Julie pushed her tits together around it, her fingertips teasing her nipples. Steve thrust faster and moaned and Julie could tell that he was going to cum, but he didn't stop thrusting, even as he came he pushed through between her breasts, his cum mixing with the moisturiser. As his head appeared it spurted a second time, splattering Julie under her chin, cum running down her throat to drip into her hair beneath her.

As Steve calmed down and recovered rolled off of his sister and lay beside her he said, "Thanks Jules, that was awesome."

"No problem Steve, though I think I might have to go back to the shower now," she laughed, getting up from the bed and heading off to the bathroom.

After Julie returned from the shower, the two of them sat down to watch TV together in their underwear, touching and fondling each other until it was late enough that they thought that they should go to bed.

"Do you want to share Mum and Dad's bed with me tonight?" Julie asked, pausing as they passed the door to their parent's room on the way to their own.

"Really, like sleep together?"

"Yeah, though I really mean sleep, not 'sleep' together of course," Julie replied.

"Yeah, of course," Steve replied, secretly a little disappointed. The two of them climbed into their parent's bed and snuggled together. It wasn't long before they realised that there was no way they could go straight to sleep with their near naked bodies so close to each other.

"Suck me off before I sleep?" Steve asked her as they broke apart from a kiss.

"Mm, sure, if you lick me again?" Julie said.

"Why don't we do both at once?" Steve suggested. Julie was happy to agree to that and so they decided to try a 69. At first Steve went on top, but his cock was so big that when he was licking Julie's pussy she either couldn't get it in her mouth or did manage to and had it rammed down her throat too far, so she went on top, turning so that her pussy was thrust up against her brother's face as she handled and sucked the monster erection before her.

Steve's hands held Julie's butt cheeks as far apart as they could as his tongue explored the depths of her pussy. Julie simply sucked and tugged and stroked Steve's cock until he couldn't take it any more and exploded in her mouth. The flood of cum in her mouth was enough to send Julie over the edge and she came, her juices flowing down over her brother's tongue.

They both resumed their normal positions in the bed after that and lay together, spooning, Steve's subsiding cock resting up between his sister's butt cheeks.

"Put it between my legs," Julie whispered to her brother.

"Really, are you sure?" he asked, surprised but excited.

"Well not in my pussy, but just between my thighs so that I can feel it against my lips," Julie clarified. She parted her legs and Steve used his hand to lay his cock along her inner thigh resting up against her freshly shaved pussy. Julie lowered her other leg, trapping him there, wriggling slightly, and feeling the presence of the large shaft against her pussy. And that is how the two of them fell asleep.

"Its for you," Julie called to her brother when the phone rang the next morning. "Its Adriana," she told him as she handed the phone to him. He noted that she hung around and didn't move away.

"Hey Adriana," Steve said taking the phone and smiling at his sister. Julie just smiled back curiously, as it was rare for Adriana to call her brother, usually wanting to speak to her instead.

"Hi Steve, I was talking to mum and she mentioned that your Dad's been away and that your Mum was called away as well. I thought perhaps you'd like some company?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so, Jules is here and Mum will be home this afternoon, but if you want to come over for a couple of hours, I guess that would be ok, Yeah Jules?" he said, turning to his Sister to check at the last. Julie shrugged without really showing any preference. Steve assumed that she'd hoped to have him to herself at least once more.

"Excellent, well I'll have to ride my bike over so I'll see you in about a half hour to an hour, ok?"


"I think I'll be really looking forward to seeing you by the time I get off that bike seat ...anyway, bye," Adriana said suggestively before hanging up, giggling.

"Adriana is going to come over," Steve said, unable to suppress a bit of a silly grin as he said so.

"Duh," Julie said, slapping him playfully on the arm. "Obviously she wants to see more of your somewhat large dick. And who can blame her. Of course, I'm not sure how happy I am about sharing ..." she finished off, but Steve was happy to note that she didn't appear overly serious about it. She reached out and stroked him through his pants. "Of course, I could always spoil her fun and make you cum before she gets, here," she added, sucking a finger into her mouth and then caressing her tits as she released his cock.

"Huh, I don't think that would be fair," Steve said.

"Who cares about fair, it would be fun!" laughed Julie. But she turned away to go to her room, winking at him to let him know that everything was ok.

Steve spent the next 40 minutes in his room, checking out porn on the net, idly stroking his cock and wondering whether this would be the day that he lost his virginity.

The doorbell rang and Steve killed the computer and pulled his pants back on, stuffing his erection back into his shorts as he made his way to the front of the house to greet his cousin.

He opened the door to see Adriana there, smiling, her helmet in one hand and her bike resting against her hip. He cast his eyes down over her body, relishing in the way that the cycling lycra clung to her curves.. He noticed that her nipples were nicely erect and making themselves evident through her top. As he looked up to meet her eyes, he noted that she had been giving him the once over too, particularly the fact that his cock was so evident in his shorts. They laughed at each other as their eyes met and realised what they had been doing to each other.

"Hey Steve, can you take my bike through for me?" Adriana asked, breaking the silence.

"Sure thing, come on in," he replied, taking the sleek racing bike from her. Adriana reached down to pull off her cycling shoes and walked into the house barefoot past Steve who waited until she was inside to pull the bike into the house. He admired her arse and calves as she preceded him through to the living room. He left the bike in the entry hall and followed his cousin.

"Where's Julie? She asked, turning to wait for him.

"In her room I guess,' Steve replied.

"Mmm, goodie," Adriana said and stepped up to him, her lips seeking out his for a deliciously wet kiss. "I have to tell you, I got so horny on the way over here, my pussy rubbing on the seat all the way while I wondered whether I could get your cock in it or not. Do you think perhaps you might like to try?"

Steve's cock was definitely erect now. He had hoped for this but sure hadn't expected it to be all but the first words out of his cousin's mouth! "I think that we might be able to arrange something like that," he replied, trying desperately, but failing to suppress a mad grin. He took his cousin's hand and led her towards his bedroom where they collapsed onto his bed together, their tongues entwined.

"Damn, this is such a sexy outfit," Steve said as his hands caressed his cousin's breast through the lycra of her top.

"I love it, its like I am hardly wearing anything at all," Adriana told him, "And I must say that I like the way that guys keep turning around for a second look when they drive past me."

"I can't say that I'd blame them, I'd probably have a crash if I saw that tight little arse of yours pedalling along the rode while I was driving!" As they talked, he slid the zipper open down the front of her top and moved his hand inside to caress her breast, feeling just how hard and erect her nipple was. He couldn't help but think that his sister had done just this the last time that they'd been together with Adriana. It was a massive turn on.

As his hands slowly explored her breasts, Adriana moved her hand to her cousin's shorts, working to free the cock that she had come here to bury in her pussy. She hadn't thought of much else since he'd cum in her mouth at her sister's party and had quickly seized the opportunity to try for something more when she had found out that his parents were away for the weekend. She managed to free it and wrapped her hand around it, working it up and down, pumping it, and encouraging her cousin in his pleasure.

Steve slid the cycling top back off of his cousin's shoulder, trailing kisses across her skin as he did so. As her breast was revealed he enveloped it in his mouth, sucking greedily upon it as his hands continued to free her from her top. Adriana pushed him away from her breast, telling him that she wanted him naked, that she wanted to be able to suck him. Steve happily obliged, tearing his clothes off before sitting down again on the bed. Adriana dropped to her knees before him, wrapped both of her hands around his shaft and started to suck on its head, causing Steve to moan and grunt and groan in appreciation of her efforts. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and licked at the sensitive underside of his head. Steve reached down to pull at Adriana's nipples before telling her to stand up. She released his cock from her mouth and stood before him in just her bike shorts, her pert breasts and erect nipples standing from her chest like perfect offerings to the gods.

Steve reached out and took a breast in each hand, massaging them slowly and gently, using his tongue to lick her belly along the waist line, her skin having the slightly salty taste of her sweat from riding. He shifted his hands from her breasts, running them down over her ribs and down around her hips to her buttocks which he squeezed and kneaded before moving his hands to her waistband and tugging at the skin tight shorts, sliding them down her luscious long legs.

As he pulled the shorts down he noticed that she was wearing a pair of hot pink cotton panties and left them on, telling her how hot they looked covering her tight butt and lovely pussy. He turned her around and told her to touch her toes so that he could see her panty-clad pussy which he used his fingers to stroke, noticing how wet the crotch was. He leaned forwards and licked along her panties before yanking them down to expose her pussy lips with their cropped hair. He licked her slit but Adriana quickly turned around and dropped to her knees to suck on his cock again before clambering onto the bed alongside him. She pulled him down to him and kissed him, groping his cock as his fingers spread her lips apart and dipped inside her hole.

"Yes, open me up Steve, use your fingers to stretch me, get me ready for that monster cock, put more in." Steve had two fingers in her pussy and added a third, pushing them in as deep as he could before sliding them in and out to turn her on.

"I want you to fuck me with your cock Steve, I want you to split me open with that enormous, massive, thick, lovely cock. Will you do that for me Steve?"

"Hell yes," he replied enthusiastically as Julie lay on her back and spread her legs. Steve climbed on top of her and positioned the head of his cock at her entrance, Julie spreading her lips and helping him, desperate to get it inside of her.

"Just go slow with it Steve, let me adjust slowly,"


Steve started to push his cock into his cousin's sopping wet pussy and she put her hand around his shaft to help control his speed. The head slid in and she stopped him, telling him to pull out a bit first. Then she let him push in again and this time he went in even further. This continued for a while, out, back in further, out back in further. When he had about 2 inches inside her, Adriana told him how big it felt that she felt fuller inside than she ever had before, to give her even more!

Steve got about two thirds of his cock inside his cousin before she told him that that was all she could take, that he had to be careful and fuck her now. He couldn't believe how good his cousin's pussy felt wrapped around his cock; he'd never been so horny in his whole life as he started to slide in and out of her pussy for real. He sucked on her nipples as he fucked her feeling her tight pussy wrapped around his shaft as he licked and nibbled her nipples, Adriana encouraging him.

"God Steve, its so big, fuck my pussy with it Steve, I love it!" Adriana was saying as he worked his cock in and out time and time again. After only a couple of minutes he felt his orgasm building beyond his control to stop.

"I need to cum," he told Adriana.

"Fill my pussy Steve, its safe, I'm on the pill. I want my pussy filled with your sticky cum Steve." His cousin talking to him so dirty was more than he could take and he exploded inside her pussy, his sperm filling her as he held his twitching cock in her pussy.

"Oh God, thank you Adriana," Steve said as he collapsed on top of his cousin.

"Oh thank you," she replied, smiling and kissing him, feeling his cum oozing from her pussy as she rolled him off of her. They lay together for awhile before Adriana suggested that she should probably say hello to Julie seeing that she'd been so rude as to walk in and just fuck her brother without so much as a 'g'day'.

Steve said that it would probably be a good idea and so the two of them set about getting cleaned up and dressed.

Outside the door to Steve's room, Julie scrambled back to her own bedroom, her bald pussy dripping in its post orgasmic bliss under her short skirt, her wet fingers slipping on the door handle to her room.

She couldn't believe that Adriana had just fucked Steve! She had expected that they'd enjoy some mutual oral sex like she and Steve had been doing and was going to walk in and join in. But when she'd listened at the door she heard Adriana asking for his cock in her pussy. Julie had stood transfixed, listening to her brother losing his virginity, jealous that she wasn't doing so as well. But she couldn't' exactly walk in on that! And so she had played with her already wet pussy as she listened to her cousin talk about how full and stretched her pussy was, pushing up to three fingers into her shaved hole as she imagined Steve doing it to her.

In her room, she quickly pulled on a pair of panties and got settled just in time for Adriana to knock on her door.

"Hey Jules, how's it going?" Adriana asked as she entered the room.

"Good. You look a little flushed, been having fun with Steve?" she asked, teasing her cousin.

"Oh yes, we had a great time," Adriana said, grinning. "I don't think that he'll forget this afternoon for awhile."

"Well I imagine that not many boys would forget their hot cousin giving them a blow job," Julie said, wondering whether Adriana would admit that she'd been doing more than that in the room down the hall just moments ago.

"Of course not, though considering that was just the beginning of the pleasure, I think he'll remember this one even more than the one I shared with you."

"Just the beginning? Did you fuck my brother?" Julie asked with feigned shock.

"Well, let's just say that not all the gooshy wetness between my legs isn't mine," Adriana laughed rubbing her crotch through her bike shorts, blushing a little.

"Fuck, I can't believe that you fucked him."

"Well you were the one that told me what a big cock he had, so you can't be that surprised."

"Yeah I told you it was big and we both sucked it, but I didn't expect you to turn around and start fucking him!"

"I'm sorry, did I miss something, did you want to be the first one to fuck him or something?" Adriana asked, surprised at how her cousin was reacting to the news.

"Well, maybe... I dunno, I didn't even think I'd do it, I mean god, its so big I wasn't even sure if it could fit in my pussy, I just didn't expect you to be the first girl that he had sex with I suppose." Julie said, calming down. "But I guess yes, I thought that he and I might have shared our first time together given what's happened. I suppose I am disappointed, but it's not your fault."

Adriana moved over to sit next to her cousin and put her arm around her.

"Well, if I'd known, maybe I wouldn't have done it quite so quickly, so I am kinda sorry," she said. "But I have to tell you, once word gets out that his dick is so big, I don't think you're going to have him to yourself at all."

"Yeah, I guess so. At least I got to give him his first blow job," Julie laughed, turning to look into her cousin's eyes.

Adriana looked into Julie's eyes, happy to see that they had their usual sparkle back, no longer worrying whether she'd blown their friendship by having sex with Julie's brother.

Thoughts of holding Adriana's small breast in her hand raced through Julie's mind as she remembered the encounter that they had shared at Adriana's sister's birthday party. She remembered how erect the nipple had been and how it had felt like a little stone in her hand as she'd caressed the soft skin that covered her firm little tit. She looked at Adriana's face, noting the full lips, which Adriana licked as she watched. She loved the look of her cousin's tongue caressing her lips as she unconsciously moistened them. She glanced down and noticed how Adriana's nipples were peaked through the material of her cycling top. She saw her hand reach out of its own volition, seeking the breast again.

It was like watching another person's hand as it fondled the breast through the material, caressing it, but she knew it was hers, because she could feel the nipple against her palm. Her eyes darted up to Adriana's face, wondering what the reaction would be. She half expected her cousin to stand and flee the room. But she saw that her eyes were closed, her tongue licking at her lips again. Julie squeezed the breast harder, pulling at the nipple and Adriana's head lolled back as she moaned under the attention.

Julie wasn't sure what to do next. She wasn't even sure why she had decided to feel her cousin's breast. There was just something about having her sitting this close to her, the smell of her efforts on her bike and with Steve lingering in the air, something primal about the reactions that it was drawing from Julie, who's pussy sought the relief it had almost but not quite gained as she had listened to her cousin fuck her brother through his door.

She looked at the curve of Adriana's neck down to the collar of her cycling shirt, noting for the first time that the zipper was half way down to her breasts. She leaned closer to Adriana, her tongue reaching out to flick gently along the curve of her neck, tasting salt and skin. Her fingers sought their own path, finding the tab of the zipper and pulling gently downwards until it reached the end of its run. It didn't release the top completely, but it allowed her hand to travel again, this time inside the lycra top, across the sweaty flesh, to take the firmness of Adriana's naked breast in her hand, to feel her nipple graze across the palm of her hand.

Adriana felt her cousin's tongue upon her neck and felt her zipper drawn down before her breast was clasped in Julie's hand. Her body was coming alive. She seemed to fall backwards for an eternity, slowly, gracefully pivoting backwards until she was lying upon her back on the bed, her cousin's hand upon her breast, her mouth now licking and sucking and kissing at her neck as she arched her head backwards to receive it.

Adriana couldn't' believe that having just fucked Steve, his sister was suddenly hitting on her and turning her on in a way that she had never felt before. She hadn't ever even considered a lesbian encounter and yet here she was with her own cousin beginning to explore her body as Adriana wondered whether to stop her. How far could she let Julie go? Did she even want Julie to stop? Thoughts flew through her mind, but quickly fled before the pleasure that was taking possession of her senses, ecstasy becoming her dominion.

Julie released Adriana's breast and her hands thrust beneath the bottom of her cycling top now that Adriana was lying back upon her bed. She pushed the top up as she went exposing her breasts, the nipples like twin diamonds upon her pert little fleshy mounds. Julie allowed desire to lead her and lowered her head to take Adriana's right nipple in her mouth as her hands pushed the top up over her head, disrobing her cousin.

Adriana lifted her arms to facilitate the removal of her top and then tangled her hands in her cousin's hair as she sucked, licked and nibbled at first one nipple then the other. She reached down and started to tug at Julie's top, determined that if this was going to happen that she was going to experience as much as Julie did.

Julie broke her kiss with Adriana's nipples as her top was removed. She sat up briefly and her hands reached behind her to unclasp her bra as Adriana's hands fondled her much larger breasts through the material, before seizing the bra between the cups and pulling it down Julie's arms to toss it away to the floor of the bedroom.

Adriana's hands groped her cousin's breasts and she moaned as she felt the firm weight of Julie's c cup breasts. She tugged on the nipples and squeezed the breasts together, playing, marvelling. Julie placed her hands over her cousins, assisting them in their exploration of her boobs before pulling them away, back up and over Adriana's head as she collapsed on top of her, her large breasts crushed against Adriana's small ones.

Their faces were now only inches apart and Julie looked over Adriana's face, taking in the wet full lips, the flush in her cheeks, the desire in her eyes. Julie all but dove downwards, her lips descending towards Adriana's as they seemed to be beg to be joined with her own.

Adriana watched as Julie's mouth crashed in a light speed slow motion into her own, their tongues meeting as if they were finally fulfilling their true and single purpose in the world. Julie released Adriana's hands from above her head as they kissed, her own hands travelling down to caress her cousin. She touched her face and neck and arms as they continued to try and meld their mouths into a single united entity.

Adriana used the freedom of her hands to touch her cousin. She felt the sides of her full breasts, ran her hands up over Julie's shoulders and down her naked back. They slipped beneath the waistline of her skirt and panties, to seize Julie's firm buttocks as they kissed. Then Julie was moving, trailing her tongue and kisses along Adriana's neck, over her breasts, her tummy, her hands following and tracing and touching the same course that her tongue and lips had travelled.

As Julie's tongue reached the top of Adriana's bike shorts her hands caught up, catching them as they moved further, dragging them and her pink panties down her cousin's long slender legs. Her head stayed level with Adriana's pussy, taking in the view as it was exposed, noting the aroma of her aroused state, watching the beads of moisture nestled between her lips. Noting the smell of her brother's cum. She pushed Adriana's legs apart, spreading them and giving her a complete view of the patch of Shangri-la before her. She reached out and ran a finger down the slit of her cousin's pussy, picking up lubrication as she went, trailing it all over her labia.

Adriana seized her legs behind the knees as her cousin started to explore her pussy, opening herself wide for whatever pleasure she was to receive.

Julie lowered her head to Adriana's pussy, lost in the excitement and pleasure, all thought of what might be considered 'normal or gay' beyond her mind as her tongue began to caress her cousin's lips. She knew exactly what to do, she knew that it was just like a pleasure that she would bring herself were it possible and set about sending shocks of wonder through her cousin. She could taste the mixture of her brother's cum mingled with Adriana's juices and reached down briefly to rub at her own pussy, feeling the material of her panties against its bald skin.

Steve wondered what was taking Adriana so long. She'd been in Julie's room for what seemed like ages and he was starting to wish he hadn't suggested that she bother talking to Julie. After all, he knew just how much the two of them could talk once they got going. He decided that he would just have to go and join them. As he approached Julie's door though, he heard whimpering. It was Adriana, he could tell. And it was the sort of whimpering she'd made when pleasured.

The door to his sister's room stood ajar and he peaked in, curiosity and excitement drawing him forward. Could his suspicions be correct? He stared in wonder through the gap between the door and the jamb. There before him lay his cousin who earlier that very day had taken his virginity. She was flat upon her back, naked on his sister's bed, her hands pulling her legs wide to expose her pussy. And there was his sister, on her knees, before her cousin, her tongue busy in Adriana's pussy, her cute butt pointing back towards the doorway in a short skirt which revealed her white cotton panties, their crotch obviously soaked.

Without even stopping to think about what he was doing, Steve pulled out his cock and started to wank its rapidly hardening length as he thought back to shaving his sister's pussy which was teasingly close beneath those panties, wishing that he could lick her juices from them or wrap them about his cock to wank.

Adriana squealed, cumming as Julie's tongue savaged her clit. She let go of her legs at last and peered down at Julie. As her eyes made the traverse over her own body, she noted Steve standing in the doorway, his massive cock in his hand, a glazed look of pleasure over his face. She grinned at him and he half-smiled in return, a look of embarrassment briefly flashing over his features.

'Oh God Julie, I don't know where that came from, but thank you," Adriana said, noting that Steve disappeared from view.

"I don't either, I was just looking at you and this amazing desire came over me. I guess it started when I felt your breast while you were sucking Steve.

"I'd almost forgotten about that," Adriana admitted, "I was so busy sucking that massive cock that anything could have been done to me!" She pulled Julie back up onto the bed beside her and kissed her, noting the taste of both Steve's and her own cum on her cousin's lips. "So, did you enjoy eating my pussy?"

"Oh yes," Julie said, her eyes sparkling with a pleasured gaze.

"Well, I guess I should find out what its like then," Adriana giggled, pushing Julie back onto the bed and making her way to the position so recently vacated by her. "Close your eyes and enjoy this," she said as she lifted Julie's short skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties down.

"Oooo, look at this!" she exclaimed as her fingers traced their way over Julie's bald mound. "Its all bare! I can't say I've ever tried that, but it sure looks nice. When did you do this?"

"Steve did it to me the other day. I told him I'd let him do one thing for me if he would show you his dick while I was in the room. That was what he chose."

"Wow, it seems like I owe you an extra thanks then, seeing as you went that far to get him to show me. I think I know how to say that thank you too!"

Julie laid back, her eyes closed as she felt the first caresses of Adriana's fingers on her shaved labia.

Steve listened from just outside the door as Julie began to audibly enjoy the attentions from her cousin. Once he thought that she was into it enough, he moved back to the gap in the doorway and began to wank again. He peered through the gap, seeing Adriana's hot arse sticking in the air, he pussy visible between her legs, his sister's hands firmly grasping her large breasts and fondling them as she was pleasured.

He watched the two of them until he thought he might not take anymore and then decided that he couldn't just leave, that he had to join in. He quietly opened the door enough to move in and knelt behind Adriana, his cock pointing at her pussy.

Adriana sensed the movement behind her and felt the pressure of the head of Steve's enormous cock against her wet lips as she worked her tongue in and out of the folds of her cousin's pussy. She moved her knees apart to give him access and in return felt herself split open as his massive member slowly worked its way inside her. She continued to lick at her cousin's bald pussy as Julie lay entranced in her own pleasure, oblivious to Steve's presence. Steve was deep inside Adriana and she reached behind her to stop him from thrusting too far into her pussy, his cock simply too big for her to accept all of him. As he started to thrust, the movement transferred to Julie's pussy, Adriana's face rhythmically bumping into her as she was fucked. Julie opened her eyes and looked to see what was going on. She was stunned to see her brother behind her cousin, firmly fucking her as she licked Julie's pussy. She wasn't sure about what to do, but the continuous pleasure in her pussy stopped her from doing anything that might change it.

As she met her brother's gaze, the look on his face with each thrust into Adriana's pussy was enough to tip Julie over the edge and she moaned as she exploded in orgasm, telling Steve to come and fill her mouth with sperm as she began her recovery.

Adriana sighed as the massive cock was withdrawn from her and Steve made his way to a point alongside the bed where Julie could suck him.

Steve watched in wonder as his sister took his cock, covered in both his and Adriana's juices into her mouth, sucking greedily at it. He looked on, loving the feeling and then seeing Adriana's hands snake up across his sister's body to take her breasts in them, pinching the nipples as he thrust at his sister's mouth. It was too much and he exploded again, his cock unleashing a torrent of sperm within his sister's mouth as she swallowed again and again to contain it all. He stopped cumming and she released him from her mouth.

Adriana reached up and pulled it to her own mouth, cleaning a drop of sperm from the tip before moving up and kissing Julie. Steve loved getting to see his sister and cousin kissing, their breasts thrust against each other's bodies.

They all moved to the bed and lay around speechless for a while, until they heard a car in the drive way and realised that Steve and Julie's mother was home. They scrambled for clothes and raced to the living room, where they sat, flushed and sopping with juices as Olivia entered, calling out hello to them before going to her room to ditch her luggage and change into more comfortable attire.

Olivia sat and chatted with the kids for a while before Adriana said that she'd better get back on her bike and ride back to her house. They all went outside to see her off and Steve and Julie both watched her arse disappear with fond memories of the afternoon that they'd spent together.

Olivia was tired from her travel but had also come home really horny. She wondered whether she'd be able to watch her son masturbate again tonight. Images of his wondrous cock kept her mind busy and made her panties wet as she went about preparing dinner.

After they'd eaten, she excused herself and told the kids that as she was tired, she thought that she might as well head off to bed and get a good night's sleep. She listened for Steve entering his room and had the computer set up ready, waiting for Soccer Steve to show up. She heard him enter his room after about half an hour and hoped that he would soon appear. He didn't appear and after waiting a bit longer again, she went down to the toilet to try and find out whether he was likely to be getting on his computer or not. As she passed his room, she heard a second voice and realised that Julie must be in there, so she went back to wait some more, figuring that it wouldn't be too long before he tired of talking to his sister and decided to either sleep or play.

Julie and Steve were busy discussing their encounters with Adriana in his room. Julie was asking Steve all about his first time with Adriana and Steve was doing the same to Julie, including telling her how hot it was to stand outside the room and watch her having her pussy eaten.

"Well to be honest, I was outside your door when you were fucking Adriana," Julie confessed, "I was listening and ended up with three fingers in my pussy I got so hot."

"Well I guess we're even for our perving then," laughed Steve.

"You know, I've been thinking that there's got to be a way to make some money out of that massive cock of yours," Julie sprung on her brother. Steve stared at her, his mouth agape. "I mean you have that older woman that you masturbate for, right?"


"Well don't you think that there might be other women out there who are prepared to pay to see a cock as massive as yours? I mean I am sure that some of my friends would love to see it, but I don't think that they'd pay money, but people on the internet pay for stuff like that don't they?"

"You might be onto something there. I've seen a couple of sites where they set up webcams and you have to pay to watch, but of course, I've never watched any of them because of that very fact that you have to pay," Steve told her.

"Can you show me some?" Julie asked.

"Sure," Steve replied, firing up his computer. They were soon looking at websites with webcams and trying to work out whether they should set up something of their own.

>hornylady> Steve! I had just about given up seeing you tonight! >Soccer Steve> Hey, I had someone with me and was just showing them some stuff. >hornylady> Oh, ok, are you alone now? > Soccer Steve> No, they're still here, are you going to be on for long? >hornylady> Um, maybe >Soccer Steve>ok, we'll I'll buzz you when I can. >hornylady>alright

Olivia wondered at the exchange. Obviously her daughter was in the room with her son still and so she'd tried not to say anything that would make him have to tell her what he'd been doing, but her chosen name of hornylady might make Julie wonder anyway. Oh well, she was sure that Julie would just laugh at him and maybe tease him some.

"You need a better screen name than that lame one," laughed Julie.

"Well I didn't set it up for porn you know and Steve is so common I had to do something with it."

"You should have MassiveCock4U or something, then you might get more people like that buzzing you and then we can start hitting them up for money."

"Huh, if we're going to hit people up for money, we should set you up as titties4U and suck in all those dirty old men 'cause I am sure there are more of them willing to part with their money than women," Steve threw back at her.

"Hmm, that might not be such a bad idea... and imagine what people would do if they thought they could watch me suck off my brother!?"

"We'd probably either end up in jail or rich," he laughed.

"Well, set up an account and let's see what we can do!" Julie said enthusiastically, "God, I'm getting wet just thinking about it." Steve laughed at her, but she glanced at his crotch and raised her eyebrows letting him know that his state of arousal wasn't quite un-noticed."

Steve set both of them up an account, himself as monstercock4fun and Julie as YoungHornyBiGirl (they had discussed and decided that more guys would be curious about a chick that professed to being bi than just a straight one and after all, she had had sex with Adriana that afternoon and told Steve that she was sure it wouldn't be her last lesbian experience.

>Soccer Steve>**buzz** >hornylady>hey there >Soccer Steve>I have done something new that I should tell you about >hornylady>oh? >Soccer Steve>I've set up a new account, called monstercock4fun >hornylady>Nice name >Soccer Steve>lol it's an account where people will have to pay to see me wank >hornylady>:o( no more freebies? >Soccer Steve>well maybe 4 u since u were the first, but not for anyone else. >hornylady>lucky me >Soccer Steve>I've also got a friend who has set herself up and we're thinking about doing oral sex shows for money if people will pay for it. >hornylady>Wow, quite the business man aren't you? >Soccer Steve>lol well I was convinced that my asset might be able to generate some cash. >hornylady>lol I am sure it will. >Soccer Steve>Would u pay to see my cock sucked off? >hornylady>not sure, but I just might u know >Soccer Steve>well think about it, cause it's a definite maybe. >hornylady>is your friend good looking? >Soccer Steve>oh yes, she's a hottie. >hornylady>that will help. >Soccer Steve>:o) >hornylady>r u going to show me that monster tonight? >Soccer Steve>I think I can accommodate u there. >hornylady>yay! >Soccer Steve>I'll turn on the cam if u show me urs >hornylady>It's a deal

"Can I watch you wank for her?" Julie asked as she sat watching the exchange on the screen.

"If you lick the cum from my hand," Steve said, thinking that this might drive her off so that he could do his thing in private.

"You always have something up your sleeve, don't you?" she said to him. "But I tell you what, I want to see this lady's pussy that gets you so horny, so I'll do it."

"Well ok, but just sit over there so that you're not in the camera shot," he told her as he fired up the web cam and removed his shorts. He turned the camera one way and the monitor at an angle to it so that Julie could see the screen but wasn't in shot. Steve let her know that there was no sound so she could talk to him if she wanted.

Hornylady appeared on the screen, as usual the shot focused on her crotch, which revealed a pair of hot pink satin high cut panties

>Soccer Steve>Mmm, nice panties tonight! >hornylady>I bought them with u in mind >Soccer Steve>very nice of u >hornylady>and I can see how much u like them.

Steve was stroking his cock already with the camera aimed to capture every motion of his hand up and down its shaft.

>Soccer Steve>have u got anything to amuse urself with tonight? >hornylady>I have a nice big pink dildo that I bought. I thought it might be big enough for me to think its ur cock in me

a dildo appeared in the screen shot and it was indeed very large. It was difficult to see how it might compare with his cock on the screen, but by the time that it started to stretch her pussy lips wide, it was obvious that it was at least close. As it disappeared from view into the bald pussy, Julie tugged her panties down and started playing with her own bald pussy, telling Steve that if she kept seeing people putting things in their pussies like she was seeing today that she might just have to try it herself!

>Soccer Steve>Oh wow, that opens u up nicely! >hornylady>mmm, moisten ur cock for me.

Steve grabbed the moisturiser he had stolen from Julie's room and started to work it over his cock, sliding his hand up and down his member. Julie started to talk dirty to him, telling him how good it look to see him wank and how she was going to lick his cum from his hand when he was done, all the while pushing her fingers into her bald pussy and stroking her clit.

They both watched as the dildo went in and out of hornylady's pussy, then as some lubricant was squirted over it and it started to work faster and faster.

>Soccer Steve>o god, gonna cum >hornylady>:o)

Steve held out his hand and erupted into it, filling it with cum. There wasn't as much as usual because he'd already cum twice that afternoon, but there was still plenty there.

Steve and Julie watched as hornylady finished herself off until the camera focused on her pulsating pussy. Seeing another pussy pulsing with orgasm was enough for Julie and she too came, Steve watching as her lips clenched and relaxed, holding his handful of cum. He and hornylady disconnected their computers and Julie crawled over to him.

Steve held out his hand and Julie pulled it down so that she could lick the cum from it. Steve's cock twitched as he watched his sister eat his sperm and she reached out and slid her hand up and down it a bit, but he was too sensitive and flinched out of the way.

Julie stood up and slid a finger into her pussy before sucking it in front of her brother. Then she wished him a good night and retreated to her room.

The family woke up on Sunday and went about their usual lazy day activities, tidying things up, watching TV and generally waiting for something to happen. Olivia, still tired from her trip and the fact that she hadn't gone to bed early the night before as she'd told the kids she would, announced that she was going to have an afternoon nap and asked Julie and Steve to wake her up in time for dinner which she would leave for them to organise.

Once she was sure that her mother was asleep, Julie grabbed her brother and started to drag him off to his room, telling him that she wanted him to boot up the computer so that she could see if anyone was interested in watching him masturbate for money.

He turned it on and signed in to the website that allowed him to broadcast and then just sat about waiting. The fact that Julie was there waiting as well turned him on, but it seemed that at this point, the only people that were interested in seeing him stroke his big cock were men. Julie told him to go ahead and do it because money was money, but Steve told her that just because she was happy to lick another pussy, didn't mean that he was about to start performing for other guys.

"If you're so keen for this to work, why don't we sign you in so that you can perform?" Steve challenged his sister.

"Ok, you're on," she answered. They switched seats and Steve signed Julie into her account and again, they sat back and waited, Julie sitting in front of the camera. It wasn't long before Julie started to get messages telling her how gorgeous she was and could she show her feet, to take her top off etc etc. Steve told her to have some fun and tease the guys a bit and so she squeezed her breasts through her top and leant forwards to show her cleavage. Then she pulled her knees up to her chest so that her panties could be seen beneath her short skirt. This brought a flood of messages to the screen, men telling her what they wanted her to do, what they wished that she could do to them, or them to her.

"Time to make some money," Steve said. He'd done some investigation into how the whole set up worked earlier in the day and told Julie to announce that she was now going to showtime, which meant that anyone who wanted to see the camera would have to have an account with money in it. The money would then be deducted from their account and added to hers for each period of time that they continued to watch.

She made the switch and a couple of names of observers remained, quickly sending her messages of what they wanted her to do and asking if did she do this and that and everything else. She was quite shocked by some of the suggestions, like did she do pee shots! It was after about only 30 seconds that people started to get indignant and she realised that she would have to get a move on or people would leave. She took her breasts in her hands and started to pull on her nipples, visibly drawing them away from her breasts so that they were perky and erect. She rubbed her panties into her pussy, pushing her finger into her hole with her finger so that they were wet.

Steve encouraged her in what she was doing and gave suggestions as to what she could do to turn the guys on. She pulled her t-shirt over her head to reveal her bra-clad breasts to many messages of lustful appreciation. Standing, she turned around to show off her arse before bending over, her pussy peeking from between her legs as she winked at the camera from between her legs. Steve had his cock out and was stroking it, turned on as he watched his sister teasing the anonymous men that sat at the other end of the Internet.

After a few minutes, Julie decided that it was time that she rewarded the guys and she released her breasts from her bra and removed her skirt so that they could see her sitting there in just her panties. She pulled and manipulated her breasts and even picked up a pen off of Steve's desk and sucked on it provocatively before rubbing it over her panties as if she was going to have sex with it.

The guys continued to tell her how awesome she looked but pleaded at the same time to see her pussy. She teased them by pulling her panties to one side a little, enough to show just one shaved lip, the did the other on the other side, but not showing them her slit. She pulled them down in the front to show that there was no hair there either but revealed only the very top of her slit. Turning around, she pulled her panties up into the crack of her arse like a thong and again, many messages of encouragement filled the screen, telling her to show her pussy so that they could cum.

Deciding that it was time, she turned with her butt to the camera and slid her panties down her long brown legs before turning to sit back in the seat, her legs spread to show her shaved pussy to the world. Julie was dripping wet as she sat there rubbing her panties over her wet lips as guys from all over the place told her that they were going to cum. She tossed her panties to Steve and he wrapped them around his cock as he watched his sister start to finger her pussy for the men that were watching.

Julie took her slimy fingers from her pussy and sucked on them. Suddenly guys were announcing that they were cumming everywhere. She announced that it was the end of the show and they all asked her when she would be back. She didn't have a definite answer but assured them it wouldn't be too long.

Steve quickly told her to get email addresses because he'd come up with an idea. Julie noted down a host of email addressed and signed off.

"Fuck, that made me so horny!" Julie announced to her brother, eyeing off his enormous cock, which he was still stroking with her panties.

"You were fantastic, Jules, I can't believe what a turn on it was to watch you masturbating for them like that!"

"I know what you mean, its how I felt last night when I was watching you wank for hornylady! The only thing is that they were all finished and looking to get out before I had even cum. How typical."

"Well maybe I should help you out then, hey Sis?" Steve grinned at his sister.

"I wouldn't be complaining if you did, brother mine," she grinned back, leaning back in her chair and spreading her legs. Steve got down on his hands and knees and crawled over, his tongue starting its journey at her knee and continuing down her inner thigh until it made its destination between her sweet, wet, bald lips.

Steve worked over his Sister's pussy with his tongue until she pushed him away. He thought that she must have cum without his even noticing (which would have been embarrassing) but she looked down at him and said quietly, "Steve, I want you to fuck me."

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Yes, I want to know what its like to have a cock in me and I want it to be yours."

"If that's what you want, you know I will be happy to do it!" he responded enthusiastically as Julie lay herself down on his bed. His cock was erect and needed no encouragement as he made his way over to the bed to climb between her legs, his tongue snaking its way across her taught tummy to her breasts before settling within her waiting lips.

Julie could feel the tip of her brother's cock against her pussy lips and opened her legs wider, willing it inside of her. She bit down on her lip as she felt him use his hand to get the head of his cock between her labia, spearing slowly into her hole. She couldn't believe just how big and tight it felt as he squeezed slowly into her pussy. He got some of his cock in and then met with resistance that she assumed was her hymen.

He was sliding in and out of her pussy slowly, trying to be gentle and Julie told him to do it, to force himself inside her and take her purity.

Steve drew back and thrust his cock hard inside his sister's virgin pussy, tearing through her hymen and plunging deep within her until she told him to stop, not all of his cock inside her.

"Just hold still," Julie said quietly, laying quietly, her brother's cock filling her pussy more than she could ever have imagined possible. Steve tried to hold still but needed to move, to feel the grip of his sister's wonderfully tight pussy on his cock as it was fucked for the very first time. He started rocking back and forth slightly, gaining momentum, his sister lying quietly as she took it.

He was about to start getting into it when Julie asked him to stop. "Please, Steve, it hurts." Steve respected his sister's request and pulled his cock out. Julie offered to wank him, but Steve told her that he'd be ok and would finish off later. Julie pulled her clothes back on and kissed Steve, thanking him for being so understanding. As she went to leave the room, Julie turned and asked him, "Why did you want me to get the email addresses?"

"Because I think they'll pay more to us direct than through the hosting site, especially if say they knew that you'd suck your brother's dick for cash!

"Well, I think you might have a point there," she said, before turning to leave the room.

Steve signed himself back into the computer and decided that if he was going to attract a woman to watch him masturbate, maybe he needed to give a better indication of what it was that he had to offer. He stripped down to his boxers and made sure that there was a clear outline of his massive member. He gave up after a little while though, because it seemed the only people that were interested in paying to see his cock were still gay men. And he couldn't bring himself to go there.

He switched to looking at porn sites and wanked until he came before going down to help his sister with dinner.

Julie didn't put on another show during the following week. She told Steve that she was sore from having lost her virginity and that she wanted to wait a bit before she did it again. On Thursday night, Adriana called and spoke to Julie. Julie told Steve that Adriana and Alexis were having a couple of friends over for drinks and that they'd been invited to join them. Steve was fine with that and the two of them went on with life looking forwards to the weekend.

Friday night, Julie and Steve camped out in his room, the computer on, plotting ways to try and make some more money. At Steve's suggestion, they sent out an email to all the guys that had left them the previous weekend, asking if they were interested in paying to see younghornybigirl do something special.

There was one immediate response from a guy who was curious as to what she was offering to do. Julie sent back a message asking how much he would pay to see her give a blow job. The response came back a minute later that he'd pay $5 to see her suck a cock, or maybe more if he actually got to see cum in her mouth. Julie and Steve considered this and decided that they didn't really think that it was enough.

Steve took the keyboard and using Julie's email account, sent a message back pointing out that this guy would be the only one that got to see it at this point and that as such, they thought he should be offering more. He increased his offer to $15. Then Steve sent a message saying that given the only cock she had access to for the performance was her brother's she thought that the price should be more in the order of $50.

The anonymous person on the other end sent back a reply saying that if they could prove to him that they really were brother and sister, then he'd be more than happy to pay the $50 to see her suck her brother's cock if he came on her face and she scooped it into her mouth and swallowed it after.

Steve sent back a message agreeing that this would be fine by them. He turned the cam on and he and Julie sat down next to each other so that they could both be seen. They guy on the other end expressed some scepticism as to their relationship. Although they looked similar enough, he wasn't prepared to throw fifty bucks away if it weren't the truth.

Steve thought about how they could prove it, but it was Julie who suggested that they just hold up their driver's licences. Steve agreed, but pointed out that they should cover up everything except their name and photo so that they couldn't be tracked down.

This was enough to satisfy their anonymous audience and Julie dropped to her knees beside her brother, pulling his shorts down to free his massive erection. The thought of having his sister sucking on his cock whilst a stranger watched was exciting enough for him that he needed no assistance in reaching his full potential.

Julie started licking the tip of his cock and sucking on it as Steve moved the webcam and played with the settings so that their audience could get a perfect view of her luscious, moist red lips as they worked their way up and down his cock.

The guy on the other end kept sending messages saying just how much he liked watching this and that he thought Steve was the luckiest guy alive to not only have such a hot sister, but to have one who was prepared to suck on his cock.

After a minute of two of sucking, Steve gave the guy details of his paypal account in order that the money could be transferred before he simply switched off the cam and enjoyed it all by himself. It didn't take long for the money to appear in the and Julie resumed sucking on his monster cock with glee.

With Steve reading out suggestions on what to do from the screen (between grunts of pleasure) Julie continued to work over his cock until he announced that he was ready to cum. Julie pulled back from her brother's cock as he started to wank it and opened her mouth ready to receive his cum. Steve erupted and a huge spurt of sperm flew across the intervening space to hit her squarely on the cheek. The next spurt was better aimed and landed directly in her mouth. She sucked his cock again then, draining the rest of his sperm before looking directly into the camera and scooping the cum that had hit her on the cheek back into her mouth and swallowing. She made a point of opening her mouth to show their audience that she had indeed swallowed it.

They thanked their audience his contribution and he in turn thanked them for sharing their horny little selves with him, asking if they'd do it again. They replied that they would certainly be interested in doing it again at some time and Steve hinted that they were just starting to explore this whole thing and that for more money, there might be no limit to exactly what they were prepared to do. The guy at the other end expressed significant interest in this as they signed off.

By the time that they closed down the web camera, there were four more messages expressing interest in the general enquiry that had been sent out earlier. Steve replied to each of them asking if they would pay to see younghornybigirl suck a cock until it came. They all said yes and Steve let them know that they would hear more in the near future.

"I think you'd better give me an orgasm now, because doing that in front of some stranger got me really fucking horny," Julie said to Steve as he turned off the computer.

"Well I can't deprive you of the pleasure that you just gave me now, can I?" he replied. Julie giggled and moved over to his bed, not bothering to undress, but simply pulling her skirt up around her hips and flopping back down on the bed with her legs spread.

Steve eyed off her yellow cotton panties, running his finger over the damp crotch as he admired the way they clung to her bald pussy lips. He leaned in nice and close to smell the aroma emanating from her pussy before licking alongside them, teasing his sister. Having teased around the edge of her panty crotch, Steve proceeded to lick the crotch itself, tasting his sister's juices as they seeped into the cloth. Julie begged him to stop teasing her, to remove her panties and lick her pussy properly.

Julie lifted her arse off of the bed as Steve's hands pulled her panties down her long silken legs. He loved the view of her bald mound waiting for him and licked across it, slowly working his way down to the centre of her pleasure.

Steve slid his tongue between his sister's pussy lips, listening to the sounds of pleasure that his actions drew forth from between her lips. He could taste her sex on his tongue as he pushed it in and out of her hole before returning to her clit to circle and lick it the way that he knew she liked.

"Oh yes Steve, work my pussy for me, make me cum, oh please!" Julie hissed at her brother as he pleasured her. As the intensity rose, she found her mind drifting ahead to spending the night at Adriana's this weekend and she wondered whether she would get the opportunity to have Adriana's head between her legs again. As she recalled the feeling of Adriana's small breasts crushed against her own, her pleasure peaked under the attention of Steve's tongue, pulsing and clenching and releasing with wave after wave of her orgasm.

"Oh thank you Steve," she whispered as she recovered and pulled him up next to her to kiss him, their tongues mingling, tasting of each other's pleasure.

"Well, how much do you think people might pay to see a brother fuck his sister live?" Steve asked as they lay next to each other.

"Well before it ever happens in front of a camera, don't you think we should try again and get it right?" Julie said, a hint of anticipation in her voice.

"You want to try again now?" Steve asked, his cock responding to the possibility

"No, silly, God Mum could walk in! I think I've been in here long enough as it is!"

"Fair enough, but just so that you know, I am really look forward to having my cock in your hot, tight little pussy again Jules."

"Oh believe me, Steve, I've been thinking about getting it back inside me too, I am just waiting for the right time. Julie kissed him passionately again before picking up her things and making her way off to her own room again.

Steve turned his computer back on and logged in, wondering if hornylady was about. He was in luck.

>hornylady>Hey there, Steve, its been awhile! >monstercock4fun>Yeah, I've been a bit busy lately 'cause I managed to get really lucky. >hornylady>Oh really? Just how lucky did u get? >monstercock4fun>I lost my virginity >hornylady>Woohoo! That must be something uv been looking forward to >monstercock4fun>hell yeah lol >hornylady>who was the lucky girl? >monstercock4fun>oh, just someone I've known for a long time. We clicked in a new way is all >hornylady>wonderful >monstercock4fun>I'll say >hornylady>so are u feeling horny? >monstercock4fun>aren't I always? >hornylady>I guess u are. Do u have some panties handy?

Steve looked about the room and realised that Julie had taken her panties with her when she'd left the room. That was disappointing; they would have been nice and fresh.

>monstercock4fun>It seems not. Hang on and I'll get some? >hornylady>sure.

Steve made his way to the bathroom and rifled through the hamper, coming up with a thong that he hadn't seen in Julie's draw or on her at all and assumed it must have been his mother's. His Mum was bigger in the hips than Julie was, but with how stretchy the fabric was, he couldn't be totally sure. He didn't care if it was his mother's anyway, because he still got horny when he thought of the fact that she kept her pussy shaved.


Steve held the black thong out in front of the camera to show horny lady that he had achieved his goal.

In her room, Olivia nearly fell off the chair. That thong was the one that she'd been wearing earlier today! Steve had just come back with a pair of her own underwear to masturbate with! She couldn't' help but wonder if he knew that it wasn't Julie's.

>hornylady>Mmm, is that one of ur sister's? >monstercock4fun>Actually, I reckon its one of mum's >hornylady>Really? >monstercock4fun>Yeah >hornylady>and do you masturbate with ur mum's panties? >monstercock4fun>sometimes, when it takes my fancy lol >hornylady>does ur mum turn u on? >monstercock4fun>well let's just say that she's sure no slouch in the looks department

Olivia blushed in her room at the thought that her own son had all but told her she was a hottie.

>hornylady>how long have u been doing this with ur mum's underwear? >monstercock4fun>oh a couple of weeks now

Olivia's curiosity was driving her wild. She'd all but seduced her own son over the internet until he was regularly wanking for her and now she finds out that there is a chance that the attraction could be mutual. She had mad thoughts of desire running through her head about what could happen here. Of course, she told herself that she'd never go through with it... but wasn't that what she'd first thought when she'd discovered his cock was so big... that she wouldn't do anything about it?

>hornylady>when did u decide that ud use ur mum's? >monstercock4fun>um, well after I saw that she shaved her pussy actually >hornylady>u saw that? How?

Olivia was suddenly wondering just what her son had been up to and how on earth he knew about her smooth snatch, something that she kept that way for her husband's pleasure.

>monstercock4fun>um well, to be honest it was an accident lol. I was trying to see what my hot little sister looked like naked and snuck a camera into the bathroom. Mum got in there before my sis and so I got her on tape too. As I watched it I realised that I was getting really horny and before I knew it, I was wanking as I looked at my mum's bald pussy! Does that freak u out?

>hornylady>Well it sure is a shock, but given that u wank in ur sister's panties, I don't suppose it should be that much of a shock. Does it worry u?

>monstercock4fun>Not really... I guess its just a pair of panties after all and the way the tape was... it could have been anyone's bald pussy >hornylady>Ahh >monstercock4fun>*blush*

Olivia tried to gather her thoughts and work out what the hell she was going to do, but couldn't think of anything other than pulling the pin. And given the state of her wet pussy, she didn't really want to do that either.

>hornylady>are u going to wank in them for me? >monstercock4fun>of course.

Steve flipped out his cock, which had become totally erect as he told a stranger about the attraction that he had developed for his mother. He started stroking it with the thong, watching the bald wet pussy that had been revealed on the other cam, thinking about what it would be like to see his mother do what hornylady did... even wondering what it would be like to slide his massive cock inside her.

Olivia watched as her thong was worked up and down her son's cock, amazed at just how horny it made her. She slipped two fingers inside her pussy and worked them back and forth, wondering if this new feeling flushing through her body would be enough for her to pursue the day dream that was now occupying her mind... that of having her son's massive cock buried deep inside her. Her juices were oozing from her pussy and sliding down between her butt cheeks and she squeezed them together as she felt her anus become wet. Lost in the image of her son's cock in her thong and in the one in her mind which had it inside her, she lifted her left foot up onto the desk in front of her, and slid her fingers back out of her pussy before reaching around under one leg and sliding a finger into her anus, all the while working her clit with her other hand.

Looing back up at the screen of the laptop, she saw one of her son's hands move to the keyboard and begin typing a messasge.

>monstercock4fun>holy crap, did u just put a finger in ur arse?

Olivia moved her sticky fingers from her clit to reply

>hornylady>I did >monstercock4fun>and does it feel good? > hornylady>It sure does >monstercock4fun>wow I never even thought about that, seems kinda dirty >hornylady>well not everyone likes it but I do >monstercock4fun>man, I want to see more of that, I can't believe ur doing it >hornylady>it would be nicer with a cock > monstercock4fun>u take a cock up there?! >hornylady>when the mood takes me >monstercock4fun>shit! Can u do it some more, cause im gonna blow watching that! >hornylady>well feast ur eyes on this then

Olivia put her other foot up on the desk on the other side of the laptop, lifting her arse up into direct view of the camera. She slid her middle finger into her anus, feeling the ring of muscle as she penetrated past it before sliding her finger in and out, knowing that it was her son who was watching her and stroking his cock in appreciation of her performance. Thinking of it as a performance drove her further and soon she had a second finger in her anus alongside the first, working them both in and out quickly as she saw the pace with which her son stroked his cock increase.

>hornylady>cum for me! >monstercock4fun>oh yes

Olivia manipulated her clit and worked her anus with her other hand as she saw a semen erupt from her son's cock to be caught in the fabric of her thong that he was using to wank with. It was enough to send her over the edge of pleasure and her pussy and anus clenched and twitched in response to the orgasm that surged through her body.

>hornylady>god that was good >monstercock4fun>it was fucking amazing! >hornylady>lol thanks I think I need to sleep now. >monstercock4fun>me too, night >hornylady>gnight.

They turned off their computers, each of them cleaning themselves up before tumbling into bed to sleep for the night.

Steve woke up and smiled to himself. Tonight he and Julie would be staying the night at Adriana's place and he was pretty sure that mean that he was going to get to fuck his cousin again. And if he played his cards right, he could even get to have sex with Julie as well. He was sure that if she saw him having sex with Adriana and saw how much Adriana enjoyed it, that she would want a turn as well.

Over breakfast, Olivia found it hard to look at her son. She had over come this problem previously, but the discovery last night that he had been masturbating to video footage of her bald pussy and even using her panties for his pleasure sent her mind to places that she thought she shouldn't be going. She kept thinking back to all the times that he had told her that he would love to bury his tongue or his cock in her pussy and couldn't help but wondering what his reaction would be if she just pulled down her pants, bent over the kitchen table and begged him to bury his massive cock in her.

Instead, she went about eating her breakfast quietly, listening to her two kids and their happy banter as they discussed arrangements for the night's party at their cousin's. She watched Steve's butt as he walked around the kitchen, her eyes darting away as he turned and she realised that she was focused on his crotch and all but drooling.

Olivia wondered if she would survive the remaining week until her husband returned. God was he in for a good fucking when he got back. All her naughty thoughts about her son were getting her worked up and at this rate, she would be back in her room masturbating before the kids had even found time to entertain themselves.

Julie said that she wanted to go shopping and took off in the car, leaving Steve and Olivia at home. Olivia told Steve that she'd be in her room reading and Steve said, "That's cool, I might just mess about on the computer for a bit."

Once he had the computer on, he logged in as younghornybigirl and started to send emails to all the people that had expressed interests in seeing a show. He sent them queries and teasers trying to work out just what people were willing to pay and what he and Julie might have to do to access it. He was surprised at just how quickly replies where coming in... once they discovered that there was a chance that what they would see was between a brother and sister, the prices offered increased significantly and Steve was starting to think that he was sitting on a potential gold mine. In the end there was a lot of money promised to see the event and Steve (under Julie's login) promised to see what he could do about making it happen.

Steve even sent off an email to hornylady to let her know that he was planning something really special and that he would let her know more when things were closer so that she could be a part of it.

Olivia wandered about the house, cleaning. She had indeed retreated to her room after breakfast and fingered herself until she came with a shuddering climax. She had even showered and shaved her pussy again afterwards. All it had managed to achieve though, was a temporary stay of her desire. Now, every sign that she saw of her son made her horny. The desire to walk into his room and demand that he fuck her with his enormous cock, or at least see it was completely occupying the fore front of her mind. How on earth would she survive the rest of the day like this? At least when Julie had been home, the temptation was short-circuited as there was even less chance of Olivia confronting her son then than when she was out.

Olivia heard the car in the driveway and heaved a sigh of relief... and disappointment. She'd just started conceiving reasons to walk into her son's room and asking what he was up to. She was also relieved though that she hadn't worked up the nerve before Julie came home again.

She decided to email Dave and tell him just what she wanted to do to him and that he should be home instead of away so that she could pass the time before the kids left for the party by fucking him instead of feeling frustrated. She was planning to spend the night in front of the webcam, getting strangers to tell her what a lovely bald pussy she had and how to pleasure it in order to relieve her frustration.

Upon logging in, she saw the email from monstercock4fun and of course opened it before any other email that was beckoning from her in box. At the thought of a special performance, her pussy melted. She wondered what her son might be planning. Olivia replied that she would love to see Steve's massive cock in a special performance, but wanted to know when, as it could be difficult for her to find the time alone to sit down and watch.

She waited a few minutes and was about to give up (assuming that Julie's arrival might have got her son off of his computer – she could hear her calling out to him) when she saw a response stating that it depended upon him being able to get some time alone himself, that it was most likely to happen the next time that one of her mother's business trips coincided with one of his father's... potentially as early as next week if his mother got called away again.

Olivia found that she had started rubbing her crotch through her pants at the thought of her son planning this special performance to occur in her absence whilst at the same time unknowingly inviting her to be one of the beneficiaries! Steve promised that he would keep in touch and let her know when it was all going to occur, but that he'd be offline for the night and tomorrow as he was off partying.

Olivia sent him an email telling him to have a good time and that she'd look forward to hearing more about the performance.

"Come on Steve, are you ready to go?" Julie called out from the bottom of the stairs. Steve sighed as he turned off the computer. She'd been out shopping all afternoon and now suddenly he was the one holding them up?

"Hang on Jules, I just need to throw some clothes together for tomorrow," he called back, grabbing his sports bag and emptying his soccer gear from it so that he could use it for the night.

Julie stood waiting in the entrance hall in a pair of track pants and a midriff tank-top, her nipples erect in anticipation of the night away from home with her brother and cousin. She should have told Steve to be ready when she got back, except she admitted to herself that she hadn't intended to spend anywhere near as much time at the shops as she'd ended up doing.

Steve came out of his room, calling out to their mother that they were off and that they'd see her tomorrow afternoon.

Olivia emerged from her room to see them off and both Steve and Julie noticed that her face was quite flushed considering that it was a relatively cool day and that her clothing was a little dishevelled considering the way she usually presented herself, even when she wasn't expecting anyone to come by ("it never hurts to be prepared," she was always telling them.)

Julie and Steve took off from home in the car, waving goodbye to their mother as they cranked up the stereo and sang along on their way to Adriana's.

"You know, I reckon Mum was masturbating," laughed Julie as the song ended and Steve turned a corner.

"And what makes you think that?" Steve laughed back, "just because that's what you'd be doing if you were left alone for five minutes."

"Huh, as if. No, it was just her general appearance. After all, I know what I've looked like sometimes after a really good fingering and think about it, Dad has been away for 3 weeks, surely she needs some kind of release!"

"I guess you're probably right, its just kinda weird to think of her lying there masturbating whilst I was alone in the house with her I guess," Steve said, belying the thoughts that were truly racing through his head: "Man, just think I was alone in the house and could have snuck in and watched her work over her bald pussy, how mad would that have been?"

They arrived at their cousins' house and both Adriana and Alexis were out the front, clearing the yard in preparation for the night's party.

"Hey guys!" Adriana called out. Steve surveyed his cousin as she approached them. Adriana was wearing a pair of cut off denim shorts that cupped her butt nicely and showed off every inch of her long tanned legs, right down to the bare feel that she sported as she crossed the grass. She was wearing a baggy blue t-shirt, which Steve was a little disappointed in, but hey, she was just working in the yard, he couldn't exactly expect a fashion show... though it would have been nice. She had her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and he found himself wishing that he could run his tongue up the gentle curve of her neck.

"Hi there Adriana," he heard Jules saying in response to her greeting. He in turn acknowledged her greeting as his gaze moved over to Alexis, his older cousin. Like Adriana, she was tall and slim. Her hair was a dirtier blonde than Adriana's and she kept it shorter, barely down to her shoulders with just enough length to put it up. Her breasts were small like Adriana's, though this wasn't currently evident as she had her back turned to him. He admired her arse as she bent over to pick something up off of the lawn before straightening and making her way over to the car as well.

"Hi Steve, Jules," she said. They echoed her greeting. "All ready for a night of drinking and debauchery?"

"Oh yeah!" Steve said enthusiastically, bringing laughter from the three girls. He joined them, wondering what Alexis would think if she had any idea of just how dirty he intended to get with this sister and cousin.

Steve and Julie piled out of the car and followed their Adriana inside, leaving Alexis to return to her preparations.

"You're in here with me Jules," Adriana told her cousin as they went into her room. "You'll be on the couch, Steve, but you can leave your gear in here for now, you never know, you might get lucky and not need the couch," Adriana said, winking at him. As Steve moved to put his bag in the corner out of the way, Adriana turned to Julie and pulled her close, her mouth clamping over her cousins, her tongue probing between her lips. Julie returned the passion of the kiss, her hands resting on Adriana's arse as she felt Adriana rub herself against her breasts.

Steve stood watching, a silly grin spreading across his face and his cock stiffening in reaction to the sight of his sister and cousin sharing their kiss in front of him.

"Something exciting you, Steve?" Adriana said with a grin as she broke off her kiss with Julie and eyed off his crotch.

"Oh, only what might have just been the sexiest kiss I've ever seen," he laughed and Adriana stepped over to him and gave him a kiss just as passionate as she'd given his sister. His hand slid up inside Adriana's t-shirt to discover that she wore no bra and his cock twitched as he caressed the smooth flesh with its peaked nipple.

"Well, I have to welcome you properly, we might not get another chance for ages," she said by way of an explanation, stepping away from Steve, his hand having to release its pleasurable hold. "We'd better go help Alexis set up."

The three of them went back downstairs and asked Alexis what she would like them to do to help and she happily set them off in pursuit of various tasks to get the house ready for the party. Before long the afternoon was trailing towards evening and the four of them were sitting having a quiet drink before going upstairs to get ready for the party.

"Time to get ready," Adriana announced, standing to move off, "Come on Jules."

Adriana sat on her bed, watching Julie as she brushed her hair, loving the movement of her breasts as she moved her hands up and down, stroking the brush through her hair. They had both showered and now sat in Adriana's room, having banished Steve to the bathroom now that all three girls had finished with it. He had good-naturedly accepted the fact that he got the bathroom last by a simple majority vote.

At Adriana's insistence, Julie was still naked as she brushed her hair and applied her makeup. Adriana wanted to appreciate her body as it moved about her room, but restrained herself from pleasuring her cousin, other than with the occasional touch when she stepped within arm's reach.

Satisfied that she was adequately made up, Julie went to her bag and took out the things that she had bought earlier in the day specifically for the party.

"What do you think?" Julie asked Adriana as she held up a low-rise thong that was almost having trouble existing.

"I think that if it wasn't for your shaved pussy, you'd be having some bikini line issues!" laughed Adriana as Julie pulled the tiny white scrap of cloth up her legs before settling it in place. "It looks fucking hot though!" she added as Julie picked up the bra that she had brought as well.

"God, lucky I didn't come shopping with you, I would have eaten you in the change rooms," Adriana declared as Julie fastened a matching white demi-cup bra about her breasts, the cloth just barely covering her erect nipples, which she tucked neatly into the cup.

"Well, there's an interesting prospect we might have to explore," laughed Julie, pulling on a denim mini-skirt that could have been a belt had it been any shorter. She capped off the ensemble with a hot pink midriff top that clung deliciously to her breasts.

"Fuck the party, I think I want to spend the night with you here," Adriana said, her fingers pinching at her nipples.

"No no, we have to party first, sex comes later," Julie said in a serious imitation of her mother's voice which sent them both into hysterics. "Come on, get dressed, I want to see how hard Steve gets when he sees the two of us walk out of here."

Adriana rummaged around in her underwear drawer before giving up and taking a leather skirt from her cupboard, telling Julie, "Well since you're barely wearing any underwear, the only thing I can do to compete is wear none!" And she pulled the skirt up over her legs before fastening it in place.

"Just be warned that my hands might wander if I know that you're not wearing panties," laughed Julie.

"Promises, promises." Adriana pulled on a fitted midnight blue t-shirt to go with the black skirt and the two of them waltzed out of the room to go have a drink with Steve and Alexis as they waited for the other party guests to arrive.

Both Adriana and Julie enjoyed the look that Steve gave the two of them as they descended the stairs into the living room, especially because of the fact that the reaction of his eyes matched the reaction in his pants.

"Geez, are you two setting out to turn my friends in to babbling masses of putty?" Alexis asked the two girls when she saw how they were dressed. "You do realise that this is just a back yard party don't you?"

"Of course, but there's no reason why we can't dress to feel sexy is there?" Adriana answered her sister, blushing a little.

"Well it will be interesting watching the guys make fools of themselves fawning all over you. You might want to watch out for a couple of the girlfriends though," Alexis teased.

"Who says it shouldn't be their boyfriends who are worried?" Julie asked. Alexis' mouth gaped in response to the insinuation that Julie might pursue a girl for sex. Julie winked at her and giggled and Alexis shook her head and laughed, assuming that Julie had just been teasing her in return.

"Do you girls want something to drink?" Steve asked the two of them as they sat down.

"Sure, get me a stoli," Adriana said and Julie echoed her request. Steve used the opportunity in the kitchen to adjust his crotch, having become significantly harder since his sister and cousin had come down the stairs. It sure was a step up from what Alexis was wearing.

He looked her over as he walked back into the room, she was wearing tight fitting jeans that hugged her butt nicely and a little pale pink midriff t-shirt that clung to every inch of her torso, but exposed her flat belly. Steve thought that she must be wearing a push up bra tonight because he was sure that her breasts hadn't appeared to be that big earlier today (and he had taken notice too!) He passed the other two girls their drinks and picked up his beer as he sat down next to Julie. He really would have liked to put his arm around her (hell if he was day-dreaming he would have liked to have squeezed and sucked her tits!) but he couldn't do this in front of Alexis who sat to their left.

Adriana was sitting opposite him and as he slouched in the lounge that he shared with Julie, he couldn't help but stare at the lovely long pair of legs that emerged from under Adriana's skirt, especially at the point where they met the hem of her skirt.. He caught her smiling at him slyly just as the doorbell rang. Alexis jumped up to go and see who it was and as she left, Adriana spread her legs, revealing her pussy, free of panties to both Julie and Steve. Julie laughed and told her she was bad, but Steve, caught by surprise just stared and licked his lips, causing both Julie and Adriana to burst into more laughter as they stood and lead him out to the backyard where Alexis was taking the first guests.

The party passed reasonably uneventfully apart from some merciless teasing on the part of Adriana. Whenever she got the chance she would rub either her hand or her butt against Steve's crotch, endeavouring to keep him erect for the whole night. At one point, he spotted her lurking in a dark corner and as he approached, she slid her hand up under her skirt and withdrew it. He kept advancing on her and she sucked the finger into her mouth. God he loved to see her do that. When he caught up with her (she had left the corner before he got there) she ran her finger along his upper lip, allowing him to smell her sex on her finger before running away, giggling.

Julie spent most of the night talking to various boys at the party. Adriana seemed a little off-limits to them as Alexis' younger sister, but for some reason cousin didn't afford the same protection. Not that Julie minded the attention of course. She flirted outrageously but committed to nothing and one by one the boys gave up and deserted her or left the party when they realised that the person that the truly desired was obviously being kept for someone else.

Alexis didn't seem to be targeting any one person and as the night drew to a close, Steve was surprised to find himself alone with the three girls as he had been at the outset of the night. Though he was a bit drunker he had to admit to himself.

"Holy crap Adie, what happened to your underwear?" Alexis asked her sister suddenly, drawing everyone's eyes to her crotch. Adriana had sat and put both her feet up on the seat, hugging her knees, but she hadn't managed to keep her legs together and her skirt was hanging down enough that her sister was left staring directly at her pussy, as was Steve, who was next to Alexis.

"Oh don't worry, I haven't had any on all night," laughed Adriana drunkenly.

"God, don't you even care that Steve is busy copping an eyeful of your pussy?"

"Well, not if I get to cop an eyeful of whatever he is hiding in his pants," Adriana retorted. This of course drew Alexis' eye to Steve's crotch. She could see that he was aroused and as Julie and Adriana had been before her, was stunned at the apparent size of what he was packing in his pants.

"Geez, Adie, he's your cousin!" Alexis said.

"Yeah, but look at how big it looks!" Adriana said, smiling at Steve who despite his history with Adriana and his sister was blushing at being made an object of conversation like this in front of his older cousin. "Don't you want to see it?"

Alexis was caught between desire and what she believed was right. She really did want to see just how impressive Steve's cock was, but at the same time, it wouldn't be right for her to check out her cousin! And even if she did look, it had to be worse with her little sister here along with Steve's little sister! (Even if she had fantasised about kissing her cousin Steve when she was younger she quietly admitted to herself.)

"Then I think we all need another drink!" announced Julie, standing up to get them all another round. Alexis kicked Adriana's feet out so that her legs fell down and her pussy was hidden again.

"Just because Steve enjoys it, doesn't mean I want to stare at it for the rest of the night!" she said to Adriana. In response Adriana stood up and lifted her skirt, flashing Steve and her sister.

"Do you really like looking at it?" she giggled to Steve as his eyes caressed her pussy.

"Oh yes, but you know, looking is only half the fun.."

"Geez, Steve, don't encourage her!" Alexis said.

"Hell why not, it's the only pussy I've seen tonight and from where I sit it looks perfectly fine," he laughed back at her.

"You two are terrible!" Alexis said.

"Whose terrible, what'd I miss?" Julie said, returning with drinks for them.

"Just your brother and cousin being lewd and disgusting," Alexis told her, taking a drink. "Adie just flashed her pussy at us!"

"Oh man, and I missed it? Show me!" Julie said, sitting down and giggling.

"Only if you show me your tits!" Adriana said as she stood up and lifted her skirt to flash Julie her pussy, wiggling her arse at Steve. Julie pulled her top off over her head and pulled the cups of her demi-bra down so that her breasts spilled free, making Adriana giggle even more in her drunken state. Steve applauded and told his sister what a fantastic pair of tits she had. Alexis stood up as if to leave and said, "You lot are filthy, I'm off to bed because I don't want to know what you get up to."

"Stop her Steve, she hasn't shown us anything!" Adriana said quickly, "Show her your cock so that she stays!" She moved around to try and head her sister off at the stairs. Alexis had slowed and turned to look at Steve at the suggestion that he show her his cock. Curiosity was winning over propriety as she attempted to steer herself towards her bedroom. She stopped and gasped as Steve dropped his pants to his ankles and stood with his massive member semi-erect before the three girls.

"Isn't it massive?" Adriana asked her sister, who had now stopped to stare, thoughts of going to her room rapidly fading from her memory. "Stroke it for her Steve, show her how big it really gets."

At first, Alexis wondered how her little sister even knew how big her cousin's cock got and wondered about the fact that his sister was sitting and watching all this as happily as if it was some strip show in a club somewhere, but as Steve wanked his cock, she just watched, her pussy and nipples reacting to the scene before her, betraying her sense of propriety as they gave way to the animal lust that the sight demanded of her.

"Touch it," her little sister said to her and she tentatively reached out her hand. Steve stepped forwards so that his erect cock nestled in her hand, which barely encompassed it. She noted that there was plenty of room left on the cock for a second hand, truly amazed. Steve rocked his hips back and forth and she reacted instinctively, gripping it with her hand and tugging on it.

"Kneel down," Adriana urged her, removing her leather skirt to get access to her dripping pussy as she watched Alexis respond to her instructions. As she had found herself, there was something irresistible about having a cock that big in front of you that drove thoughts of whose body it was attached to from your mind. "Suck the monster Lexi, take it in your mouth."

Alexis opened her mouth and took her cousin's enormous prick inside it, her tongue caressing the underside as she plunged down on it, wondering how much of it she could actually take. She found that there was still an awful lot of cock before her as the head hit the back of her throat and made her gag. She sucked up and down on it as her sister encouraged her. She was just wondering whether Julie was watching her suck her brother's cock when she felt someone kneel down behind her. From the feel of the breasts that were suddenly rubbing against her back, she knew it wasn't her sister. Her mind burned with an imagined image of the way Julie's breasts looked in the hot bra that she was wearing, breasts that were now being crushed against her.

Julie's hands snaked their way up under Alexis' top to caress her breasts through the push up bra, pulling her back against Julie's breasts as Alexis continued to pleasure Steve's cock with her mouth. One of Julie's hands was caressing her stomach, sliding further down, teasing at the waistband of her jeans before being joined by its partner, the two of them combining to attack the button, release the zip. She felt Steve's hands take her head between them and urge it up and down his cock and with Julie's fingers trying to make their way down to her sopping pussy and realised that she'd never been so wet or horny.

The whole time, Adriana encouraged them in their pursuits, sitting with her legs spread and a couple of fingers buried in her pussy, loving the sight of her sister wedged between her two cousins, lost to her lust. Julie was tugging her top off now and Alexis allowed it to happen only to find that Julie wasn't finished. She released the clasp of the push up bra and pulled it down Alexis' arms. Now she was kneeling before Steve topless, her jeans undone but in place, Julie's hands squeezing her breasts and pinching at her nipples between attempts to plunge down the front of her panties to her pussy.

Steve watched his sister's hands exploring Alexis' body and he glanced over at Adriana with her fingers buried in her pussy. He was going to cum. He could feel the pressure building in his balls and announced the fact to the girls. Alexis seemed to redouble her efforts and worked her mouth piston-like up and down as much of his cock as she could.

Julie moved alongside Alexis so that she could see her sucking on her brother's cock. She wanted to see her cousin's mouth filled with her brother's cum. Adriana joined them, her right hand reaching out to caress her sister's breast as her left slid inside the back of her jeans to cup her butt cheek and squeeze it.

Steve exploded in Alexis' mouth, his cum filling her as she desperately attempted to swallow. As the other two girls had found though, the volume was too much for her and she pulled back, a spurt of cum hitting her on the cheek, another falling short and splashing down onto her breast.

"Oh fuck that's good," Steve said finally.

"Shit," was all that Alexis managed before her cummy breast was enveloped by her sister's mouth. At the same time, Julie and pulled Alexis' head to her and kissed her on the lips. Alexis freaked. Here she was covered in her cousin's cum, her sister was sucking on her tit and Julie was kissing her like a lesbian. She struggled free and fled to her room, confused.

Steve started to go after her, but Adriana stopped him, "Let her go, she just needs time to sort out what she's feeling."

"Ok," he replied, obviously concerned.

"And anyway, what makes you think you can walk away from here without fucking me?" As she said this, she grabbed his cock and took it into her mouth, bringing him back to full size as her tongue flicked and caressed the head.

"And don't think I'm going to bed without getting off either," Julie added, getting her head down to Adriana's breast and sucking noisily on her erect nipple. Letting Julie take over, Adriana stripped off her top to stand naked before Steve and she kissed him passionately before sitting down on the couch and spreading her legs. "Come over here and fuck me, Steve." She invited him. Julie let him go from her mouth and moved over onto the couch next to her cousin as her brother knelt on the floor between Adriana's legs and started to slide his cock into her wet pussy. Julie kissed Adriana, her hands wandering all over her breasts and tummy, spreading her lips for her brother's cock and even grasping the base of his shaft as he fucked his cousin.

"I think I should show you the rest of what I bought today," Julie said, kneeling up on the couch and pulling up the short denim skirt to expose the tiny thong that she had been getting wet in all night.

"Oh man that is hot!" Steve told her between grunts as he thrust his cock at Adriana's pussy. Julie removed her skirt and sat back down, pulling and tugging on the cloth to the extent that it was barely visible between her pussy lips. Steve was working really hard on Adriana now, who was lying back with her eyes closed, being pummelled by the massive member.

Steve pulled his cock out of Adriana, instructing his sister to suck it clean, to suck all of Adriana's juices from it. He looked on as his sister's wonderful pouty lips engulfed the wet head of his cock, He groaned and Adriana told Julie to get it really clean. Once he was satisfied with Julie's efforts, Steve pushed his cock back into Adriana.

Julie peeled off the thong. Steve reached for it, but she wouldn't let him have it. Instead she pushed it at Adriana's face, telling her, "open your mouth and suck my sticky panties Adie, show Steve what he wants to see." Julie pushed her thong crotch first into her cousin's mouth before sucking on Adriana's breasts again. As she did so, she used her left hand to finger Adriana's clit. It wasn't long at all and Adriana was squealing and screaming, her pussy clutching at Steve's massive cock as she came. It was too much for Steve and he thrust his cock deep into Adriana, deeper than he'd managed before, but still not all the way in and blew his load.

"Oh god that feels amazing," Adriana told him as his cock twitched and spurted deep within her. "You have to feel this Julie, Have you fucked your sister yet, Steve?" she asked, shifting her attention from one to the other. His blush told her everything that she needed to know. "I knew you would, you sly dog!"

"It was only once... and it hurt," Julie added, like there was some way to put some respectability into the equation.

"Only once? Holy shit, if I lived in the same house as this stud I'd fuck him every day!" Adriana said. "Lay down there, I want to see him fuck your bald pussy."

Given that she had planned on being fucked tonight anyway, Julie was only too happy to comply. She laid down on her back and spread her legs. Adriana took Steve's cock in her mouth, cleaning off her own cum, telling Julie that she'd give her a fresh cock to have in her. Julie idly played with her pussy and breasts as her brother's cock disappeared again and again into Adriana's mouth, getting harder and harder all the time.

"Now fuck her," Adriana said, eyeing off his cock and apparently satisfied at her efforts to bring it back to life. Steve made his way between his sister's legs and started to ease his way inside her pussy. She was so tight it was amazing. He checked to make sure she was ok and Julie assured him that this time there was no pain; that it was just a pleasurable total and utter stretching of her pussy. Adriana told him to slide his cock in and out and Steve started to do exactly that.

He continued to fuck his sister for several minutes, working them both towards orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I can't just watch," Adriana announced and told Steve to push himself up on his hands, leaving room for Adriana who squatted over her cousin's face.

"Eat me Jules, eat your brother's cum from my pussy,"

Julie lapped at the pussy that was suddenly thrust in her face, sperm oozing from between its lips and into her mouth, over her cheek, all the time feeling her brother spearing his massive cock into her own pussy.

Steve looked up from observing his cock as it plunged in and out of his sister's pussy and let his eyes travel up over her tight stomach to her breasts, half hidden by his cousin's arse. Damn that was a cute arse. He admired the curve of Adriana's hip up to her waist and leaned forward to kiss her in the hollow above the hip. He nibbled at her skin.

"Oh yeah, Steve, suck and bite me," Adriana encouraged him as he continued to fuck his sister who in turn ate out her cousin's pussy. Steve bit down and pulled on the skin of his cousin's waist with his teeth and she squealed before tumbling to one side as she came for the second time. He looked down at his sister's face, smeared with the combination of Adriana's and his juices that had been leaking from her pussy.

The sight was enough to bring him to the brink again and he told Julie that he was going to cum.

"In my mouth Steve, fill my mouth," Julie told him as he pulled his ready-to-explode cock from her bald pussy. He stuffed his cock into her mouth just as he came yet again for the night. Julie held his cum in her mouth and as Steve collapsed to one side, used her finger to tell Adriana to come over to her.

As Adriana approached, Julie sat up and dribbled Steve's cum from her mouth so that it dropped on to her bare mound and pussy lips.

"Clean me up, Adie, you little slut," she said, smiling a cummy smile at her cousin. Adriana grinned back and kissed her mouth first, licking and lapping at her cheeks and tongue, sucking cum from her cousin's face before travelling her way down the delightful plate that was Julie's body as Julie slowly reclined.

She reached her bald mound and slurped and sucked the cum from it before moving down to lick all over her pussy. Soon there was no evidence of sperm to be seen and Adriana suggested that she was finished.

"No way honey, make me cum," Julie insisted. Laughing, Adriana ran her tongue between Julie's lips until she could work happily on her clit, drawing squeals and moans of pleasure until pinching and pulling at her own nipples, Julie exploded in orgasm.

They made their way up to bed after that, Steve sharing Adriana's bed for the night as it was a queen size, Julie sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

The next morning, Steve woke up horny and considered playing with Adriana who lay naked next to him. But as he thought back over the pleasures of the night before, he became concerned about Alexis and what her reaction might be. He quietly slipped out of the bed and dragged on his boxers, making his way to her room.

Knocking tentatively on the door, he slipped inside. Alexis was awake, lying in bed and she smiled at him as he entered.

"Hey Lexi, how are you feeling?" he asked.

"A bit tender in the head actually, but that's just the alcohol," she laughed.

"I meant about what happened last night."

"I know I was just avoiding it. I've been lying here for about half an hour trying to come to terms with it.

I've always fancied you, you know, right back from when we were both 13 and I was just realising what boys were about. You've always been a hottie." Steve blushed.

"Yeah well I haven't exactly failed to notice how gorgeous you are," Steve told her; gratified that she blushed in return.

"Yeah, well despite all that, last night was... a lot more than I would have expected all at once I guess." Alexis added. "If it wasn't bad enough that I discovered my spunky cousin was hung like a rogue elephant, I suddenly had my sister sucking your cum from my tits and your sister tongue kissing me! It was too much."

"Yeah I guess the three of us were used to each other and kinda forgot that it was all new to you."

"So this wasn't the first time, was it?" Steve shook his head. "No, it all started to happen at your party really." Steve gave a quick explanation of how Julie and he had become intimate and then how Julie had dragged Adriana into the act. "I feel bad about it sometimes, but in the end I decided that they're both great girls that I love and they are making their own choices. If anyone says no, that will be it."

"That's what I've been telling myself all morning," Alexis said, eyeing off the growing bulge in Steve's boxers, "because I had fun. It felt so right to kiss Julie and by God if your cock isn't the biggest thing I'll see in my life, I'm scared of what will be! I guess what Adie said is true... when you find something this big, you're prepared to make allowances for whose it is and who you have to share it with."

"Well, if you want me, you know where to find me, " Steve said, bending to give her a peck on the cheek, pleased that she seemed ok with it all. As he moved to stand again, he felt Alexis' hand at the back of his neck, pulling him back to her face, her lips parting and her tongue darting into his mouth to kiss him. He let his hand caress her breast and Alexis broke the kiss.

"Steve, I don't know if I want it or not," she said, moving his hand from her breast. "But I'd kick myself if I didn't get that kiss I've wanted for so many years, especially since I've already sucked your cock. I... I hope you understand."

"Sure, like I said, if you want me, you know where to find me," he told her, his cock sticking out in his shorts, erect from the tenderness of the kiss they had shared. He was almost out of the room when Alexis asked him, "Steve, have you had sex with Julie?" He nodded and quietly slipped from the room, leaving Alexis to her thoughts. She lay in bed and soon her fingers were entwined in her pubes and teasing at her clit as she relished the kiss that she'd managed after longing for it for all these years. The sight of the tent in Steve's boxers didn't leave her mind either and soon she was cumming in her bed, thinking back to the pulsing of his cock in her mouth, the feel of her cousin's lips on hers as she experienced her first lesbian kiss with Julie.

Steve and Julie said farewell to their cousins late Sunday afternoon, scandalising Alexis with a bout of tongue kissing at the front door. When they got there, their mother told them that she had been called away for work again and would be gone Monday and Tuesday night. Steve followed Julie to her room and told her what he had set up and asked her if she'd go through with it with him. When he told her how much money they were likely to get out of it, she agreed happily, talking about all the clothes she could buy with it.

Steve raced off to his room, signed on as younghornybigirl and set the wheels in motion.

Monday night, Julie and Steve sat in Steve's bedroom, dressed in their underwear and ready to go.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Steve asked her.

"Hell yeah, don't you?"

"Oh yes, but I just wanted to be sure." He hit the button that signed them in. They had told everyone what time to log in to see the show and had then started it 5 minutes early. It took only a minute before people started to appear to see them. The compliments quickly flowed for Julie who was sitting in a solid hot pink bra and matching thong that she'd bought after school that day. As they waited until the scheduled start time, they chatted with the people that appeared. They were all guys and Steve wondered whether hornylady would actually appear to watch.

Julie snuggled close to her brother and stroked his cock as the time ticked over to the scheduled start and the guys didn't hold back from encouraging her, telling her how much they were looking forwards to seeing her shaved pussy split apart by her brother's cock. To start the show, Julie and Steve showed their driver's licenses so that everyone could tell that they were indeed brother and sister and then Steve asked them what they would like to see. The predominant answer was to see Julie's hot body naked and so she did a lap dance on Steve, slowly and teasingly removing her bra and thong as she wiggled her body all over him, rubbing her butt on his crotch until finally she was naked and standing in front of the camera. Steve reached between her legs from behind and slipped two fingers into her pussy. That drew a round of appreciative responses from the audience.

There were calls for blow job action and Julie dropped to her hands and knees and removed Steve's boxers as Steve adjusted the camera to make sure that she was in shot. The predominant reaction to that being general disbelief that a girl as hot as Julie could have a brother which such a big cock as well! Consensus being that it was small wonder the two of them were into incest.

Julie took Steve's cock into her mouth and began sucking and Steve zoomed in on her hot pink lips as they caressed the flesh of his cock.

Olivia cursed the motel connection as she finally managed to get connected. She wondered how much she had missed, being ten minutes past the scheduled start time. Finally an image appeared on the screen. There was her son's cock and wrapped around it was an obviously female hand, stroking it up and down. From the comments that were scrolling down the screen, the rest of the audience was all guys and they were plenty horny.

The back of a head appeared in shot, obviously sucking on the massive cock and Olivia considered how far her son had obviously come in a short space of time now that he'd realised what he had and had found someone to share it with. She desperately wanted to know who it was that was enjoying her son's monster, but the camera was travelling down the girls body to her butt which was now stuck up in the air as she stood with her legs straight and bent over to suck the cock.

The girl's pussy was shaved and she was fingering herself, slipping two digits into her hole, much to the delight of the audience. She kept sucking him off and the guys got restless and started calling for him to fuck the girl. Steve asked them how he should do it and there were suddenly a screen full of suggestions. In the end Steve said that he'd get Julie to face the camera and sit down on her cock. The camera zoomed in on his penis and the girl turned around and readied herself over the tip of his cock.

Olivia fingered herself just as much of any of the male audience must have been wanking as she watched the tight bald pussy work its way down her son's massive member. She couldn't take it all in and soon started sliding up and down, the camera focussed in tight, showing how her naked lips clung to the sides of her son's engorged penis. The guys were now calling for Steve to zoom out so that they could see the girls wonderful breasts again as he fucked her.

Olivia watched the girl's body appearing, a bit jealous of just how tight and hot it all was. Her breasts were truly wonderful she thought, reflecting that her own had once been as lovely, if perhaps a little smaller. The camera continued to zoom out and Olivia stopped dead in as her daughter's face came into view. She checked three times, but sure enough, that was Julie. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her own kids, brother and sister were having sex and showing it on the Internet for money. And she had left home so that they could do it! She had given them the house for two nights!

Olivia didn't know what to do. She just kept staring at the screen, watching Steve's cock disappearing and appearing as Julie moved up and down on him. They were obviously both enjoying it and Olivia had to admit to herself that it was a fucking hot sight.

As she watched, Julie got off of the cock and turned to take it in her mouth again. Steve stood and Julie knelt before him and the camera focused on his cock going in and out of her mouth.

As she had found when she'd looked at her son's cock before, once the faces were out of the picture, it just became incredibly arousing again. As the Julie's mouth was filled again and again with the cock that had just come from her pussy, Olivia realised she was stroking her clit again.

Steve pulled his cock out of Julie's mouth and exploded all over her face, much to the delight of the audience. And when Julie started working the cum back into her mouth and swallowing it, the comments were redoubled.

Steve and Julie wished everyone well and then signed off.

Olivia was left looking at the blank screen, stunned. What the hell would she do about this?

The next day Olivia wondered what she should do. She didn't know whether she should call up and cut the trip short or just face the fact that her kids were obviously having an incestuous relationship that she would be able to do little to change. Most likely they would simply continue with the fun where they could and not do it at home. She may even drive them away from home and that was something that she didn't want to do.

There was of course, also that small part of her that admitted that she had never seen anything as exciting as watching her two kids have sex. She could still see in her mind the image of her son's enormous cock sliding in and out of her daughter's bald pussy.

As she thought about it, she found herself getting wet again and finally decided that she'd stay away the second night and see what the two of them got up to and whether they'd take it any further or not.

Steve and Julie spent the day about the house, talking about their experience the night before and how much it had turned them on to perform for everyone.

"Do you want to do it again tonight?" Steve asked Julie. "Mum doesn't get back until tomorrow and Dad's away until the end of the week, so we don't know when we might get another chance."

"Of course I want to. I'd fuck you anyway, but since we can make money from it as well ... it's a definite," laughed Julie. Steve kissed her, his tongue tangling with hers as they shared their passion. Then he went and turned the computer on and sent out emails letting all of last night's participants know that there was going to be a repeat performance that night.

When the time came around, they turned the computer on, sitting in chairs, one beside the other, fully dressed. There were people waiting and many appreciative comments before they even started about just how much their previous performance had turned everyone on.

Steve noted that hornylady was logged in as well; ready to watch and found that knowing this made his cock swell in anticipation of receiving his sister's attentions in front of the crowd.

Steve and Julie started off by kissing each other, letting their tongues enjoy a duel whilst their hands began to explore each other's bodies. On screen there were calls for them to get their gear off, but they took their time, enjoying themselves almost oblivious to the fact that they even had an audience. Steve's fingers began the enjoyable task of releasing the buttons that were holding the front of Julie's blouse closed so that he could caress her bra-clad breasts. In return, Julie began rubbing Steve's cock through his jeans, causing it to swell further.

From the messages on the screen, it appeared that there were a few extra women enjoying the show tonight, some of the guys must have spread the word a little about what they'd seen the night before.

Soon Julie sat in her skirt, her blouse having been discarded, her lovely breasts nestled within a black satin bra. Steve's cock had been released from his jeans and was being manipulated by Julie's hands as she stroked up and down its length. As there had been the previous night there were calls for oral action and Julie was happy to oblige, taking the enormity of her brother's cock into her mouth to suck and lick on it as he leaned back in the chair and squirmed in pleasure.

Julie removed her hands from the cock and slid her mouth up and down the erection, the smooth skin sliding across her tongue as her hands reached behind her to release her breasts from the confines of her bra. She told Steve to turn side on to the camera and he obliged her. Then she pulled his cock up straight so that it nestled between her breasts and squeezed them around it. She dribbled saliva down over the head of her brother's cock until she could feel it on her breasts as well.

With his cock lubricated, Julie began to move up and down so that Steve's cock slid between her breasts, much to the delight of their internet audience.

As Olivia watched her son's cock disappearing between her daughter's breasts on the small screen before her, she found that she was getting hornier and hornier and thinking less and less of the fact that the two people she was watching were her children. Instead she was becoming obsessed by the thought that she wanted to feel that cock between her own breasts, in her mouth and most of all, in her pussy.

Steve stood up so that he could remove his clothes and there were many calls from the audience for Julie to do the same, so she too stood up, letting her skirt fall to the floor to reveal the matching satin panties to the bra she had discarded earlier. She turned to face the camera and pulled her panties up tight to her pussy, showing a camel toe before rubbing her pussy furiously and pushing the fabric into her hole.

Steve stroked his cock as he watched this, just as delighted by his sister's performance as the audience was. Then Julie peeled the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Steve was going to pick them up, but Julie took them instead. She turned them inside out and leant in close to the camera to show the slimy trail that her pleasure had left on the crotch. Then, to Steve's delight and surprise she licked her tongue right through the middle of the slimy patch. The audience reacted with a string of happy messages.

Next she wrapped the panties around Steve's cock and wanked him with them, the fingers of her other hand beginning to explore her bald pussy. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean before sinking them deep in her hole again and offering them to Steve, who cleaned them appreciatively.

There were plenty of calls for some fucking action by this time and Julie bent forwards over the computer desk so that Steve could slide his cock into her from behind. He manipulated the camera so that their audience could see Julie's bald pussy lips as they clung to the thick veined shaft that worked its way in and out of their wet embrace.

Steve reached under to fondle his sister's nipples, squeezing and pulling on them as he slid his cock in and out of her nice tight pussy. Releasing them again, he looked down at his cock sliding in and out and saw his sister's puckered anus. His mind went back to hornylady and how she had slid first a finger into her anus and he wondered whether he would get away with sliding a finger inside his sister's butt. He decided that if he were to try it he'd have to talk to her about it first and not surprise her with it in front of an audience!

Julie told Steve that she wanted to taste herself on his cock and he pulled out so that she could suck him again. Once he was clean, she told him to kneel down as she sat on the desk with her legs spread so that he could lick her pussy for her. She took the camera from him, giving the audience an extreme close-up of her bald pussy and wet hole before holding the camera to show her brother applying his oral talents to her willing pussy. He continued until she announced that she was cumming at which point he pulled back so that Julie could show the camera a close-up of her clenching pussy as her orgasm rocked her body.

When she had recovered she told Steve to stand there whilst she blew him until he came. When he came, Julie treated their audience to a facial as she had the night before, her brother's cum spraying across her face before she scooped it back into her mouth with her fingers.

Olivia cleaned herself up after her kids finished their performance; her pussy beautifully satisfied but now craving more than she thought she would ever let herself in for. She slept fitfully that night, her hands continually wandering to her erogenous zones as she formulated a plan to fulfil her newly confirmed desires.

At about 1 in the morning she got up and turned the computer on and fired off an email to monstercock4fun. She slept after that and in the morning returned home to greet her kids, finding it hard to look them in the eye and wondering how they managed to pull it off. She figured that it was only because they didn't know that she knew.

Steve turned the computer on to check the various email accounts that he had set up. When he got to the monstercock one, he saw a message from hornylady and quickly opened it, wondering what it might be.

My well hung Steve,

I've watched you have sex with your sister two nights in a row now and have come to the conclusion that that enormous cock of yours needs to be buried in my pussy. I want to have sex with you.

I know this might be a bit of a surprise and that you might not even be interested, but in case you are, I have a proposal for you.

I wish to retain my anonymity at this point, which provides a bit of a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. What I am proposing is that I rent a motel room somewhere near your area and that we meet there. It means we don't have to reveal addresses to each other just yet.

In addition, I will wait in the bathroom prior to your arrival and there will be a sheet or similar hung across half of the bed. You'll get on the bed with your head at the end that can't see the bathroom, with the sheet hanging over about your waist. I will then come in and pleasure your cock. We'll go from there. I'll be able to stick my butt through so that you can fuck me from behind and play with my pussy and I am sure that we'll come up with other fun if you decide to go ahead with it. I 'll come up with a way to disguise my voice, so I may sound a little funny. You have to understand that as I am married, I'll be taking the biggest chance there is with regards to my marriage.

But I want your cock so bad I am prepared to do it.

Please send your reply.

Agonisingly hornily yours,


Steve thought about the proposal for a while, wondering if he had the nerve to go through with it. He thought about it for quite a long time before deciding that opportunities like this probably didn't happen all the time and what the hell, he'd go out on a limb and run with it. He replied that if hornylady sent the details through, he'd be there with bells on.

He fired off the email and shut down the computer, wondering when he'd get a reply and how long it would be before he sunk his cock into hornylady's pussy and whether he could ask her to slide a finger in her bum hole for him while he watched.

Olivia waited for Dave to come home. She'd been horny as hell all day. He'd been gone for a whole month and with all of the action that had been going on about the house and the computer her pussy had been worked over well, but only by her fingers and toys. She wanted a real dick inside her. She'd packed the kids off to her sister's for the night, which had been fine by them (even if they did tease her about knowing why she was shipping them out of the house) and now she just wanted a night of decadent sex.

She heard the taxi pull up and went to the front door to greet her husband. She checked the peep hole to ensure that he was alone as he strode up the drive way before dropping the robe she was wearing to stand waiting for him, naked as he turned the key in the door.

"Now, that is what I call a welcome!" Dave said as he spotted his naked wife before him and hurriedly closed the door behind him. Olivia all but leapt into his arms, her tongue thrust between his lips demanding a return on the passion that she was throwing at him. Sliding back to the floor as Dave dropped his bags, Olivia's hands released his pants and she continued to slide lower and lower until his now erect cock was standing before her ready to be devoured. Dave moaned as his cock disappeared between his wife's lips in the entry hall to the house. He pulled his shirt off, working on getting naked quickly to take advantage of his wife's mood.

Olivia worked her mouth up and down Dave's cock, flicking the head with her tongue, licking at the underside and slurping noisily as she took as much as she could in before pistoning up and down his length, which now glistened with her saliva.

"Fuck me Dave, right here and right now, fuck me good and hard!"

"Well, I can't say no to a demand like that," he answered as Olivia lay back on the carpeted floor, her legs spread to reveal her bald pussy, glistening with the moisture of her pleasure.

Dave positioned himself over his wife and thrust deep between her wet lips, his cock sliding effortlessly inside her, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her.

"Oh God that feels good, you have no idea how much I have been wanting to be fucked like this,"

"Well, if this is the way that I'm going to be greeted when I come home, maybe I should go away more often!" Dave laughed as he thrust his cock in and out of his wife's pussy.

"Just be quiet and fuck me hard!"

Dave laughed again and stepped up the tempo of his thrusts, feeling Olivia's slick bald lips sliding up and down the length of his engorged penis, watching her breasts as they swayed in time with her movements, the nipples erect, begging for attention. He leaned down and sucked hard on them, just like he knew that she liked it.

Olivia was grunting with each thrust and then, looking into Dave's eyes, said to him, "Stop, I want you to fuck me in the bum doggie style." Dave pulled out of her and Olivia moved to assume a new position, pausing along the way to suck her juices from her husband's dick before turning away from him on her hands and knees.

Dave slid his cock back into Olivia's pussy to get it slimy again and then pulled out and positioned it at the entrance to her puckered little hole. Olivia pushed back against him and he watched as his cock disappeared an inch at a time into her anus.

Olivia took it slow as her butt was filled with her husband's dick, loving the stretching feeling as her arse was opened up. She reached beneath hereslf to stroke her clit as Dave started to ease his cock back and forth inside her, feeling the penetration over and over again. As she touched herself and drew ever closer to orgasm, Olivia found herself wondering just how big her son's cock would feel inside her when she had sex with him and whether she would let him fuck her in the arse or not.

Thinking of his enormous cock whilst her husband pounded her arse made her consider having the two of them at the same time which proved too much for her and she screamed, orgasming. This was enough for Dave and he pumped his seed deep inside her butt as it clenched and squeezed his cock in the throes of pleasure.

Dave allowed his cock to slide out of Oliva's butt and Oliva stood, cum dribbling from her anus. She took Dave's dick in her hand and pulled him along behind her and led him to the bathroom where she ran the shower. Dave watched the wiggle of his wife's arse as she walked along in front of him, enjoying the sight of his cum as it slowly ran down her leg.

The two of them entered the shower space, water cascading in a warm, wet flow over their bodies. Their hands caressed each other, feeling the smoothness of the wet skin. Olivia took the soap and worked it over her husband's body taking care to touch him in all the places that she knew excited him. As planned, Dave soon stood before her with his cock erect and again ready for action. Olivia dropped to her knees, eagerly soaping her husband's cock with her hands, teasing and exciting him before allowing the water to wash away the soap.

Looking down the engorged length of her husband's cock, Olivia opened her mouth and flicked her tongue across the tip, probing gently at the hole before engulfing his length with her mouth. Dave moaned as she worked up and down his length again, in a repeat performance of her earlier greeting. As she sucked on his cock, she took the soap from the floor of the shower and lathered her hands. Once they were well soaped, she slipped a hand between her husband's butt cheeks and slid her finger gently inside his anus.

Dave groaned in audible appreciation and his cock thrust at his wife's mouth as her finger slid in and out in counter point to her mouth's action on his cock.

As she felt her husband prepare to cum, Olivia slipped her mouth from his cock and pumped it with the hand not engaged in pleasuring his arse. She opened her mouth so that Dave could watch as his cum flew through the space between the tip of his cock and his wife's open mouth. She then shut her eyes and mouth and allowed the rest of his cum to cover her face, before turning into the flow of water to allow it to wash away.

Having showered, Olivia offered to cook her husband dinner, as long as they both remained naked.

Across town, at Olivia's sister's place, another dinner was taking place. And although no one was naked, there was certainly some sexual tension in the air.

Julie sat next to her brother, opposite her cousins, Adriana and Alexis with her Aunt Mary at one end and Uncle john at the other.

Julie was taking great delight in teasing the other people at the table, dropping her hand into her brother's lap occasionally to squeeze his cock. She kept it up just enough to make sure that he didn't quite manage to lose his erection. And between times, she was also teasing Adriana, running her bare foot up her cousin's leg, trying to get it as close to her pussy as possible.

Julie was having so much fun that her pussy was virtually dripping with excitement. And considering that she had neglected to put any underwear on, she wondered how big a wet patch she might end with on the back of her skirt.

Julie reached across the table to get the jug of water, and her nipple brushed against the edge. She shivered slightly as her sensitive nipple responded to the encounter and as she sat back in her chair, she noticed her uncle eyeing her off. He was sitting in just the right position that he would have had a lovely profile view of her tit. Julie decided to have some more fun and when she thought that no one but her uncle was looking, she glanced away and idly tweaked her right nipple, pulling it until she could barely stand it. Then she let it go and glanced over at her uncle who was all but drooling at the sight of the tight and erect bud of her breast straining against the material of her t-shirt.

She smiled to herself and ran her foot back up Adriana's calf, caressing her leg until she noticed her sit forwards in her chair, her legs slipping apart. Julie leaned back in her chair a bit so that she could move her foot higher. It ran along Adriana's thigh until she could feel her toe pushing against the crotch of her cousin's panties.

Alexis looked at Julie and coughed and Julie let her foot fall back to the floor, blushing slightly, sure that Alexis must have seen what was going on.

Steve laughed at the look on Adie and Julie's faces as they studiously dug back into their dinner. Julie grabbed his cock as she finished her meal to exact revenge on him for laughing.

John announced that as Mary had cooked, and he had work to do, the four kids could do the dishes and Mary could relax. The kids were fine with that and made their way into the kitchen.

As their daughters and their niece and nephew stood to make their way to the kitchen, Mary happened to allow her eyes to wander over her nephew's taught, trim body, admiring the obvious strength of his youth. As her gaze reached his crotch, she nearly gasped out loud as she noted just how big the package was that he was concealing within his pants.

"My god," Mary thought to herself, "I wonder if Olivia knows what she's managed to bring into this world." She forced her gaze away from Steve's crotch and made her way into the living room to watch television.

John made his way to the study where his computer awaited him. He'd had every intention of catching upon some things that he'd been meaning to get around to for the office, but instead he found himself surveying the bodies of Naked young women on the internet and stroking his cock as his thoughts drifted back to the way that his niece had been absently pulling and tugging on her nipple. He hadn't stopped to think about why she might have been doing it, he'd been too aroused as he'd tried to peek gain and again at his niece's nipple attempting to pierce its way through her t-shirt. The more he thought about it, the more it turned him on and he opened up word to start writing a story, suddenly feeling inspired.

Steve squeezed his way between his sister, who stood behind him and Alexis, who stood at the sink doing the washing up. He felt Julie rub her breasts against his back and he rubbed his cock against Alexis' bum. He expected Alexis to push him away and tell him to leave her out of the smutty games, but to his surprise, she just laughed at him and pushed her bum out. That did nothing to ease the erection in his pants.

As they continued the dishes, Julie, Adriana and Steve continued to tease each other mercilessly, grabbing and fondling each other and rubbing their bodies together.

Julie rubbed herself up against Alexis, who appeared less comfortable than she did when Steve had done the same thing.

"You know Alexis, I think its time that I got to see your pussy," Julie said for everyone to hear.

"Well I don't like your chances of that," Alexis laughed.

"Oh, I'm sure that I'll be clever enough to come up with something that you can't say no to," Julie laughed in reply. She moved away from Alexis and grabbed a plate to wipe, a pensive look way to on her face as she tried to come up with a way to see her older cousin's pussy. She remembered kissing her after she had sucked off Steve and wanted to do more.

There was something about the fact that Alexis kept saying no that drove Julie wild. She was at the point now that she would do almost anything to get her tongue into her cousin's pussy.

Julie moved to stand in the corner of the kitchen where she couldn't be seen without warning from the door way if someone happened to walk in. Then she lifted her skirt to show off to Adriana and Steve the fact that she was wearing no underwear.

"God Jules, Can't you put that thing away for a bit?" Alexis said, laughing at Julie's brazen behaviour.

"Why should she do that? I kind of like having it there too look at ... And touch," Adriana said, moving over to run her fingers over her cousin's bare mound.

"Yeah, well, I am sure that you'd be just as happy when Mum walks in and finds you with your hand all over your cousin l like that too!" Alexis laughed.

Adriana admitted that that would indeed be a bit more that she was prepared to deal with at this point. It didn't stop her from slipping a finger between Julie's lips and sucking on it though.

Julie didn't put her skirt down after Adriana moved away. Instead, she told Alexis that she would leave her pussy exposed until Alexis promised to show Julie hers.

"I don't think so Jules," Alexis said.

"We'll see," Julie replied, tucking her skirt up under its waist band so that her pussy remained exposed while she helped to finish off the dishes. It wasn't long until they heard approaching footsteps and Alexis hissed at Julie that enough was enough and that she should now make herself decent.

"As soon as you promise." Julie wondered whether Alexis would cave in or not and who was about to walk into the kitchen, Mary or John? She was finding it incredibly exciting and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with the tension of the situation. She was determined not to be the one to concede and stood in the corner with her hands at her sides, Alexis' eyes boring into her own, no evidence of which way she would end up going.

Just as Julie was about to brace herself to be exposed to her Aunt or Uncle, she saw in Alexis' eyes that she was wavering.

"Ok," hissed Alexis. Julie quickly flipped her skirt free and covered herself, just as her Aunt walked into the room. Mary went to the fridge and poured herself a drink before heading back out to the lounge room to watch some more television.

"Yay, I can't wait!" Julie laughed as the others all sighed their relief upon Mary's exit.

With the dished completed, the kids headed out to the living room to watch the TV with Mary. As they entered the room, Mary found herself staring at her nephew's bulge in his pants. It didn't seem to have decreased at all in the time that the kids had been in the kitchen and she started to wonder if he was hard or just fucking big. After all, he'd been in there with his sister and cousins, it wasn't like there was anything to get horny about.

After everyone had been comfortable for a while, Julie excused herself to go to the toilet. As she made her way through the house, she had to pass the study where her uncle was working. He had his back to the doorway and as she looked in, Julie noted that he appeared to be adjusting his pants as he sat in the seat. There wasn't anything untoward on the screen, but Julie did wonder if he'd just done a bit of quick alt-tabbing. She continued on her way and on the return journey made sure that John heard her pass his door. Then she crept quietly back to peer in through the door way. Sure enough, when she peeked, her suspicions were confirmed. On the screen was a picture of a girl of about her own age, bare breasted with her nipples standing out to attention. John was leaning back in his chair, his hands working away at his cock. Julie found herself wishing she could see him in action, but his body was blocking her view. She stood watching as he cycled through a couple of pictures, her hand slipping beneath her skirt to gently caress her bare, wet lips before she realised that she had better get back before someone came to see what was taking her so long.

The show that they were watching came to an end and Mary announced that she was off to bed. The kids all decided to watch the next show that was coming on and bid her good night.

Almost the instant that she could be sure that no-one was coming back to check up on them, Julie started to push for Alexis to fulfill her promise and show them her pussy.

Alexis started to attempt to get out of it, but the other three ganged up on her telling her that a deal was a deal and that she wasn't going to worm her way out of it.

Steve and Adriana sat on either side of Alexis and Julie knelt on the floor by her legs, which she teased apart so that she could move between them. As she nestled in between Alexis' legs, her hands began to work at the button and zip of her jeans. Alexis sat on the couch, somewhat uncomfortable about what was happening, but also surprised at how her pussy was reacting to the presence around her and what was happening.

Julie moved so that she could pull Alexis' jeans down her long slender legs, doing so slowly to tease her brother and Adriana who were both as happy to see what was going on as she was. The departure of her jeans exposed a pair of pale blue cotton panties and as she pulled the jeans off, Julie's eyes watched Steve as he all but salivated over them (especially because there was a small wet patch evident in the material).

Julie grasped the waist-band of Alexis' panties and slowly started to peel them down the long path that the jeans had just taken to the floor. The three spectators started to whisper their appreciation as Alexis' pussy was revealed to them for the first time.

Alexis kept her pubic hair trimmed nice and short and there was just a drag strip leading down to her pussy lips, which had been shaved bare. An obvious bead of moisture nestled between her lips to the delight of Julie and her cohorts.

"Here, show Alexis what you like to do with girls' wet panties," Julie said to Steve as she flipped them to her brother.

Alexis stared as Steve dropped his shorts to reveal his massive, rock hard cock. "Yes," she thought to herself, "I really did want to see it again, didn't I?" Steve then sat back down on the couch and wrapped her panties about his cock and started to masturbate, moving the panties up and down his length.

As Alexis watched, Julie reached out with her finger and ran it up her cousin's slit. It took a moment for her to react as her first instinct had been to sigh at the unexpected pleasure between her legs.

"Hey, I said that you could look at it, not touch it," she said to Julie.

"Well that's just a waste though," Julie replied. "Why don't you touch it then, you can get yourself off at the same time that Steve does and Adie and I will just watch, right Adie?"

"Look, I just don't know, alright?" Alexis said, clearly battling the experience within her mind.

"Ok," Julie said, " What if Adie and I leave you two alone and go do something else whilst you watch Steve and he watches you? Will you try it then?"

Alexis looked at the massive cock that Steve was using her panties to pleasure. She remembered clearly the night that she had sucked it and she remembered how good it had felt when Steve had rubbed it against her arse in the kitchen. She felt her resistance crumbling as a small drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock.

"Ok," Alexis said quietly. Julie clapped and pulled Adriana up from the couch where she'd been absently pulling at her nipples, waiting for the outcome of the discussion.

Alexis relaxed somewhat once her sister and cousin had left the room. There was something about Julie that put her under a pressure that she'd never really felt before and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it.

Alexis and Steve now turned to face each other so that they could each observe the other's hands as they pleasured themselves. Steve watched as Alexis spread her lips apart and then dragged her middle finger along her slit so that it took up the moisture that was seeping from her depths. With her finger wet, she rubbed it gently over her clitoris, circling it around and around, the fingers of her other hand holding her now puffy lips apart to allow her access. She moaned at the intensity of the pleasure that she had wanted to provide herself but had been reluctant to go with whilst the other two were in the room. She stared at the enormity of her cousin's cock and watched as her own panties were used to slide up and down its length. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the entrance to its little hole and disappeared amongst the pale blue folds of her panties. She thought about that drop mixing with her own juices and shuddered as it led to consideration of what it might be like to have Steve's enormous cock inside her. She pushed two fingers deep inside her hole as she considered it.

To think that her sister and Steve's sister had both allowed him to fuck them ... the thought plagued her as she watched his hand move up and down his cock again and again. She remembered sucking him and found that the thought brought even more moisture to her pussy. Her lips were on fire as she played between them and stroked them. The more she watched Steve play with himself, the more she considered that she should have that cock for more than just visual entertainment. She looked at Steve's face, wondering what he was thinking, but knowing really. His eyes were watching her fingers as they played within her pussy. The lust on his face was unmistakable. He wanted to fuck her.

And the more she thought about it, the closer she got to allowing him do exactly that. She stroked her wet lips as Steve pumped his shaft and noticed another drop of pre-cum appear at the small hole that adorned the head. It sat there, glistening as his hand worked on his shaft, inviting and daring her to do something about it. She felt her juices run at the thought of licking it from the tip of his cock and something in her mind clicked.

Alexis lent forward and did exactly that. She licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of her cousin's cock, the slightly salty taste enlivening the tip of her tongue. Steve moaned in pleasure and surprise and Alexis plunged her mouth down over his cock, deciding that it was to be all or nothing as she slurped and sucked on his stiff member.

Steve watched in amazement as Alexis continued to work his cock with her mouth, her hand now reaching out to envelop and pump the shaft below her mouth as it worked up and down, her tongue swirling about the head, licking and teasing between deep sucks. Alexis looked up and met his eyes and smiled at him as she released his cock from her mouth.

"Our Sister's were right, you know," she said starting to move on the couch.

"How's that?" Steve asked.

"You can only look at this thing for so long before you decide that you have to fuck it in case you never get another opportunity." Steve grinned, stunned as Alexis positioned her sopping wet pussy over his cock, slowly sliding it inside her as her cousin lay there enjoying the tightness that encased him.

"God, I love this," Steve said to her as she took more and more inside him. Alexis just smiled and looked down at the enormous dick that was slowly splitting her in two. She took what she could inside her and then began to slowly slide herself up and down, Steve reaching out to caress her small breasts, tugging at her nipples gently.

Her pussy was so full she could hardly believe that Steve's massive member was even inside her. She couldn't get all of it in, it started to hurt, but she rode up and down what she could, wondering why she had been so reluctant to try this amazing piece of meat. Its not like she was a virgin innocent or anything. It must have been the presence of her sister and cousin. It took some getting used to the thought that the two of them were happily fucking each other and Steve.

As she rode up and down, she watched the thick shaft of Steve's cock, the veins throbbing on its side. His hand slid down her body from her breasts and began to manipulate her clit and Alexis bit down on her lip to keep from crying out as the sharp needle of pleasure announced that he had made contact. She ground her hips around on his cock and whimpered as her body crashed on the wave of her orgasm, shuddering and shaking and gripping at the shaft that had invaded her. She gently slid to one side, off of Steve's cock and looked down at the glistening pleasure machine.

"Wow, thanks Steve."

"Hell, no, thank you," he replied. "I didn't think I'd ever be so lucky as to enjoy this moment with you."

"Well, I guess we can't leave you there all primed up with no-where to go, " Alexis said, eyeing off his wet cock. She had never sucked a cock that had been in her pussy (or anyone else's for that matter) but knew that sucking him off would be exactly what either Adriana or Julie would do. She decided that if she was ever going to taste a girl's juices, at least on this occasion it would be private and her own. She lowered her mouth over Steve's cock again, not entirely sure what to expect when she tasted herself on him. It wasn't as bad as cum she decided and sucked and licked him to bring him closer to cumming.

Steve lay back on the couch and watched as his cousin's ripe lips plunged up and down his shaft where her pussy had so recently been pleasuring him. He reached out and stroked her hair and she looked up into his eyes as her tongue circled the head of his cock. He felt his climax approaching and started thrusting at his cousin's mouth, willing her to pleasure him to the point of climax. Alexis allowed Steve to fuck her mouth. He suddenly held still and his cock twitched and released a stream of cum into her mouth. Alexis swallowed and swallowed, taking all of Steve's cum in her mouth and feeding like her life depended on it. Alexis quickly grabbed her clothes, kissed Steve and ran off to her room, fleeing before she had a chance to think about what she had just done with her cousin.

Steve watched his gorgeous cousin flee the room. He thought about going with her but decided to give her time and made his way to the room where he was bunking down on the floor.

"I want you to do something for me Jules," Adriana said as they left Alexis and Steve to their fun.

"And what's that?" Julie asked her.

"I want you to shave my pussy so that its all smooth like yours," she said a little quietly.

"Really? Cool, I'd love to," Julie said, "what made you want it bald?"

"I've been thinking about it for a bit," Adriana told her, "And then when I got to see your pussy again tonight, it just turned me on so much that I decided that I'd take the plunge and do it. The only thing that has really worried me about doing it is the re-growth. I keep thinking about how I'll go on my bike but I guess I can just shave as necessary or let it grow back if I don't like it. We'll just have to wait until Steve and Alexis are asleep though, I don't want them walking in on it being done. I want it to be a surprise for Steve."

"Fine by me, I'll just have to entertain you for a bit then," Julie said enthusiastically as they made their way to the bedroom.

"Gee I wonder what you could possibly do that would entertain me?" Adriana laughed, flopping down on her bed.

"Maybe this?" Julie said, flipping her skirt up and flashing her bare pussy at her cousin.

"Not a bad start," Adriana replied, reaching out to stroke her cousin's smooth mound.

Julie laughed and Adriana reached her hands around to cup Julie's butt cheeks in her hands and pull her pelvis forwards, her tongue seeking out and finding the bald slit that was her objective. Adriana ran her tongue up along Julie's slit, eliciting moans from her target as Julie finally began to realise the release from the passion that had been building within her all through dinner and beyond.

Julie ran her fingers through Adriana's hair, pulling her into her pleasure zone, reveling in the feelings that were now coursing through her. She let her fingers travel down over her cousin's cheeks to her shoulders, caressing her gently before pushing against her, urging her to lay back on the bed. As Adriana relaxed backwards, Julie crawled up along her body, her breasts dragging their way with her, tasting Adriana's nipples as her tongue made its way to, and entered her cousin's mouth.

She allowed herself to fall upon Adriana, feeling the small tight nipples of her cousin's breasts straining against the fabric of her t-shirt, pushing into the firm mounds of Julie's own breasts, whose nipples responded in kind.

The two girls dueled their tongues, one against the other, loving their moments of intimacy, sharing their kiss before embarking on an even greater and more thrilling shared experience. As they kissed, the two girl's hands began the process of pulling and tugging at each other's clothing, determined to remove such encumbrances from the ritual they wished to enjoy.

At last they lay together, naked. Adriana reached out to caress Julie's magnificent breast, feeling the fullness of it in her hand, gently rubbing her palm across the nipple, and pulling it, squeezing as much of the breast as she could again. Julie found her fingers seeking her pleasure centre, stroking her slit to bring lubrication to her clit as Adriana continued her fascinated playing with Julie's nipple, which was soon extended to include sucking and nibbling.

As Adriana lifted herself to suck on Julie's nipple, Julie ran her hand down the front of Adriana's torso until she was able to caress her pussy. Adriana lifted herself further in response, spreading her legs, allowing Julie's finger to slip easily between her wet lips where it slid back and forth and in and out.

Adriana moaned and bit down on her cousin's nipple, letting her own fingers travel to Julie's pussy where she could return the digital pleasure that she was receiving. She released Julie's nipple from her mouth and said to her, "I'm going to eat you now. I am going to lick your hot little clittie until you explode for me."

"Oh yes please!" Julie replied, squirming as Adriana trapped her clit between her thumb and forefinger and briefly tugged it.

Adriana kissed her way down Julie's body until she lay between her spread legs, admiring the smooth sheen of her moist, swollen, bald pussy lips.

"Oh yes, I definitely want my pussy to look like this," she said breathily to Julie before licking her tongue delicately along her left labia.

"I can't wait to get to do it to you," Julie replied as Adriana's tongue furthered its exploration of her pleasure centre. Julie played with her own breasts as Adriana's tongue worked its way all over her pussy before sliding between her lips to dip into the source of her nectar.

Julie arched her back in response to the penetration, pleasure rushing through her system before Adriana worked her way up her slit to lick and caress her clitoris, sending further waves of bliss through her.

Julie continued to moan, pulling on her cousin's hair and trying to pull her head in close to her pussy as she was worked closer and closer towards orgasm. She clenched her jaw together as she tipped over the edge, desperately wanting to vocalise her release, but not wanting to alert the rest of the house.

Adriana crawled her way back up over her cousin's body, taking time to lick and kiss her skin along the way, especially when she reached the nipples that stood erect and ready, begging for attention in their post orgasmic state.

Julie told Adriana that she wanted to eat her now, but Adriana told her that she wanted to wait until she had been shaved. That she wanted to keep her pleasure for a new experience. Julie accepted her desire and after Adriana set her alarm for 1am, the two of them curled up together in the one bed, their warm, naked bodies entwined as sleep claimed them.

Adriana cursed as the alarm sounded, breaking her from her dreamless reverie. She automatically reached over to hit the snooze button but stopped as she realised where she was and what was going on. She halted her hand's movement and dropped it to the nice full breast that her movement had exposed as the sheet fell away. Julie stirred and moaned, but she didn't wake. Adriana pulled at the nipple; gradually increasing the pressure until finally Julie did, with a squeak, awaken.

Adriana allowed her a few moments to come to terms with where she was and then quietly informed her that it was time for them to go to the bathroom and denude her pussy.

They crept down the hallway quietly and into the tiled bathroom, every minor sound seeming like a cymbal crash as they echoed in the almost unnatural environment that a tiled room creates in the middle of the night.

Julie turned on the heat lamp as Adriana removed her panties and pulled her t-shirt up above her waist to expose her pussy for her cousin to attend to.

Julie noted that Adriana had already started the shaving process for her by trimming any length from her pubes. She picked up a sponge and wet it with warm water before gently stroking it over her cousin's pussy. Adriana shuddered at the contact, whispering to Julie that if every touch was going to be that electric, that she didn't know whether she would manage to let her finish or not. Julie just smiled and picked up the can of shaving gel. Squirting some onto her hand, she started to rub it all over so that it foamed up and covered all the areas that required shaving.

With nice firm strokes, Julie started to remove the hair that covered Adriana's mound, regularly cleaning the razor in a bowl of water before returning to her work. Before long Julie was shaving Adriana's labia and Adriana was moaning and struggling to hold still each time Julie moved the folds of her flesh each time that she needed to give the razor a clean swipe at the hair.

"I can't believe how wet I am," Adriana said to Julie, propping herself up to watch the progress.

"I know what you mean, it was the same for me. And I am totally soaked now, just from getting to do this to you. Now I need you on your hands and knees so that I can finish you off."

Adriana obediently rolled over and got on her hands and knees and Julie applied the razor to the last wisps of hair that remained. Then she took the sponge again and washed off what she could before telling Adriana that she should stand over the bath and finish washing the remnant hair and shaving gel from her pussy so that they could both have a look.

Adriana stood in the bath and removed her t-shirt, to stand there naked as she bathed her pussy, Julie looking on, admiring the athletic and lithe form of her cousin-come-lover. She noted just how erect Adriana's nipples were and reached out to pinch one. Adriana slapped her hand away, laughing and telling her to let her finish.

Finally Adriana dried her freshly shaven pussy with a towel and stood to present herself to Julie. Julie knelt before her, getting a close-up view of her newly naked labia, which were pink and inflamed with the pleasure that had been stirred within her. She ran a finger over Adie's mound, caressing her, letting it trail down to the start of her slit where she gently parted Adie's lips as her finger slid between them, before sampling her juices from the finger as she withdrew it.

"Your pussy is so beautiful Adie," Julie told her. "I love your nice labia and the way that they hide so well the treasure between them, its not until I get to pull them apart that there is any hint of what is inside, it so gorgeous!"

Adriana blushed at the compliment that her cousin was giving her and suggested that they had better get back to the bedroom before anyone else decided that they needed a middle of the night pee. They quickly cleaned up any evidence of their nighttime adventure and hand in hand, crept back to Adriana's room where they piled into her bed together.

Adriana pulled her cousin to her, loving the feeling of Julie's larger breasts crushed against her own small ones. Julie's leg slipped between her own and she sighed as she felt the contact of her bare thigh rubbing against her wet pussy. She plunged her tongue into Julie's mouth before Julie began an eager slide to sample the pleasures of Adie's wet and now bare, pussy.

Adriana pulled and played with her own nipples as Julie's tongue began feasting on the nectar that seeped from within and twirled and tweaked its way around and over her clit.

Adriana was in heaven as Julie's tongue caressed each bit of newly exposed skin and it wasn't long before she found herself with a pillow clamped to her face, holding back her vociferous expression of pleasure as her pussy exploded into a being of pure pleasure.

"Oh good God," Adriana said as they drifted off to sleep together. "I can't wait to feel Steve's massive cock in me now."

Julie awoke early the next day, before daylight. She tried to roll over and go back to sleep but couldn't and eventually decided that she would just go and watch some television before anyone else woke up. She toyed with the idea of going to see if she could fuck Steve, or maybe even steal a feel of Alexis, but decided that with her Aunt and Uncle at home she should use some discretion. Just for once!

As she moved to the living room, she remembered catching her uncle wanking to porn and decided to turn on his computer and see how well he'd covered his tracks. She quickly found her way from the history to the porn sites that he'd been looking at and was pleased to see a number of girls that were of similar build to herself. She sat and looked at the pictures of ripe naked teenagers and quickly found herself fingering her pussy. She wondered what else her uncle had been up to and opened up word to see what the last file he'd opened was.

She thought that he must be the only one that used the computer, as the two girls both had their own laptops and she didn't think that her Aunt would approve of the file that she found he'd been working on. It turned out to be a story about a man following his niece around, lusting after her. It was quite well written and did nothing to abate the desire that was building within her body.

As she started to read the story, Julie realised that the description of the girl in the story sounded remarkably like herself. When her name was revealed to be Jenny, she really began to wonder about whether this story was supposed to be about her.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the girl in the story began to flirt with her uncle and play with her nipples at the dinner table. In the story, the older man's wife had passed away and he was raising two daughters on his own. And in the middle of the night, the young girl had sleepwalked into his bedroom and climbed into his bed. He'd awoken in the morning to find he was spooning with her, a hand on her breast and his erect cock pressing into her bottom.

That was as far as the story had gone and Julie found herself wishing that she could find out how far he was going to take it. It made her think that she should have walked in and offered to suck her uncle's cock the previous night and not just have kept going. She started to wonder just how big it was and then decided to try something. She emailed the story to herself at home. If I finish the story the way I'd like, she thought to herself, I can send it back and blow his mind if I decided that its something that I'd like to do!

Julie heard noises from the other end of the house and quickly shut down the computer and made her way into the living room, where she fingered herself to an orgasm as the television played, forgotten and replaced by images in her mind.

"So did you cum for Steve?" Adriana asked her Sister the next day after everyone had left and they were alone in the house together.

"Mhmm," Alexis replied.

"Did you get to see him cum?"

"Yes ..."

"Where did he cum, on you?" Adriana pressed.

"Well not really, on me, as such," Alexis replied, enjoying teasing her obviously well interested sister.

"What he came on the couch or something?" Adriana asked, not getting it.

"No silly, not on me so much as in my mouth."

"You sucked him off again? Way cool! I knew you weren't as much of a prude as you were making out. But you should really try fucking him you know. That cock is so fucking big its just amazing."

"I know ... I kept looking at hit and wondering what it would be like."

"Then you should find out, you know he'd be happy to have you!"

"I know, he did," Alexis said flatly before bursting out laughing at the look of shock on Adriana's face at her admission.

"Oh man and I had no idea! Wait until Julie finds out. She's going to want a piece of what her brother got!"

"Yeah, well I don't think that that's going to happen."

"Oh you should try it. It's a bit like fucking Steve, if you let it happen once, you won't be able to say no again. I might even decided that I am the one that should introduce you to a bit of lesbian love."

"Well, don't push me. Maybe one day. But I doubt it will be in the near future." Their parents came home at that point and the two girls went about doing their own things about the house.

Steve and Julie returned home early in the day, to be greeted by their parents who seemed extremely pleased with themselves. The two kids teased them about having satisfied various itches and Dave couldn't help but notice that his daughter seemed to have more of a self assured swagger about herself that he wondered about. There was certainly something very sexual about the way she was moving that day that brought thoughts to her mind that he tried to cast from his mind.

Steve and Julie found things a little cramped around home with their mother and father both home and had to curb their internet activities, waiting for the next chance when they might be away. Julie kept thinking about how she had shaved Adriana's pussy and wondered whether it would still be that way the next time that Steve had an opportunity to see it given that there hadn't been a chance before they had to leave and come home.

"I have to go away for work for a couple of days," Olivia announced to the family at breakfast. Steve and Julie cast knowing glances at each other, having trouble keeping grins from their faces. All they needed now was a bit of luck to keep their father out of the way and they would be up for some fun.

Steve checked his email to discover a message from hornylady that told him that tomorrow night was going to be the opportunity for them to hook up and fuck each other. He told Julie that he was going to go stay with a friend for the night, which she was disappointed with, but accepted because it didn't look like there was going to be any absence of their father presented to them.

Steve took off and Julie holed up in her room, playing on the internet, stripping for strangers and playing with herself. She opened her email and re-discovered the story that her uncle had been writing. Sitting in a skimpy little mid-riff tank top and a pair of panties, she started to work on it and slowly got more and more excited by the prospect, taking the story to a point where the young girl in question turned into a horny little whore and sucked her uncle to an orgasm before allowing him to fuck her over the desk where she had found him sitting and writing erotic stories about her. She fingered herself as she wrote it and then sat there, wondering whether she could send it back to him or not. How would he react? Would he want her more, or run, scared of what it might mean?

She decided to sit on it for a while and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Dave was in the kitchen and nearly fell over when his daughter walked in. Her nipples were all but cutting their way through the material of her little tank and her panties were pulled extremely tight against her butt and pussy. He tried not to look, telling himself that he shouldn't be, but his eyes kept getting drawn back when he thought that she wasn't looking.

Was he imagining things, or could he actually smell Julie's sexuality in the air. She bent over to get a glass out of the cupboard and she didn't bend her knees. Dave was sure that he the crotch of her panties that was exposed in the move was obviously wet and found that his cock was rising in reaction to the sight.

Julie for her turn, was on fire. She knew that her father was watching her and was playing up to it in every way that she could. She was finding that putting herself on display as she had in the kitchen at her aunties really got her going and the fact that she was here making her father's cock hard from across the room was getting her just as wet as when Adriana had delved in her pussy with her tongue. To think that they were alone in the house together and the opportunities that it presented! There was no one here to know what went on if she decided to wander into his room at night and grab his dick. How would he react? She had no idea and didn't think that she was about to find out.

She said goodnight to her father and went over and gave him a hug, pressing herself against him, feeling his erection and thrusting her breasts against his chest.

Dave muttered a reply to his daughter's goodnight wish. He was embarrassed, sure that she had felt his erection in the tight clasp that she'd thrust upon him, the memory of the feel of her breasts against him driving him to his room where he relieved himself of the sexual tension whilst thinking about things that he believed he shouldn't ever be considering.

Steve pulled up at the motel. He hesitated before he got out of the car, unsure whether or not he should really go through with this. Afterwards, he couldn't quite put his finger on what tipped him in favour, he just knew that at some point he'd realised that he was out of the car and inside the motel room.'

He entered to find a sheet strung across the room, dividing it into two halves about half way down the large bed. He called out to see if anyone was there or not.

"Of course I'm here, I'm absolutely wet with anticipation too," came the heavily modulated reply. Olivia had bought a modulator that would disguise the sound of her voice as she had considered in her planning that the one thing that was bound to undo her was her desire to be able to give instructions and suggestions during the process.

Olivia told Steve to get undressed and to move onto the bed and press his cock up against the sheet. He did as he was told and found his cock grasped by a hand through the sheet. Olivia stroked her hand up and down the sheet-clad length of his cock and told him just how wonderful it felt to finally have a hold of the massive member that she'd spent so much time watching on the computer and fantasizing about..

"Well I can't wait to finally get to taste that lovely bald pussy of yours," he said by way of reply."

"And I want to feel this cock split me apart, too," hornylady replied as she stroked him again and again. "But first, I am going to see how much of that monster I can suck into my mouth.

Steve watched as the sheet lifted until his cock disappeared under it. He felt a tongue swirl around the head of his cock and then the warmth of hornylady's mouth enveloped the head. He couldn't believe how turned on he was to have an anonymous person sucking on his cock when he couldn't even see their outline. He sighed and moaned his pleasure as hornylady worked her mouth up and down his shaft, each time taking a little more of his meat into her mouth.

Olivia sucked hungrily at her son's cock, amazed that she had actually been game enough to go through with her plan. She forced herself to take more and more until she gagged as the head of the massive member pushed at the back of her throat. She looked down in amazement as she still had a whole hand wrapped around his shaft and yet could take no more.

"I want to eat you," she heard her son say from the other side of the sheet. She told him to make room for her to stick her pussy under the sheet for him. She slid her legs and pussy under the sheet, leaving it draped across her stomach, hiding her upper torso, breasts, arms and face from view before she felt the weight shift on the bed and a hand on each leg urged her to separate them. She complied willingly and the next touch that she felt was a wet tongue working its way up her slit, pushing, probing, exploring and loving her pussy.

Olivia grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, pulling on them as she moaned and squirmed, her mind picturing her son's face as he worked his oral talents on her pussy. She told him how wonderful it was and that if he didn't stop she was going to explode in a long-awaited orgasm. Steve told her that that was the whole idea and continued to lick and suck at her clit until she did in fact explode with her first orgasm, telling her that she needn't worry because it wasn't like it was going to the be the only one that she had that day.

Olivia wasn't sure where she first wanted her son to cum, but decided that she needed to have this marvel inside her especially as her pussy was already on the right side of the sheet.

"Put your cock in me, Steve. I want to feel that wondrous thing between my wet, bald lips."

Steve wasn't about to wait around for her to insist and positioned his cock ready to penetrate her. He began to slide inside, finding it easier than he hand with Julie or his cousins, but still tight enough to thrill him.

Olivia was amazed at how it felt to have him slide his cock inside her. She had played with some big toys (and vegetables) in her time, but this was the biggest cock that had ever spread her apart.

"My God, Steve, you make me feel like a virgin again its so big," she told him. Steve responded by sliding his cock back and forth, in and out, working over her pussy as he sought the release that his need had been building since he'd got in the car to leave home.

"Fuck me Steve! Cum in my pussy, fill me with your cum. I want to feel that monster explode in me!" Olivia urged him. Steve saw a hand appear, working over her clit as he thrust harder, faster and deeper in response to her insistence. He then held still as he felt his balls tense in response. His cock unleashed its cum deep within Olivia's pussy and they cried out together as Olivia sent herself over the edge again.

Olivia lay on the bed for a while, her body quivering and shaking as she recovered. Steve rolled aside and watched as Olivia's pussy tensed and relaxed with its orgasm, telling her how much better it was to get to see it live rather than via computer.

"Well it sure as hell was better for me, too!" Olivia laughed. Steve wasn't sure what was going to happen next and was startled as the lower half of the stranger's body disappeared back under the sheet again.

He watched the sheet that separated the two halves of the room for a sign of what to expect next. As he watched, he saw what could only be two breasts push the sheet out, the nipples clearly evident against the fabric.

"Touch me Steve, feel my body through the sheet," he was commanded and willingly, he complied, moving to his knees on the bed, reaching out to seize the breasts. He felt their weight and couldn't help but compare them to the wondrous mounds of his sister, whose breasts he considered to be the ultimate measure of mammary perfection. They weren't quite as big as Julie's, nor were they as firm, but Steve wasn't about to complain as he felt hornylady thrusting them into his hands. He allowed one of hand to roam further over the body that was hidden from his eyes, caressing the curve of her hip, her stomach, pushing between her legs. He noted that the sheet became wet when he pushed against her pussy and he thrust harder, attempting to push the fabric between her lips.

"Finger me Steve, reach under the sheet and play with my pussy while you play with my tit." Steve lifted the sheet until he was able to feel the smooth skin of hornylady's thigh with his hand, sliding it up and under the sheet along her leg until he brushed her bald pussy, feeling their combined juices oozing from between her lips. Olivia sighed and Steve felt her weight shift as she spread her legs further apart to allow his fingers access to her pleasure centre. Steve buried two fingers within the folds of her pussy and moved them about, Olivia squirming and thrusting herself at the penetration.

With his other hand, Steve continued massaging Olivia's breast, gradually increasing the roughness with which he was treating the nipple as his subject responded more and more vocally. Steve felt a hand grab his and guide it in its movements to pleasure her. He allowed this older, experienced woman to teach him what it was that drove her pleasure. He was surprised when one of his digits was singled out and removed from her pussy and both further surprised and excited when he realised that he was being guided to insert that finger into his partner's anus. Soon he found himself with a finger in each of her holes as she ground away at his hand, both of her hands now supporting his and adding to the pressure against which she was working herself.

Steve could hear from the state of the breathing on the other side of the sheet that hornylady was approaching yet another orgasm. This was confirmed moments later when she squealed with delight and clasped her thighs together about his hand. Steve continued to gently caress the rest of her body as she shuddered and shook and recovered from her peak of pleasure.

The sheet billowed out towards Steve's cock and it was seized in the folds of fabric and tugged, "Well that has to be one of the delight's of youth," hornylady commented, "A quick recovery to such a lovely state of rigidity!" The sheet inched up from the bottom and soon Steve's cock was again poking through the other side. He felt it engulfed again within her mouth and this time it seemed that she was determined not to stop until he came.

He felt his cock sucked and teased by her tongue and lips and moaned as he felt what he assumed to be her teeth scrape their way along his shaft. Next his balls were clasped within the folds of the sheet and pulled as she sucked deeply on his cock. It wasn't too long before the ministrations achieved their aim and Steve's body tensed as he prepared to release his seed again.

Olivia sucked as much of her son's cock as she could into her mouth and pumped the shaft with her hand as she prepared to receive his sperm. She wasn't disappointed when she felt him flinch as his cock twitched in her mouth and his warm seed spurted against the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again as he continued to empty himself within her, grunting with the release of his pleasure.

"Wow, you give good head," Steve said as he felt her licking the tip of his penis once he'd finished cumming.

"Why thank you, Steve. Is it better than your sister?"

"Hmm, well let's just say that it most certainly isn't worse," he laughed in response. "There's something about knowing that it's my sister blowing me that really makes it good though."

"I can imagine," Olivia replied. "Is there anything else you'd like me to do for you before we part company?"

"Um, yeah, I'd love to see you finger your arse for me," Steve said after considering his response for a little while.

"Mmm, it turns you on when I play with my anus, doesn't it? I'm guessing you've not been there yet with anyone?"

"Yeah, I haven't yet. And it makes me wild when I watch you finger your bum hole."

"Well, then, I think I can accommodate your request." Steve saw hornylady's feet appear beneath the sheet, soles first. She worked her way backwards until she was half under the sheet, doggy-style, her shaved pussy and arse presented for Steve's pleasure. First her hand appeared between her legs to manipulate her pussy, her fingers dipping in and out and rubbing her wet, cummy lips, but then it disappeared again, only to reappear over her arse.

Steve stroked his cock, which was rapidly hardening again as he saw her finger start to slide around her puckered anus before pushing at the hole. Soon her finger was in up to the first knuckle and then it slid in further to the middle knuckle.

"Now put your cock in my pussy, Steve," he heard hornylady say. He moved forwards so that the top of his cock rested against her pussy lips and she pushed back, allowing him to slide easily between her lips.

"My god that's big and deep!" she exclaimed before sliding forwards and then back again to envelop him. "Fuck me with it Steve." Steve started to slide his cock in and out as he watched her finger mimic his cock's action in her anus. After a few strokes she pulled her finger out and told Steve to try sliding his finger into her bum.

Steve drew his cock back to allow himself access before working his finger into hornylady's pussy alongside his cock to lubricate it. When he was satisfied, he started to run it around the rim of her anus before pushing it within her hole. He was surprised at how different it was from fingering a pussy. It was much tighter and there seemed to be a ring of muscle that gripped at his finger as he pushed and penetrated past it.

He felt hornylady's hand stroking his shaft and balls from below as he slid his cock and finger in and out of the holes that they were buried in, amazed at the fact that he could feel his cock moving through the membrane that separated them.

"Now its time to break me Steve. I want that enormous cock of yours in my bum. I want you to stretch me more than I've ever been stretched before."

Steve was stunned. He hadn't thought that this would be something he'd get to do. Especially since it was the first time that they'd gotten together. That wasn't about to stop him from trying everything that this wild older lady was going to teach him though.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed it against her anus and began to push.

"Slowly, let me adjust as you slide in," Olivia warned him. She could feel the head of his cock starting to slowly enter into her bum hole and had to make a very conscious effort to relax and not resist the invasion of her nether hole. It was so fucking big! She couldn't remember her arse having ever been stretched so much before and she didn't bother thinking about it for long. She grabbed a pillow and bit down on it as he continued to spear his way inside her, driving her in two. Eventually she told him to stop and just knelt on her hands and knees, her arse completely filled beyond anything she could have imagined. If only she could fill her pussy with it at the same time she thought, her pussy twitching in response to the thought that cascaded through her mind. Slowly she began rocking back and forth, Steve reacting and moving in counter-point to her motion. She moved a little faster with each thrust, getting more and more comfortable, hornier and hornier until Steve was fucking her anus like a sopping wet pussy.

Her hand flew to her clit and her fingers began working their magic there, rubbing and circling as she moved back and forth on the enormous pole.

Steve watched as the shaft of his cock disappeared deeper and deeper with each thrust into her bum, marveling at how tight it was and how turned on he was. He thrust harder and harder, surprised that he was allowed to do so when he felt hornylady's anus begin to rhythmically contract around his shaft as she squealed, an orgasm obviously rocking her body. He expected to be told to pull out but she continued to push herself back against him, another orgasm following the first. It was too much for Steve and his cock emptied into her anus. He held deep inside as the two of them twitched and shuddered together before he collapsed back on the bed and she fell forwards and crawled under the sheet.

"I think its time for you to go Steve," hornylady said to him.

"Sure. Thanks so much, that was amazing," he replied.

"No, thank you, that was just wonderful. Before you go, though, I want to kiss you. Of course it will have to be through the sheet."

The two of them knelt before the sheet again and with some careful positioning, brought their lips and tongues together, the sheet between them absorbing the moisture from their mouths. It wasn't a long kiss because of the sheet, but Olivia relished it.

"I hope we can do this again sometime," Steve finally said as he moved to the door after dressing.

"Oh I am sure we'll find a way. I might even let you know who I am soon," Olivia replied.

"That would be great, though I must admit that fucking a stranger in such an anonymous way is a total fucking turn on!"

"I agree completely. Now go home and have fun ... but not too much fun," Olivia laughed. Steve laughed and left the motel to go home. He kept thinking about the encounter all the way home, surprised that his cock was still prepared to raise itself at the thoughts of the entertainment that it had enjoyed. He even found himself wondering how tight his sister's or one of his cousin's arses could be if an older woman's was as tight as it had been.

Olivia returned home, greeting her family as they settled into their evening routine before dinner. She eyed her son off as they went about the preparations, her insides churning over the fact that she had fucked and sucked on his enormous cock. She found herself blushing just looking at him and quickly retreated from the room, wondering if and how she would reveal to her son that the hornylady that he'd met up with had in fact been her.

She considered this vexing problem several times over the next couple of days but didn't manage to come up with a scenario that she was happy to go forwards with.

Steve and Julie were looking forwards to the weekend as it seemed like that might be the only chance that the two of them might get some time alone in the house. Friday rolled around and they got a phone call from Adriana, asking them to go out on the town with her, drinking and dancing. They leapt at the opportunity and arranged to stay the night at her place because she was closer to where they would be going out (not to mention the other fun that they might manage to have).

They had a great time and finally decided to call it a night in the small hours of the morning, with Adriana driving them back to her house. They went into the lounge room and turned the TV on to watch some music videos quietly, quickly falling into a session of kissing and cuddling.

"Man, I've been so horny this week," Julie told her brother and cousin. "I've had to resort to masturbating in my room, because every time I thought about sneaking into Steve's room to fuck him, Dad would be up to pee in the middle of the night or something!"

"God, how frustrating," Adriana laughed, pulling her cousin's mouth to her to savour a lesbian kiss. "I guess you'll just have to let him fuck you now then, won't you?" As she said so, she reached across Julie to where Steve was sitting to rub his crotch and begin removing his jeans.

"What if I don't feel like it?" Steve asked.

"As if!" laughed Adriana as she exposed his cock, which was of course as hard as a rock as she and his sister talked about fucking him. She leaned across Julie's body and took his cock in her mouth and began to blow him. Julie ran her hand up the back of Adie's skirt, caressing her legs and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Adriana moaned around Steve's cock as Julie touched her and Julie turned so that she could kiss her brother, who in turn reached out to grab her breasts and caress them.

Julie tugged at Adriana's top to remove it and access her skin. Adriana stopped sucking Steve's dick long enough to allow Julie to remove it and Steve pulled Julie's top off as well. Adriana resumed sucking on Steve and slipped her hand up between Julie's legs, which were supporting her as she leaned across her cousin. Steve was pulling and tugging on Julie's nipples, loving the intensity of the blow job that his cousin was giving him.

Julie slipped two fingers inside Adriana's thong and worked them between her bald pussy lips to penetrate her as Adriana was doing to her pussy. She felt the pleasurable stab from Steve's attention to her nipples and wanted to get his cock between her pussy lips before she went mad.

"I need to fuck him Adie," move for me so that I can mount him.

"Ok, but you have to lie down, Steve so that I can straddle your face and get off on you as well."

Steve stood up and removed his pants whilst the girls made room for him to lie down, which he did once he was naked. Julie sucked his penis briefly before straddling him and guiding his missile between her lips and sliding down on it, sighing with pleasure.

Adriana went and stood beside Steve's head and started to do a sexy strip as she removed her skirt to reveal her red thong. She turned and twirled and bent over in front of Steve so that he could admire her body as Julie continued to ride up and down on his erection, giving Steve a running commentary about how good Adriana looked and how lucky he was to have her perform for him whilst he fucked his sister.

After a bit more dancing, Adriana turned her back on Steve and slowly started to peel her thong down her legs. Steve watched as the thin strip of material slid further and further down her legs, which remained straight as she bent over, revealing pussy lips denuded of any hair. He smiled to himself, thinking of Alexis' pussy with her drag strip and bald lips and wondered whether Adriana had gone for a similar look since she had seen her sister the other night. She stood up again and slowly turned.

"Oh yeah!" Steve said as Adriana's pussy came into view to reveal that there was in fact no hair at all. "You shaved it! That's awesome, just like my cute sis here."

"Actually, your cute sis shaved it while you were busy fucking my sister!" Adriana replied, grinning as Steve's fingers reached out to caress her bald mound.

"You fucked Alexis?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I did actually," Steve laughed, noting the look of disappointment on his sister's face.

"Oh man, I hoped that she'd cum for you when we left you alone, but I didn't expect that! Now I have to find a way for me to do it!" She laughed.

"Let's worry about that some other time," Adriana said, "My pussy needs attention here!" And with that, she straddled Steve's face, her wet lips pressed against his tongue, which darted out to receive the nectar that it was being offered. Adriana ground her crotch into her cousin's face, loving the feeling of his tongue as it worked over her clit. She felt Julie reach around from behind her to grab her breasts as she rode her brother's meat. She leaned back and turned her head so that she could kiss Julie and whispered to her, "Don't wear him out, I want to feel the monster in my bald pussy."

"Fine by me, I want to see you fuck him," Julie replied and lifted herself from her brother's cock and stood aside. Adriana slid her pussy back down Steve's body until she could take up the position that Julie had just vacated. She slid her way down Steve's cock, telling him how good it felt to have his skin rubbing directly on her hairless lips. She took as much of him inside her as she could and then ground her hips round and around in a circle, her eyes locked on the expressions that crossed his face as he in turn admired the sight of her baldness working its way to pleasurable heights on his manhood.

After fucking like this for a while, with Julie busy fingering herself and offering her tits to her brother for his amusement, Adriana told Steve that she wanted to lie down and have him penetrate her missionary style. They rearranged themselves on the couch again and Steve plunged back between her heavenly lips, Julie alternating between kissing Adriana and moving around behind them to play with Steve's balls or slide a finger inside Adriana alongside the massive cock.

"God, I'm going to cum now," Steve announced.

"Cum on my mound," Adriana told him. "I want Julie to clean your mess off of my bald mound. Steve thrust himself into his cousin's pussy a couple of more times before pulling his cock out and pumping it with his fist, exploding so that his cum sprayed across her bald mound.

"Come on Jules, time for a snack," Adriana said as Steve moved out from between her legs to allow his sister room. Julie was on her knees and lowered her face to Adriana's pussy, licking and sucking at the cum that had been plastered across her. Steve moved in behind his Sister and started to finger her pussy and rub her clit, telling her that when she was finished with Adie, that he was going to have a little of a snack himself and make her cum.

With all of the cum slurped from Adriana's bald pussy, Julie moved the attention of her tongue to her clit to get her off and release her sexual pleasure. Circling her tongue round and round, she moaned herself as she felt her brother's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

Adriana clamped her arm over her mouth, whimpering as she exploded in orgasm and Julie rolled over onto her back on the floor so that Steve could feast on her and bring her as much pleasure as she had just provided to Adriana. It wasn't long until she was rewarded with the quivering, pulsing and surging of pleasure that announced that she'd toppled over the brink of her own orgasm.

The three of them made their way to their respective places to sleep and collapsed exhausted.

Julie was the first of them to wake up, desperate to pee and she made her way quietly down the hall to the bathroom. She passed her uncle's office and was surprised to see that he was sitting in front of his computer. She caught sight of what was on the screen and discovered that he was alternating between looking at porn (and obviously stroking his cock) and writing what she assumed must be more of the story that she had discovered before. She wanted to see more, but was desperate to pee and so kept going on her way to the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet, peeing and wondering whether she would be brave enough to act on the strange compulsion that was telling her to walk into her uncle's office and drop to her knees to give him a blow job. She finished peeing and wiped her pussy before standing and pulling her thong back on. She looked at herself in the mirror and realised that she'd wandered down the hall in just the t-shirt and thong that she'd pulled on after finishing with Steve and Adriana last night. She pulled the waistband of her t-shirt tight and tied a knot in it so that it clung better to her tits and showed them off. Then she pulled on her nipples to make them stand out even further than they were already just in case she should happen to catch her uncle's attention ... or something.

She flushed the toilet and made her way out into the hall where she realised that the noise of the toilet was going to be clearly audible in her uncle's office. As she passed the door, he had obviously composed himself and hidden the porn that he'd been looking at. He was watching as she made the doorway and Julie assumed that he'd been waiting to see who it was that had snuck past without him even realising that they'd been past the doorway.

"Oh, hi Julie ..." he said, his eyes almost popping out of his head as his niece appeared like a young, half dressed Venus in the doorway to his office.

"Hey Uncle John, what are you doing up so early?" Julie asked, walking into his office, pointedly glancing at his lap where his erection wasn't particularly well hidden by the loose pants that he was wearing.

"Oh just getting a head start on some stuff for work next week while the family slumbers," he said, his eyes struggling to meet her gaze due to the challenge presented by her breasts and the lovely curves of her legs.

"Sounds kinda boring to me," Julie laughed, "I reckon I'd be surfing the net or something if I was the only one awake. Anyway, I'm not really awake yet and I'm going back to bed before anyone accuses me of sleep walking in here." Inwardly, she was laughing her head off as she watched her Uncle's expressions. She couldn't be sure if he picked up on the reference to his story or not, but she was happy to turn away from him, her butt grinding around the cloth of her thong as she swayed her way out of the room.

John sat there stunned, hornier than he had thought possible. He had just been sitting here looking at whatever he could find that looked close to as good as Julie and then in she walked, dressed like a true little slut. He'd even been working on a story where the guy's niece slept-walked into his bed ... and there she was talking about sleep-walking.

He waited until he was sure that she had indeed gone back to bed and then resumed pleasuring himself with reckless abandon, images of tied t-shirts and black thongs trapped between incredibly taught buttocks fueling his desire.

Julie, for her part was re-considering sending her uncle the rest of the story that she had been working on. The tent in his pants had been large enough to attract her attention.

On Sunday, Dave and Olivia decided to go out and visit some friends, leaving Steve and Julie alone in the house for the afternoon. They quickly decided that an impromptu performance would be in order and went about getting themselves an audience on the internet.

They were at a point where Julie was on her knees blowing Steve's cock when they heard the doorbell. They ignored it and pretended not to be there, happy in what they were doing and really not needing visitors at that point. Julie continued to work her mouth up and down on Steve's cock and Steve continued to tell her what the audience was saying.

Julie jumped and nearly sunk her teeth into Steve's cock when they heard Adriana call out to them, having entered the house through the back door.

"Hey, are you guys in there?"

Adriana headed towards the bedroom door. She was pretty sure that Steve and Julie were home and assumed that they were busy fucking each other and had ignored the doorbell. After all, that was what she would do, considering that she hadn't bothered to call first but just decided that she should call past as she was out riding her bike.

Steve was quickly typing a message into the computer and Julie was about to head Adriana off before she saw what was going on, but Adriana hadn't called out until she was almost at the room and opened the door to find Steve sitting naked with his massive cock ready for action as his naked sister clambered up from her knees. She looked at the computer and noticed the messages scrolling across the chat room window.

"Holy shit, are you two fucking for people on the internet?" she asked as she quickly put the scene together in her mind.

"uh, yeah," her cousins conceded.

"Man, you guys are outrageous!" Adriana laughed, stepping a little closer to see what the people were writing on the other end of the connection. People were asking who the hot chick in the bike get-up was and whether she was there to join part of the action. Steve replied that she was just visiting and that they didn't even know if they were going to finish the performance.

There were calls at that point that people had paid good money to see him fuck his sister and that they could get rid of the visitor and keep going because they wanted what they had paid for. Steve laughed and sent back that he was sure that they would come to some arrangement to complete this.

"You mean these people are paying to see you two doing this?" Adriana asked.

"Hell yes," Julie said "That's what makes it so fucking good!"

"Geez, how much money do you make out of this?" Steve gave her an indication and Adriana was impressed, telling them that it must make for a handy bit of cash considering the fact that they were having fun rather than working for it.

"I wonder if they'd pay again if we told them that you're actually our cousin and that they could watch us have a three-way? Would you be up for it Adie? We'll split the money obviously."

"I think I could handle that," Adriana said, her pussy having started to drip the instant she'd found them naked and having only got wetter with the thought of the dirty little secret they'd been hiding. Steve quickly started telling people the deal, that they would get to see a three way with the brother and sister being joined by their cousin if the audience paid another payment into their account and joined them in another room. Anyone that didn't pay extra would be refunded their money for having missed out on what they had paid to see here.

There were a heap of messages to say that it was a sure thing and Steve opened a window to check their account, which was registering deposits.

Adriana moved into the picture and kissed Julie passionately, playing with her tits to help entice people to pay the money and move to the other chat room.

It was only a few moments work and the new chat room was open. Adriana dropped to her knees alongside Julie and the two of them took turns sucking on Steve's cock and balls. Julie then allowed Adriana to continue the work as she began peeling Adriana's cycling outfit from her body. Before long the three of them were naked and Julie sat down on the chair. Steve stood alongside her so that Julie could suck on his erection again as Adriana knelt between her legs and applied her oral talents to Julie's pussy.

There were streams of appreciative messages when they saw Julie being licked by another sexy young girl. Then there were calls to see Julie apply her tongue in the same manner. Julie and Adriana switched places, stopping to kiss each other half way through, much to the delight of the audience. Julie pushed Adie's head back out of the way and sat down on her brother's cock, facing away from him so that the camera's eye captured her frontal image with a cock buried in her pussy. Then Adriana resumed her attentions, using her mouth to pleasure Julie's breasts before trailing her way down to her clit again. Julie didn't take long to orgasm and Adriana quickly swapped places to reach her own orgasm.

Steve then announced that it was time for him to cum and they asked the audience what they wanted to see. There were calls for facials, to see cum sucked from tits and to see one girl take the cum in her mouth and then dribble it into the other's mouth. Julie and Adriana discussed what they thought was the dirtiest and decided to try cum swapping.

Julie resumed sucking on her brother's cock, plastered, as it was with both her own and her cousin's pussy juices. Steve had been pleasured without cumming for some time now and it wasn't long before Julie had his seed wash all over the inside of her throat. She kept it all in her mouth and Adriana knelt down on the floor and tipped her head back. Julie leaned over her as Steve manipulated the camera.

Julie pursed her lips and Adriana opened wide as a thick stream of gooey cum dribbled from between her lips and into her mouth. Adriana opened her mouth to the camera to show that she had indeed taken the passed cum and then she swallowed before the two girls kissed passionately.

Steve turned off the camera and then turned and welcomed Adriana to their truly deviant lives.

'Yes, well that's true, I don't know that we could get much dirtier than this!" Adriana laughed/

"Oh, I don't know," Steve and Julie said in unison before looking at each other in surprise and collapsing on the floor laughing.

"What did YOU mean by that?" Julie asked him quizzically as he in turn began to ask her what she had meant.

"You tell me first and I'll tell you, Julie said to him..."

"Well," Steve said, hesitantly, wondering whether he should say this or not, "You know that woman that I have been chatting with online?"

"Yeah ..." Julie said. Adriana looked at him quizzically, having not heard about hornylady.

"Well, I met up with her at a motel and fucked her."

"No way! You're shitting me?" Julie said, completely surprised.

"No, really, I did. And she let me fuck her in the arse too." Julie simply sat there with her mouth hanging open and Adriana was little better off.

"I think you should tell me more," Adriana said as she watched Julie try to recover her composure, "after all, I have no idea what you're talking about here."

Steve told Adriana about his first forays into the web camera and how he had discovered hornylady and their mutual enjoyment of masturbating on camera. He told her about the way that she had started to penetrate her anus for him and related her proposal for them to meet up in a motel room without seeing each other because she was married. Julie and Adriana both listened intently, hardly believing that Steve had actually been prepared to go through with it.

They asked for intimate details about what had transpired during the encounter and looked at each other as he told them about how he had watched her finger her anus before sliding his own finger in there. They were even more amazed when he let on that he had slowly slid his cock into the woman's anus and fucked her.

"Have you ever tried it?" Julie asked of Adriana who was the more experienced of the two."

"Nuh uh," Adriana replied, "I assume that you haven't" she asked in return.


"Do you think you want to?" Adriana then ventured.

"I don't know, if its as good as Steve says this woman thought it was then I'd be mad not to, but it just sounds dirty to me. What about you?"

"I kinda think the same thing, but I must admit that the thought of doing something so 'naughty' is turning me on as well."

Steve sat there with his cock building back up to its erect state as his sister and cousin discussed the possibility of experimenting with anal sex in front of him.

"Anyway," Steve said, interrupting their musings, "what did you mean about this not being the dirtiest thing that you could do Jules?"

"Oh," Julie said, reacting, having completely forgotten already about how they had ended up in this conversation. She hesitantly began to tell them about the encounter that she'd had with their father and how she had teased him to the point that he'd had a big enough erection that she'd felt it pressed up against her when she had hugged him good night. She watched their faces carefully, concerned that they might react badly and she'd freak them out. Surprisingly they were rather practical about it.

"You know, your dad isn't really that bad looking," Adriana said, "and now that you've told me this I have to ask if he's as big or bigger than Steve?"

Julie laughed, "God I thought that you were going to call me a perve and disown me or something."

"Well, let's face it, we have both been fucking your brother here, why should we be so shocked to learn that you gave your father a boner?"

"Well, you know, just because he's so much older and all," Julie replied.

Steve had sat silent during this exchange. Julie turned to him and asked him if he was too freaked out to speak.

"No, but I have another confession to make," he said, blushing.

"You didn't fuck Mum did you?" Julie suddenly blurted out.

"No, no, nothing like that!" he laughed. He told them about the video that he'd made when he'd first started trying to see Julie naked and how he had masturbated whilst watching their mum walk about the bathroom naked and how he'd even used her panties to wank with.

"Would you fuck her?" Adriana asked.

"Um, I think so," Steve said. "It's kinda weird to think about, but given that I've tossed off thinking about it, I'd have to say that if the opportunity presented itself, I probably would."

"Man, now I know what you two mean when you say we could get dirtier!" Adriana exclaimed. "I just know that when I go home now I am going to have to check out my parents and rate their fuckability."

Julie sat quietly not wanting to tell Adriana that she'd made her uncle as horny as she'd made her father and that she'd finished off his story, but she did decide in her mind that tonight she'd take the chance and actually send it to him. Just thinking of that made her all wet again.

She reached over and grabbed Steve's stiff cock. "This has made me horny again, fuck me with your monster?" Steve happily complied with his sister's request as she lay down on the bed so that he could spear his massive member between her lips.

Adriana reached over and played with Julie's breasts as her brother rocked back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She kissed her cousin and Steve leaned to the side to see his two female relatives entwine their tongues together.

Adriana was on her knees leaning over the bed and broke her kiss with Julie to tell Steve that he'd better not forget her. He laughed and excused himself from fucking his sister for a few moments to kneel behind his cousin and slide his cock inside her pussy, which was equally as wet as his sister's. As he slowly moved it in and out of her, he eyed off her anus, wondering whether the time was right. Given the discussion that they'd all just had, he decided that he should try it now, but decided to start with his finger as he had with hornylady.

He pulled his cock out and wiped the length of his slimy shaft down between her bum cheeks and over her anus. Adriana sighed at the touch and he slid back inside her pussy before placing the tip of his finger against her bum hole. He withdrew his cock so that only a couple of inches was inside her and he had room to use his finger. He ran his finger around her anus before starting to push into her hole. Adriana had been sucking on his sister's nipple and he felt her tense. He told her to relax and Jules asked what was going on.

"He's fingering my bottom," Adriana told her. Julie squirmed out from under Adriana's mouth so that she could see her brother's finger as it slowly worked its way inside her bottom.

"Does it feel good?" Julie asked her.

"I dunno, its kinda weird, but its not horrible." Julie scooted off the bed and knelt on the floor with her breasts on the bed like Adriana was doing so that her arse was also pointing at her brother.

"Do it to me as well, I want to know what it feels like," she declared, not wishing to be out done by her cousin. Steve pulled her sister's butt closer to him so that her hip was pressed up against Adriana's and slipped two fingers inside her pussy whilst he continued to slowly work his finger into Adriana's bottom. He then wiped them across her anus, tickling around it and teasing her before starting to work his index finger inside her bum just like he had done to Adriana. Steve allowed his cock to slide from Adriana's pussy and moved so that he was equidistant between the two girls, a finger in each of their bum holes as he pushed and pulled, slowly sliding them deeper inside them.

"Oooh, It is kind of weird isn't it?" Julie said to Adriana as her virgin bottom was penetrated for the very first time. "I feel so dirty doing this, but that just makes me hornier!"

"I know what you mean, Jules, I feel like a real slut, just like when we did the cum swapping." As Steve worked his index fingers into their anus' he allowed the middle finger of each hand to slip inside their pussies, fingering all four holes at the same time. This drew appreciative responses from his two relatives who turned to kiss each other as they enjoyed the violation of their bodies. Julie reached under herself so that she could finger her clit and Steve decided that his cock needed to be buried inside something warm and wet, moving to the right slightly so that he could thrust his erection inside his sister's pussy. He let his middle finger slip from her pussy to make room and as he entered her, pushed it into her anus alongside his index finger.

"Of fuck Steve, I feel so full of everything!" she told him, working her fingers away on her clit and pushing back in time with each of his thrusts. Steve worked his cock in and out of her pussy and pushed his fingers as deep as he could into her anus and Julie moaned and screamed and let them know that she was going to explode. Adriana pulled her mouth towards her so that she could engage Julie in a passionate kiss as Julie's body was racked by its orgasm.

Julie collapsed against the bed, her body shuddering and convulsing in her release, Steve's cock, still erect, slipping slowly from her pussy.

"Your turn," Steve said to Adriana, moving so that his cock was pushing against her bald pussy lips. She thrust back against him, sighing as his massive member stretched her wide and slid deep inside her pussy. She rocked slowly back and forth, enjoying each movement as Steve's cock slid between her lips and deep inside her being. She felt his cock withdrawn and shuddered as the length of his shaft was wiped from base to tip across her puckered little anus before sliding back inside her vagina. Steve's finger pushed again inside her bum and with Julie's encouragement, worked a hand beneath her to finger her clit.

Steve soon had a second finger inside Adriana's arse hole and was fucking her with them as well as with his cock. Julie had recovered and was watching intently as her brother's fingers worked over her cousin's bum.

"Let me do it to her," Julie suddenly said, moving alongside her brother who removed his fingers. Julie dipped her fingers inside her own sopping pussy and then applied them to her cousin's bum, sliding first one finger and then the other slowly inside, remarking on how different it felt to fingering her pussy as well as on how good it felt. Steve held still and allowed Julie and Adriana to do as they pleased, working Adriana towards her orgasm as she rocked back and forth and fingered her clit. He reached across and fondled his sister's wonderfully firm breast, teasing at the nipple, marveling that his sister was here helping him to deflower his cousin's anus. He wondered whether he could get his cock in there and asked the question.

"Um, I don't' know, its kinda scary thinking about that massive thing in my arse, just let me enjoy this for today," Adriana grunted between pants. Steve acquiesced and thrust his cock deep inside his cousin, to be rewarded by her moans of release and to feel her pussy gripping his cock spasmodically in response to her orgasm. As Adriana recovered, he told her to lie down on the bed with her legs spread so that he could spray her with cum. Julie rolled her over and helped her up onto the bed as Steve worked his massive prick over with his hand. Julie watched for a bit before moving in to take it in her mouth and suck him, bringing him even closer to the brink. When she sensed that he was going to cum, she let him go and Steve seized his cock in his fist and pumped it until his semen sprayed out to splatter over Adriana's small breasts with their tight, erect nipples. He leaned over her and wiped the last drop of cum across her lips and Adriana opened her mouth to suck it in. Then Steve stood back and told Julie to eat his cum from her cousin's body.

Julie leant over her cousin who reached out to play with her breasts as Julie sucked her nipples and breasts clean of her brother's cum.

Olivia sat at the table with her sister Mary, enjoying a cup of coffee as they took some time to catch up with each other.

"You know, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about," Mary said after a break in their conversation.

"Oh?" queried Olivia, watching the somewhat pensive expression on her sister's face.

"Yeah, now don't think I'm getting all pervy or anything here, but the other night when your kids were over, they were all doing the dishes in the kitchen and I went in to get a drink of water and I couldn't help but notice that your son had an erection. And I wouldn't mention it, except I was wondering if you knew that your son might possibly have the biggest cock I've ever seen tucked away in his pants?"

Olivia laughed. "oh don't worry, I've noticed it too, its rather hard not to when he walks out with half a boner in the morning with only his boxer shorts on."

"Well, I'm glad that it's not just me then because I was starting to worry that I was going mad and imagining things. Man, I would love to get my hands on a cock that big. I mean, John is no slouch or anything, but I'm guessing that that monster would be truly impressive to hold in your hand."

"I think you'd be right," Olivia replied, her pussy tingling as she remembered doing exactly that and more with her son's cock.

Mary watched her younger sister as a slight flush appeared in her cheeks and her tongue slipped out to moisten her lips. She had disappeared into her own little world at the mention of holding a massive cock in her hands. Mary noted that even her nipples were responding as her eyes traveled over her sister's body. They were clearly evident through the light cream blouse that she was wearing, even the bra underneath being insufficient to conceal their state of arousal.

"Thinking dirty thoughts?" Mary asked her.

"What? Oh!" Olivia said, starting and realising exactly where she was. "Well, if I am, it would have to be your fault for making me think about such massive cocks!" she then laughed.

"God, watching you just then made me think back a few years," Mary said quietly, her voice husky and slightly nervous.

"Oh?" Olivia said, raising her eyebrows.

"Yes, you know what I am talking about ..."

"Oh!" Olivia reacted suddenly clicking to exactly what it was that Mary meant. "Wow, I haven't thought about that for the longest time ... do you think about it much?"

"Only every time I see a sexy woman or catch you with your nipples begging for some attention," Mary said wistfully.


"Oh yes, and just now the way that you were licking your lips and the lust on your face ... made me want it again."

Olivia thought back to the time that Mary was talking about. The two of them had just started to experiment with sex. It had all been innocent enough to start with, Olivia asking her sister how you pashed. Olivia had offered to teach her and suddenly they'd had their mouths locked together with their tongues tutoring each other in what worked and didn't work in a kiss. Over a period of time, this practice kissing as they had called it had evolved until they were sleeping in each other's beds and fucking each other with their fingers and tongues, all in the name of 'practice' for when the real thing came along.

They'd been lovers for about six months before Olivia had got a boyfriend and decided that she didn't want to do it anymore. Mary hadn't wanted to stop, but Olivia had made her promise that she'd leave her alone to pursue her boyfriend.

"Have you ever slept with another woman?" Olivia asked her sister.

"Nope, you were the only one. I've looked of course, I've even been to a gay bar to see if I could pick someone up for a night of girl sex, but I chickened out. I just couldn't bring myself to do it at the final hurdle, but with you that was never an issue. God, just thinking about it has my pussy on fire!"

"Well, I must admit that you've certainly woken my bits up as well," Olivia giggled.

"I don't suppose you'd let me eat you, just for old time's sake?" Mary whispered, obviously expecting the answer to be no and somewhat embarrassed to be asking. Olivia considered the request, which was more than she would have done a couple of weeks ago. There was something that had been awakened in her since her daughter had asked her if her father's cock was big because she had seen her brother's. Olivia couldn't put her finger on it, but having allowed her son to fuck her up the arse, what could it hurt to have her sister eat her pussy and give her an orgasm. After all, it wasn't like she'd never enjoyed it when it had happened in the past, it was just that she had thought that she should move on and get away from having sex with a family member. Must be genetic she thought to herself as she recalled her son's cock buried in his sister's pussy for everyone on the internet to see.

"You know what, I'm going to say yes," Olivia announced. She was thrilled by the grin that spread across her sister's face. She was obviously well pleased with this turn of events and stood up so quickly that her chair clattered to the floor behind her as she came around to hug Olivia.

"Oh wow, thanks Liv, I know you won't regret this!" She took Olivia's hand in her own and led her away to the bedroom.

"Its silly, but I'm so nervous I've got butterflies!" Mary giggled as they entered the room. Olivia started to remove her blouse, but Mary told her to stop and stepped up to take her in her arms, pulling her close so that she could kiss her like they had when they were younger. The two women's tongues met and assumed a dance so familiar that it was as if no time at all had passed since the last time that they had enjoyed each other intimately.

Their hands began their exploratory journeys, touching, caressing, assessing and feeling each other before Mary's hand began to work at the buttons down the front of her sister's blouse. As she undid each one she would lower her head and kiss the skin that was revealed as the material parted. She worked lower and lower until she was on her knees and the second-last button revealed Olivia's belly button. She kissed the her tummy just below it then ran her tongue around the edge, causing Olivia to giggle before she released the final button and stood to peel back the blouse from her sister's shoulders. She took Olivia's breasts in her hands, feeling the softness of the material of her ivory satin bra, her fingers tracing along the edges of it, feeling the skin of her breasts. Her tongue followed the path of her fingers and Olivia's fingers tangled in her hair as she caressed Mary's head.

Mary's hands found the clasp of Olivia's bra and released the catch so that she could pull the bra off and release her sister's breasts to the air. She admired the taught nipples, standing out to be sucked in their state of arousal. It was too much to resist and she leaned forward and caressed the nipple with her tongue before sucking it deep within her mouth, feeling it swell with further arousal. Olivia was pulling at Mary's pink t-shirt, trying to lift if over her head, wanting to release her sister's breasts as well. Mary allowed it to happen, first pulling her arms free whilst the nipple was still in her mouth before taking a breast in each hand as Olivia pulled the t-shirt over her head.

Olivia admired her older sister's breasts. They were fuller than her own, akin to the size of her daughter's. Though like her own, they had lost the firmness of youth. And like her own, the nipples seemed larger and darker than they had been when they had spent intimate time together like this in their youth. She commented on the fact to Mary.

"Yeah, after having kids, things are never quite the same, are they?" she asked philosophically.

"At least sex still feels good though," laughed Olivia.

"That's the truth!" The two women kissed again, their breasts crushed together and their nipples thrusting into the soft flesh of the other woman.

"Time to see the rest of you," Mary announced and began undoing the clasp and then the zip on the skirt that Olivia was wearing. She knelt down before her and slid the khaki coloured skirt to the floor, revealing Olivia's matching ivory panties. She kissed her on her mound and ran her fingers along the crotch, finding it already soaked with her sister's juices.

"Mmm, I think you're ready for me," Mary said. Olivia simply moaned in response. Mary grabbed the waistband of the panties and peeled them down her sister's legs, revealing her glistening and puffy pussy lips, devoid of hair.

"Wow, you're shaved!" Mary remarked.

"Uh huh," Olivia replied, standing naked before her sister.

"Been that way for long?"

"A couple of years now, I did it for Dave and didn't look back."

"John keeps asking me to do it now and then, but I've never given in yet."

"Well one day you should, you'll blow his mind."

"Huh, that wouldn't be all that would blow!" Mary said, her fingers beginning to trace their way over her sister's mound and upper thighs, all over her, but not touching her pussy. "Lay down for me Liv."

Olivia lay herself down on the bed and Mary stood between her feet, looking over the body of her sister.

"You know, you look fucking hot," Mary whispered as she undid the buttons of her jeans and dropped them to the floor along with her panties. Olivia looked at her sister's body, thinking that she had done a good job of keeping herself in shape. She eyed off her pussy, noting that although she said she'd never shaved it, she kept the hair trimmed quite short and in a neat patch that wouldn't show from swimwear.

"You look, pretty fucking good yourself, Sis," Olivia told her as Mary began to crawl up her body, letting her nipples drag along her sister's skin, occasionally pressing more of her breast against Olivia as she adjusted her position. When she reached her breasts, she again sucked on them, beginning with the right breast and then moving to the left, pulling and tugging on her nipple with her teeth and lips, her hand darting down to caress Olivia's pussy, getting her fingers slick with her juices. Olivia groaned in a pleasured response to the touch, her legs parting to give her sister better access to her pleasure centre.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking you," Mary said, grinning at her younger sister as she commenced her journey back down over her body, her lips, tongue and hands bringing her alive as they traversed her nakedness. When she reached her sister's pussy, Mary caressed the skin of her bald mound with her fingers, before tracing them down either side of her inflamed labia and bringing them back up her slit, catching her juices, sucking her fingers into her mouth and licking them clean. She slid two fingers inside Olivia's pussy and worked them back and forth before withdrawing them and applying her tongue to her pussy. She commenced teasing her sister, drawing her ever closer to her orgasm, but never quite allowing her to take that final plunge over the edge into bliss. She worked her tongue back and forth and around her clit and dipped it inside her pussy, caressed her labia and pulled at them with her lips.

Olivia squirmed and writhed under her sister's attentions and pulled at her own nipples, heightening the pleasure that was being exacted upon her. She was desperate to cum, but Mary wasn't going to allow that to happen easily, she was obviously relishing this opportunity that she had waited for so long to enjoy.

Mary stopped licking Olivia's pussy and used her fingers to work in and out of her pussy before running one down her slit and over her anus. She rimmed it with her finger before slowly working the wet juices that had coated it inside with her finger until she had it worked nicely inside her sister's bum. Then she resumed the application of her tongue to Olivia's clit and worked the two actions together.

Olivia exploded. She cried out as her release was finally realised. She bucked and shook and shuddered as she came, but Mary didn't let up. She kept her finger firmly embedded in her sister's bum hole and clamped down hard on her clit. Olivia cried out, her hands grabbing at her sister's hair, wanting to pull her away and hold her tight against her at the same time. A second orgasm flowed through her on the back of her first and she screamed, her body now beyond her control. She begged Mary to release her and Mary did so, allowing Olivia to collapse back on the bed, spent.

Mary crawled up next to her sister and lay with her, her hands gently fondling and caressing her breasts and bare skin.

"Thank you for letting me do that Liv, I love you so much."

"Well thank you," Olivia whispered in reply, "That was fucking amazing. Are you sure you haven't been practicing your pussy eating skills? When it feels that fucking good, I wonder why I ever stopped you." Mary grinned, happy.

"Does that mean you'll let me do it again?"

"Hell yes, though not just now, I feel a little spent," Olivia giggled. "Though, I'll have to return the favour first."

"Oh goody," Mary said, clapping her hands, acting like a young girl about to get her first puppy, much to the amusement of her sister."

Olivia rolled over on top of her elder sister and kissed her, tasting the juices from her own pussy on her lips and tongue. She worked her way down Mary's body as had been done to her, paying particular attention to the large breasts with their nipples that begged for attention. She slowly reached her target and then drove her tongue into Mary's pussy, drawing shrieks of pleasure.

When she was worked into a frenzy, Olivia stopped licking her and sat beside her sister, one of Mary's leg's draped across her lap. She worked two fingers into her sister's pussy and curling them inside her, started to feel her way around the front wall, searching for the magic spot. Mary watched her sister's face as she explored inside her, loving that her sister was being so intimate with her again after so many years apart.

Olivia found the spot that she was looking for and Mary's back arched in response as her fingers caressed her g-spot, sending shock waves of pleasure through her system. It was Mary's turn to writhe and squirm and soon she too lay spent on the bed, her body heaving as she caught her breath from her orgasm.

"You know," Olivia said later, " I have a proposition for you."

"Oh?" Mary said, curious as to what on earth it could be."

"Would you like to see Steve's cock?"

"Are you serious?" Mary replied, shocked.

"Oh yes, let me tell you something." Olivia told her sister that she had stumbled across an account on Steve's computer when she'd had to borrow it when hers had crashed and that she'd discovered that he'd been masturbating on his webcam for women on the internet (she figured that was better than telling the full story). She suggested that the next time that she knew that he was going to do it, that she would ring Mary and let her know, so that she could log in and view it as well.

"Are you interested?"

"Of course, but are you really ok with setting me up to watch your son wank?"

"Hell, I just had sex with my sister, I'm starting to wonder what it would take for me to say no to something these days," Olivia confessed.

"Interesting point," Mary conceded. "As long as you're alright with it though, I'll be happy to take advantage."

Olivia hugged her sister good bye and made her way home, amazed at the fact that after all this time, she had finally allowed her sister to fuck her again and wondering about her own contribution of promising to set up her son to masturbate for his aunty.

Julie typed her uncle's email address into the to box and attached the story that she had added to. She sat there looking at the screen, the mouse pointer hovering over the send button. Was this really a wise thing to do? She knew that there was a level on which her uncle desired her, but did that mean it would really translate into his willingness to do something about it. She had an idea and decided that it might be an ok starting point.

Dear Uncle John,

When I was at your place the other day, I got up early and was mucking about on your computer. Sorry for intruding, but when I was on there I stumbled across a story that you had been writing. Now don't be freaked out, but I read it and have to say that I found it 'interesting'. I emailed it to myself and have been thinking about it quite a bit.

After a day or two, I decided that I should continue it for you and that is what I have done. I would love it if you continued it from where I have left it and sent it back to me.

Let's just say that I'm curious.

Love Julie xxx

She hit send. She wondered what his response would be. She could imagine him sitting in his chair reading it. Would he be shocked? Disgusted? Horny? Man, not knowing was going to drive her crazy. She wandered out to the kitchen and saw her father there getting a drink. She was so horny she could have dragged his pants down and blown him right there. What was up with her today? Steve had gone out for the day and she'd woken up horny and now there wasn't anyone in the house who could help her out. She'd called Adriana, but she was out for a ride and not expected back for ages.

"Hey Dad, how's it going?" she asked him, moving past to get to the fridge, brushing her breast against his arm.

"Good, Jules, you? Got big plans for the day?"

"Nope, just a boring Saturday hanging around the house I guess. Adriana is out, Steve's out, I can't seem to get hold of my other friends, so I might just watch a movie. What about you?"

"Much the same, your mother has decided to go visit her sister for the day again and so I thought I might just tinker about here and catch up on a few jobs that need doing."

"Well, I guess I'll see you around then," Julie responded, taking her drink and moving from the kitchen.

Julie put a disk in the DVD player and settled down in front of the television to watch a movie. As she watched, her thoughts wandered and she thought back to the action that she had been participating in over the last couple of weeks and having found no release from her state of excitement that morning, quickly found that her panties were becoming damp as her body reacted to her mind's memories. Her hand found its way inside the pants that she was wearing, moving inside her panties to caress her bald pussy. She slid her finger between her lips before slowly beginning to play with her clitoris.

Dave stood up from where he had been repairing the sprinkler system in the yard, cursing once again his wife's incredible ability to find an irrigation hose with the tine of her garden fork with unerring accuracy. He washed his hands at the tap off the back of the house and decided that he would get himself some lunch. He walked into the kitchen and was about to start when he heard the TV coming from the living room. He decided that he should at least ask Julie if she wanted anything and so made his way to the living room to ask her. When he reached the door, he stopped, stunned. Julie was laid out on the couch with a movie going, but she wasn't really watching the TV. She was looking in its general direction, but from what Dave could see, her hand was too busy in her pants for her to be really watching. Especially as there was absolutely nothing on the screen that anyone could find arousing.

Dave's cock reacted automatically to the sight before his mind even had a chance to come to grips with what it was seeing. He knew that he should walk away, but the sight of his daughter's hand working feverishly inside her pants was mesmerizing. Julie was turned away from him slightly so he couldn't see as much as he'd like, but he could see from her breathing that she was well on her way to orgasm, her breasts heaving with each breath, her nipples trying desperately to escape their confines.

As he watched, Julie grabbed a pillow with her free hand and clamped it to her mouth, muffling the release of her pleasure as her body visibly shook on the couch. Dave quickly turned away in case he was spotted spying on her and went to the kitchen, where he attempted to focus his thoughts on anything but the shaking of his daughter's body so that his erection might subside.

After five minutes or so, he thought that he had enough composure to attempt his entry again, this time making sure that he made enough noise that he might be heard and not disrupt anything else that might be going on!

"Hey Jules," he said from the doorway, his cock spoiling any thought of going into the room composed due to the recent events he had witnessed, "would you like something to eat?"

"Oh hi, Daddy, sure I would." Dave noted the flush on her face. She was obviously still recovering from her pleasure and had she just glanced at his crotch when she said yes to something to eat? Surely it was his imagination going overtime. Having established what she would like, he retreated to the kitchen to prepare it.

Julie lay back on the couch. "Man, what if he had walked in five minutes ago?" she wondered to herself, "Would he have watched me finger myself or have just walked away, or told me off?" She had no way of ascertaining which it would be, but she had noted that his cock had been more than flaccid as he stood there asking her if she wanted something eat. She wondered if he'd noted that she'd been looking at his pants when she said yes. She hadn't been able to help herself from doing anything other than look there because she was so horny. She really wanted a cock to play with today.

Dave returned with some sandwiches and sat down next to Julie on the couch to eat them. Julie joined in, Dave asking her what she was watching. Luckily it was something that she'd seen before and so she was able to fill her Dad in quickly on what had happened so far.

The two of the sat there watching the movie and eating their lunch until a point where her Dad missed one of the subtleties of the movie when he turned to place his empty plate aside. Julie noted that the remote was on the other side of her father and when he was again watching, leant over him, her breasts crushed against his thighs so that she could reach it to rewind the movie, telling him that he needed to watch this bit to get something equally as important later in the movie.

Dave sat there watching this 'critical part' but he was struggling to take it in. All that was burning in his mind at that point was the feeling of his daughter's firm breasts crushed against his thighs and the reaction that it had caused in his pants. He had to get out of there. He stood up and went to move from the room, too conscious of the bulge in his jeans.

"Aren't you going to watch the rest with me Daddy?" Julie asked, surprised by his apparent departure.

"Um, I'm just going to get another drink," he said, coming up with the first excuse that entered his mind.

"As long as you're not uncomfortable," Julie said, glancing at his crotch. Dave simply left the room, stunned and unsure of what was going on. If he was younger and single, he would swear that the young vixen in the room was trying to pick him up, and not very subtlety either. But this was his daughter. So why was his body reacting so well to her. Why wasn't his mind controlling him rather than saying, "Wow, what if she is!"

Having made the excuse that he was going to get a drink, he found himself trapped into returning. He sat back down on the couch and Julie leaned up against him. She looked at him and reached up with her hand, telling him that he had something on his lip from lunch. She plucked it away and all Dave was aware of was the aroma of pussy on her fingers and what seemed to be an intense heat transfer between them where she had her body pushed up against his. He sat there, barely seeing the movie, astounded by the reaction that the close proximity of his daughter was having on him. He put her arm around her, his and resting on her arm and she smiled at him, snuggling into his embrace.

Julie was alive with excitement. She was so close to her father, she could tell that he had a stiff cock in his pants and even the slightest movement seemed to get him bigger. She could feel his hand on her arm and loved that it was so close to her breast. Should she place his hand on her tit? Or should she grab his cock? What a choice. In the end she settled for moving as the movie came to a close, because in doing so, she turned and her father's hand slid onto her breast. He held it for the briefest of moments before reacting sharply and taking it away, apologizing.

"Its ok Dad," Julie laughed at his reaction," Its not like it's the first time someone has accidentally touched my boob!" And with that she put her hand on her father's cock to push herself up into a standing position.

"Oops," she laughed at him as she went to get the disc out of the player, bending so that he had a perfect view of her arse in the jeans that she was wearing. As she replaced the disc in the cover, they heard the front door open and Steve called out that he was home. Her father stood, embarrassed and shocked and went back out to the garden.

"Hey Steve," Julie called out to him, disappointed in one respect but pleased in another. She grabbed him by the hand and dragged him off to her bedroom. Before he even really had a chance to reply and see what was up, she was peeling her pants down her legs. She lay back on the bed with her pussy exposed to him, still wearing the pale-blue t-shirt that she'd paired with her jeans.

"Fuck me Steve. I need your cock." She said simply.

"Well if that's what you really want ..." Steve teased, dragging out his response.

"I suggest you hurry or I might have to go and see if Mum has any toys I can use, then I could just forget about you and help myself," Julie said in response to his teasing. Steve for his part, quickly whipped his jeans off and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He climbed up over his sister's slight frame and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy lips before plunging inside her.

"Oh god you don't know how much I needed that!" she said to him as his enormous cock speared inside her. "Please fuck me hard."

Steve responded by thrusting his cock in and out of his sister's pussy, working her over as he himself worked closer and closer to cumming. He thrust again and again and Julie whimpered and sighed as again and again she was split apart, her vagina engulfed by the massive intruder. She reached up and pulled at her brother's nipples, tugging and squeezing them, reaching for her clit with her other hand. She thrust herself back to meet him in his efforts until he pulled his cock from her pussy and started to pump it with his fist. Julie sat up and took the head of his cock in her mouth, telling him to cum there as he worked the remainder of his member over with his hand.

Steve held still and felt his balls tighten as the familiar rush worked its way through his body to release a stream of sperm into Julie's mouth. Julie swallowed and swallowed and then took Steve's cock back in her mouth to clean him off.

"Hmm, looks like I might need to help you out a little more," Steve said, smiling at Julie as he dropped down between her legs. He parted her lips with his fingers and delved between them with his tongue, seeking to and succeeding in pleasuring her.

Julie squirmed and wriggled and finally came, thrilled to find release again when she hadn't expected it for hours if at all.

"Does Mum really have toys?" Steve asked Julie as they dressed themselves afterwards.

"I don't know," Julie laughed, "I was making it up, maybe I'll have to have a look sometime."

"Now that's not a bad idea," Steve replied.

"Yeah well, don't do it now, because Dad's still home you know."

"Damn. Oh well, have to do it another time then."

Julie left Steve to his own devices, which turned out to be turning the computer on to see if there were any developments that he needed to attend to. There was a stack of fan email there and he glanced through the ones that appealed to him. He spotted one from hornylady and opened it up. It was a request for a solo session from him. She said that she had at least one friend who was interested in seeing the happy monster and wanted to set her up to watch him do his thing.

Steve sent back a reply saying that he would be happy to and said that he could do it later that evening if she could organise her friend in time. He told her to message him at 8:30 if she wanted to go through with it.

Olivia showed Mary the message. "There you go, 8:30 tonight you can watch my son wank his enormous penis."

"Wow, that is awesome, Mary said, caressing her sister's breasts as she stood behind her, Olivia sitting in the chair in front of her brother-in-law's computer. Olivia had again spent the day with her sister and the two of them had indulged in some loving. Just before Olivia had been about to leave, Mary had reminded her of what she had offered, so Olivia had checked her email account on their computer.

"You just don't know how awesome it really is," Olivia said, thinking back to having it in her anus, but not willing to tell her sister everything.

Later that same day, John was sitting at his computer. He was reading the message on the screen for about the tenth time. It was from his niece, Julie. And if he was reading it correctly, which with this being the tenth time he'd read it, he was pretty sure he was, she had found the story he'd written, guessed it was about her and now added to it so that the uncle fucked the girl in the story. Something he'd thought about but hadn't been prepared to put on paper. And she'd invited him to add to it further and send it back. Did he dare do it? He thought back to when he'd seen her that morning and she'd been wearing so little clothing. His already hard cock twitched.

"John do you think I could use your computer for awhile later?" Mary asked, breaking his reverie. He quickly alt-tabbed after recovering from his start in the chair.

"Good god, Mary, you scared the shit out of me!" he laughed as he turned to face her in the doorway to the study. Mary laughed at him.

"Sorry about that, can I use it though?"

"Umm, sure," he replied, wondering what she needed it for. Mary rarely used the computer but he decided that if she wanted to tell him what it was about hen she would do exactly that.

"I need it at 8:30."


Alexis and Adriana were out for the night and John was watching the football as Mary settled into the chair in front of her husband's computer. She had shut the door so that it wouldn't be evident what was going on at a quick glance and now spread her legs as she logged into the messenger program under the alias wetandwilling that Olivia had set up for her.

She looked at the friend's list and sure enough, monstercock4fun was already logged in, as was hornylady. Soon after she had logged in, she was invited to a video conference and accepted. She saw her nephew Steve sitting on a chair in front of his computer, wearing boxers and a t-shirt.

hornylady} here she is now



hornylady}are u ready to perform for my friend, Steve?

monstercock4fun}sure, ready to watch wet?

wetandwilling}I think so

monstercock4funthink? Not sure about this?

As she glanced at the cam portion of the screen, she saw that her nephew had flopped out his semi-erect penis and was stunned by how big it looked.

wetandwilling} k, I am SURE

hornylady} I told y u that u'd like it lol

wetandwilling}u were right.

Steve started to stoke his cock. He found the fact that there were two women watching him now with no men leering at his sister even more arousing than he had thought that he would. His cock quickly grew to its full size and he was rewarded by his audience with their messages.

wetandwilling}that has to be the best and biggest cock I've ever seen!

hornylady}Isn't it gorgeous?

wetandwilling}ur telling me!

Steve applied moisturizer to his hands and slowly worked them up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock, watching the messages appear on the screen to tell him how much they were enjoying it.

monstercock4fun}r u playing with urselves?

hornylady}of course

wetandwilling}me too!

Mary watched her nephew's hands stroking his cock and wished that she could feel the fullness of it in her own hands. And her pussy she conceded. At Olivia's advice, she was wearing no panties and was sitting at the computer in a skirt since there was some chance that John would walk in. She was typing messages one handed now as her other hand worked on her clitoris, stroking and rubbing it, her juices seeping from her pussy to wet her skirt.

As she watched, Steve's hands increased their tempo on his cock until he finally held still and a stream of cum spurted from its tip into the air before landing on his belly with what Mary imagined could have been an auditable splat.

wetandwilling}thank you so much for sharing that with me Steve.

monstercock4fun}Sure, maybe 1 day u could return the favr?

wetandwilling}im willing to consider it

hornylady}night steve

monstercock4dun} night horny, see u some other time.

Hornylady}Sure will

Mary logged off of her computer and the phone rang.

"So what do you think of my boy's cock now?" Olivia asked.

"My god, it was bigger than I'd thought possible! Imagine how it would to have that stuffed inside you." Mary replied.

"Oh believe me, I've thought about it!" laughed Olivia.

"God it would be so amazing. I can't believe that you got all that set up and he doesn't know that he's masturbating for his Mum."

"And his Aunty now!"

"Well I don't know about you, but I have to go and finish myself off. That got me more worked up than I've been in ages. Well other than the time I've spent with you of course!"

"Its ok, I understand. I can't believe how many times I've frigged myself whilst watching or thinking about my son's cock. Have a good night.

Mary hung up the telephone and turned off the computer. She thought about going to the bedroom to masturbate, but decided that having seen that little performance, she'd rather the real thing. She went into the living room where John was watching the TV and sat down in front of him. His hands caressed her shoulders, massaging them gently and she moaned her appreciation.

Without ceremony, she turned around and started undoing his pants so that she could pull them to the floor. John watched in surprise, but with pleasure written across his face as his wife stripped his pants off of him and took his suddenly inflating penis into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled at it until it was at its full erection and then bobbed her head up and down, taking time to swirl her tongue around the head and occasionally lick along the shaft.

John was torn between watching the football and watching his wife's mouth working on his cock, but in the end, she won. "After all, he thought to himself, if he did the right thing, there might be some chance of this happening again someday!"

Mary worked John to a point where she thought he might not be able to control himself any longer and then stopped, clambered up on top of him and lifted her skirt to show that she had no panties on. She grabbed his cock, guided it to the entrance of her hole and slid blissfully down its length until he was completely buried within her.

John grasped Mary by the waist and moved with her as she ground her pelvis in a circle before moving up and down his cock again. John moaned with appreciation and watched his cock appearing and disappearing within her pussy until her hand descended to her clit and blocked his view.

Mary sat, impaled on her husband's cock, her fingers teasing her clitoris towards orgasm, her mind filled with the image of her nephew's cock and imagining what it might be like to be stretched even further apart than she was now. She climaxed, her pussy quivering as she came.

John enjoyed the sensation of his wife's orgasm around his cock and as she subsided, toppled her onto the couch so that he could get between her legs and fuck her some more. He thrust in and out of her pussy, admiring her breasts, reaching out to touch them as he knew she liked. He never tired of gazing at his wife when she was naked. She wasn't the person he had married all those years ago and even though he enjoyed looking at girls the age of his daughters, he loved his wife and they had a perfectly good sex life.

The brief thought of his daughters caused him to remember the story as he impaled his wife again and again and images of Julie's nipple being pulled at the table flashed in his mind, sending him beyond the point of no return. He emptied his seed into her pussy and they lay on the couch.

"Well that was a pleasant surprise."

"What can I say, I like to be able to surprise you occasionally, even after all these years," laughed Mary. She left him then to clean up before heading off to bed. John told her that he'd watch the end of the game and then come and join her.

Once the game was complete though, he was drawn to the computer, where he opened up his story and added to what Julie had sent him, focusing on the young girl giving the older man a blow job. When he finished, he pasted it into an email and hit send before he could have second thoughts. Then he went to bed, having second thoughts about whether he should have sent it or not.

"Too late now," he thought as he finally drifted off to sleep.

Over the next two weeks, Olivia and Mary talked more and more and occasionally found time to fuck each other or to hook up a connection with Steve and watch him masturbate. John and Julie were exchanging emails, detailing their story and Steve and Julie continued to fuck each other and perform on the internet for money, slowly building quite a balance of money. Adriana joined them a couple of times, but it was harder for her to find an excuse to come over.

Julie teased her Dad a couple of times, but couldn't quite seem to find the right way in which to approach getting her father's cock in either her hand, mouth or pussy.

Steve searched through his mother's drawers. Julie had made a comment about her toys and though she claimed that she was joking and had no idea, Steve wanted to know. There was something about the thought that his mother might be sticking toys in her pussy for hers or his father's pleasure sent blood pulsing to his cock and he wanted to know.

Finally he found the stash. In a shoe box in the bottom of her wardrobe, hidden under a couple of other pairs of shoes, he found some toys. He picked them up and inspected them, turning on the ones that vibrate, feeling their texture, imagining how they would look sliding in and out between the bald pussy lips that he'd captured on video.

As he stood there, he even sniffed them, seeking traces of his mother's pleasure, but there was none to be found, or at least nothing other than the smell of plastic and rubber. He was putting the last one back and about to leave the room, his mind starting to wonder if there would be a chance of rigging a video to catch her using them, when he quickly picked a medium sized blue one with the thought that he might try it out on Julie and see what she thought of it. In grabbing it, he found one more that he hadn't noticed and stopped in shock.

It was exactly the same as the one that hornylady had used on herself the last time that they had played on their cams together.

The one that he held in his hand wasn't huge and wasn't as big as his dick, but he had a plan and the size of this toy fitted with that. He wondered momentarily again about whether hornylady might actually be his mother but then just laughed it off as his over-active imagination (even though the thought did significantly less than repulse him). After all, they must sell hundreds of these things all over the place.

He retreated to his room and hid the pink rubbery vibrator away, hoping for a time to use it with Julie. Maybe they could use it for their internet audience. He wondered whether he should tell her first or just surprise her by sticking it in her pussy when she wasn't expecting it. So many possibilities he thought to himself.

Julie prowled down the passage, anticipation building as she moved closer to where she expected to find her Uncle John. They'd been exchanging emails for quite some time now and she found the thought of fucking her uncle almost as exciting and dangerous as the thought of fucking her father. She'd not made much progress there, but was sure that the time was right for her to win her uncle over.

It hadn't taken him long to get into the swing of the story swapping and Julie now looked forward to the days when she came home to find an email in her inbox from Uncle John. She would sit at the computer fingering herself as she read the story and then ponder where she thought that she could take the story before writing a response and sending it back.

In the time that they'd been swapping emails, her Uncle had admitted to wanking himself as he read what Julie had written, with thoughts of her firm body in his mind to inspire him. Julie had sent him a picture of herself in her underwear in exchange for a photo of his erect cock. It turned out that it wasn't as big as her brother's but it still looked perfectly fuck and suckable and she had told him exactly that. He told her that he'd exploded over a copy of the photo of her and she asked him to show her.

John had taken a digital shot of the messed up photo and sent it to Julie. Julie had then asked if he would like to see her naked. John was too far gone to say no at this point and Julie had asked what he would do for her if she let him see her naked. John had had no idea as to what to ask for and in the end, after a bit of to and fro, the two of them had agreed that they would settle it with John owing his niece a favour to be called upon at a later date.

Julie had stripped down and photographed her breasts and bald pussy and sent the photos off to her uncle who had sent back his thoughts on just how wondrously beautiful his niece was.

And now Julie was sneaking about his house in the middle of the night. She'd talked her way into being allowed to stay home whilst the rest of the family had taken off for the weekend, including Mary and Alexis. Julie had pleaded that she had too much school work to catch up on and so had been left in the house alone. Adriana and John had made similar excuses and stayed behind at their own houses without knowing that Julie had done so.

After spending the first night alone, Julie had found an email from her Uncle and realised that he was at home. She'd called him up, dirty cheeky thoughts going through her mind, but received a shock when Adriana had answered. Adie asked her over and they had spent the early evening watching videos with Adie's Dad who had opted to join them. Julie had teased both her uncle and her cousin mercilessly, flashing them whenever the other left the room and snuggling close to Adriana in a pretense of being a little cold.

She almost felt sorry for her Uncle. From the moment she had first flashed him, his cock had been completely stiff and he kept having to move to hide it from Adriana.

Eventually the movie had finished and Julie and Adriana had gone to bed where they melted into each other's arms before driving each other to orgasm. But that was a couple of hours ago now and Julie had woken up needing to pee. On the way to the bathroom, she had noticed the light on in the den.

She turned the corner and saw a naked picture of herself on the computer monitor, her uncle sitting before the computer with his hands obviously occupied pleasuring his cock. Julie slipped her t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor at the doorway, her fingers finding and pinching her nipples, making them stand out. She hesitated briefly, considering whether she really did want to go through with it. She ran her hand down inside her panties and feeling the wetness seeping from her pussy, decided that her body wanted it and that she was going to satisfy this desire.

John started, turning at the sound of someone entering the room. His first reaction was embarrassment; assuming that it was Mary walking in on him, forgetting that she was out of the house, catching him with his pants off and his erect cock in his hand. He had quickly alt-tabbed so that the image of his niece was removed from the screen, horrified to think what his wife would say if she found out. But embarrassment quickly turned to shock when he realised that the object of desire that had adorned his screen moments ago was now striding into his office. Not only was she walking in, but she was only wearing a pair of black panties. Her wondrous breasts bobbed firmly with her movements, the delicious nipples that he'd admired during the exchanges erect and tight.

Julie put her finger to her lips in the classic indicator that she wanted silence as she strode across the room, the confidence of her movements belying the excitement and nervous anticipation that was coursing through every fibre of her being. Without saying a word, she walked to where her uncle sat and bent over to kiss him, her hand reaching down to caress his erection.

John nearly came right there and then. He was close to cumming from masturbating when Julie had walked in and now the combination of her soft lips and wet tongue applying themselves to his lips as her hand grasped his stiff shaft and began to stoke it up and down drove him even closer. He allowed his hand to reach out and capture her breast, the firm nipple spiking into his hand as he squeezed and marveled at the youthful firmness he found. His other hand ran down over the naked skin of her side until it rested on her hip just above the line of her panties. He was about to venture to touch her pussy through the material, but Julie moved first, dropping to her knees to take his cock within the warm, moist folds of her mouth.

Julie delighted in the contrast of the soft skin that overlay the firmness of his cock as her mouth slid up and down its length, he tongue twirling and darting in its caresses as she pleasured him. She slipped a hand down between her legs, within her panties so that she could feel her juices as they oozed out with her pleasure. Her fingers slipped within her pleasure centre to tease delicately over her clit as her mouth worked up and down John's cock again and again.

John marveled at the obvious pleasure with which his firm young niece worked over his cock. He noticed that she was fingering herself and the whole situation became too much to bear. His cock exploded, his seed spurting as he pulsed with his release.

Julie sucked at her uncle's cum, swallowing it happily before licking gently at the last drops that sat nestled in the small slit of his cock. John made to speak, to say something, even if it was just thank you to his niece, but she again indicated that silence was required, if not desired. She stood up and removed her wet panties, dropping them on top of his cock before straddling his thigh, her wet pussy sliding on his bare leg.

Julie leaned in and kissed her uncle again, feeling his hands grasp her breasts again, squeezing and manipulating them. She rubbed her pussy on his thigh before taking his head in her hands and drawing it down towards her breast where her nipple was taken into his eager mouth. She fingered herself mercilessly, tweaking and stroking until, with her nipple caught between her uncle's lips and her bare pussy slithering all over his thigh, she came, a flooding rush coating his leg.

Julie grabbed her panties, bending over so that her uncle saw her bare pussy from behind, but before he could reach out to touch it, she had skipped away, turning to blow him a kiss as she departed, picking her t-shirt from the floor.

John sat in his chair, stunned and almost disbelieving that it had actually happened. He was disappointed that he hadn't had the chance to sink his cock deep within the amazing pussy that he had been drooling over leading up to this night. But he wasn't about to complain. Just having felt those breasts and had his cock sucked by such a succulent young vixen was more than he had ever thought would have happened. He went off to bed where he tossed and turned, reliving every single moment, cementing it within his mind in case it were the last time he would live through such an encounter.

Julie climbed into bed alongside her cousin, snuggling up to her warmth, allowing her hand to rest on her small breast, wondering whether she would be allowed to do so if Adriana knew that she had just swallowed her Dad's cum.

A couple of days later, Alexis knocked on the bathroom door, to be answered by her sister, Adriana, telling her to come in.

"Sorry Adie, I just wanted to get some of my make-up that I left in here," Alexis said as she entered the bathroom where her sister was showering. She couldn't help but cast her eyes at her naked sister, checking her out. The glass of the cubicle was steamed up though and she only got an impression rather than a vision of what was concealed within.

"That's cool, its not like you've never seen me naked before," laughed Adriana, wishing that she could get her sister to enter the shower with her. Deciding that that was unlikely to happen, she turned off the water before Alexis could leave the room. "Pass me a towel, Lexi?" she asked, holding out her hand as drips of water made their way seductively across her nudity.

Alexis pulled a towel from the rack behind her and turned to pass it to Adriana, her eyes following the path that the drips of water were taking, running down between her breasts, across her stomach ... "You've shaved your pussy?!" she asked, shocked when her eyes encountered her sister's bare mound.

"Oh, yeah," Adriana grinned at her sister. "I liked the way it looked on Julie so much that I decided to try it myself," she noted a slightly funny look pass across her sister's face at Julie's name. It surprised her. "Besides, Julie said that Steve really gets off on it," she added.


"Yeah, that and panties apparently. And believe me, it feels awesome to have his cock inside your bare pussy."

"So tell me something honestly, Adie, do you prefer having sex with Julie or Steve?" Alexis asked her sister as she watched her rub herself down with the towel.

"Well, they're both different and I enjoy them for different reasons ..." Adriana answered non-committally.

"If you had to give one of them up, which would it be?" Alexis probed, trying another tack.

"I really don't know Lexi, I guess until I was put in that situation I couldn't answer. Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious about how much of you fucking Julie was Julie forcing herself on you and how much of it was voluntary..."

"You think that Julie forces herself on me?"

"Well not really, I guess I just thought that she was always pushing to see me naked and touch me and stuff and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes."

"What makes you uncomfortable, her hitting on you, or the thought of having sex with a girl?"

"A little of both, I guess, but mainly her hitting on me. I feel like she doesn't really give me a chance to take things at my pace, she's always after more."

"Well, I guess she can be a bit demanding like that. But does this mean that you'd be open to sex with a girl if it was done at your pace?"

"I guess it does," Alexis answered her younger sister quietly, surprised by her admission and the fact that she realised that she actually meant what she was saying.

"Would you have sex with me?" Adriana asked quietly in return, her pussy reacting to the possibility, "at your pace?"

"Um, I might," Alexis admitted, her eyes again traveling over her sister's lithe body, admiring the tone of her legs and butt as she bent forwards to dry her hair.

"Cool, well I tell you what, if you want to try it, come and see me in my bed some time and I'll be happy to fuck you since you just happen to be completely gorgeous."

Alexis blushed as she left the room, wondering if she would go through with this or not.

Julie sat on her brother's bed, waiting for him to return from the bathroom. She stood as he came back in the room and they folded into each other's arms, their mouths automatically seeking each other out, tongues entwining and exploring. Steve's hands found his sister's breasts and she in turn worked her hands over his zip, undoing his jeans so that she could release his monstrous member for her pleasure. Julie dropped to her knees, aware of how much Steve liked having his cock sucked and of how hard it made him. And she wanted him really hard for when she would impale herself upon his spear.

"You give such good head, Jules," Steve said to his sister as he watched her bobbing up and down over the tip of his cock, grinning at him between sucks and licks. After she had sucked him for a bit, Steve told her to strip off her clothes and lie down on the bed so that he could show her something.

Julie happily shed her clothing and sprawled naked on his bed whilst he first removed his clothes and then clambered about in his cupboard for something. Finally he turned around, his proud erection drawing Julie's eyes first before she noticed what it was that he had in his hand. It was a pink toy cock. Julie looked from the toy to Steve's face to see a big goofy grin in his face.

"I searched Mum's room and found a stash of toys,"

"God, and I was just joking!" Julie laughed in response.

"Well, your instincts were good," Steve responded, "and now I want to try this baby out on you."

"What if I don't want to?" Julie asked him, but Steve could tell from the look in her eye that she was only teasing him.

"Well, then I guess you'll just have to get dressed and leave." He responded.

"As if!" Julie laughed, spreading her legs to give her brother full access to her shaven pussy as he advanced upon her with the toy. As he got closer, he twirled the knob at the bottom, setting the toy vibrating and Julie laughed, reaching out for it with her hand, wanting to feel it before it was used to invade her body. She giggled at the feeling of it vibrating in her hand.

"I think you should use your tongue for me first and get my pussy nice and wet. And don't turn it on straight away, either when you put it in, I want to feel it off before you turn it on."

Steve obliged, kneeling down before the bed so that he could apply his oral talents to his sister's pussy. He licked and lapped at her pussy until it was glistening from the sheen of her juices, which were now dribbling towards her anus.

Then he stopped and picked up the toy again, positioning it at the entrance to her hole. He started slowly working the tip in and out of her pussy, gradually getting it in deeper and deeper with each movement. Julie propped herself up on her elbows so that she could see it disappearing between her lips.

It wasn't long until she lay back down and Steve started to work the toy in and out of her pussy in earnest, fucking her with it like a cock as Julie moaned her appreciation of the penetration. Steve watched in pleasure the contortions of his sister's face as she enjoyed the toy sliding in and out of her inner depths, but he wanted to do more, so he held the toy deep inside her for a moment and turned on the vibrator, drawing a shriek of surprise from Julie. He simply held the tool within her as she writhed upon it.

"Let me suck your cock, Steve," she begged him. Steve adjusted his position from between her legs to alongside her, leaning over so that he could continue to work the toy in her pussy as she enveloped the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking greedily and noisily at it.

"God, this makes me want to have two guys at once," Julie muttered to her brother as she was filled in her mouth by his enormous flesh and in her pussy by the toy. "Let me do the toy," She said to him, taking it from her hands. His eyes oscillated between her mouth working on his cock and the way she worked the toy in her pussy. She pulled it out of her hole and applied it to her clit, holding it there as her body spasmed in reaction, an orgasm rushing through her body. She stopped sucking him and withdrew the toy as it washed over her.

When she had recovered, Julie told Steve that she wanted to ride his cock. Steve told her that that was fine, but that he wanted her to face away from him. Julie agreed and Steve watched as her pussy slid down his shaft, her glistening, puckered arse hole pointed directly at him, wet from her juices as she controlled her movements up and down his massive cock. He reached out a finger and rimmed it around her anus. Julie's arse wiggled in response before he began pushing it inside her like he'd done previously when Adriana was there.

Julie felt her brother's finger pushing at her bottom and held still, trying to relax (which wasn't easy with his massive cock stuffed inside her) as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. She felt his finger working slowly in and out of her bum and started to push back against him.

Steve pulled his finger out of Julie's bum and she sighed, working herself around in a circle on his cock, fucking him. He reached over to where the toy lay on the bed and picked it up, aiming for her anus.

Julie felt the touch of what could only be the dildo pushing at the entrance to her bum. She wasn't sure that she really wanted this, but found herself pushing back as she was slowly stretched. It felt enormous compared to the finger that had invaded her moments ago and considering that she knew the difference in size between it and Steve's cock, thought that it felt like even more of an invasion than his cock was in her pussy. She put it down to the relatively virginal state of her bottom.

Steve maintained the pressure on the toy as he watched it slowly ease into his sister's anus, the sight driving him completely wild and close to the edge of cumming.

"Slowly Steve, it feels so fucking big," Julie told him.

"Ok, but does it feel good?"

"Oh fuck yes!" Julie said, her statement ending in a squeal as the toy slid inside a further two inches in a hurry. "Just hold it still for now." Steve obeyed, holding the toy in his sister's bum hole as she adjusted to the invasion, her hips slowly rotating, working his cock in her pussy. As he continued to watch he slowly began to move the toy in and out until it was sliding freely like a second cock and Julie was moaning and groaning with delight, pushing back against each thrust. She reached down and touched her clit and exploded. It was almost instantaneous. She convulsed and bucked and the toy slid from her arse as she rolled off of Steve's cock.

"Fuck that was amazing," she said as she turned to look at Steve who was sliding his hand up and down his slippery shaft. "Let me say thank you properly. And with that she lowered her head over his cock and sucked him to orgasm, swallowing his seed.

"I think you might have to show me where Mum keeps her stash, it might come in really handy," Julie giggled a short time later as they lay naked together, cuddling on his bed.

Adriana heard the door to her bedroom open and turned to see who it was. Alexis slipped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

"Hey Lexie, what's up?" Adriana asked her.

"I've been thinking about our conversation in the bathroom the other day ..." Alexis began.

"And?" Adriana asked her.

"Well I want to know what it is that gets you and Julie so excited I want to try kissing you."

"Really? Wow, that's cool!" Adriana said excitedly, standing as Alexis moved hesitantly towards her. She held back against her desire to take her older sister in her arms and take the lead. She wanted Alexis to enjoy this and allow her more, so she wanted to make sure that it happened at a speed that Alexis was happy with.

Alexis stood eye-to-eye with her younger sister, her gaze locked on her lips. She watched as Adriana's tongue passed over them, leaving a sheen of moisture. They were slightly parted, anticipating, ready, lusting. Alexis stepped within her sister's space and closed the distance to those alluring lips until she met them with her own, her tongue seeking out Adriana's so that the two of them could dance together.

Alexis melted in the kiss. She was surprised and delighted at how soft her sister's lips were in comparison to the boys that she had kissed in the past. The size of her mouth seemed perfectly suited to her own and their tongues danced with a rhythm that was inspired, perfectly paired.

They kissed for minutes without separating, only allowing their lips to part long enough for a quick suck or bite on the other's lip or tongue. Alexis' hands rested on her sister's hips and it felt like there was a burning intensity gluing them there as she pursued her experimental incestuous kiss with her younger sister.

Adriana allowed her hands to slip under her sister's t-shirt to caress the smooth skin of her back, stroking her, wanting to feel more, wanting to use her tongue and lips to feel the taughtness of her nipples, which must surely match that of her own, but conscious of not pushing her and missing out.

Alexis broke the kiss at last, almost gasping for breath, amazed at just how much she had enjoyed it, her pussy having reacted to the intensity of the kiss such that Alexis was patently aware of the state of her panties.

"I want to suck your nipples Adie," Alexis stammered to her sister. Adriana simply grinned and pulled her top off over her head to reveal her perky nipples that she hadn't bothered to enclose in a bra. Alexis reached out with her hand to caress her sister's small breasts, loving the erectness of her nipples. She held the breast in her hand and lowered her mouth to suck on the nipple, drawing it into her mouth and pulling and sucking on it in the way that she liked her own to be toyed with. Again she noted that her panties were soaking in her juices as she became more and more excited by the erect little nub that she was enjoying sucking so much. She fondled her sister's other breast and moved her mouth to give it the same attention that she had given the first, Adriana's hands caressing her hair, encouraging her movements.

"Let me suck yours for you Lexie," Adriana whispered, tugging at her sister's t-shirt, wanting desperately to ask for more, to bury her tongue in her sister's pussy and slide her fingers into her hole, but still taking things step by step ... working closer all the time to her ultimate goal.

Alexis allowed Adriana to pull her t-shirt from over her head and then release the clasp of her bra behind her back. Adriana pushed her back onto the bed and Alexis succumbed, allowing her to move over her and caress and suck on her breasts, her pussy now on fire, burning with a desire that she found difficult to reconcile, this being another woman and her sister at that.

As Adriana sucked on her sister's nipple, she allowed her hand to gently run over Alexis' stomach, caressing the skin and enjoying the contact, sliding lower, towards the waistband of the shorts that she was wearing. Alexis felt the movement towards the centre of her desire and held still, waiting for the moment when her sister slid her hand beneath her shorts, wondering whether she was really up to allowing it. She ran her fingers through Adriana's hair, twirling it between her fingers as her nipple was caught and pulled, drawing sighs of pleasure.

Adriana slid her hand under the shorts, inching agonizingly slowly further towards her goal, finding the elastic of the panties and working beneath it, touching the first of her sister's pubes ... further and further.

Alexis found herself parting her leg's slightly, wanting it, desiring the touch on her pussy that was promised in the movement that her sister was taking. She gasped as finally, Adriana's finger found the beginning of the parting of her lips, but traveled no further, her shorts providing a restriction that wasn't going to be avoided without their being undone. Alexis watched as her sister withdrew her hand and brought her finger to her lips to suck on it.

"Do it, Adie, take my pants off and touch me, I want to feel you touch me," she said, pushing herself, determined to break out of her comfort zone and fully appreciate the experience.

Adriana's hands trembled as she worked to undo her sister's shorts, hardly believing that she was actually being asked to do this, that she may even get to taste her hot sister's nectar. She could smell Alexis' excitement as she removed her shorts and could see the wet crotch of her midnight blue cotton panties. Her hands moved back up from her sister's feet, which had just been disentangled from her shorts so that she could repeat the movement with her panties. Her eyes were glued to each inch of skin that was revealed by the descent of the panties and when she saw the beginning of Alexis' pubes she felt sure she could almost cum without even touching herself. She slid the panties all the way down her sister's smooth legs and then moved her hands slowly back up along them, caressing the skin and parting the legs as she went, revealing the glistening wet slit of her neatly trimmed pussy.

Despite the desire to drive her tongue deep between her sister's lips, Adriana moved past her target and lay atop of her sister, their breasts crushed together as she kissed again the lovely lips that only minutes before she'd been allowed to savour for the very first time. Her thigh slipped between Alexis' legs and she drove it against her pussy, Alexis reacting by rubbing and grinding herself against, her, the fire burning between her legs needing satisfaction.

Adriana decided that it was time that she made her way back down her sister's body and enjoyed her writhing and gasping movements as she worked her lips and tongue down over Alexis' torso, touching, licking, kissing and biting.

Alexis held perfectly still as at last, her little sister paused with her head between her legs, her tongue poised to taste her and give her her very first oral experience with another woman. The touch when it came was electric, a flick at her clit that sent spikes of pleasure through her innermost core before a longer, harder contact was established as Adriana worked her tongue up and down her totally soaked pussy. Alexis was so wet that she could feel her juices sliding between her arse cheeks as Adriana licked and lapped and teased all around her enlivened pussy. The touch was wondrous to her. Like the kiss, there was something different about the way that her sister used her tongue compared to the boys that had done this for her previously. Somehow it seemed more loving and intimate, less forceful and urgent. She ran her fingers through Adriana's hair as Adriana's tongue continued to pleasure her.

Alexis whimpered as she felt her orgasm begin to build deep within her. She could feel the rush building in her loins, seemingly coming from the very core of her being. She grasped Adriana's hair, pulling her into her pussy as the trembling began. She gasped and yelped as it flooded up towards the surface of her consciousness, ending with a pulsating rush in her pussy, her lips flexing and convulsing with her orgasm. As she recovered, Adriana climbed her way back up her sister's body so that she could see the pleasured look on her face. Alexis reached up with a hand and cupped the back of Adriana's head, pulling her down towards her to kiss her sister, whispering her thanks for having made it such a pleasant experience and promising that one day soon, she would be brave enough to taste pussy herself and return the favour.

Steve sat at his computer, erection in hand, watching as hornylady worked over her pussy with her hand, rubbing her panties and pushing them inside her hole.

Monstercock4fun}I want to see u stick a toy in ur pussy.

hornylady}Sure, hang on


hornylady}will this 1 do?

Steve nearly fell of his chair. It had only been the night before that he and Julie had borrowed one of his mother's toys for one of their internet performance and he was sure that the toy that hornylady was now holding up was exactly the same. He thought back to the fact that one of the other toys they had found had looked like one of the ones that hornylady had been using and was a little freaked out.

Surely there was no way that his mother could be the older woman that had been entertaining him and had even allowed him to butt fuck?! Shit, maybe that was what the whole deal with the sheet was, he suddenly thought to himself. He knew that only he and his mother were home, but had thought that his mother had gone to bed.

There was only one thing for him to do. He had to know. Because the thought didn't in fact turn him off at all. It had quite the opposite affect. He thought back to the original video and to her panties and all the things that he'd seen done. If his mother had indeed fucked him, he realised that life could only get better. Maybe she was only worried about what he would have thought if he'd known that his mother wanted him.

He wanked his now incredibly stiff cock as he watched the toy disappear in and out of her hole.

Monstercock4fun}Stick it in ur arse 4 me.

hornylady}k sweety

Monstercock4fun}on ur hands n knees


He watched as she readjusted her position so that he could see her on all fours working the toy in and out of her arse as her fingers worked over her pussy lips. Steve sent a number of encouraging messages to her and then told her that he had to quickly grab some moisturiser and would be back in a sec, but not to stop pleasing herself.

Steve slipped quietly from his room and made his way down the hall to his parent's room. He carefully turned the handle, determined not to make any noise and alert his mother that he was wandering the hall naked, with a massive erection, because he fully expected that he'd find her asleep on her bed. But as he inched the door ajar he caught his breath. There was his mother, on her hands and knees, head looking towards the webcam, with her toy stuck in her arse and the fingers of one hand slipping in and out of her pussy.

Steve watched, stunned, not sure what to do. Did he let her know? Could he just walk in and fuck his mother now that he knew that it was really her? These thoughts raced through his mind in an instant as he quickly decided that he should simply close the door and return to his room. He sat quietly before the computer screen, now watching what he knew to be his mother's anus as the toy slid in and out in her quest for orgasm and to please him.

He absently stroked his cock, still rock hard as he found himself wondering what bizarre fate had brought his mother to find him on the internet in the first place, let alone what had brought her to watch him masturbate and then fuck him! Shit, she had even set that up, he was realising as his thoughts continued their wild ride of discovery.

hornylady}cum for me, I want to see u spurt


Steve applied moisturiser over his cock and wanked himself, sliding his hand up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock as his mother plunged her toy in and out of her bottom.

"Shit!" Steve suddenly realised, his own mother had even watched him fuck his sister!" The thought was too much for him and he unleashed a stream of cum into the air as his cock pulsed and sent it spurting to land on his stomach.

What the hell was he going to do now? His mother obviously didn't have too much of a problem with fucking him, but what would it be like when they both knew that he knew. Steve needed to think about this and find a way to deal with it. What was he going to tell Julie?

"I have a confession to make," Olivia said to her sister as they sat sipping coffee at Mary's house.

"Oh?" Mary simply queried, surprised by the sudden seriousness of the expression on her sister's face.

"Yeah, you know how we watched Steve as he masturbated on the web cam for us?"

"God, how could I forget that?" Mary responded as her loins began to react to the memory of the size of his incredible organ.

"Well, I've seen it in the flesh," Olivia said succinctly, clapping her mouth shut, looking for any sign of a negative reaction on her sister's face.

"Oh my God, what did you do? Perve on him through the door or something?" Mary asked, her insides now on a course of no return to arousal central. She was leaning forward in her chair, feeling the pressure of the wooden seat against her pussy, aware of just how her body was reacting and eager to hear more from her sister.

"You're not freaked?"

"Why would I be freaked, I've fucked you haven't I? And we both watched him get his rocks off for us, so although I am a little surprised you had the guts, it only seems natural to me to want to see such a wonder."

"Well, it was a little more devious than just perving through a crack in the door ..."

"Did you mount a camera in his room? That would be impressive ..." Mary interrupted.

"No, more devious still. Ok, here's what happened." Olivia launched into the story of how she had set her son up to meet her at a motel room, disguised her voice and hung a sheet to separate the two of them so that she could suck and fuck her son's gigantic cock. Mary hung on every word, her hands between her legs, pushed up against herself as she moved her hips slightly as she listened, stirring her arousal further. Eventually, Olivia finished telling the story.

"Holy crap! That's so amazing. You're an absolute fucking legend Liv!" Mary said. "Man, just listening to that got me ready to rip my clothes off and fuck something. But why did you chose to tell me?"

"Because the other day I was thinking that there might be some chance that you'd like to share my experience and have a turn at wrapping your body around his meat."

"Are you serious?" Mary asked quietly, almost disbelieving that such a wonderful proposal had been put before her.

"Yes, I am. The idea of having sex with my sister and my son does indescribably naughty things to me. I know it makes me a freak, but obviously that's because I am."

"Well, if you're a freak, then I must be as well, because the thought of having that cock in my pussy and your baldness spread over my face has soaked my panties right through! How would you make it work?"

"Well, Steve doesn't know who hornylady is, but she's suggested to him that he might like to experience two older women at the same time. He seemed to think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world and has agreed to meet up based on my description of you."

"Oh wow, I can't believe that it's actually true!" Mary whispered in awe.

"There's only one little hitch," Olivia said to her sister.

"Oh? What could that be?" Mary queried.

"Well Steve is a bit of a dirty little bugger and has this thing for shaved pussies and anal sex. He was a bit hesitant about the whole deal, so I told him that you were shaved and liked anal sex as well. Apparently mine is the only butt he's managed to get his meat into and he was excited about trying to get his cock into another one."

"God, well at least you didn't tell him that I had my clit pierced or anything!" laughed Mary," but I don't know how I am going to get that massive cock in my arse, its friggin' huge! And I've never shaved either remember! What will I tell John? He's asked me a bunch of times, but I've always said no. He might be suspicious."

"I doubt that!" laughed Olivia. "If he's anything like Dave, he'll be so stunned when he sees it that he won't even think to ask what changed your mind, he'll be too busy trying to eat it. And as to the anal thing, well, we'll just get him to take it slow .. stretch you a bit at a time. Get John's cock in there, that will get you on the way."

"Well, I tell you what, if you shave my pussy for me I'll get John in my arse and start preparing for the massive assault."

"Deal," Olivia replied. "Want me to shave you right now?"

"Sure, there's no time like the present, I always say," Mary laughed. The two sisters stood and made their way to the bathroom, via the kitchen where they dropped their coffee mugs in the sink. Once there, Mary gathered the things that her sister was going to need to shave her pubic hair off before removing her clothes and laying down on a towel of the floor of the bathroom.

Olivia stood over her sister, admiring the naked form spread out below her. She knelt down alongside her and leaned in to share a kiss with her, one hand snaking out to caress Mary's breast, pulling and tugging at the nipple.

"I'm going to enjoy this," Olivia said to her sister as she broke their kiss.

First Olivia used a pair of scissors to trim down Mary's neat hairs until they were as close to stubble as she could make them. Then she applied shaving cream to her sister's mound, completely oblivious to the fact that the two women's daughters had completed a similar ritual in the same spot not that long ago.

Dipping the razor in the bowl of warm water that she had prepared, Olivia then ran it down her sister's mound, stripping away the hairs and shaving cream to leave a nice trail of bare skin. She diligently applied the razor until not even a single hair was left on Mary's mound before setting about the more delicate operation of shaving on and around her labia. Mary squirmed at Olivia's first touch on her pussy, but quickly stilled when Olivia warned her that she risked being cut if she couldn't contain herself.

Mary stilled and Olivia continued her work until she asked Mary to get onto her hands and knees so that she could clean up the last of the hairs a little easier. Once she had done so, Olivia used a warm, wet flannel to wipe her sister's pussy clean of the last of the wayward hairs.

Mary stood and turned to the mirror so that she could see the result of her sister's work.

"Like it?" Olivia asked her.

"I'm not sure. I can't say I've ever really been a massive fan of the little girl look, but it is kind of neat."

"Well it looks hot to me, come to the bedroom so I can eat it," Olivia said lustily.

"Well, when you put it like that I'd be absolutely mad to refuse," Mary laughed.

Moments later, Olivia had her naked sister laid out on the bed as she knelt between her legs on the floor. She lowered her face to her pussy and ran her tongue over the newly denuded skin of her mound, slowly running circles lower and lower and closer and closer to the centre of her pleasure. Just as she was about to brush her tongue over Mary's clit, Olivia dropped further to run her tongue over each bald labia before splitting them apart with her fingers so that she could lap at the juices that were now freely flowing from Mary's vagina.

Mary sighed in pleasure; her hands moving to her breasts to squeeze and massage them as her sister dipped her tongue within her pussy before working slowly up her slit to run circles around it. She squealed with delight at the contact that sent spikes of pleasure from her spine through to her gut. Olivia honed in on the nub of pleasure and worked it over and over and over as Mary writhed and squealed and squirmed beneath her. She reached up with her hands and took Mary's in hers holding them at her side as she used only her tongue to touch Mary's pussy.

She felt Mary buck her hips and thrash as her orgasm washed through her body. She smiled happily as she then watched the pulsating convulsions of the sister's pleasure.

"Oh wow, thanks Liv, that was wonderful," Mary said to her sister as she lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, bliss flooding her body.

"Anytime for you Mary," Olivia said. She was about to climb up beside her sister on the bed, but noticed the time on the clock beside the bed.

"Oh crap, I've gotta go Mary, everyone will be expecting me at home."

"Oh, ok, I guess I'll just have to return the favour and do you next time huh?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. And I'll let you know about getting to feel the monster in you slick new pussy."

"Oh God yes!" Mary sighed, thinking about what that would be like.

Julie fished around in her mother's cupboard. She was at home alone and was a little bored. She thought about messing around on the internet, but decided that today she couldn't' be bothered dealing with the same old requests. Besides, she felt like having her pussy invaded and as no-one was home, which meant that she could try out one of her Mum's toys discretely without being caught.

She pulled out a nice looking mid-sized vibrator and put the box with the rest of them back in the cupboard. She turned the vibrator on to check that it was working only to find that there was no reaction. Damn. She pulled the box back out and started fishing around with all the toys until she knew which batteries would work and which wouldn't. She decided that she'd do her mother a favour and throw out all the dead ones.

When she returned to her parent's room from throwing the batteries out in the kitchen bin, she pulled her panties off from under her skirt and lay down on her mother's bed. Now that she had been through the whole box of toys thoroughly in order to establish which ones worked, she had decided that she'd treat herself to a wider range of experimentation and try them all out, starting with the small ones and getting bigger as she went.

Julie picked up a slim little blue vibrator first and turned it on before holding it against the entrance to her pussy, enjoying the sensation of vibration against her lips, working it in small circles as she excited herself. When she thought that she was wet enough, she pulled her pussy lips apart with her other hand and slid the vibrator inside herself until she was only just holding the base outside of her lips. She moved it in and out and around, experimenting with what worked as she gently stroked her clit with her left hand.

She looked at the toys still arrayed on the bed beside her and spied a red one that was a bit thicker and longer. She withdrew the blue one, bringing it to her mouth so that she could suck it clean before placing it on the opposite side of her body to those that she was yet to use. Then she picked up the red vibrator and applied that to her pussy as she had the blue one.

She noted that the plastic felt considerably harder within her than her brother's cock. She preferred the sensation of the cock, but this wasn't a bad substitute considering there wasn't one around to use. With the red vibrator buried within her, she picked up the blue one and turned it back on so that she could hold it against her clit and see how that felt. She only had to hold it very gently against herself to drive herself mad. She found it too intense and didn't' think she'd be able to cum by doing that to herself. Besides, she wasn't ready for that yet, so she discarded the blue one again before working the red one in and out a couple of times and sucking it clean.

The next one that she turned to was different. It was more of a rubbery like substance than the hard plastic vibrators and was shaped like a cock, complete with fake veins standing out on its sides. It was quite a bit bigger than the last one, but not as big as Steve's monster cock. She slipped it into her mouth; dreaming about having her brother's cock between her teeth, ready to squirt its hot load into her mouth. Thoughts like that just served to excite her further though and she quickly resorted to sliding the toy into her pussy rather than her mouth. It filled her nicely and she was surprised to find that this size might even be preferable to that of her brother who was so big that she always felt really stretched (compared to this toy) when he fucked her.

As she slid the toy in and out of her pussy, her juices ran down between her arse cheeks, which led her to thoughts about how he had slid his finger inside her arse. She looked back down at the little blue vibrator, wondering how she'd go sliding that into her anus whilst her pussy was full. She decided to wait a little while before finding out, because there was a very elaborate and interesting toy lined up to be the next that she tried. It had a big piece like a cock and then a little 'tickly' bit that stuck out as well. And to top it off, there were what appeared to be beads running around the shaft of the toy, which when she turned on, rotated about it.

Julie flipped her skirt up far enough that she could see this one as it entered her bald pussy, curious as to what the extra attachment was for. She assumed in the first instance that it was for clit stimulation, as that was what the curve of the toy seemed to indicate. She slid it inside herself until the little nub pushed up against her clit and then turned the toy on, gasping as it vibrated and the beads rotated inside her and the little nub whirled slowly in an elliptical movement that brushed against her clit. She simply held the toy there as it pleasured her, marvelling at the intensity of the pleasure that was building in her gut.

After a little of this stimulation, she pulled it out a bit and rotated the toy through 180 degrees and pushed it back in so that the little nub this time came into contact with her anus, brushing and rubbing against he entrance to her tight little puckered hole. It felt good, but what Julie decided she truly desired was a toy in each of her holes so that she could be stuffed completely full.

She grabbed the red and blue vibrators that she had been using earlier, thinking to herself that she could try the flesh coloured cock and the absolutely massive black one another time. She got up on her knees and then lent forwards doggy style before leaning down so that her head and shoulders were supporting her weight so that she could reach between her legs with the larger toy and around her arse with the smaller. She slid the large red vibrator smoothly within her bald pussy and then positioned the tip of the little blue one against her anus before pushing gently and wiggling her arse so that she could find the right angle of entry. She sighed as it slowly began to invade her butt cavity, loving the fullness of having both of her holes filled with the plastic toys.

Dave pulled up in the driveway, grinning. He'd had a meeting across town that had finished early and had decided that he had time to come home and look at some nudity on the net before anyone else got there. He relished the thought of the chance to get naked and stroke his cock until he came.

He opened the front door, closing it quietly out of habit of arriving home late from his trips away and not wanting to wake anyone. He made his way towards the bedroom where his computer was and where he would access the young, naked 18 and 19 year old vixens that turned him so, and was surprised and a little disappointed to hear a distinct buzzing coming from the bedroom. Damn, Olivia must have had similar thoughts, he decided.

Oh well, there was nothing wrong with their sex life and fucking Olivia would be far less than a chore. He decided that he would at least have the pleasure of surprising her though and removed his clothing in the passage. As he thought about walking in on her naked, his cock rose to the occasion. He wondered which of her toys he'd find sticking out of her pussy. He decided that there was really only one way in which he was likely to find out.

Dave stepped around the corner of the doorway to look into the bedroom, his erect cock pointing the way before him. He was greeted by the sight of an arse pointing towards him, a vibrator within the anus and a second within the bald pussy below it, a hand on each guiding their movement as they were wiggled and pushed and pulled in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. His cock twitched in reaction and he considered what he should say given that he clearly hadn't been noticed as yet. He settled with watching for a moment, his hand stroking his cock as he built his pleasure

He wasn't capable of watching for very long though without joining in and finally spoke up.

"You look like you could use a hand there, mind if I help?"

Julie gasped in shock when her father spoke. She hadn't heard him enter the house and was now caught fucking herself with her mother's toys on their marital bed! Involuntarily, she looked back to where her father was moving into the room from the doorway, one hand wanking his cock, a grin on his face ... which very quickly registered shock to match that which Julie was sure would be evident on her own face.

"What the hell are you doing Julie?" Dave demanded of his daughter after his initial shock at realising that the face that glanced back at him from the bed was not that of his wife. It should have been obvious he thought as his eyes automatically re-scanned the body that was on his bed, but he'd really only been looking at what was happening with the toys, not the hands that were operating them.

Julie was unsure how to play this. There was the part of her that was thrilled to get to see her father's cock in his hand, erect and ready for pleasure and the part of her that just wanted to curl up and die out of embarrassment because of the position that she'd been caught in. The nasty, horny girl in her won out and she answered,

"I'm trying to have an orgasm."

"That's not what I mean, why the hell are you in my room with your mother's toys Julie?" Dave asked, cursing himself silently at just how lame it sounded and hating the part of himself that kept driving his eyes back to his daughter's wondrously smooth, tight butt and the toys that were emanating from her orifices.

"Well I haven't gotten around to buying myself any and I was horny and I had to sort out the batteries and ended up doing it here," Julie said matter-of-factly whilst pulling the toys from her holes and rolling over so that she was sitting on her bum, her legs spread, leaving her bald pussy exposed to her father who she noticed couldn't help but keep looking at her.

"So are you going to help me cum or not?"

"What?!" Dave spluttered, stunned at his daughter's suggestion.

"You asked if I needed a hand and since you're here and naked and clearly as horny as I am, I thought you might help me to reach my orgasm."

"Julie, I am your father, don't even suggest such things! Now get out of here," Dave told her, part of him hating himself for turning down the opportunity. He told himself that he had to though. He couldn't sexually pleasure his daughter, it was wrong. Even if she did have one of the most wonderful bodies he'd ever set eyes on.

Julie made to leave the room, picking up the two toys to take with her.

"I think that you should leave those here," Dave said, without really knowing why.

"Oh come on Dad, don't be such a prude! I'll leave them here, but just so that you know, I'm going to the kitchen now and then I will go and fuck myself with something from the fridge in my room. If you hear any noise, it will probably be me screaming as I cum. And she strode past her father, not bothering to stop to pick up her panties.

Dave was left standing just inside the doorway, looking at the mess that she'd left behind. Toys were scattered on the bed and her panties were lying on the floor. His mind was whirling. He couldn't come to terms with the fact that she seemed so disappointed that he had turned her down. If he'd ever thought about it before he thought that the appropriate reaction would have been for her to be embarrassed and outraged at being caught in such a compromising position and looking to send him to jail if he had even thought of suggesting what she had suggested to him.

He sat on the bed, thinking. After awhile, he picked up the vibrator that had been in her pussy with the intent of packing it away before Olivia returned home. He also gathered her panties from the floor. They were a sky blue satin. He liked satin. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he brought them to his nose and smelled her aroma on them. Then he sniffed the vibrator as well, his cock sprinking back to full attention at the aroma of her sex. Knowing it was wrong and that he was just teasing himself with something that he couldn't have, he ran his tongue along the toy, tasting his daughter's sex.

Dave threw the toy in the box, disgusted with himself. He'd come home horny and now hadn't managed to do anything about it. And as much as he hated the fact, this encounter had done nothing except excite him even further. He sat there with his daughter's satin panties in one hand and his cock sitting stiffly erect, awaiting attention. His mind replayed what he had seen and what his daughter had said and then cast itself further back to the kitchen when she'd rubbed up against him and to the day when they'd watched the movie and she'd levered herself up by placing her hand on his cock. And come to think of it, his hand had landed on her breast. He was starting to wonder whether if it all may have been planned.

He felt the smooth surface of Julie's satin panties with his fingers, then brought them up to his nose again so that he could smell her aroma, before wrapping the fabric about his cock and gliding it up and down the length of his engorged shaft. God it felt good. He stroked the material up and down as his mind played over and over again the sight of the two toys buried deep within her holes. It was enough. He cum spurted out from the tip of his cock as it pulsed and landed over his hand and his daughter's panties. If only he'd been able to do that in Julie's mouth he found himself thinking, before chastising himself. He had done the right thing.

Julie, true to her word, left her father's room and went to the kitchen. She rummaged around and in the end pulled two carrots from the vegetable drawer before going to her bedroom. Then she lay on her bed with her leg's spread and her skirt pulled up and started to work one of them in and out of her pussy. She loved the feel of the natural ridges in the vegetable and enjoyed their passage back and forth between her lips, but her mind was focused on all the views that she had managed to get of her Dad's cock. It wasn't as big as Steve's but it was still large and she thought that being a bit smaller it could possibly be even better than Steve's to fuck.

She rolled onto her side and pulled the carrot from her pussy. Now that it was nice and slick with her juices, she started to work it into her anus. She struggled somewhat and decided to get some hand cream, which she worked into her arse with her fingers before returning the vegetable there. Once it was sliding smoothly and happily into her arse she worked the second carrot into her pussy, filling herself again.

She worked the two vegetables in and out before using one hand to work on her clit as the carrot in her arse slowly eased itself out of her hole. The sensation was enough to drive her over the edge and she exploded, her insides spasming with the pleasure of her orgasm as it rushed through her.

Julie lay and recovered for a while before hearing a car in the drive way. She grabbed the carrots, threw the one that had been in her arse in the bin and rushed to the kitchen with the other. She didn't encounter anyone and so quickly washed it and threw it back into the vegetable drawer, greatly amused by the fact that one of her family members was now likely to eat a carrot for dinner after it had been in her pussy.

Mary welcomed John at the door. Adriana and Alexis were both out for the evening and Mary had decided that the best way to have her husband find out was to make it seem as though it was all part of a plan to let him have his way with her. She took his briefcase from him, put it on the floor then embraced him to deliver a passionate kiss.

"Mmm, now that is a nice welcome," John said when she withdrew from him.

"Well the girls are both out tonight and I was feeling naughty today so I thought that I'd cook you dinner and then fuck your brains out."

"Well, that sounds like the sort of night in that I could really appreciate," laughed John, his cock already responding to the images that played across his mind.

"I thought that you'd like it. Come on in and sit down, I'll get you a beer." John followed his wife into the living room where she indicated for him to sit on the couch whilst she got him the drink. She returned with his favourite boutique beer and then turned the telly on for him.

John drank deeply of the cloudy amber beer and Mary sat next to him, using her hand to caress his cock, feeling its size swell within his pants. She moved to attack his belt and zipper and John adjusted his weight to assist in her pursuits of removing his pants. He was surprised, but appreciative.

"Well, I don't know what has brought this on, but I'm sure as hell not about to complain!" John laughed as Mary moved to kneel between his legs, his now exposed cock in her hand. She held it up against his stomach and used her tongue to caress his balls, occasionally sucking one of them into her mouth before gently drawing it away from his body to release it with a plop before it became painful for him. Then she ran her tongue up and down the sides of his cock, tracing the swollen veins that adorned his shaft and licking at the small hole in the its tip.

John moaned his appreciation as he took a swig of beer. Mary enveloped his cock in her warm mouth, sliding it slowly down until she couldn't take any more, then sucking just as slowly back up its length. She reached for the beer and took a swig when he released it to her. She swallowed it and then quickly dropped her mouth back over his cock whilst her mouth was still cold from the fluid, drawing a deep rumble of appreciation from her husband.

"You know, maybe we don't' need to have dinner after all, "John suggested as he watched his wife's mouth working all over his erection.

"Don't be silly, if we don't eat, you might not have enough energy for the rest of the night," Mary replied.

She pistoned her head up and down his cock a couple of times before standing up and telling John that she needed to go and finish off the dinner before it wasn't worth eating. John remained on the couch, watching the telly and grinning to himself about the fact that his wife had just been sucking his cock right there in the living room. It was ages since she'd done anything so outrageous for him. It was the sort of thing he'd expect to find his niece doing. That made him think of Julie's awesome body and he idly stroked his cock as he wondered what was for dinner.

Mary called her husband in for dinner and he raised himself from the couch to sit at the dining table, stopping only long enough to pull his pants back up and fasten them.

There was a lovely looking bowl of pumpkin soup waiting for him, an artistic curl of cream adorning the surface. The two of them sat down and ate the soup with the crusty bread that Mary had to accompany it before Mary disappeared to the kitchen to bring out the main course.

He eyed off the fillet mignon that was delivered to the table and noted the bottle of 94 shiraz that was brought along with it.

"Now this looks perfect!" he exclaimed. He waited until Mary joined him and then raised his glass to her. "Here's to the most amazing woman in the world, still able to surprise me after all these years!"

"Why thank you kind sir," Mary responded, her insides churning with desire and anticipation.

The two of the sat and ate their meals slowly, relishing the wine and the opportunity to talk to each other. They chatted about all sorts of things and were surprised to realise that they'd both finished their dinner, that the wine was empty and that they'd barely noticed its passing.

"Dessert, or time for the main event?" Mary asked John.

"You know, I don't really feel like I could eat a lot more ... well not much more food anyway, so perhaps we should try this main event thing you mentioned," John replied.

Mary stood and moved over to where her husband was watching her and offered her hand to help him from his seat. Once he had taken it and stood up, Mary led him off to the bedroom.

"I think that you need to get out of these clothes," she told him, her hands working at the buttons to his shirt as she leant in to kiss him.

"Yes well I don't think I am the only one with that problem," John replied, his own fingers working at the buttons to her blouse. They continued unbuttoning and kissing and only when Mary's blouse was on the floor did John get around to checking out her underwear.

"Now that's both new and extremely hot!" he exclaimed when he saw her bright red satin bra. "I can't wait to see the other half." He worked his fingers at her skirt until he could slide it over her hips for her to shed it to the floor. Sure enough, Mary was wearing matching panties and John stepped back from her to admire her body. Mary stepped closer to him again though, her hands attacking his pants so that she could remove them from her way yet again.

With his pants around his ankles, Mary pushed him back until he tumbled on the bed. She pulled his pants the rest of the way off so that he was naked before climbing up on top of him to kiss him deeply. She ground her panty-clad pussy against his stiff cock and draped her breasts across his chest, the satin teasing at his skin. His hands reached behind her and released the clasp to her bra.

John pulled his wife forwards, breaking their kiss so that her breasts would dangle in his face. He sucked first at one and then the other nipple, teasing them with his tongue, grazing them with his teeth. Mary moaned in appreciation and ground herself harder against his cock. His hands stated to work at her panties, but Mary detached them and slid back down his body until she was kneeling on the floor, his cock once again engulfed in her mouth.

She worked it over and over until John announced that unless she left him alone he was going to explode in her mouth. Mary ignored him and kept sucking, wanting exactly that to happen. As she thrust her mouth down over his cock, Mary felt her husband tense in his familiar pre-cum spasm. She pulled her head back until just the head was between her lips and John grunted as his cock pulsed and unleashed a spurt of cum between her lips. Mary swallowed and as he spurted again, swallowed that cum as well, until his cock was lightly twitching in her mouth. She sucked him clean and grinned at him from her position between his legs.

"Not a bad start," Mary said to John.

"Start? You mean you want me to cum again?" John asked teasingly.

"You'd damn well better! Don't worry though, I have something special for you that will be sure to get you hard."

"Well this should be interesting."

"Lie down on the bed for me."

John lay on the bed with his head on the pillow and Mary stood up so that she was astride his chest and towering over him. She pulled on the sides of her panties so that the fabric was tight against her sopping bald pussy lips. John was watching intently but she could tell that he hadn't realised what was going on. She turned around so that he could see her arse and pulled the back of the panties down to the bottom of her arse cheeks.

Mary turned again and slowly peeled the front of her panties down to reveal her pussy and mound, devoid of all hair.

"No Way! You shaved!" John exclaimed. Mary laughed with delight at the response. "After all this time, you did it, what happened?" John asked incredulously as his fingers reached up to brush across the smooth skin.

"I was talking to Olivia today and one thing led to another and somehow it got around to pubic hair and she mentioned that she didn't have any. I told her that I had never been brave enough to do it and she told me that I should surprise you. After she left I thought about it more and more and decided that I would."

"Well get that thing down here so that I can lick it and say a silent prayer of thanks to your sis!"

Mary removed her panties and knelt down so that her bald pussy was thrust against her husband's mouth. He worked his tongue between her lips, delighting in his devouring of it. Mary gyrated her hips slightly as her husband's tongue slid back and forth across her clit, his hands reaching up to pull on her breasts and knead them with his hands.

John shifted his hands to cup her butt cheeks, lifting her slightly so that he had greater control with his mouth over his actions on her pussy. He delighted in the closeness of the contact and was rewarded several minutes later when he felt Mary quiver and shake as her drenched pussy released its pleasure.

"Mmm, you always know just what to do with that tongue of yours," Mary said appreciatively as she lay down on the bed beside her husband. "Care to see if you can do as well with your cock?"

"Well, despite my fears about having to do this more than once, they appear unfounded," Laughed John, glancing down at his cock, which had stiffened again through the time that he'd enjoyed tonguing Mary's pussy.

"Well get up here and fuck me with it then!" Mary insisted, spreading her legs ready to accommodate him. John didn't bother wasting time, but climbed over until he was positioned with the head of his cock ready to spear into his wife's newly bald pussy. He guided himself with one hand and then eased his way inside her until he was totally enveloped by the slick wet folds of her flesh.

"Damn that's good," he said as his felt her warm embrace travel along the length of his shaft as he began to stroke in and out of her with his member. Mary pulled him down towards her so that she could kiss him, her hands stroking his shoulders and back as his hips worked away at pounding her pussy full of cock.

After enjoying her pounding for a while, John having varied the speed and depth of his thrusts as he pleasured her, Mary sensed the he was beginning to build towards his climax. She urged him to penetrate her quicker and harder, loving the grunts that emitted from him each time he buried himself within her. He lifted himself up onto his hands to gain greater leverage for his thrusts and Mary reached around his waist with her legs, hooking her feet around his arse and opening herself even wider to take him deeper. She then raked her fingernails down his chest as he thrust, causing him to throw his head back and slam his hips forward, spearing deep within her pussy again and again.

John cried out as he felt that rush within his balls and cock that announced that his sperm was gushing deep into his wife's womb. Mary cried out in appreciation as she felt the eruption inside her, clinging to him so that she got to enjoy the sensation of each and every twitch of his love muscle as it emptied itself again of his seed.

John collapsed on top of his wife, nibbling at her ear and turning to kiss her as his pleasure subsided, his hands stroking and caressing her.

"Well that was just wonderful," Mary told him as she rolled him off of her before laying on her side and using her fingers to gently caress him. "Just think, only one more hole to fill and you'll have done the lot."

"Wha?" John started from his satisfied daze next to his wife.

"Well, you've managed to fill my mouth and my pussy with cum, don't you think you'd like to plug my butt as well?"

"Geez, I really don't know what's brought all this on, but if you can get my cock hard, I'll be happy to slip it into your bum for you."

"Sounds like a challenge to me," Mary said, grinning deviously as she worked her way down the bed to take his John's flaccid cock in her mouth. She slurped on it, tasting the combination of her pussy juice and his cum and enjoying it vocally, all part of the plan to bring the cock back to life.

"Oh God, I don't know if I can take it I'm that sensitive at the moment," John said, flinching as the tip of his cock was pulled on by Mary's lips whilst her tongue flicked back and forth across the head. Mary didn't relent as she felt the cock start to stiffen in her mouth. She raked her fingers across John's scrotum instead, adding to the tactile sensation and was rewarded by the further hardening of his cock.

She took his entire length into her mouth before he was too hard to do it and sucked slowly back along the length before bobbing up and down as he reached his full erection.

"Well what do you know, its still working," she laughed at her husband as he groaned.

Mary rolled herself over onto her hands and knees and reached over to her bedside table to retrieve some lubricant.

"Here," she said, tossing it to John, "Make yourself nice and slippery and then slide it inside me." And with that she lay her head down on her hands, her breasts resting on a pillow, her arse a temptation, swinging in the air awaiting penetration.

It was an invitation that John wasn't about to let go begging, so he grabbed the lube and knelt behind his wife, squeezing the gel onto his cock and running his hand up and down it a few times. He also squirted some onto his wife's anus and used his finger to push it inside, loving the way that she pushed back against him as his finger penetrated her. He eased it and out before positioning the head of his cock against her anus, teasing Mary by rubbing it back and forth over the little puckered hole, but refusing to actually enter her.

"Fuck my arse John, don't tease me, I need your cock in my arse," Mary begged him after he had continued to do this for a while.

John held the head of his cock in his hand and guided it as he watched it slowly disappear inside his wife's bottom. He felt her sphincter grip the shaft of his cock as it pushed its way past the resistance until he had managed to slide the entire length of his manhood inside. He worked it slowly back out before thrusting in again, building speed with Mary's encouragement once she'd adjusted to the invasion of her arse.

"Oh God, that's so fucking good, I feel so full!" Mary urged her husband as he violated her bum again and again with his stiff cock. He could feel the ring of her muscle as it ran along his shaft with each thrust. Mary reached under herself to caress her clit and quickly drove herself to a point of hysteria.

With Mary writhing and squirming on the bed, John found it hard to keep from pulling out of her arse and so grabbed her hips for leverage, thrusting harder and faster into her butt. Mary's scream announced that she had exploded in orgasm and combining that with the action of her muscles on John's cock was too much for him to surpass and he spurted his seed deep inside his wife's butt, holding himself completely buried within her. The two lovers collapsed on the bed, cleaning up once they'd recovered before heading off to bed.

It was several days later that Julie organised to spend the night at Adriana's house after they had been out partying on the town.

She disentangled herself from her cousin once she knew that she was asleep, the two of them having returned from the city and fallen asleep in Adriana's bed together. She found herself wondering whether her Uncle John would be up on the computer again. She had teased him mercilessly over dinner. She had even contemplated letting him catch her with his daughter. But she wasn't sure how he would react to that and so had decided that she'd have to take her chances with him staying up late again.

She moved quietly from the bedroom, dressed in only her panties and moved to the door of her Uncle's study where she had given him a blow job. Sure enough, when she got there, he was again in front of his computer, one of the latest photos of her bald pussy displayed on the screen as he knelt on the floor, pumping his cock with his fist.

She crept in quietly until she was almost upon him, but he turned, having sensed a presence and then checked for a reflection in the computer monitor. His eyes traveled quickly over her body, drinking in her erect nipples on her firm young breasts that were at the same level as his eyes with him being on his knees, the white cotton hipster panties that she'd brought especially for tonight (a size too small) and then back up to her face, wondering about the lustful look that she failed to hide.

Julie decided that if her Dad wasn't going to please her, then her Uncle John would have to do so and moved the final steps to close on him, her hands going behind his head to pull his mouth to her nipple. There was none of the protests that her father had offered. As he had last time, John complied with the obvious desire of his niece, his mouth opening to take her left nipple within its loving confines. He pulled at it with his lips and then sucked her breast deep within his mouth as his tongue flicked and teased at the nipple. His hand snaked up to cup her right breast, kneading the firm mound, marveling that he was again getting to caress the wonderful delight of his niece's breast.

John ran his other hand up the back of Julie's leg until he had grasped her panty-clad buttock within it. Last time Julie had called all the shots and John hadn't managed to touch or taste her pussy. He was determined that he would get to do so this time. His fingers worked their way towards Julie's pussy, rubbing along the fabric of her panties. She didn't stop him, in fact he was surprised when she spread her legs a little to make his access easier. He rubbed along her slit through the fabric as his mouth continued to pleasure her breast. He slid a finger under the edge of her panties and delighted in his first touch of his niece's bald and wet pussy.

He moved his mouth to her other breast as his fingers began their exploration of the warm folds of her pussy, tentatively slipping between her lips, seeking to slide deeper inside her. He felt Julie wiggle a little and her breast was removed from his mouth as he realised that she was slipping her panties off to stand naked before him.

Julie lifted her right foot from the ground and placed it on the chair behind her Uncle so that her pussy was now completely open to him and placed her hands on his head, guiding it towards her so that he knew that she wanted him to lick her without having said a word. John was only too happy to be guided in this way and all but shook with nerves as his tongue approached her glistening slit. He reached it out and touched her smooth skin, running it along first one labia and then the other before doing exactly the same along her slit. Julie shuddered as he reached the top of her slit and brushed over her clit. She placed a hand on her Uncle's head to help her balance as he began to lick her in earnest, delving and probing between her lips.

Julie fondled her breast with her free hand as she enjoyed her Uncle's ministrations, each touch of his tongue bringing her closer and closer to the peak of her pleasure, her insides churning as it built. She began to grind her pussy against his tongue, wanting harder contact on her clit, more urgently. She whimpered as she felt the pre-rush tingle within herself and then bit down on her lips as her body shook and convulsed as her pleasure was unleashed, her orgasm sweeping through her.

Julie pulled John to his feet before pushing him back into his chair so that she could kneel before him and suck on his cock, returning the pleasure to him that she had just received. John sat back and watched as his niece's full lips began moving up and down the length of his erection, her tongue snaking out and swirling around its head on the up stroke.

She raised her eyes and met his as she very very slowly moved her mouth back down the length of his cock, her teeth scraping gently along the skin, drawing a shudder from him. Sucking back up again, she released him long enough to lick and suck at one of his testicles before returning his shaft to her mouth.

John could feel the tension building in his balls as each stroke of Julie's mouth built the intensity of feeling in his loins. Julie, sensing the moment of eruption, rapidly sucked up and down his cock before taking it in her hand and pumping it, the head held just within her lips. John exploded with his orgasm, his sperm flooding into Julie's mouth and she swallowed greedily before taking his cock back into her mouth and suckling on it gently as his orgasm subsided.

She kept his cock in her mouth, despite the fact that it was obviously sensitive to her Uncle, who twitched and flinched as she continued her ministrations. She was starting to think that expecting him to get hard again so quickly was a mistake on her part, but as she was about to give up, felt his cock begin to grow in her mouth. She held it there, using her tongue to stimulate it, rubbing the sensitive underside, rimming the edge of the cock's helmet and sucking gently until she could feel it swell back to its full size. John just watched as his niece worked her magic with her mouth, amazed that she had managed to get him going again so soon.

Julie released her Uncle's cock from her mouth and stood up. Facing him, she pushed his legs together and stepped over his lap, reaching down to take her cock in her hand so that as she sat on his lap she could guide it in its journey to the depths of her pussy, sliding down his long shaft with her sodden bald lips. She sat on his cock, enjoying the fullness of it as it filled her pussy.

John sighed in fulfilled wonder as his cock sank deep within Julie's pussy. Here was something he had scarcely dared to dream about becoming reality. His young niece mounted on his erection, her beautiful full breasts crushed against his chest. She worked herself up and down and John relished the feeling of her slick, tight pussy as it rode over the length of his shaft. Julie bent her head to him and kissed him. That surprised him perhaps the most of all, but his tongue instinctively met hers and danced with it, caressing the tip and licking at her lips.

Julie put one hand on her Uncle's shoulder and leaned back, arching her back away and thrusting her breasts out and upwards whilst reaching with her other hand for her clit so that she could play with herself as she ground and gyrated her hips on his lap, his cock still buried within her. She manipulated her clit with her fingers as her Uncle took her breasts in his hands, squeezing and pulling at them, playing with their firmness and stirring her pleasure.

John was disappointed when Julie stood up off of his cock and was about to say so, or grab her or something, but Julie indicated that she wanted silence as she got down on all fours on the floor to the side of the chair that they were using. She looked back at her Uncle and waggled a 'come here' with her finger. John all but leapt off of the chair and knelt behind her, thrusting his cock back within her pussy, starting to pump her now that he had some measure of control that he'd not had until now.

Julie lowered her head to the floor, her arms straight out in front of her and John was struck by the similarity to the position his wife had assumed only days ago when she'd asked him to fuck her in the arse. It threw him momentarily but the sight of Julie's bald lips splayed either side of his cock was enough to bring him back to the present and he fucked her harder and faster than before.

Julie could sense that her Uncle was getting close to another orgasm and pulled herself away from him as he pulled back ready to thrust again. She spun around on the floor presenting with her mouth to fuck. She took his cock into her mouth again and sucked him until he grunted and then held still, his cock pulsing and spurting another load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed, wiped her mouth on her hand and then picked up her panties.

John climbed from the floor to his chair, watching as Julie slipped her panties on and quietly crept from the room, only a single glance backward with a happy smile acknowledging what had transpired.

Julie lay back in her cousin's bed, thinking as she drifted off to sleep. Maybe the next time that she sent Uncle John a story, she'd incorporate the man's daughter. Maybe she'd write about the girl being caught fucking her female cousin by her Uncle. She wondered what sort of reaction that might provoke. She smiled to herself about the thought of her Uncle John catching her with her tongue in Adriana's pussy as she drifted off to sleep.

Steve opened the door to the motel room. It was set up just the same as it was the first time. After he had closed the door, he heard the modulated voice that he now knew to be his mother's tell him to take his clothes off and get on the bed because she was horny as fuck and didn't want to waste any time.

He had had a conversation on the computer with hornylady a couple of days ago and she had suggested two scenarios to him. This was the first of the two. He wasn't so sure about going through with the other, but this one was simply that she wanted to bring a friend along to the motel room to experience his enormous cock. He'd thought about it for a while, wondering exactly who his mother might be brave enough to bring along to this meeting and had eventually agreed on the assumption that if nothing else, he'd get to fuck another new pussy. He'd at least managed to establish that it was one of the women that had seen him over the webcam.

"And did you bring the friend along like you were going to?" he asked as he shed the last of his clothes.

"Oh yes, she's here, aren't you?"

"I sure am," he heard another modulated voice reply. That meant that it was likely to be one of his mother's friends that he could identify by her voice. For some reason that really turned him on and his cock sprang to attention as moved to climb onto the bed that had been left for him and asked the friend to press her body up against the sheet so that he could feel her.

The shape of the woman's breasts and lower abdomen appeared, pushing the fabric towards him and Steve reached out to grasp the breasts, fondling them and drawing a fabric encased nipple into his mouth. His erect cock poked into the sheet and subsequently into the belly of the woman on the other side. He felt his cock wrapped in the sheet as two hands enveloped him.

"Holy shit, its even bigger than it looked on the computer," the voice said,

"I'm glad that you like it," Steve said chuckling as his cock was tugged and pulled.

"Well now that you two have fondled each other, how about getting that cock over here so that we can appreciate it a little more?" he heard hornylady ask. The sheet was lifted from the bottom until it draped over his cock, exposing it on the other side. A hand grasped his testicles and a mouth closed over the head of his cock as it started to suck him.

"See how much of it you can take," he heard his mother say and now knew that it was the new woman that was sucking on his cock. He felt her pushing her mouth down over his erection, his mother encouraging her friend in her efforts. When she released him, he felt the weight of the bed move as his mother told the friend she's see if she could take morein her mouth. Again his cock was sucked deep within a woman's mouth. When she had finished trying to suck lots of him, she settled down to just pleasing him.

It was hard to keep track of who was doing what to his cock with the sheet on this side, but that just seemed to make it even more exciting as he was swapped from mouth to mouth and hand to hand.

"I need to see some pussy over here I think," he said after he'd been sucked for several minutes.

"Well, we're just the people to help you with that," his mother said. The weight of the bed shifted again and then two sets of legs were appearing under the sheet. When the sheet was across the two women's bellies, the movement stopped and Steve was presented with two nice, wet, bald pussies.

"Now that's what I call a smorgasbord!" Steve said to accompanying laughter. He knelt between the two women and started to run his fingers over the two pussies, teasing them by only touching the lips without penetrating at all before finally sliding down their slits and inside their pussies. He worked at their clits with his thumbs and was rewarded by moans from the other side of the curtain.

Then he moved so that he could position himself between one of the sets of legs and spread them so that he could use his tongue to pleasure it. He heard disappointment expressed from his mother's friend that she was being abandoned and reached over to use his fingers on the second pussy. After licking his mother for a while, he swapped and worked on the new pussy as well so that both of them were completely slick with their juices.

When he'd had enough of that, he moved so that he could press his cock against the entrance to this new pussy. He started to push inside and heard the woman on the other side encourage him and exclaim to his mother that she could feel his cock sliding inside her pussy.

"Oh god its' big!" she exclaimed as he worked his cock slowly back and forth deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Encouraged, Steve continued to work his cock into the pussy until he felt hands against his hips, stopping him from pushing deeper.

"God, don't tell me you have more of that thing to put in? 'Cause there's no where left for it to go," he heard the friend ask.

"Yeah, a couple of inches," Steve replied as he withdrew so that he could begin sliding his cock in and out of the pussy.

"Amazing isn't it?" he heard his mother ask.

"Oh yes," the friend responded, panting as Steve started to quicken his pace. Steve felt movement on the bed from the other side of the curtain and wondered what he would see if he were able to see past the curtain. He was shocked and surprised when he heard the friend say, "Oh yes, suck my nipples you know that I like that."

In all his considerations about the fact that his mother was bringing a friend along, he hadn't considered the possibility that she might actually be interested in having any contact with the friend as well. He had just assumed that he'd fuck one whilst the other watched, but apparently, that wasn't the case at all! The thought of his mother with another woman's nipple in her mouth drove Steve wild and he thrust faster and faster in his excitement, drawing squeals of pleasure from his sex partner.

"I'm going to cum!' he announced as he felt his balls tense in preparation to unleash their contents.

"Yes, cum in my pussy Steve, fill me up!" the woman on the other side of the sheet panted. As he felt his cock release, Steve held his cock still in the pussy, spurting his warm seed deep inside her.

The second pair of legs reappeared on his side of the sheet, this time ready for a doggy style entry.

"Come on Steve, stick your spent cock in my pussy, I know you can get hard again soon enough," his mother urged him, waggling her arse invitingly. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Steve slid his flagging cock inside his mother's wet pussy, moving backwards and forwards slowly as he waited to regain his hardness.

"Come here you, let me eat his cum from your pussy," he heard his mother say. The bed shifted yet again and then he heard noisy slurping sounds from the other end of the bed as his mother set about cleaning his cum from her friend's pussy, using her tongue to work in and out of her hole and over her clit. Appreciative groans soon followed and the whole thought of what was going on helped Steve's cock to regain its size as it slid in and out of his mother's pussy.

He reached under his mother with his hand so that he could access her clit with his fingers and started to pleasure her, increasing the intensity and number of moans that emanated from the hidden part of the bed. The noises that he could hear but not see the origin of were driving him wild and it wasn't long before he announced that he was again going to explode in orgasm. He was quickly told that he should fill up his mother's pussy as well. He allowed is cock to explode, spurting his cum deep inside her pussy, listening to her tell him how good it felt to have him splash his seed in her.

Olivia withdrew herself from Steve's side of the curtain so that her sister could eat his cum from her pussy just as she had done from Mary's. Steve sat on the bed with nothing to look at or touch, curious at all the shuffling on the other side.

"I hope you two haven't forgotten about me," he asked, waiting for some sign.

"Not at all, how would you like to stick that massive cock of yours in my friend's arse?" he heard his mother ask between moans of pleasure as her pussy was obviously being licked.

"Hell yes!" Steve said.

"Well make sure you use plenty of lube on her," was the response as legs started to appear under the sheet again. Steve took the tube of lubricant that was passed under the sheet and dribbled some on his cock, starting to work himself back to another erection as the legs and bum positioned themselves doggy style for him to take advantage of. With his cock nearing its peak erection again, Steve squirted some lube onto the lady's arse and used his finger, pushing it into her hole. She wiggled her arse and pushed back against him as he pushed his index finger inside her butt up to the second knuckle. He pulled it out again and this time eased his middle finger into her arse and worked the index finger in alongside it, stretching her a little more.

With encouragement from the other side, he soon had three fingers working in her butt and could hear his mother encouraging her friend in her endeavours to lick her to orgasm. Steve decided that it was time to use his cock to spear into this night tight anus and pulled his fingers out, positioning the head at the recently vacated hole.

He started to push his way in quickly, but the arse withdrew in front of him and he was told to go slow, that it would take time for her to allow him in, so he pushed gently, allowing the owner of the arse to push back and gauge the speed at which she was prepared to have her but pierced.

He watched as the head of his cock squeezed its way inside her puckered hole, delighting in the tightness that enveloped him. He felt himself pushing at her ring of muscle, which was slowly giving up its resistance. He felt the woman push, then stop , then push some more, easing his cock very slowly inside her anal cavity. After about half of his cock was in, she told him to pull out and start slowly fucking her. Steve gladly complied, starting to eased his lubed cock in and out of her tight butt hole.

"Oh god, he's fucking me with that monster in my arse," he heard the woman tell his mother. "I can't believe it fits at all and its so fucking big!" Steve responded by sliding his cock in and out of her arse faster and reaching beneath her to stimulate her clit.

"Oh fuck yes! Rub it and fuck me, I'm going to cum!"

Steve worked the clit hard with his fingers and stroked his cock in and out of her butt until he heard her scream and felt the contractions of her body around his cock. It was enough to send him to his third orgasm of the day and he filled the woman's arse with his seed. The woman collapsed beneath him, her body twitching as her orgasm subsided.

"Don't give up on me now," he heard his mother say and he heard her being moaning anew. The other woman must be licking her pussy again. He soon heard her screaming as she exploded in an orgasm of her own.

"Thanks again Steve, we'll have to see if we can hook up for that other idea that I had," his mother said to him as he left the room, having dressed and said their thanks to each other.

"Sure thing, I'll see you on the net."

Julie hit send on the email. She wondered what her Uncle would think. As she had thought about previously, she'd written a new part to the story that they'd been sharing about a man and his niece. She had written that the niece had been in bed with the man's daughter during a sleep over. She wrote in explicit detail about having her tongue in the girl's pussy and tasting the juices that ran from it until she was licking them from the daughter's anus.

Just thinking about it got her horny and she she started rubbing herself through her panties so that she could get them wet and smelly. Then she thought she might give them to Steve and watch him wank with them so that she could swallow his cum after he fucked her. She pushed the crotch of her panties against her wet swollen pussy and stroked her finger up and down the slit, feeling the moisture seep into the fabric of the yellow cotton.

She slipped her fingers inside her panties and speared them into her hole before withdrawing them to rub at her clit. She could feel her juices seeping from her pussy and swapped hands so that she could taste herself and lick her wet fingers.

Julie then had a thought that might really turn Steve on and removed her panties. Then, spreading herself wide, she started to feed the panties, bit by bit inside her wet hole. She kept pushing them in a little bit at a time until there was just a tiny bit poking out of her hole. Then she pulled on a mini skirt and went to find her brother.

She was pretty sure that Steve was the only person home, but when she went to see who was watching TV in the living room, it turned out to be her father.

"Oh, hi, Daddy, have you seen Steve?" she asked him, wondering how he'd react to seeing what was up her skirt.

"Yeah, he said he had something he had to give to Adriana and was on his way over there." her father replied, his eyes traveling up and down her body, devouring her.

Julie enjoyed the way her father looked at her, it made her wet, but with Steve out of the house, she wasn't about to get a cock in her pussy, unless she could turn her father's attitude around. She decided that it was worth a go and walked into the room. She spotted a bit of rubbish that had fallen on the floor and bent over to pick it up, knowing that her father had a full view of her pussy with the bit of panties sticking out. Then she went and sat on the couch at the far end from her father, her feet tucked up so that her skirt would ride up and expose her pussy.

John wasn't sure if what he was seeing was true. When Julie had bent over, it had looked like she had no panties on, but that there was something sticking out of her pussy. Now she was sitting on the couch with her pussy all but bare before him. He wanted to look and knew that he shouldn't but each time she moved, it drew his eye and finally he gave in to temptation.

He stared at his daughter's pussy as she watched the TV, hoping that she didn't see him looking. Sure enough there was something yellow sticking from her pussy. It looked like the end of a pair of panties. He tried to ignore her and just watch the game that he'd been watching when she came in, but it was difficult not to let his eyes stray back between her legs when he thought she was absorbed in the TV. It wasn't long before he felt his cock begin to rise

Julie kept stealing glances at her dad when she thought that he was fully absorbed in the game, checking to make sure that he was taking advantage of the eyeful that she was giving him. She kept an eye on his crotch and sure enough, before long, she could tell that he had risen to the bait. Now she simply wondered how she went about getting his cock out of his pants and into her waiting pussy.

"Hey Dad, you know the other day when you caught me masturbating in your bedroom?"

"Um, yeah?" Dave said tentatively to his daughter's question, wondering where it could possibly go given what she was (or wasn't) wearing.

"Well, I just thought that I should let you know that the carrot that you had for dinner that night was the one that I used to make myself cum. And thanks for putting my panties in the hamper for me too." Julie could see that her Dad was having trouble with a response and decided that she may as well go all the way now. "And since you didn't mind putting my panties away for me, perhaps you could do something with these for me?"

Julie lifted her skirt further and grabbed the end of her panties between her finger and thumb and slowly started to pull them from her pussy.

Dave watched, mesmerised. Slowly, the yellow panties slid from between his daughter's pussy and he couldn't bring himself to leave. The lips were full and flushed and slick with her juices and the panties seemed to appear by magic as she extracted them like a cheap conjurer pulling handkerchiefs from his sleeve.

Julie pulled the last of the fabric from her pussy and quickly raised them to her nose. "Mmm, they smell good Dad, better even than the carrot did." The she ran the material over her tongue, "You should taste them too, they're yummy." She flipped them over to her father and sat, waiting for his response.

Before he even registered what he was doing, Dave had his daughter's sodden panties raised to his nose. He was about to reach out with his tongue and taste them when he suddenly snapped back to reality.

"No, Julie. I can't do that. I've told you before. Now stop behaving like this. I can't stop you from doing what you want outside of here, but I am your father and will not participate in this." And with that he dropped the panties on her lap and stood to leave the room, completely conscious of the massive erection that his pants were trying to restrain.

"You know Daddy, I'd really like to help you with that, I'm quite good at it you know."

Dave turned and walked from the room, disbelieving of how brazen Julie had become about her desire to pleasure him sexually. He couldn't believe that he had come so close to licking her panties in front of her. If she caught him out like that again, there was a good chance that he'd cave in and let her have him. The bit of the brain that told him it was wrong was having to hold out very hard against (and losing the battle a little more with each encounter) the bit that saw her as a willing participant. And on top of that, a willing participant with a body hotter than he'd expect to have access to without deliberately attempting to pick up and probably more likely than that through prostitution (and there was no way he was going there).

He went to his room where he pulled out some pornos and began masturbating. Even though he'd said no, he couldn't turn off the hormones and he needed to relieve the tension that she'd built up in his balls.

Julie sat on the couch, twirling her wet panties about her finger, considering what her next move might be. She wondered whether her father ever watched webcams and if she could suck him into seeing her masturbate like that. But how would he even know where to look or what name to look under? She considered getting her uncle to send him the addy, but even he didn't know that she did that. Fucking him was one thing, but having him know that she did internet performances with her brother was something else entirely.

Julie decided that that wouldn't work. She came up with the idea of setting up a free email address and sending him an invitation to watch her, but as an IT professional, figured he'd just assume that it was spam and dismiss it. She stood up and went to her room so that she could figure out how she might go about it. As she passed her father's room, she could hear him grunting and wondered what he might be up to. Hoping that she may have stirred him enough to make him want to get off, she decided to risk his wrath and open the door.

Dave started as the door to the bedroom opened. He was on his knees alongside the bed, a magazine spread before him as he pumped his cock with his fist. He was at the point of no return and watched, embarrassed and stunned as Julie looked at him, his cock spewing a gush of sperm through the air to land on the magazine.

"Julie!" he yelled.

"Geez Dad, you really shouldn't have wasted that you know," Julie replied, eyeing off the sperm that had landed on the magazine and the subsequent squirt that had landed over the head of his cock and fist. "It would have been much cleaner if you'd just let me suck it out of you. Maybe I should clean up." Dave was scrambling to his feet, grabbing for his clothes as his daughter made her way to the bed. She whipped out her hand to grab the magazine from the bed before her father could get it, his hands too busy trying to put himself away to stop her from taking it. Julie retreated to the doorway, watching her father almost fall over as he struggled with his pants.

"I'll bring this back later, Daddy," she said and as he watched, she ran her tongue over the streak of cum on the page and left the room. Dave collapsed on the bed. "Holy crap," he thought, "Just what in hell's name can I do about this?

John opened up his email and seeing an unread email from Julie, quickly clicked on it to see what she had added to their collaborative story. He started reading it, quickly freeing his cock so that he could pleasure himself as he enjoyed the twists and turns of her imagination, his own now enhanced by his memory of the feel of her pussy as it slid up and down his cock, not to mention the taste of her pussy on his tongue.

He got to the bit where the niece came over to stay with her Aunt and Uncle for the night and was shocked when she climbed into her cousin's bed and began touching her. There had been no sign prior to this that Julie would even be remotely interested in anything to do with another girl and yet, here she had written a very detailed account about two girls intimately pleasuring each other. He couldn't believe how well it was written. It was enough to make him re-read it and blow his load. It was until after he'd cleaned up that he thought about fact that some of the things that Julie had written about had later happened in his study.

Could Julie possibly be sleeping with one of his daughters? At first he wasn't sure what to think, but the more he did think about it, the more he considered how good looking his daughters were and just how good one of them might looked entwined in Julie's arms. He sat down at the computer and began to write the next installment to send back to Julie. He didn't push the lesbian cousin angle, he simply built on what they'd been writing earlier, deciding to wait and see where Julie took the story.

>Hornylady> So what do u think, are u willing to try out my other idea? >monstercock4u.I'm brave, I'll give it a go. >Hornylady>excellent, I'll set things up and let u know where and when > I'll look forward to the email. >Hornylady>I'll send it tomorrow.

Steve considered what he'd just agreed to. His mother (hornylady) was going to set up a time for him to stick his cock through a glory hole whilst a number of her friends and acquaintances got an eyeful (and probably a mouthful) of his monster cock. And they were all going to pay for the opportunity. He couldn't believe what a slut his mother was, nor that she had friends that would fork out money to do what they were going to do.

He wondered just how many of them there was likely to be and how many times that he'd have to cum for them. Surely there'd only be two or three anyway. He looked up from the computer as Julie entered his room. She was wearing a white crop top and a short denim skirt that made him want to peek to see what underwear she was wearing.

"Up to anything fun?" she asked him, eying off the tent in his shorts that clearly gave away his state of semi-arousal.

"Actually, I'm about to do something completely outrageous and dirty," he said to her.

"Cool, can I watch? Or help?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not about to do it right now, but I've just been planning to do it soon with hornylady."

"Ooo, tell me. What are you planning?" Steve told Julie about the plan that hornylady had hatched to have him stick his cock through a glory hole for the amusement of a number of women.

"Geez, that's kinky!" Julie replied when he'd finished telling her. "You know, when I think about it, you're pretty lucky, most guys I know only dream about ever getting involved in a threesome and you've already had a couple with Adriana and I. One of these days I'll have to have one with two guys to even out the numbers. I like the thought of getting a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time."

"Well, if there's any way I can help, you know I'll be happy to fill either of those holes for you," laughed Steve. "Just thinking about it gets me ready to fuck," he added, massaging his growing erection.

"Yeah well I was looking for you the other day and couldn't find you. I ended up teasing Dad instead."

"What? How?" Steve asked.

"Well give me a couple of minutes and I'll come back and tell you, I just need to go to the toilet," Julie said, ideas forming in her mind. She went off to the toilet and quickly removed her panties. Hearing about Steve's plan with hornylady had got her as ready to fuck as Steve was and if she was going to tell him about what she'd done to their father, she thought she may as well surprise Steve with her new panty trick rather than tell him about it first. She had been wearing a black thong under her skirt but now set about stuffing it inside her pussy. When she'd finished, she walked back to Steve's room.

"So what is it that you did to Dad that teased him so much?" Steve asked her.

"This," she said, sitting on his bed with her legs positioned so that her pussy was exposed with a small piece of back fabric poking from between her bald lips.

"Oh my god, is that you underwear?" Steve asked as he studied his sister's pussy.

"Yeah, I put them inside me. The other day I was looking for you to surprise you, but you weren't home and I sat down on the couch near Dad, knowing that he could see."

"Holy crap, what did he do?" Julie told Steve about how she'd gone as far as pulling her panties out and licking them in front of him, trying to get him to do the same so that he might let her suck his cock or get him to lick her pussy.

"You really wanted that from Dad?" Steve asked a little cautiously.

"Yeah, I was so horny I would have fucked anything that day and Dad was the only one home. You don't have a problem with that, do you? I mean you're the one that told me that you'd fuck Mum if you had the chance and that you'd tossed off with her panties."

"No I don't really have a problem with it, its just that I hadn't considered it I guess. Sometimes I forget that you're every bit as kinky and horny as I am."

"Yeah, well he didn't do it, so that sucked."

"Or didn't as the case may be .." Steve laughed.

"Yeah, well speaking of sucking, do you feel like letting me wrap my lips around that cock of yours? It looks like it needs some relief."

"I thought you'd never ask ... " Steve said melodramatically as he quickly moved to remove his pants.

Julie pushed him back on the bed and lay down with her head on his stomach, the head of his cock between her lips as she used her hand to pump up and down his shaft and tease his balls, her tongue swirling around the head.

"Tell me,: she said, giving her mouth a break as she ran her fingers over his now wet head," have you had sex with hornylady again?

"Well, since you ask, I have actually," he replied.

"Did you see who she was?"

"No I didn't" he said, thinking that he hadn't actually seen, even though he'd worked out who it was.

"Tell me what you did while I suck you," Julie requested.

Steve began to relate the story of his encounter with hornylady and the friend that she'd introduced. Julie listened intently as she worked her mouth up and down her brother's erection.

"Damn, so you've had another threesome!" she said between mouthfuls. Steve continued, telling her how the last thing that he'd done had been to work his cock inside the newcomer's anus and fuck her butt, unleashing his cum inside her.

"You like anal sex, don't you?" Julie asked.

"Hell yeah, its so tight its unbelievable," Steve replied, "and there's something taboo about it that makes it exciting.

"Like fucking your sister huh?" Julie asked, her tongue teasing at the hole of his cock.

"Oh yes," Steve laughed in return.

"And do you think you'd like to put your big cock in my tight little bum hole?" she asked him before plunging down on him, taking what she could of his meat in her mouth.


Julie nodded.

"Well of course I would!" Julie was working him hard now, her mouth and hand pleasuring him in unison, driving him to the point where he exploded in her mouth. Julie drank down his seed and gently sucked his cock clean of the saliva that had run from her mouth during the process.

"So what now? Do I get to do your bum?" Steve asked excitedly.

"No, I think we should sell my anal virginity to our audience and let them pay to share it with us, don't you?"

"Sounds like a kinky plan to me," Steve said.

"Well you send out the emails and then come back and pull my thong out of my pussy before you fuck me with that nice stiff cock of yours," Julie told him. Steve got off of the bed and went to the computer to do what Julie had suggested. As he typed away on the computer, Julie pulled her top off over her head so that she was lying back on his bed in her black bra and skirt, with her legs spread and her bare pussy exposed to her brother, teasing him with the slip of fabric that was visible between her lips.

Steve hit send and then turned his attentions to his sister. He knelt down on the floor at the end of the bed and leaned over her pussy, getting his face nice and close, checking out the way the fabric sat poised, awaiting his attention. He ran a finger down her labia, either side of the thong before tugging on them gently, experimenting with how much effort it took to budge them. Then he decided to use his mouth and after licking around the thong on her lips for a bit, grabbed them between his teeth and began to pull his head back, slowly withdrawing the thong from its warm, wet home.

Finally they pulled completely free and Steve took them from his mouth with his hand, smelling them before wrapping them around his cock and giving it a couple of strokes. He lowered his face back down to Julie's pussy and started to lick her, teasing and pleasuring her clit.

"Fuck me Steve." Julie said after he had worked on her pussy for several minutes and her juices were well and truly flowing. Steve climbed up onto the bed and held his cock as he slid it between her lips, eliciting a moan of pleasure as Julie felt him spear his way between her.

"Oh God, it feels so good, it seems like too long since you filled me with this monster of 7yours," Julie said to him.

"I know what you mean, I've missed your tight little hole the last couple of days," Steve told her as he slid his cock back and forth. Julie moaned again as Steve worked her over, thrusting in and out of her bald pussy, watching as her lips slid along the shaft of his cock.

Julie reached her hands up to her brother's chest, pulling on his nipples and raking her nails over his pecs before wrapping her hands around behind him and holding his butt as he thrust at her again and again, her legs spread wide to accommodate his movements.

"Oh God, I've got to get on the pill so you can fill me up with your cum," Julie cried out as the two of them approached their moments of ecstasy.

"Fuck that would be awesome!" Steve said, redoubling his efforts and speed until he knew he was going to explode. He pulled his cock from her pussy and ejaculated, sending an arc of cum through the air, which landed on her black bra, a streak leading in a straight line back towards her pussy.

Julie dragged her finger through the cum and brought it to her mouth.

"Mmm, just as yummy as Daddy's," she said to herself absently.

"What?!" Steve said, startled, as he moved from between her legs.

"Oh yeah, I didn't quite tell you the full story. After I teased Daddy, I caught him wanking over some porno magazines just as he was cumming. I nicked one of them from him and licked the cum from it while he watched me. I said I'd give it back to him sometime," Julie admitted to her brother.

"You really are a kinky little perv!" Steve said to her.

"Yes, well what can I say, I've learned from the best," Julie said, pulling her top back on before kissing her brother and leaving his room.

Julie started to peel off her clothes. Her brother and mother were out and her father had just finished working in the garden and was now in the shower. She had decided that this was her opportunity. She'd sunbathed in the yard on and off all afternoon, letting her father see her in her new bikini, teasing him by releasing her straps, but not allowing him to see her breasts at all, ensuring that she kept them covered whenever she rolled over. She had let him catch her with her hand in her bottoms though as she gently stroked her pussy. She pretended to be completely unaware of Dave's presence and managed to maintain that façade through the afternoon.

She now hoped that her careful display had managed to do what she had hoped. She had noted that her Dad had spent quite a bit of the day with a hard-on and had restrained from doing anything more that might happen to put him off his horny state.

She quietly opened the door to the bathroom, hoping to get in without him realising straight away. As it happened, she was in luck, he was facing away from her as she entered the bathroom. She didn't close the door, afraid that the noise of it shutting would give her away. She checked out her father's body, tightly muscled from the workouts that he pursued religiously. He had one hand against the wall where the shower rose was, leaning forwards, the water spraying in an arc over the top of him to cascade down his back and over his tight butt before flowing down his legs.

He was slightly hunched and Julie realised that from his arm movements, he bust be working his hand up and down his cock. She moved quietly across the tiled floor and pulled the door open, stepping into the cascading water as he turned in shock at the noise and movement.

Before he could speak, she quickly wrapped her hand around his soapy cock and stroked it for him, working her hand over the smooth skin, feeling the firm strength of his pole beneath it. She quickly dropped to her knees so that it was at eye level and pulled on it so that the water cascaded over it and washed away the soap.

Dave watched as his daughter fell to her knees in the shower alcove and rinsed the soap from his cock. He knew he should stop her, but the sight of her breasts, of her hand snaking out to grab his cock had aroused him to the point that he was reduced to simply watching. He did nothing to encourage her, nor did he do anything to stop her as she opened her mouth and lowered it over the head of his cock until she had taken as much as she could and then sucked back along its length, her tongue teasing him as her lips passed back over the ridge of his helmet.

She sucked back and forth, her hands gently caressing his balls and massaging his shaft as her mouth worked him over.

Julie heard a moan escape her father's lips and felt him thrust his large cock at her mouth. She smiled around his shaft, knowing that she had him now, confident that he would now fuck her just like she wanted him to. She looked up towards his face and saw him gazing lustfully down upon her pleasuring him. She smiled again and as her eyes met his, felt him flinch as his cock unleashed its load into her mouth. She swallowed the first spurt and then let the rest wash out of her mouth and down her chin as she grinned up at her father.

"Isn't that much better than a soapy hand Daddy?" she asked him, standing up, dragging her body along his as she did so.

"I have to confess that it was, but ..."

"No buts Daddy, I wanted it and I want more, you just have to relax a little and enjoy it, why don't you wash my dirty body for me?" Julie pressed before he could get an objection in as she started to rub soap over her ripe, firm breasts.

Dave watched the way his daughter's breasts slid through her soapy hands, the way her fingers pushed at the skin and caught at the erect nipples. Regardless of what his moral compass was saying, he knew that at that moment there was nothing more he desired than to feel the weight of Julie's breasts in his hands. He reached out and cupped her breasts, marveling at the delightful sensation before using the soap to slide all over and around them, the nipples rock-like beneath his palms.

Julie leaned back against the wall of the shower and took her father's dick in her hands again, tugging gently at it as he enjoyed playing with and exploring her breasts. She gasped as he pulled at her nipples and rolled them in between his fingers, pulling them away from her breasts before allowing them to slide from between his fingers He allowed the water of the shower to cascade over them washing away the soap.

Dave bent his head to his daughter's breast and took her taught nipple within his mouth sucking on it, flicking it with his tongue and rolling it between his teeth gently.

"God that feels good, Daddy," he heard his daughter say and felt his cock twitch in response to her ministrations, his erection beginning to build again after its earlier efforts. Dave allowed one of his hands to travel slickly over the tight skin of Julie's stomach, seeking to go further, to find her nest of pleasure. His fingers danced over her bald mound and then ran along her naked lips before targeting her hole. He felt Julie shift her weight, separating her legs as his fingers speared inside her, his mouth biting down on her nipple at the same time

Julie arched her back in response to the pleasurable pain in her nipple and the penetration of her pussy. Her father swapped nipples and Julie spread her legs further apart as her father slipped a second finger between her legs, now working two of them in and out of her, exploring her tender, wet depths.

"I want to feel this lovely cock in my pussy Daddy, turn the water off and fuck me with it."

Dave hesitated. Was he really going to do this? His hand was on the tap as he battled within his mind. If he didn't stop now he'd never be able to say no again, he knew that his resistance had been eroded by Julie's willing and persistent attacks on his desire. The water was off.

Julie turned her back on her father, placing her hands against the wall of the shower and Dave guided his cock between her arse cheeks until he felt himself slide between her slick bald lips. His daughter was thrusting herself back against him, encouraging him as he sank deeper and deeper inside her being. He reached around with his hands to cup her amazing breasts as he rocked his hips backwards and forwards, his cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her amazingly tight hole. He tried to push his entire cock inside her, but she asked him not to go too deep because it hurt, "the curse of having such a monster," he thought to himself. Plenty of women had wanted it over the years but they typically couldn't take the entire thing. He found himself wondering whether his son had ever had that problem yet. The sight of Julie writhing and squirming her butt as he fucked her soon brought him back to reality though.

Dave moved his hands from Julie's breasts to her hips and used them to leverage his thrusts. Julie removed one hand from the wall in front of her and lowered it to her pussy where she used her fingers to stimulate her clitoris, flicking, pulling and rubbing at it to flame her pleasure.

Julie moaned loudly as she felt her climax build, her father's cock spreading her lips wide as he sank within her again and again.

"Oh yeah, fill me with your cock Daddy, fuck me with it!" She cried out. John nearly came on the spot as his daughter filled the shower alcove with her dirty request and then she was cumming. He could feel her pussy as it clenched and grasped at the invader in its midst. Dave announced that he too was going to cum and Julie quickly pulled herself off of his shaft, turning and in the process, slipping to the floor of the shower. Dave exploded, his cum spurting out to splash on top of her head as he attempted to stop Julie from crashing to the wet floor. Julie looked up and copped his second spurt on her face, breaking into a grin and laughing.

Dave sighed in relief and then joined her laughter once he realised she had landed without hurting herself.

"Not quite the way I had planned on finishing," Julie said to him as she clambered to her feet and turned the water back on. Dave surveyed his daughter's body and was suddenly struck by what he had done as she bent her head to wash his cum from her hair. He opened the door and stepped from the shower, grabbing a towel and heading for his bed room.

Julie stepped out of the shower after she'd washed her hair and dried herself with the towel. She hung it up and left the bathroom, still naked, to see where her father had gone. She stuck her head into his bedroom and saw him sitting on the side of his bed, wrapped in a towel, his head in his hands.

"What's up Daddy?" she asked him.

"Julie, this is wrong, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done what I did, you caught me in a moment of weakness, I promise it won't happen again."

"But I want it to happen again," she said moving into the bedroom. "I love you Daddy and I want to be able to share my pleasure with you. I'd be more upset if you didn't fuck me again! Please don't say it won't happen again .."

"It can't Julie, I love you too and you're incredibly beautiful, but it just can't," he said, his eyes taking in her nakedness, his mind hating himself for the reaction his loins had to the sight.

"If it doesn't, you're going to wonder for the rest of your life what my pussy tastes like you know ... don't' decide just now, let it be for a couple of days, then let us see if you still feel the same way."

"Julie, please, just let this go."

"I can't Daddy, I want it too much. I'll leave you now, but when you dream, you know you're going to dream about fucking me ... it doesn't have to be only in your dreams, don't forget that," Julie said to her father as she turned and left the room, returning to her own to dress.

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